Pairing of Opposite Houses – Part VIII

The Sixth and Twelfth House Pair

The 6th and 12th houses provide the basic clues not  only to the pending Runas but also whether a native is destined to get rid of them or not in the present birth either by performing the deeds suitable to pay back the past life debts or by enduring the pains and Treasures arising due to them. The following points would be very useful in assessing the 6th and 12th houses as a pair.
Any planet in the 6th aspects the 12th house directly and vice versa. A benefic in the 6th not only increases the negative significance of the house but also connects them to the 12th house thereby forcing the native to incur losses and expenditure even by taking loans due to such problems. On the contrary, a malefic in the 6th would restrict the negative results of the 6th house. But, its aspect on the 12th activates discomforts like loss of sleep, loss of limbs, loss of position etc., depending on the other adverse influences prevailing in the 12th house itself.
A malefic occupying the 12th house itself would cause an affliction to the house which could result in disturbed sleep, etc although its aspect on the 6th is not negative as any malefic aspect on the 6th could result in either dispensing with a pending debt or containing it.
Contrarily, a benefic in the 12th is deemed to be a source of desirable expenditure which is generally not considered to be an adverse influence at all unless it is the lord of the Ascendant itself.
•A simultaneous occupation of either only malefics or benefics in both the 6th and 12th houses is desirable because it would ensure a fairly smooth redemption of Karmic Runas with
malefics restricting adverse effects and benefics offering no obstruction to the transfer of influences from one house to the other and facilitating the necessary expenditure without any difficulty
•A combination of both benefic and malefic planets in either the 6th and 12th house or a malefic in one house aspected by a benefic in another would simultaneously afflict both the houses and create problems of health, financial issues etc., and make it worse for the native by causing unwanted lossess and expenditure along with hospitalisation loss of mental peace etc.
•The conjunction of the 6th and 12th lords in either of the houses (or in the 8th as well is said from a Vipareeta RaiaYoga. According to Phaladeepika (Chap.6), if the lords of the 6th, 8th and 12th houses occupy the 6th house it is Harsha Yoga when the native will be blessed with happiness and good fortune and a strong constitution. He will conquer his enemies and will hesitate to indulge in sinful deeds. He will become a friend of the illustrious and men of class. He will be wealthy, splendourous, famous and will have friends and sons (Sloka 63). If this conjunction occurs in the 12th house it is called as Vimala Yoga and such a native will be frugal in his expenses and clever in saving money. He will be endowed with good behaviour, will enjoy happiness, will be independent, will follow a respectable profession or conduct and will be well known for his good qualities (Sloka 69). The reason given for such an opposite effect is that the lord of an inauspicious house when disposed in another inauspicious one becomes so weak that he loses his evil character and assumes the role of a strong benefic to produce excellent results of an opposite nature.
•The horoscopes in which there are more planets in 6-12 axis (which cause afflictions to benefic houses) indicate that such natives are born to either experience more pain and punishment than pleasures or to repay their past Karmic debts in this life, even by suffering humiliation at the hands of others or by being forced to give others whatever they have with their possessions being forcibly taken from them.
•The aspect of the 6th lord on the 12th paves way for redemption of pending Karmic Runas through the source indicated by the planet owning the 6th house and the house occupied by it while the aspect of the 12th lord on the 6th house may obstruct such redemption through the positional impact of the planet owning the 12th.
•An exchange of signs or Nakshatras by the lords of the 6th and the 12th would also be favourable for dispensing with the Runas. In this case, the challenges and problems created by the 6th house or lord are absorbed well by the 12th house or lord and finally, the native ends up with freedom from problems even at the cost of extra expense. For example, the Roga (disease) created by the 6th house/lord is easily got treated in a hospital, of course, after spending on the hospital bills.
•The special influence of Jupiter in these houses needs separate mention. While the position of Jupiter in the 6th is sure to create unwanted expenses towards court cases/legal battles, its influence on the 12th house (aspect or occupancy) helps to a great extent in either spending money and getting wishes fulfilled or confers unexpected wealth to the native through fair and lawful means.
•Generally, it is said that if 6th and 12th lords are conjoined any where in the chart, the native will get wealth in the latter part of his life.
•It is important that the 12th lord should be in a Kendra or Trikona with a Kendra or Trikona lord for good results. But, this is not applicable to the 6th lord. If the 6th lord is with Kendra or Trikona lords in Kendra/Kona, the 6th house works more effectively by creating more problems and disturbances to the native.
