Rasyadhipathi,Vashya,Mahendra & Gana Porutham

Rasyadhipathi,Vashya,Mahendra & Gana Porutham

Rasyadhipathi Porutham

This compatibility is achieved when the lords of the signs of both male and female are the same planet or are friends.  This porutham influences the smartness, longevity, luck etc of the offspring to be born to these couple.
Vashya Porutham
If the man is born in the vasya sign of the female sign or vice versa then, there is vashya porutham. The deep affection between the two is influenced by this porutham.


Sign Vashya Rashi
Mesha Simha, Vrischika
Vrisha Karka, Tula
Mithuna Kanya
Karka Dhanu, Vrischika
Simha Tula
Kanya Mithuna, Meena
Tula Kanya, Makara
Vrischika Karkata
Dhanu Meena
Makara Kumbha, Mesha
Kumbha Mesha
Meena Makara
Mahendra Porutham
If the man is born in the 4, 7, 10th stars from the woman’s star or its anujanma stars (13, 16, 19, 22, 25 th), then there is Mahendra Porutham. This porutham provides the man with the humanistic, physical and financial ability to protect his wife and children.
Gana Porutham
The 27 stars have been divided into Deva, Asura and Manusha ganas. If the man and woman are born in the same gana then it is considered the best. Deva gana and Asura gana are strictly a mismatch. For a man born in Deva gana, a woman born in Manusha gana would be good. A man born in Asura gana and woman born in Manusha gana would give medium results. Horoscopes between a woman born in Deva gana and man in Manusha gana should not be considered. A suitable gana porutham would help in leading a prosperous and satisfying marital life.
Deva Asura Manusha
Ashwathi Karthika Bharani
Makayiram Ayilyam Rohini
Punartham Makam Thiruvathira
Pooyam Chithira Pooram
Atham Vishakham Uthram
Chothi Thrikketta Pooradam
Anizham Moolam Uthradam
Thiruvonam Avittam Pooruruttathi
Revathi Chathayam Uthrattathi

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