Yoga of Infertility

Yoga of Infertility
By checking on the below aspects; we will be able to identify the possibility of infertility in a female horoscope.
1) With Mercury in the 8th house of the ascendant, there will be the yoga of Kakavandhya (Who delivers only once)
2) If Saturn and Sun are positioned in the 8th house of the ascendant, there will be infertility.
3) Besides, the 7th house with malefic aspect being the sign of the malefic planet as well.
4) Moon in conjunction with a benefic planet and the signs of Mars or Saturn being the ascendant.
5) Saturn or Sun located in their own houses in the 8th.
6) Sun, Moon, Jupiter, and Mars occupying the 8th. or the ascendant or in the 8th. along with the Saturn.
7) Dhanu or Meena sign becoming the 5th house and more than 3 malefics occupying the place.
8) Moon associated with malefics and with malefic Navamsa located in the ascendant.
9) Jupiter or Venus in 8th. or Mars in 5th., 7th. houses or if these houses have the aspect of Mars.
    Or if Rahu yoga is found for 5th, 7th. houses, then there are chances for stillbirth.

Position of Jupiter can eliminate/diminish the results of above-mentioned aspects in a female horoscope.

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