Punarphoo Yoga

Punarphoo Yoga is formed by the conjunction of Saturn and Moon. Moon is the indicator of mind, psyche, sensitivity, home, family, and mother. Saturn indicates discipline, redundancy, harshness, delay and order.

The moon is indicating sensitive things and Saturn is hard-line. So, when the Moon is in conjunction with Saturn, according to the degrees, Saturn will seize Moon’s quality and vice versa. Saturn generally means the harshest things and when Saturn seizes Moon’s quality, then the basic factors indicated by the Moon like mind, psyche, sensitivity, home, family and mother will be in trouble.

When you see this conjunction, you should do a detailed analysis of your life. What is the rate of satisfaction from your emotional life? Are you happy enough with the emotional security?
You may see that you have that lack of emotional satisfaction from your life. It can be from your parents, relatives or the emotional security that the surroundings provide you.

If you feel that you have lack of emotional nourishment from your immediate or distant surroundings, then there is no another remedy than fixing your mind. You have to become very choosy about your relationships. This combination generally shows the lack of love from the mother. It has a different notion as well.

This combination can guide to reach enlightenment. This yoga is seen in many spiritual leaders because at some point in time you will think that the love and concern from the world are just illusion and the greatest love can only be seen in union with almighty.

The universe will bring such events into your life when you have Punaraphoo yoga in your chart. May be your prime aim is to dedicate yourself to the service of the almighty.

Your Moon will be in a distracted mode, and this may give you excessive thinking pattern, which affects your psyche. All you have to do is focusing your mind on something which can give you peace and encouragement. If you are looking around for it, you may not find anything but you will realize that you are just chasing after the wind.

There so many ill effects are seen in many articles over the net. Ultimately, the Punaraphoo yoga means, the person will travel to spirituality. The person, who chooses his path of spirituality, will get detached from the material world. His life can bring events which he loses his faith in the material aspects of life. Punaraphoo yoga is good for a career in philosophy, spirituality and teaching domain.


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