Importance Of Moon In Astrology

The Moon is the Queen of astrology and it signifies Mother, psyche, mind, emotions, comfort and peace. The moon is the owner of the 4th house in the natural zodiac too. No-one owns one sign just like the sun and that is Cancer.
The Moon is debilitated in Scorpio and exalted in Taurus. The moon is the main planet which forms the majority of yogas in astrology. When the Moon is badly placed, it shows the burdens are going to be many. Badly placed Moon always show a sad mind.
The Moon is the fastest planet. In different houses, the Moon gives different results. The Moon goes through various nakshathras and the nakshathra which Moon stays at the time of birth will be our birth nakshathra.
We can get a lot of inputs from the placement of Moon. The Moon should be in a good house, in a friendly sign with a great aspect. All the charts will not have great placement for Moon. The performance of Moon in your chart can be known from the varga charts also.
1st House 
When Moon adorns your 1st house, you will, of course, be emotional and sensitive. There can be emotional fluctuations too. The first house deal with your personality and looks, so you can, of course, have the moon like face. Your appearance can be youthful too.
2nd House
This is a difficult house and it is right opposite to another difficult house 8th. In this house, the Moon, which is a soft planet is forced to deal with serious matters like finance, money, self -worth, speech, and family. You may find it difficult to manage all the matters in this house if it is without a benefic aspect.
3rd House 
This house holds the mental inclinations, communications, and siblings. The Moon may not be happy to deal with this busy house. You may feel that you have so much work pending to do and you are in a hurry.
4th House 
If placed in a good sign Moons should perform well in this house. This is the natural house of Moon. It deals with house, family, mind, comfort and happiness.  If placed and aspected well, the Moon will do best in this house. It shows a lot of care from family.
5th House 
This house deals with creativity, children, romance, and entertainment. The Moon is happy to display the talents. It will happily assist you to be in a romantic relation. You will get enough opportunity to enjoy your life.
6th House 
This 6th house deals with all burdens. Debts, responsibilities, health and colleagues. These matters are not easy to be dealt with. Moon is an easy planet and it should not be happy to deal with these tough things.
7th House 
The 7th house is of spouse, marriage, agreements and contracts. The Moon will find his way as a mediator. You may even like to get involved with customer relations.
8th House 
This house is another tough house as it deals with a higher version of financial transactions, emotions, and in-laws. The Moon may not be happy as it is the debilitation point of the Moon.
9th House 
This house is known as Bhagya sthana. It deals with higher studies, luck, spirituality, teachers and higher perspectives. This can make genuinely interested in spirituality. Your mother can be closer to you or you will get the blessings of your mother.
10th House 
This house is the house of work. The Moon may show a job in a hospital-related industry. This will be a good placement for the Moon if placed in a good sign and good aspect.
11th House 
This is the house of friendships, collective projects, and hopes. The Moon will try to bring great opportunities by bringing great friends. You will mostly depend and on your friends.
12th House
This is the house of Moksha and spirituality. The Moon can make you very creative. At the same time, the Moon may not be happy to be here alone as well.
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