How weak Moon affects the emotions ?

How Weak Moon Affects The Mental Emotions (part1)

Weak Moon in Astrology
Moon is the indicator of mind, emotions, mother, home, homeland and females in general. If you want to know the situation of your mind and thought process, then you should see the placement of Moon. It waxes and wanes, and out mind also is very flexible and moving. Moon is the owner of the watery sign of Cancer and Moon is also a watery planet. It rules the 4th house in the natural zodiac wheel. This 4th house indicates family, mother and all the matters indicated by the Moon.

Moon is debilitated in another water sign Scorpio. When Moon is in this sign, then that means it is dealing with tough subjects which the Moon generally do not like to be in. Moon likes to be in a secure and peaceful domain like mother, family comfort and home. In Scorpio, it is placed over the tough matters like sex, crisis, investments, finances, taxes, insurances, partnerships and loans. Here Moon will be disturbed, and it may lose all its happiness.

When your Moon is weak, then you will naturally have struggles with being happy. You may have to go an extra mile being satisfied with all the matters of your life. Relationship with elderly female figures can be complex. Especially with your mother, you can have a very sensitive relationship, unlike other signs. Mother can be constructive, but she may leave a negative impact on you. You will have to go an extra mile in keeping your mind happy and stable.

Unlike other planets, the Sun and the Moon never move in a retrogression mode. Moon is not in enmity with any planet, but Mercury, Venus, and Saturn see Moon as their enemy. So, when Moon is in conjunction with this planet, then, Moon can be in a complex mode. Moon doesn’t like to be with shadow planets Rahu and Ketu as well.

Rahu and Ketu are highly obsessive energies. So, when they are with such a sensitive planet-like moon they will trigger it in an intense way. This conjunction may indicate a peaceless mind. Rahu is an obsession and Ketu is detachment. So, When the Moon conjunct the Rahu, your mind will be always aggressive. You can use this energy in a constructive or destructive way and that is solely depending on your free will.

Moon may feel difficulty in being their signs as well. Everyone will go through emotional struggles despite the placement of the Moon. Such issues are not restricted to those whose Moon is in a complex mode.

When the Moon is in a conjunction with the Jupiter, it creates a GajaKesari Yoga, but it also has another side. This placement can give a mother who is so over-protective and insecure about her child. Such mothers also can create emotional struggles for children.

So, when the Moon is in a complex mode, then you should understand that you are a highly sensitive and please don’t engage in any activity which can add more emotional burdens. A healthy diet is also important to have a good mind and mental strength.

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  1. Very insightful article. I am a Scorpio ascendant having moon in the 8th house of Scorpio along with Saturn moon conjunction in my lagna . I feel restless sometimes and mind is ever changing. What are the available remedies for that?

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