Significance of Shakat Yoga

This yoga forms when the Moon & Jupiter are 6th, 8th or 12th position from each other. There are so many conditions for cancellation of this dosha, but when Moon & Jupiter are 6th, 8th or 12th position from each other  then there will be a slight interference of Shakat yoga, despite the possibilities of cancellation.

What is Shakat Yoga?

Shakat means vehicle. There will be bumps and pits on the road and such hindrances always make the journey tiresome and risky. Likewise, the journey of life may be with a lot of challenges in the presence of Shakat yoga. You may have to go through ups and downs emotionally, physically and financially when the presence of Shakat yoga.

You may have to go through ups and down emotionally, physically and financially. Why?

Look at the condition for this yoga. The Moon and Jupiter have to be in 6, 8th or 12th houses from each other. These houses 6, 8, and 12 are known as Dursthana houses or evil houses in astrology. The matters allotted to those houses are filled with burdens, struggles, and turbulence.

 Examples of some houses are the following, 

The 6th house : disputes, debts, opponents, competitors, weakness, sound financial position, loss through theft, fire, and cheating, misunderstandings, confrontation, litigation.

The 8th house : transformations, inheritance, insurances, tax, vulnerability, fear, accidents, obstructions, litigation, bankruptcy and struggles

The 12th house : expenses, expenditures for charity, exile, obstructions in life, separation from family, enlightenment, hospitalization, and losses.

So, either  Moon or Jupiter comes into these houses with the condition for Shakat yoga, and then there are difficulties in a regular manner. Moon and Jupiter are natural benefics and they struggle to deal with the evil things. It is better to have malefic in Dursthana houses.

Moon is mind, emotions, nourishment and security in astrology. Jupiter indicates luck. So, both the factors are in Dursthana houses and you get mental turbulence.

Especially these houses denote financial losses, mental struggles and physical distress. So, throughout your life, you may have events which triggers financial losses. For all struggles are a daily stuff, but for those who with Shakat yoga the journey of life always can bring unpleasant opportunities mainly related to fiancés.

The Moon being your own mind, you yourself may act against luck since Jupiter is luck. You yourself have created enmity with you. So, you can show a tendency to mishandle your finances. You may not find happiness in humbling yourself. You may move with over confidence and stubbornness and whoever relies on them may never get righteous counseling. Those who do not get the right advice, they may fall in life.

You may continue disobeying the signals and will find it difficult to think in a third person’s perspective. This may affect your visions and it may block the prudence. Mainly you yourself become your enemy. The only way out is practicing obedience. If you find this combination in your chart, then you should realize this is a signal from the universe to bring more humility in you. If you see this in a child’s chart, teach him the importance of savings from early childhood.

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