•The occupation of Rahu or Ketu of the 6th house creates some special effects. As Ketu brings in the past Karmic fruits to this life and Rahu distributes these fruits to the native through the house tenanted by them in the chart, their position in the 6-12 axis creates a mutual interlink between the Run as and their redemption in this life. If either of these planets is conjoined with other planets in the 6th and aspect the 12th, the Runas are redeemed by the native himself though with enough sufferings. But, if the conjunction takes place in the 12th house with Ketu there, it makes the native a restless and wandering spirit forcing him to leave his place/country of birth and he may lose all his ancestral property and change his residence and profession. However, Ketu in the 12th provides mitigation of evil sins denoted by Rahu and signifies salvation by detachment. Ketu would also assist the native in restricting past Karmic effects by working as the balancing power along with Rahu. The aspect of 12th lord on 12th with Ketu there would render better support for evolution and emancipation.
Chart 1: M.G Ramachandran: Born January 17, 1917 at 9h.15m at Kandy (7 N 18, 80 E 38)
Chart 1


The chart of Late Dr. M.G.Ramachandran who was chief mister of Tamil Nadu is an example of almost all the planets causing both good and bad results simultaneously. Despite being a famous and popular personality in society, he did have problems in his private life. But they were overshadowed by his commitment to public welfare and achievements in his political career. The following salient features may be noted.
•The ascendant is Aquarius whose lord Saturn is in the 6th house in retrogression and aspects the three evil houses, namely, 3rd, 8th and 12th. This establishes a link among all the Dustanas from the 6th house through a single planet who happens to be the lord of both the Ascendant and the 12th houses. The Moon, the 6th lord is occupying the 9th house (Prarabdha). This means that the chart is mainly a Runa Jathaka and that the native was born to clear his Runas through service i.e., to serve others to get rid if all his past Karmic debts in this life. This prompted the native to implement many social welfare measures for the poor and aged people as the Chief Minister of the State. His inner urge for service (Saturn in 6th) was very evident from such activities . Even at the personal level, he was known for for his donations to the needy. Probably, that is why he was called as Makkal Thilagam or savior of the people.
•The lords of the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 8th and 10th houses are conjoined in the 12th house and are in mutual aspect with retrograde Ascendant lord. This implies that the native was destined to suffer significant losses in the areas of marriage (7th) and children (5th) as a result of his Karmic influences (3rd, 8th and l0th).
•The aspect of the first rate benefic Jupiter from the 3rd house (being the lord of the 2nd and 11th houses) on the 11th house (Ishtasiddhi) where the 4th and 9th lord Venus is posited, indicates that the native’s efforts were rightly oriented towards achieving desired happiness(4th), realization of his Prarabdha(9th) and the fulfillment (11th) of his mission in his present life. But, Venus being the Badhaka and its affliction by natural malefic Rahu in the 11th house did not allow the native to sail through easily. The affliction to Venus who signifies happiness and luck or Prarabdha appears to have greatly reduced the level of his contentment and made him long for better Providential support as a result of which he resorted to seeking the blessings of Divinity during the latter part of his life, though he grew up initially in the corridors of atheism and was groomed as such by his mentors.
•The conjunction of Mercury, Sun and Mars in the 12th also creates simultaneously both good and bad results. The Poorvapunya and Putrastana is affected and rendered weak by the 5th lord in the 12th house along with affliction of 5th house from Ketu which denied him children although the aspect of the 2nd and 11th lord Jupiter on 7th house granted him a few marriages despite the 7th lord occupying the 12th house. This is a clear sign of enduring his past Karmic influences and expending them.
•Vipareeta Raja Yogas (Harsha and Vimala) are present in the chart because of the inter-links among the planets in the 6th and the 12th houses. The fact that the other lordships of these Yoga-forming planets are of benefic houses such as his self, Karma and Poorvapunyastanas, and the 9th lord (Prarabdha) in the 11th house, clearly indicate that the native was ‘a child of destiny’ and prove the superseding power of Providence in shaping the life of the native as a result of which he could rise up to a very high level in society with name and fame despite being born in an ordinary family. But, the Badhaka influence of Venus and its affliction by Rahu had always been a thorn in the bed of roses as a result of which he had to frequently face and surmount difficulties posed by his own colleagues and associates either in politics or in cinema.
•It is pertinent to note that the 3rd house is directly influenced by the aspect of Karma Karaka Saturn. As such, the native was a hard working person trying sincerely to get rid of all his Runas in this birth. Therefore, the afflictions to the 6th house, if any, are rectified by the same Saturn influencing the 3rd house. But, because the 3rd is also simultaneously afflicted by the aspect of the other planets, the native was enduring the pain and suffering in his personal areas by sublimating them into acts of service.
