Sapthamsa – D7

Sapthamsa D7 - Vedic Astrology

Sapthamsa – D7

The counting of Sapthamsa commences from the same sign in the case of odd signs like Aries etc. It commences from the 7th sign in the case of even signs Taurus etc.  The names of the Sapthamsas in odd signs are; kshara, ksheera, Dadhi, Ghrita, Ikshurasa, Madhya and Suddhajala; and of those in even signs are the same in reverse order ie. Suddhajala, Madhya, etc. 


If a sign is divided into 7 equal parts, one division which is of 4 degree – 17’- 8.57’ approx. is called its Sapthamsa. In an odd sign, it commences from its own sign.  Thus, if the Ascendant is 8 – 12’ 27 degree – 57’ or the 9th sign ie. Sagittarius. The 1st Sapthamsa will remain in Sagittarius as it is an odd sign; the second one will fall in Capricorn and so on…In the present case, the Sapthamsa is the 3rd one of an odd sign.  Therefore, it will be the Sapthamsa called Dadhi.  

Again, suppose the Ascendant is 9°degree – 12’ – 27 degree – 51’ ie sign Capricorn which is an even sign.  Therefore, the first Sapthamsa will be of the sign ie. 7th from Capricorn is Cancer. The next Sapthamsa will commence respectively, thus the 2nd Sapthamsa will be in Leo and so on. Here the Sapthamsa is the 3rd one whose Lord is Ikshurasa.  

There are numerous combinations indicated in the ancient astrological texts on the birth of a son or happiness from a son.  Generally, the prime determinant for the male progeny and Jupiter the significator for male progeny, together with the operation of suitable sub-periods, bless the native with such happiness. In addition to the examination of the prime determinant for male progeny in the main chart, we analyze the divisional chart Sapthamsa for matters of progeny.  We study Sapthamsa for knowing what will be the sex of the child during a particular planetary sub-period.  If the Sapthamsa Ascendant containing a Moolathrikona sign and its Lord are strong, aspected by benefics and Jupiter occupies an auspicious position from the Ascendant one is sure to be blessed with male progeny.  

In contrast, if the Ascendant of Sapthamsa is weak or afflicted and putrakaraka Jupiter is also rendered weak one either does not get the male progeny or suffers on that account.  The planets well placed and unafflicted connected with the Ascendant, angular, and trine houses in Sapthamsa promote the matters of progeny in their own sub-periods.  While the male planets so connected occupying male signs bless the native with male progeny, the female planet blesses with female progeny.

The effects of planets by the occupation of Rasi of a sex other than their own also get changed.  For example, a female planet occupying a male sign, and aspected by the male planet has the capacity to bless the native with male progeny and a male planet vise versa with female progeny.  To augment the matters of progeny we can remove affliction by propitiating the functional malefic planet and by strengthening the weak planets becoming determinants of male progeny. 

Author: Bharathi Ram

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