Pairing of Opposite Houses – Part VII A

Three Categories

There are three main categories of horoscopes. These with more number of benefic Yogas than malefic ones which make the concerned natives very lucky are Yoga Jatakas. If the planetary combinations clearly indicate that the natives are born to either experience more pain and punishment than pleasure or to repay their past Karmic debts in the present life, they are Runa Jatakas. The horoscopes with a mixture of mediocre Yogas and Avayogas alternating frequently causing both good and bad results and conferring the native with generally average results in almost all spheres of life are Mishra Jatakas.
Sixth and Twelfth Houses
The last pair of opposite houses (6th and 12 th) has a primary relationship to the Rina Jatakas as the 6th bouse rales Runas (Karmic debts) and 12th house governs Runamochana (freedom from debts). Examining these two houses together gives clear ernes the pending Runas from past lives and their clearance or otherwise in this life. This paper explores this relationship in detail beginning with an understanding of the pending Runas from the 6th house.
Pending Dues
The important significations of 6th house include Roga (diseases). Rue.2 debt). Shatru (enemy), Mathula (maternal uncle), Antaka (killer), Shanka (doubts or mistrust), Vrana (injuries, ulcer, tumor, etc), Sapathni maatharam (step-mother). Vigna (impediment, obstacle), etc., The 6th house also signifies service or servants i.e., it indicates whether the native himself will work as a servant or will do all his work himself or will get it done by his servants. Even the faithfulness or morality of the servants can be determined from the 6th house. Apart from these, one’s success in competitive examinations, the punishments awarded to a native depending on whether the deeds performed by him are good or bad etc., can be judged from this house.
The 6th house being the 2nd from the 5th indicates the wealth from the past. It is a staunch belief based on Karma Theory that the sins committed by us in our past lives only return to us in the form of Badhas (afflictions) such as disease, etc in the present life (Poorva janma kritham paapam vyaadhi roopena badhyathe). As such, the main significations of the 6th house like diseases, debts and enemies are the wealth acquired by us from our past lives. In other words, 6th house indicates all that we owe to others or all that we have to get back from others in this life. As a corollary, the 6th house would also indicate all types of sufferings to be undergone by us in the form of diseases and other types of Badhas (troubles) for the acts of sin and various kinds of retribution we have to suffer from our enemies due to the seed of enmity sown by us in past lives.

Actually, the nature of effects  either benefic or malefic would indicate the nature of pending Runas which get activated by the influence of various planets on 6th house or the influence of 6th lord on other houses or both. The source of problems and the nature of impact created by adversaries, who happen to be past Karmic links to such troubles in this life, can be known by assessing the inter-link of the 6th house and the 6th lord with other houses in the chart. For example, if the 5th lord is in the 6th house, one’s own children would be behaving like enemies. Similarly, the 4th or 9th lord in the 6th house would make the mother or the father respectively of the native behave like an enemy. If these planets are afflicted, the relationship gets strained more. On the same lines, if the 7th lord is in the 6th, it would affect the relationship with the spouse severely and if the 7th house is also afflicted, it could lead to separation itself. If the 6th lord gets into a benefic house like the 4th, it would make the native get entangled in loans for enjoying the comfort of owning a vehicle or house depending on the other associated houses and planets.

Courtesy: Modern Astrology(Dr.Revathi Vee Kumar)
Continued from: Pairing of Opposite Houses – Part VI                                           To be continued…..

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