Sun Mahadasha

Sun Mahadasha

Sun Mahadasha or Surya Dasa
In the natural cycle of Dashas, the Sun Mahadasa or Surya Mahadasha  is the 3rd one. The Sun is known as a mix of malefic and benefic. It indicates the soul, self-esteem, ego, father, authority, government, singing and superiority. The Sun dominant people can be very dominant, authoritative and stubborn as well.

Duration of this dasa is 6 years and the house which the Sun is placed and rules will be going through a transformation. The results of the dasha always depend upon the strength of the Sun. If the Sun is placed in enemy sign, with enemies or in debilitated mode can bring tough situations during the dasha time period.

Every dasha has a good time and bad time, so there is nothing like that the entire dasa was bad if the planet is placed badly. Throughout this dasha soul, self-esteem, ego, father, authority, government, singing, and superiority will be the main focus. If the Sun is favourably placed, then good results will be prominent. That doesn’t mean that the entire dasa will be bad. In between, you will be going through various transits of good planets, so always, during any dasa, the results will be mixed.

For all human beings, Sun is the indicator of the soul, so you will be interested in matters related to spirituality despite the placement of the Sun. The hidden message is that there can be some events in your life, which can push you into the lap of spirituality.

Relationship with government will be another prominent factor. You will have more interaction with government and government authorities. The cause of this interaction will be depending upon the placement of the Sun.

The relationship with fathers and fatherly figures also will be transformed according to the placement of the Sun. Despite the placement, this is a time to get closer to your father or fatherly figures and serve them. They will be taking too much interest in your life.

Sun indicates self-esteem as well. Despite the placement, you will be very much aware of your authority and self-esteem. You will be getting such opportunities to improve your confidence and self-esteem, but the results depend on your karma. If your next dasha is Sun or ongoing dasa is the Sun, then you will have to literally be after yourself, in doing righteous deeds.

You may get more interest towards creative projects. There will be a close interaction with children or youth groups. You will be more interested in knowing your forefathers. Social gatherings and entertainment programs also will come up.

Surya dasha will be a good time to build up your self-confidence and esteem. Despite your age, you should use this time for up-skilling or polish your existing skills. You should try to have a cordial relationship with authorities.

As you know that the Sun is a fiery energy and it will also share its energy into your life, so you should give due care to be at peace. This is a good time to enlighten your life as well.

Courtesy: Jayashree (Consultant Astrologer)

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