More on the Evil of Dustanas – Part V C

Continued from: More on the Evil of Dustanas – Part V B

And, such a Saturn, as splendid lord of the 4th and the 5th, with the lords of Ascendant and of the 8th Venus and Mercury lifted him very high, according to the dictum that if the lords of the 9th and the 5th are with the lord of the Ascendant in a Kendra other than the 7th, the native becomes a king of kings. But, now I am referring to the chart where the evil of the Moon, lord of the 10th in the 12th, with Mars in the 12th was a mere Apavada Yoga, not at all hurting nor even touching the native materially as the Dasas of the planets in the 12th never ran in his life after his 10th year.

Similarly, I was shown a horoscope of a male born in Scorpio, with Venus in the 5th in Pisces, the Sun in the 6th in Aries, the Moon in Taurus in the 7th and Jupiter in the 9th in Cancer born in Rohini Nakshatra. So, he started iife with the Moon Dasa. I told him, of the four exalted planets, the Sun in exaltation in the 6th is no good; for, even though the Sun may be in the 6th in exaltation, the lord of the 10th in the 6th without benefic aspect is not good and may cause evil; but, luckily, the Sun Dasa will never run in his life. His Venus, lord of the 7th and the 12th in the 5th in exaltation and the crescent

Moon, lord of the 9th , in the 7th gave him a good wife from a well-to-do family. And, as Jupiter, lord of the 2r.d and the 5th, is in the 9th in exaltation and his lord of the 9th Moon is exalted in a Kendra, made him fortunate. He was disappointed  in not securing a class in B.Sc. But, he easily got a job in a Mumbai company and is well-off. His Jupiter Dasa gives him Anubhava Yoga and the evil of his lordship of the 10th in the 6th has become fortunately, a mere Apavada Yoga, giving at the worst mere pinpricks in the sub-periods of the ill-placed planet.

Before concluding, I wish to impress that this Apavada Yoga is different .from the commonly know Yoga for Apavada or bad name or scandal, due to the lord ofthe 10th in the 6th or the Sth or the 12th or of a malefic in the Sth especially when he is a natural malefic also, and his dasa.