Astrology Software suiting your needs and suiting your budget

Astrology Software Suiting Your Needs & Budget

Astrology Software

Astrology is the science dealing with the influence of celestial objects on various aspects of life. The key to every astrology analysis is rightly finding the movements and positioning of these celestial bodies. It’s a complex process requiring so many calculations and this signifies the need for using astrology software. Astro-Vision, the company that pioneered the use of astrology software in India, has an array of software tools to meet the various astrology requirements.

A Horoscope is the astrological data of an individual’s life. It helps to study his fine character traits, the flow of life and to find remedies to the specific problems he faces. People approach an astrologer for preparing horoscopes, analyzing horoscopes or for some specific requirements like marriage matching or finding muhurtas. In all these cases, an astrologer has to go through complex astrological calculations which are prone to errors. To nullify the possibility of errors and to make the right inferences, an astrologer or astrology learner can rely on Astro-Vision software.

Astrology Software Bundle

Astro-Vision offers desktop applications for horoscope generation and other specific astrology purposes. They maintain a high level of accuracy in calculations, ensuring the accuracy of predictions. You can choose an Astro-Vision astrology software as per your purpose and your preferences regarding the details. Here, in this article, you can read about some of the popular Astro-Vision software products.

LifeSign Parihara - Astrology Software for Horoscope Predictions and RemediesLifeSign Parihara

LifeSign Parihara is a horoscope generation software offering inclusive calculations and predictions. It’s an advanced version horoscope software that provides Remedies too. The salient features or benefits of using this software are the following.


  • Detailed Horoscope. It can generate detailed horoscope reports of more than 60 pages.
  • Predictions & Calculations. It covers inclusive horoscope predictions & calculations.
  • Business Opportunity. By installing LifeSign 14 in your Windows PC you could run a business, selling horoscope reports.
  • Various chart styles. Generate charts in your preferred chart format – North Indian, South Indian, Bengali, Kerala or Sri Lankan style.
  • Customized Reports. You can generate horoscopes as per the requirements viz. single-page report, report with charts & calculations or report with predictions only.
  • In-built database of cities. Includes the longitude & latitude values and time zones of various cities across the globe.
  • Hardcopy & Softcopy. You can provide horoscope reports to the customers as a printout or send a softcopy (via email or CD).
  • Multi-lingual. This software is available in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam.
  • Guaranteed after-sales support.

The Predictions

Panchanga predictions, Bhava predictions, Dasa-Apahara predictions, Yogas & their predictions, Transit predictions, Ashtakavarga predictions, Favourable periods in life, etc.

The Calculations

Includes various Charts & Tables, Ashtakavarga, Shodasavarga, Paryanthardasha, Sayana & Nirayana longitudes, Planetary Analysis, Vargottama & Vargabheda, Jaimini calculations, Various Ayanamsas, Nazhika to Hour conversion, etc.  

The Remedies

Dasa/Apahara remedies, Birth Star remedies, Kuja dosha remedies, and Rahu-Ketu dosha remedies.

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AstroPack - Astrology Software For Horoscope calculations and Panchanga

It’s a software pack with the features of two individual Astro-Vision software products. AstroPack covers the features of LifeSign horoscope software and StarClock VX panchanga software. This product generates horoscopes with inclusive calculations and helps to check panchanga and muhurtha. Astrologers can use this product as an aid to their consultancy requirements.

The Benefits / Salient features of AstroPack

  • A 2in1 Product. Helps you make accurate horoscope and panchanga calculations.
  • Inclusive Horoscope Calculations. All set of calculations required for detailed horoscope analysis and consultation.
  • Detailed Panchanga. Includes panchang calendar, astrological qualities of the moment, Rahu kala, Gulika kala, transit times, transit positions, muhurtham, etc.
  • Various Chart Styles. You can set your preferred chart format – North Indian, South Indian, Bengali, Kerala or Sri Lankan style.
  • Ayanamsa Options. Includes various ayanamsas – Chitra Paksha ayanamsa / Lahiri ayanamsa, Raman ayanamsa, Krishnamurthy ayanamsa, and Thirukanitham ayanamsa. You can either set any of these or your own user-defined ayanamsa. 
  • Nazhika Converter. This lets you easily convert the time in nazhika system to an hour/ghati system. 
  • Large Database of Cities. The in-built database of cities (the longitude & latitude values and time zone) helps in easier horoscope generation.
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AstroPack SM

AstroPack SM - Astrology Software For Horoscope Calculations, Marriage Matching and PanchangaThis is a 3in1 astrology software pack for the professional astrologers. In addition to the features of LifeSign and StarClock VX, this product includes SoulMate – the renowned marriage matching software of Astro-Vision. It helps the astrologers with accurate horoscope calculations, panchanga calculations and detailed marriage matching reports. 

