Paap Kartari Yoga

Paap Kartari Yoga in astrology seems to be a very important yoga. As the name indicates, Paap Kartari means, showing the negative things more. The condition for Paap Kartari Yoga is

              “Any planet or house has to be hemmed (surrounded) between negative or malefic planets” 

To have this yoga, you need to see the houses and planets. If any house has Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu on the left side and right side of that house, gives a Paap Kartari Yoga. These planets are natural malefic. The same condition applies with planets. If any planet has Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu on its right and left houses shows the existence of Paap Kartari Yoga.

Each house indicates something and each planet indicates something.

For eg : Suppose your 4th house is under Paap Kartari yoga. The 4th house indicates home, family, mother, upbringing, relatives, basic education, vehicles and conveyances, peace, nourishment, confidence, righteous conduct, luxuries, homeland, real estate, land, home, and security.

When you see 2 malefic planets in the houses left and the right to it means, this house is under Paap Kartari yoga. You may have to be very careful in managing the matters of the 4th house. Same in the case of planets. Each planet indicates so many things like relationships, status, and career, wealth so and so. So, when this planet is hemmed or house is hemmed, the matters allotted to that house are getting squeezed to bring the best out of it. You should differentiate between the interpretations.

Life is not easy for anyone. All are struggling and finding a way to survive. Nature works in the parameter “survival of the fittest”. Those who fail, they fail ultimately. The truth is that there is no one with failures. Even when we look at the great men in epics who seems to hold a very next place to the Lord, they also have failed at some point in their lives. If you are looking for zero struggles in your birth chart, that is not going to happen.

This yoga or any yoga or you say dosha, gives you an idea about which area can be burdensome for you. Nothing more than that. If you see any house or planet under Paap Kartari Yoga, do an analysis on how life is treating you, related to the matters of that house and the planet, you will see that yes, the situation is little concerning. Not to get deeply worried, instead, find  time to take some crucial decision about the current steps.

There is no point in repeating the same old strategies if you are getting the same old results.

Suppose you see the 7th house under Paap Kartari yoga, it doesn’t have to be your marriage, but there are so many things which 7th house indicates. The underlying framework of the 7th house is relationships. How you see the relationships – professional or personal? You may have a particular pattern in receiving a relationship and administer the duties arising from it.  This pattern will be same in the personal and professional arena. Are you getting energized from the fruits of the relationships or are they harming you. If so, you can ask all those people coming to you to change their perspective, rather, it’s good for you to restructure your strategies.
This is the idea in dealing with all the negative yogas in your chart than going for remedies. At the same time, we are humans and we are here to go through struggles. Some pains are there to remain in our life. Our duty is to advance according to the time. so that we can reach the progress waiting for us at some junction of this life.

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