Significance of planets-Part 2

Significance of planets Venus
The Venus signifies worldly art forms. Interest in arts (Saraswathi), architecture, ability to create designs and enjoy arts is influenced by Venus. It is also the significator of spouse, marriage, beauty, wealth, dress, ornaments, treasure, vehicle, prosperity, music, drama, literature, promiscuousness, enthusiasm, decorations, lovers, sexual science, bedroom, cinema, food, prostitute, alcohol. The factors influenced by Venus are often impermanent or transitory in nature.

Longevity, death, ailment, servitude, foreign language, education, disgrace, poverty, dirtiness, danger, iron-related occupation, prison, chains, laziness, destruction, black colour, Lord Ayyappa, cemetery, the old woman, agriculture, shamelessness, injustice, international relations.

If Saturn is favourably disposed of, there are chances of  the native becoming a reputed philosopher / saint.

Rahu and Kethu move in retrograde motion, i.e., in the direction opposite to the normal motion of other planets. They are malefic.

Rahu signifies:

  • Serpent – All species of snake
  • Grandfather – Fathers father
  • Leprosy, skin disease, blood impurity, etc.
  • Pretention – deception, physical handicap
  • Poison, suicide. snake temples, skin diseases,  (Rahu controls body purification. If Rahu is situated in second then purification of body cannot be achieved)

A person under the influence of Ketu will be much more dangerous than those under Rahus influence. He will have no qualms about anything. Ketu signifies salvation, sorrow, Northwestern direction, wind-borne diseases, witch-hunt, ghost, poor living conditions, and empty residence.

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