Barren Signs and Denial of Marriage – Part 2

Role of Saturn
Saturn in the 7th house does not mean delay or denial. I have seen many horoscopes when Saturn in the 7th has hastened marriage. However, Saturn’s aspect on the 7th, 7th lord Moon and Venus can cause delay or denial. In Chart 1, Saturn not only occupies the Nakshatra whose lord is in a barren sign but he severely afflicts the Moon, Venus, Mars and Jupiter. In the case of females, if Saturn afflicts the Sun, Mars, Moon, Venus and the lord of the 7th and the above two examinations show the dominance of barren signs and Saturn is placed in a Nakshatra whose lord is in a barren sign, then chances of getting married are remote. While examining a horoscope for marriage it is absolutely necessary to get an overall idea of the lifespan of the person, otherwise, after predicting marriage the person may not live to marry at all.

Chart 2: Male: Born August 13, 1954 at 6h. 00m. at 18 N 58, 72 E 50

chart 2
The native of Chart 2 came to see me in March 1986 about his marriage. I got the feeling that his life was short and so I advised him to wait till after May 1986. The young man dies in May that year.

Factors Against Marriage

There is, yet another point I need to stress here. It is also necessary for an astrologer to locate serious deficiencies in the personality and certain severe handicaps and deformities which could make married life difficult or impossible. These are»impotency, imbecility or severe mental retardation and stark lunacy. No doubt in the first and last cases marriage is still possible, though it may not be a success, but in case the person is an idiot or imbecile marriage is just not possible. Let us, therefore, see how far it is possible to locate these major defects from the horoscope. In case of impotence, one has to be very careful before pronouncing verdict.

The 17th degree of Gemini is very important in this context. If the Ascendant is in this degree or close to it and the positions detailed below are also present then there is every danger of impotency. Venus and Mercury in an angle in conjunction and Mars and Saturn both elevated above Venus tend to produce an eunuch or hermaphrodite. Venus and Saturn in the 4th house severely afflicted should also bring about the same results due to lack of proper sex channels. In a female horoscope if Mercury is the lord of the 7th house from the Moon and the Ascendant is in the Trimsamsa of Saturn and in addition to that, Saturn is with Mercury with no benefic aspect whatsoever on the 7th house, then there is danger of the woman getting married to a sexually impotent man. Also Saturn in the 7th in the Navamsa of Saturn in a similar position may also bring about the same results provided, Saturn as well as Mercury are both devoid of any aspect of benefics. If the factors denoting an eunuch are also supported by the factors showing denial of marriage, then such a person may not marry at all.

Venus in an angle from Saturn and Mars ascending after Venus and configurated with the Sun and Mercury shows some defect in private organs which could affect sex life adversely. The Sun, Moon and Venus in masculine signs and the Moon waning, then the male native is born with some serious injury in the private parts, especially if signs Aries, Leo, Scorpio, Capricorn or Aquarius are prominently involved. In such cases, females are likely to remain childless.

In the case of a man, the 7th and Venus are principle indicators of sexual life. If the sign Libra, the 7th house, 7th lord and Venus are all weak and debilitated and Venus is 1° away from the Sun, then the man is likely to be sexually ineffective. If lord of the 7th is with Venus in the 6th house or the Ascendant lord is aspected by Venus, the 6th lord as well as by Mercury or severely afflicted Venus is in the 8th, then also one is likely to be impotent.

Mental Retardation
In case of mental retardation or idiocy there are certain degrees of the Zodiac which are very sensitive. These are 0° to 3° and 22° to 25° of common signs. If planets denoting mind development in a horoscope get severely afflicted in these degrees the chances of mental retardation would be very great. Chart 3 is of a female whose mind development is of a small child. She becomes very violent at times and during these spells, bangs her head on anything. As a result, she has suffered many injuries on her head so far. It has become a major problem for her parents. Now can such a girl develop sufficiently to marry at the appropriate age? Such factors have to be examined before any pronouncement on the question of marriage is made.

Chart 3: Female: Born December 22, 1983 at 9h. 35m at 28 N 39, 77 E 13


You will notice that both the lord of the 4th and Mercury, another planet showing mental development, are in the sensitive degrees given above and severely afflicted in Chart 3, Mercury is retrograde. Another planet showing the mind, namely, the Moon is also severely afflicted by Saturn. The lords of the 3rd, 4th and 5th are all afflicted. The Ascendant lord, though in exaltation, is hemmed between Mars on one side and Ketu on the other.

The aspect of Mars on the planets in the 12th house is apparently responsible for the violent spells she is getting. According to Western astrologers, influences conducive to idiocy are Mercury and the houses of Mercury, namely the 6th and 3rd houses, as well as signs Gemini and Virgo. When these are under severe affliction and when Mercury is unconnected with the Moon, severe mental retardation is possible. They also associate 28° of Capricorn on the Ascendant with idiocy. If this is the Sayana degree then chances are that 25° to 28° of Sayana and 5° to 8° of Nirayana could have something to do with idiocy when rising on the Ascendant. In Chart 3, incidentally, Capricorn 7° is rising.

After having examined all these factors and making sure marriage will take place, one should then proceed to examine the success or otherwise of the marriage.

Courtesy: Modern Astrology(Chandrakant S. Kothare)
Continued from: Barren Signs and Denial of Marriage – Part 1

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