Retrograde of Planets and Their Real Status

Retrograde of Planets

Retrograde of Planets

The truth is that it is very hard to say what are the real result of a retrograde planet in your chart. It can only be said almost accurately in a one to one consultation. Looking at a retrograde planet or a debilitated planet, it is not righteous to say that they are bad. I have seen scientists and rich people with retrograde and debilitated combinations.

What is retrogression or Vakri?

It is not rocket science, instead, it is a simple concept. All the planets are moving at a particular rate of speed. All the planets other than the Sun and Moon will pause, then reduce the rate of speed, then pause, then moving in the normal rate of speed. This movement with a low rate of speed is called retrogression or Vakri.

When Mercury and Venus are in retrograde they will be between the Earth and the Sun. Or, when Mercury and Venus come between the Earth and the Sun, then they will move in a retrograde mode.

Mercury Retrograde

Sun will be in opposite sign when Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn start their retrogression. In a year, Mercury will be three-time in retrogression, somewhat between 19 to 24 days. Venus moves into retrograde every 18 months. Mars will retrograde every 2 years 2 months Jupiter will retrograde every year for around 120 days. Saturn will retrograde every year for around 140 days. When you see any planet in 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th from the Sun in your chart. Those planets will be in a retrograde mode.

Rahu and Ketu are in a retrograde mode most days, but there are certain days they turn direct, but it’s very hard to find a chart with Rahu and Ketu direct.

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In Brihat Parashara Hora Sastra, Saravali and other texts they all give different results about retrogression of planets. According to Brihat Parashara Hora Sastra, Sage Parashara says, you have to analyze the house lord of the retrograde planet.

We can never bring up a theory that these retrog planets are good or bad because benefices also can give you bad results at some point in time. It is very important to analyze what these planets were doing in the past, by your dasha sequence. So many articles out there and so many channels out there misguiding people, and they generally give an impression that direct planets are great and retrogression of planets are bad, likewise exalted planets are great and debilitated planets are bad.

These retrogression of planets may indicate that their attributes can be in a compromised mode or in a situation which needs expert supervision. Our astrology chart shows lifelong programming. So, you may have to spend a good amount of energy in tackling the areas signified by these retrogression of planets.

Origins of Vedic Astrology

There is a theory that the faster planets like Mercury, Venus, and Mars in retrogression will influence the house which is previous to them. For example, if any of these planets are in the 12th house in retrogression, then they will influence the 11th house. The slower planets Jupiter and Saturn will only influence the house which they are placed in. This is also not to be taken blindly, but we can look at this matter for research purposes.

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