Significance of planets-Part 1


Education, good communication skills, mathematics, science, higher studies, uncle, nephew, devotion to Lord Vishnu, relatives, jokes, poem, teacher-student relationship, communications, heir, fasting, messenger, magic, bribe, mediation, skin.

This is the most serene planet of all. The welfare of children, wealth, gold, wealth accumulation, intelligence, devotion, a company of the spouse, northeast direction, higher studies, luck, psychology, mastery of worldly affairs, mantras, compassion, priest, master, communication skills, customs, etc. Jupiter has the power to influence other planets. Association with Jupiter minimizes the effect of malefic aspects of other planets. An effect of Jupiter makes a person deeply religious. The prosperity of the household is influenced by Jupiter.

Jupiter is one of the significations for employment. It also empowers a person to perform the rites for father.

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