Your Benefits in using AstroPack SM

  • One Product, Three Uses. AstroPack SM is a combination of 3 individual software products – LifeSign, StarClock, and SoulMate.
  • Horoscope Calculations. The whole set of calculations for accurate horoscope analysis and predictions.
  • Panchanga & Muhurtha. Includes panchanga calendar and other details viz. astrological qualities of the moment, Rahu kala, Gulika kala, transit times, transit positions, etc. You can also find muhurtas for precious occasions.
  • Marriage Matching. AstroPack SM lets you have an accurate horoscope compatibility check. You can use both North Indian and South Indian methods of marriage-matching.
  • North Indian, South Indian, Bengali, Kerala, and Sri Lankan chart styles.
  • Ayanamsa options – Chitra Paksha ayanamsa / Lahiri ayanamsa, Raman ayanamsa, Krishnamurthy ayanamsa, and Thirukanitham ayanamsa. You can also set a user-defined ayanamsa.
  • Nazhika to Ghati/Hour Converter
  • In-built Database of Cities. Includes a large database of longitude & latitude values and the time zones of the cities around the world.
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AstroStar - Best Astrology Software ComboAstroStar is an advanced software bundle for professionals. It has all the features of AstroPack SM plus horoscope predictions and Varshaphal. AstroStar includes predictions from LifeSign Star and the YearGuide software. It helps the astrology consultants with horoscope calculations & predictions, panchanga calculations, marriage matching, and yearly life forecasts.

Key features of AstroStar / Your Benefits

  • Includes 4 different astrology applications – LifeSign Star, StarClock VX, SoulMate, and YearGuide.
  • Accurate horoscope calculations & predictions enabling an effective astrology consultation.
  • All Panchanga Calculations. Panchanga calendar, Muhurthas,  astrological qualities of the moment, Rahu kala, Gulika kala, transit times, transit positions and much more.
  • Marriage Compatibility Check. Genuine horoscope matching that checks Star matching, Kuja Dosha, Papa Samya, and Dasa Sandhi.
  • Varshaphal or a detailed life forecast for coming one-year period.
  • Choice of Chart Formats. You can choose between North Indian, South Indian, Bengali, Kerala and Sri Lankan chart styles.
  • Ayanamsa options – Chitra Paksha ayanamsa/Lahiri ayanamsa, Raman ayanamsa, Krishnamurthy ayanamsa, and Thirukanitham ayanamsa. Or, you can set a user-defined ayanamsa.
  • Nazhika to Ghati Converter. Let’s you easily convert the horoscope timings in nazhika to hour system.
  • In-built Database of Cities. The time zone and the longitude & latitude values.
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AstroSuite - A Bundle of 8 Astrology SoftwareAstroSuite is the most popular Astro-Vision product in the business astrology software segment. It is a bundle of eight different applications offering eight different astrology solutions. AstroSuite is the best choice for anyone who wishes to start a business offering astrology solutions.  It is easy to use and doesn’t demand any astrology knowledge to operate and generate reports.

Hundreds of computer centres, Xerox centres, marriage bureaus and internet cafes in India are using this product and generating a fair sum of additional income.


AstroSuite Benefits

  • Multi-purpose product. One product with eight different astrology software applications.
  • Potential Business Opportunity. It lets you start a business offering varieties of astrology reports.
  • Low Investment. You can run the astrology business with a computer and a printer.
  • Variety of Solutions. The eight distinct software products let you provide astrology solutions to the varying needs of the people. 
  • Quick Income Generation. Yes, once you install AstroSuite, it can let you earn from the very first day.
  • No need for special knowledge or skill. To use this product and generate reports, you don’t require any astrology or technical knowledge/skill.
  • Lifelong Revenue. If you start providing astrology solutions with AstroSuite, it would be a lifelong source of revenue for you.

AstroSuite Applications/Solutions

  1. LifeSign with Parihara generates detailed horoscopes with inclusive calculations, predictions & remedies. It also lets you generate horoscopes as per the customer requirements such as basic information, report with calculations, report with predictions, etc.
  2. SoulMate for marriage-matching. It gives genuine horoscope compatibility reports by checking Poruthams or Kootas, Kuja Dosha, Dasa Sandhi and Papa Samya.
  3. GemFinder studies horoscopes and suggests the right gemstone to wear. This report recommends the use of specific gemstones as solutions to the specific obstacles in life.
  4. YearGuide provides predictions to those who want to know about their immediate future. It can give a detailed life forecast for the coming one-year period.
  5. DigiTell generates numerology reports. It can give numerology based predictions and valuable guidelines for finding success in life.
  6. NameFinder suggests meaningful names for the newborns. It can provide, as per the parents’ preferences, list of baby names with their meanings.
  7. PanchaPakshi, based on the ancient Tamil system of Pancha Pakshi Sastra, offers solutions to the various concerns of the people.
  8. StarClock for panchanga calculations. It provides panchanga details of any given time and finds muhurtas for auspicious occasions.

The above mentioned are some of the popular Astro-Vision products. Apart from these, Astro-Vision has numerous other desktop applications suiting the needs of common men, astrologers, astrology learners, and business people. You can choose an application considering your purpose and the details you need. 

Astro-Vision products maintain a high level of accuracy and are value for your money. Thousands of users including various organizations use Astro-Vision software for its accuracy and genuineness. To know more about these astrology applications, their uses, and price, you may visit