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Anapha Yoga

This arises when there is Planets, other than the sun occupying the twelfth house from the moon. Anapha yoga makes a native healthy, famous and renowned, capable, wealthy, given to varied comforts and happy.

In the Anapha Yoga it is on spending and enjoyment. There are varieties of the Anapha yoga also depending upon the nature and the number of the occupants of the twelfth house from the moon.

The person having this Yoga in his horoscope will have the characteristics of a king. He will be a leader, charismatic, generous, honest and with high self-respect. Person with Anapha yoga will not be prone to disease and will lead a healthy life. He will later develop a change in his lifestyle and may live a life of abandonment, and attribute seriousness in his nature.

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The native of Anapha Yoga becomes powerful and authoritative when Mars occupies the twelfth house from the moon. If Mercury is in the twelfth house, it makes that person a good orator with excellent social skills. Jupiter in this position means, it makes the native is an honest and charitable person. Venus in the twelfth house from the moon makes the native a respectable person, sweet-tongued, and popular among women. The person will have all the luxury of life and possess enormous wealth. He will have good mannerisms and a healthy body.


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  1. I have anapha yoga with Saturn and Rahu in the 12 th house from Moon in Cancer in the Ascendant. What will be the effects of such a Yoga ?

    I also have Sunapha Yoga with Jupiter in the second house from the Cancer ascendant Moon. What will be the effects of this yoga?

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