Pairing of Opposite Houses – VI

Origin of  Present Birth
The 5th house in a chart is the central fulcrum among the trines which exerts its direct influence on the Ascendant (birth of the self) on one side and the 9th house (signifying his luck and Prarabdha) on the other. In other words, the 5th house indicates the source from which the present birth emanates while the 9th house governs the resources which a native has brought forward with him in the form of luck (Prarabdha) in this life. Also the 5th house (being the 12th from 6th) signifies the loss of runas or expending of the debts of past lives. As such, the planets influencing the 5th house create the necessary ground for achieving the Prarabdha (luck) indicated by the 9th house, the realization of which would be one of the main purposes of birth.
Jupiter who is the embodiment Divine Grace is the significator for both the 5th and 9th houses. His benefic influence on both these houses simultaneously either by aspect or position would enable the native to achieve fulfillment in this life to a great extent. Here, it needs to be pointed out that although Jupiter as Putrakaraka being in the 5th creates some anxiety in that area for some time, the problem will not persist for long and he surely grants at least one Karma putra to the native who will be available for releasing him from the links of this present birth by performing his antyeshti(last rites) which is one of the primary purposes of begetting a child. As  such, this does not hinder the native from achieving his goals in other areas in any way. Jupiter influencing the 5th house favourably bestows Mantrasiddhi, a natural inclination to worship God and observe religious practices etc., which facilitate not only the furtherance of the progress of the Soul but also in deriving peace and happiness in this life.
The 5th house of the natural Zodiac is Leo. Its symbol (lion) stands for the fully developed and dominant male principle. The lion, with its primary role as the seed for procreation, is analogous to the Sun, the ruler of Leo, who is the centre of vital energy which feeds the soul (Atma). Thus, metaphysically, the sign Leo connotes the power of the Karmic actions (poorvapunya) impinging on the Atma working as the seed for one’s future lives. The fiery nature of the sign indicates the ability for transformation of the soul based on the Karmic imprints while the fixity of the sign alludes to the firmness of Karmic fruits which cannot be avoided. All these characteristics of the sign are also inherent in the 5th house of any chart.
Eleventh House for Achievements
The 11th house signifies fulfillment of all desires (Ishta Siddhi), success in all undertakings (Sarvabhista agama/karyasiddhi), gains/profits(labha), income or all kinds of receipts (aya), elder co-borns (Jyestha bhrata), left ear (vama karna), daughter-in-law/son-in- law (7th from the 5th) etc.
In general, any planet owning the 11th house or occupying it is good (except Ketu). The association of the lord of any house with the 11th house and or its lord (without any afflictions) indicates the fulfillment of the objectives and desires of the native in the respective area of life through the relationship concerned. Primarily, the planets in the 11th house indicate the manner in which gains and fulfillment are possible and also the relationships facilitating such gains in life. But, if there is a malefic combination (Ava Yoga) in the house due to planets which are badly placed (debilitated, in inimical sign, combust, retrograde in own house, etc..) or afflicted (placed with/ aspected by malefics), good results cannot be pronounced without a proper examination of the attendant conditions. For example, if Mars is in the 11th house for a Cancer Ascendant, it implies that the native would seek to fulfill his dreams through his children with the support of his profession. If such Mars is afflicted by Rahu or Ketu or other inimical planets like Saturn, then it indicates suffering through children and profession.
The 11th being the highest Upachaya house, any planet in it supports the growth of the native. As such, almost all planets give auspicious results when in this house and help attain desired objectives in life. But, for this, it is very necessary that there should not be any mutual afflictions among the planets involved. Also, the nature of the planet posited in the house (benefic or malefic both by its basic nature and functionality in the chart), which helps in achieving the objectives, affects the way in which the fulfillment is actually achieved. Malefics would contribute to an element of adversity while benefics would the pave way for smooth success.
Also, it is pertinent to note that 11th house is the Badhaka house for movable Ascendants. Hence, the 11th lord along with the planets in the 11th house are capable of creating problems to the natives born in movable signs as Ascendants. Such a condition implies that the native is destined to face problems in achieving his goals and that he must be ready to struggle and put in extra effort without which it may not be possible to achieve them. But according to Pulippani Jothidam (SI. 52 and 53), if Badhaka is in trines for movable and fixed Ascendants the Badha gets cancelled and the native would only experience benefic results. In my opinion, this can happen only if 11th lord is in 5th or 9th house (5th from the 5th) because the 11th happens to be 6th from the 6th and the 5th house (as 12th to 6th) facilitates dispensing with the run as signified by 6th house (6th from the 6th house).
For example, if the Ascendant is Cancer and Venus in Scorpio or Pisces it would give good results. Similar is the case, if the Ascendant is Libra and the Sun is in Aquarius or Gemini. Even Saturn in Leo or Sagittarius will do good to a native of Aries Ascendant, although only in the latter part of his life.