•During the last years of his life, the native’s health suffered severely due to paralytic attacks and he was a living vegetable for quite a long time before breathing his last. This was mainly due to: (i) weak Poorvapunya and afflicted Prarabdha (ii) mutual aspects of Mars and Saturn along 6-12 axis (iii) Retrogression of the Ascendant lord in 6th (Roga) and his aspect on the 8th house and (iv) Moon (dispositor of Ascendant lord) occupying the Badhakastana.
Thus, in Chart 1, past Karmic influences were primarily responsible for not only his achievements in public life but also for all his personal sufferings.
 Chart 2: Male: Born November 26, 1962 at 14 h. 15 m. at 13 N, 77 E 35
Chart 2
The following points are may be noted in Chart 2 as significant.
•The Ascendant is Pisces and its lord Jupiter is occupying the 12th house. This is a basic indication that the native is destined to expend himself and experience notable losses in this life. The Ascendant lord Jupiter is aspected by debilitated Mars (2nd and 9th lord) from the 5th house. Despite Mars being a benefic by lordship and his position in the 5th house is interconnecting the Trikonas, both his conjunction with Rahu and getting aspected by Saturn, the 12th lord, make him more inauspicious while his aspect on the Ascendant lord increases the affliction to the present life of the native.
•Jupiter (Ascendant and Karma lord), the Sun (soul), Saturn (Karma Karaka and lord of Ishtasiddhi in D-l) are all debilitated in Navamsa rendering the soul weak and paving the way for the onslaught of past Karmas in the present life.
•There is the conjunction of Badhaka 7th lord Mercury and the lord of Runastana Sun with the lord of Poorvapunyastana (Moon) in the house of luck/Prarabdha (9th house) which is also aspected by natural Karma Karaka Saturn (lord of 11th and 12th houses in the chart). This combination clearly indicates that for this native there are pending past Karmic debts related to the portfolios of marriage and children which are to be endured and repaid in the present birth.
•The deep combustion of the 4th and 7th lord Mercury in the 6th lord Sun in the Bhagyastana has deprived the native of any significant happiness in life besides spoiling the prospects of marriage. The conjunction of debilitated Moon as lord of Poorvapunyastana with these planets worsens the situation.
•The afflicted 2nd and 9th lord Mars is in Rasi Parivartana with afflicted 5th lord Moon and both are in their debilitation signs. As the auspicious Yogas formed by these planets are destroyed clue to their debilitation (Uttara Kalamrita Sloka 2, Chapter 4), this sort of Neecha Sambandha to both the houses signifying the Prarabda and Poorvapunya of the native is also a clear sign of past Karmic misdeeds for which the native has to make amends in this life. As such, this combination has not only prevented the native from acquiring a family of his own but also resulted in depriving the native of any children.
•The retrogression of the 3rd (effort) and 8th (misfortunes) lord in his own house in the 8th creates more adversities due to some mysterious Providential influence and goads him to commit mistakes which provide an easy ground for the play of fate. As a result, the native who was holding an executive post in a central government PSU suddenly resigned his job and has chosen to live like an ascetic keeping himself away from the main stream of life at the early age of 47 years.
•The Ascendant is aspected by the 11th and 12th lord Saturn. This brings the Ascendant under the inauspicious sway of Saturn. As a result, the native has chosen to remain a bachelor to lake care of his unmarried elder sister.
In Chart 2, it should be noted that not a single planet is fully benefic. Hence, it can be rightly called a Runa Jataka.
Dustana Lords in Dustanas
Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra gives the following results for the disposition of Dustana lords in the 6th and the 12th houses.
(i) 6th lord in 6th – The native will have enmity with his kinsmen. But, he will be friendly to others and will enjoy mediocre happiness in matters like wealth.
(ii) 8th lord in 6th – The native will win over his enemies, be affected by diseases and during childhood, will incur danger through snakes and water.
(iii)12th lord in 6th – The native will incur enmity with his own men, be given to anger, be sinful and miserable.
(iv)6th lord in 12th – The native will always spend on vices, be hostile to learned people and will torture living beings.
(v)8th lord in 12th – The native will spend on evil deeds and will have a short life. More so, if there is additionally a malefic in the said house.
(vi)12th lord in 12th – The native will face heavy expenditure and will not have physical felicity, be irritable and spiteful.
According to Parasara, the lords of the 6th and 12th are not good even when they occupy their own houses. Therefore, it means that the effects of Harsha and Vimala Yogas will be felt only when the conjunction of other Dustana lords take place in these two houses.
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Courtesy: Modern Astrology(Dr. Revathi Vee Kumar)           
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