Significance of planets

Significance of planets

Each planet is considered to be ‘karaka’ or significator for certain topics and functions.

For example, Sun is the significator of the welfare of the father. Moon signifies mother’s welfare. Sun is life and Moon the body. The following are the karakas of the planets.


Father, life, soul, longevity, mental well-being, nobility, good employment, courage, authority, day, paternal ancestors, medical line, fame, gold, devotion to Lord Shiva, capital, east, diseases caused by heat, bones, wood, elephant, fire, astrology, government, Gayatri mantra, sages, judge, collector, philosophy, magical actions, Rudraksha, progress, copper, position of gods etc.

Welfare of the mother, body, mind, career, fame, tranquility, night, agriculture, north-western side, sumptuous food, physical attraction, white colour, silver, expensive gems, ocean, fan, umbrella, milk, water, flowers, fruits, all woman-related subjects, softness, all fleshy objects, ornaments, rose water, praise, sandal, sweets, alcohol, perfumes, sugarcane, sugar, mirror, Veena, and motherliness.

Welfare of siblings, unemotional state of mind, energy, earth, army, police, courage, danger, cruelty, war, murder, marriage, thief, humility, disgrace, weapon, haste, and atheism.


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