The 11th house of the Zodiac is Aquarius symbolized by a pot, a pot of luck. What it contains can only be known when its lid is opened and not before that because it might be filled with hidden wealth (nidhi) or partly filled or empty also. As such, Aquarius introduces an element of secrecy in the realization of one’s goals. The fixity of Aquarius alludes to the fixed quantity of the providential reserve in the pot while its airy nature connotes the necessity for a serious research to unveil the reserve. These characteristics are inherently seen in the 11th house of any chart. Also, the key to open the lid of Aquarius is primarily vested with its opposite sign i.e., Leo which carries the Karmic seed as Poorvapunya. If Leo and Aquarius (5th and 11th) are mutually inter-linked in a native’s horoscope by way of planetary associations, the lid opens easily and confers results during the Dasa periods of the concerned planets, with the nature of interlink and that of the involved planets characterizing the nature of results.

Chart1: Swami Chinmayananda: Born May 8, 1916 at 7h . 10m. at 9 N 59, 70 E 18
Chart 1
Chart 1 is of Swami Chinmayananda. The following features may be noted.
i) The occupation of Mars (Ascendant and 6th lord) in the house of luck (9th) along with 9th lord (Moon) activates the Prarabdha of the native to his advantage, being a friendly conjunction in a trine with cancellation of debilitation for Mars. The mystic planet Ketu conjoining them ensures that the native’s luck is through Moksha Gnana.
(ii) The 10th lord Sun getting exalted in the 6th house goads the native to adopt service (6th) through Atma Vidya (Sun) as his profession.
(iii) The crowning impact is the occupation of the 5th house by the most benefic planet Jupiter (ruling spirituality) in his own house which confirms that his Poorva punya is excellent. Jupiter’s aspect on a vacant 11th house transfers the positive effect to that house to grant Ishta Siddhi and fulfillment.
(iv)The position of Mercury, the 8th and 11th lord in the 7th (Kendra), in Parivartana with the 7th lord Venus (a friend) ably supports fulfillment (11th) through the acquisition of secret knowledge (8th).
(v)The simultaneous aspect of Mercury and Jupiter on the Ascendant has greatly helped the native in acquiring both worldly knowledge and spiritual wisdom. As a result, although he started his career as a journalist (Mercury), Providence pushed him into the mystic science and enabled him to achieve excellence in spirituality (Jupiter).
Chart2: V. P. Singh: Born June 25, 1931 at 7h .04 m.25 N 28, 89 E 32
Chart 2
Chart 2 is of V.P.Singh, a former Prime Minister of India. The 5th house is aspected by 5th lord Mars (who is also Yogakaraka for the Ascendant) and Jupiter (9th and 6th lord) who is occupying his exaltation sign in Ascendant with Digbala.
These twin friendly aspects, indicate that his Poorva Punya was excellent due to which he was born in a royal family.
The 11th house is occupied by Venus (4th and 11th lord) in own house, aspecting the 5th house which activated the Providential reserve of the 5th house and paved the way for achieving Ishta Siddhi. But Venus, being the Badhaka for Cancer Ascendant, has not granted him full satisfaction which is evident from the fact that although he had held key posts such as Member of Parliament. CM of UP, Union Minister for Defence and Finance, etc., he had also resigned from these posts on many occasions due to various reasons. Even as the Prime Minister of India, his Ministry had to resign after about 15 months in office and he could not complete even one full term as prime minister This is because of the one way link from the 11th to the 5th house without any direct reciprocation from the 5 th to the 11th house.
Thus it could be seen that analyzing the 5th and 11th houses together provides deeper insight into the native’s past life reserves and their role in achieving luck and success in this life.
Courtesy:Modern Astrology (Dr. Revathi Vee Kumar)
Continued from: Pairing of Opposite Houses – Part V                                      to be continued….

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