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There would be only fewer people, who don’t like to have a spouse. Not all people in this universe are destined for marriage too. At the same time, almost all people in the universe are destined to be attracted towards someone. Nowadays, same-sex marriages are widely discussed and in certain countries, they are legal too. So, this makes the concept of love and marriage very complex.

Know your Spouse through Birth Chart

As an astrologer, when someone asks about their status of love and marriage, I will always notice, whether this person is destined to have a successful love life. There are charts where the segment of love is in complicate planetary alignment, which shows, the person is not destined to have satisfaction from his love or marital life.

I remember a 55-year-old man coming to me, who is very much interested in marriage, asking when he will get his soulmate. He was fed up with his marital life, and from his chart what showed is his excessive desire for females. It will be difficult for him to be happy with one female. As a Theologian, I have noticed that the concept of ”soulmate” is very difficult to explain and very difficult to attain. According to astrology, we are destined to meet with people with whom we have Karmic debts. Each person comes in our life to teach us various lessons. We get experiences according to past life debts. According to that nature of debts, they will bring happiness or bitterness in our life. The moment they finish their Karma, they will leave us, or stay with us forever. This is the tale of astrology.

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In astrology, there are so many techniques to study about spouse and love affairs. Venus is the main planet to know how your love life would be. There are other techniques like Darakaraka and Upapada Lagna too.
Today I am going to say about DaraKaraka which is a concept in Jaimini astrology. At the time of our birth, the planets are in various Rashis, at various degrees. The degrees of these planets are highly important. These degrees will show what the real strength of the planet is. The planet with less degree, that is of very minute fractions of a degree within Rasi is called DaraKaraka. It may not be the Rahu or Ketu.

Whichever planet with least degrees will show you the who and what your spouse is. In astrology, every planet should be studied through a concept called PAC. It is the abbreviation named Placement, Aspect and Conjunction. If your Darakaraka is under the influence of good PAC, then obviously you will have a good and happy love life. This should not only be studied through birth charts, but you should study the PAC of Darakaraka in D9 and D7 also. Yes, the birth chart holds the main keys, but the divisional chart also has a say in it.

All these should not be studied generically, each chart should be studied in a specific way. If your Darakaraka planet is in a stress aspect in the D1 chart, then it can be well placed in divisional charts as well. So, you may read a lot of stuff online about the stability of marriage. It’s always good if you have any doubts regarding your love life, you better go to a righteous astrologer.

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