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Kantaka Sani

Saturn passing through the Kendra rasi (4th, 7th, 10th) from Janma Rasi is called Kantaka Sani. The duration of Kantaka Sani is 2½ years. The effect of Kantaka Sani is unfavourable like that of 7½ Sani. The phase when Saturn passes through the 10th is the most damaging; the phase when it passes through the 7th is comparatively less damaging and the phase when it passes through the 4th is the least damaging. During the Kantaka Sani period, one has to endure insult, punishment, hardships, accidents, loss of position, part from relatives, live incognito, separation of dear ones, danger from enemies, failures etc. Various misfortunes happen when Saturn passes through different houses. When Saturn passes through the 4th house one has to suffer familial problems; when it passes through the 7th house one has to endure friction in marital life, alienation and the misfortune of close friends becoming enemies; it passing through the 10th house results in hardship, loss of position, punishment for the crime not committed and foreign job.

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Saturn passing through the 8th of Janma Rasi is called “Ashtama Sani“. During this period a person may have to put up with imprisonment, frequent visiting of court and police station, severe illness, sorrows and losses; and probably will have a situation to leave the home country.

7½ Sani (Ezhara Sani or Sade Sati)
Saturn takes about 2½ years to transit a rasi. The period when Saturn transits through the 12th, 1st and 2nd houses from Janma Rasi is called 7½ Saturn or Sade Sati.

7½ Saturn occurs twice or thrice depending on the life span of a person. (7½ Saturn happens once in 30 years). The first 7½ Saturn period adversely effects the parents of the person. The second 7½ Saturn period grants important events in one’s life (construction of a home, change in occupation, marriage, foreign trip, etc). The third 7½ Saturn period grants one moksha.

One has to suffer the most when Saturn passes through the Janam Rasi during the Sade Sati or 7½ Saturn period. The period when Saturn passes through the 12th house is comparatively less harmful and through the 2nd is the least harmful.

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