Significance and Effects of Kemdrum Dosh

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Kemdrum Dosh

While talking about astrological doshas, Kemdrum dosha is widely discussed and feared as well.

What is this Kemdrum dosh? Is that dosh makes a person worthless as most of the articles say? If it is the main dosha how can we manage that?

If you have to study dosha, then, at first you have to study the characteristics of the planets. What are the qualities these planets have and how to describe them from a psychological perspective?  Astrology is a high-end version of psychology. So an astrologer who wants to make a career in astrology should have some idea about psychology since he is dealing with the Psyche or mind of people. After so many years of learning astrology, any astrologer would agree that astrology guides the study of psychology.

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If astrology is high-end psychology, then which planet indicates mind in astrology? It is the Moon, which is the primary indicator of the mind. In Bhrigu Sootra, sage Bhrigu has given a detailed description about Moon. He says Moon is the indicator of emotions, mind or psyche.

When this Moon is alone in a chart, that becomes Kemdrum dosha. When you see a birth chart and Moon is alone, that is, there is no planet in the right and left side boxes to the moon, that chart is with Kemdrum dosha. Kemdrum dosha is formed if the second and twelfth house from the Moon is vacant.

Moon or mind needs support.  No one likes to be lonely. Humans are social beings. When a person has a lonely moon or Kemdrum dosha, such a mind doesn’t have good support and them thoughts may go haywire. Mostly in a destructive dimension. When it has planets in left and right house that means such a person has the capability to control his thoughts. This is a symbolic representation of a person may spend his life in loneliness.

So far we have seen that negative impacts of this dosha have been promoted so far. This planetary Avesta is the best placement for liberation though. When a person finds himself not to be fitting in the social norms, he will go directly to God for support. He will have more closeness towards the higher dimension than the lower bandwidth people. Ancient texts give a fearful description of this dosha. It even says that this is an indication of mental imbalance and poverty. They are not true in this present generation.

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It is true that our mind needs support. It is also true that too much advice can take away our concentration too. There are so many people who ruined their lives falling into the wrong groups. When you see Kemdrum dosha in your chart, you should understand that this is a call from the universe to closer with your creator. With this combination, you may obviously find it difficult in having the same view as a person with the well-supported moon, but you have the other benefits of understanding signals from the universe which the other person cannot understand.

The most practical remedy is to strengthen your Moon or mind is, not to burden your mind. Since Moon or mind is in a delicate situation, you should think about what can make your mind strong. Like body needs healthy food, the mind should be also fed with good thoughts. You can engage in sports, or any entertainment activity which can help your mind happy. Taking up good hobbies, reading good literature, meditation, prayer and being with spiritual people are the best practical remedies for Kemdrum dosh. Good books are always good friends.

If anyone says Kemdrum dosha means complete destruction, then you can check the life of Jim Carrey, Ghanshyam Das Birla, Bal Thackeray, and Bill Gates. These are the people who have or had this dosh in their charts. Even Bill gates Moon is in an acute Kemdrum, that too in the 10th house of career. This house is a very very competitive house whose natural indicator is Saturn. That too aspected by Mars, Mercury and Rahu!

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