Pairing of Opposite Houses – Part V


The next pair of opposite houses to be discussed in this series is of two of the four pivotal Kendras(quadrants) viz., the 4th (Sukastana) and the 10th houses (Karmastana). The Kendras (1, 4, 7,10) are called so because they work as the main pillars of a horoscope providing the much needed support for stability and growth in the life of a  person.They are described as ‘Vishnustanas’, meaning that they are the houses responsible for the sustenance of a native under all odds. Of these, the 4th is more powerful than the Ascendant while the 7th is stronger than the 4th and the 10th is the strongest of all. The 4th and 10th houses are the principal contributors towards the improvement of the basic quality of life and they constitute the most powerful opposite pair of houses in a chart.
Fourth House
The 4th house primarily signifies Matru (mother), motherland, Sukha (general happiness of life), Bandu(relatives), Griham(house), Go(cattle), Nidhi(wealth and other possessions), Kshetram (landed property), Vahana (vehicles) and anything that is acquired from the mother like one’s mother tongue, motherland, the heart, formal education that one would get in life, peace of mind, nadir(patala) etc. In female charts, the 4th signifies the chastity of the woman.
It is needless to emphasize that these significations are the key factors for anyone. The role of the mother in shaping the life of a person is a sacrificial one and has been held in the highest esteem since time immemorial, for which she has been equated with the first glimpse of God one sees on the earth (Maatru Devo Bhava). The whole future life of a person rests on the upbringing by the parents, more so by the mother. Also, a life without wealth and happiness would be a punishment for any normal human being unless one is basically an ascetic by nature. In present day living conditions, possessions like landed property, vehicles etc., are the basic needs of all. Lack of proper education and knowledge incapacitates a person. That is why the Gurukula system was in vogue in the past and thousands of educational institutions offering a wide variety of courses are flourishing even today. As such, it is an indisputable fact that the 4th house is one of the main pillars of destiny in any chart.
Cancer, the 4th sign of the Zodiac, is a movable watery sign ruled by the Moon who signifies the mother and the mind. Both these are more prone to emotions. The element of water also stands for desires and emotions. In the world of physical manifestation, individual perceptions coloured by one’s emotions play a very significant role in all spheres of life. One’s sensitivity is triggered by emotions causing quick changes in moods and the mental make-up which would ultimately either support or affect one’s Suka, the feeling of happiness signified by the 4th house. These moods and emotions directly influence not only the deeds and actions of an individual but also the quality of the final results as well. This aspect of the 4th house also works at a subtler level.
Tenth House
The primary significations of the 10th house include Karma(profession or means of livelihood, one’s actions), Rajya (royalty, kingship, authority), Manam (name, fame, reputation, status, honour, etc), Rina (debts), Pravasa (living in foreign land, immigration etc.,), Vyomastana (zenith, Akasha, sky) and gains from father (2nd from the 9th) etc.
There is a saying Udyogam Purusha Lakshanam, meaning that the very identity of a man is his profession. Thus, in a male nativity, the 10th house is the most important quadrant. Also, the 10th being the house depicting Karma (action) of the individual, it indicates the path by following which a native is expected to reap the fruits of his Karmic destiny in his present birth. As such, any planet occupying 10th house without afflictions facilitates the fruition of one’s Karma by performing the activity related to that planet. But, if there is affliction to a planet in the 10th house it means that either the native is being obstructed or prevented from working towards his Providential goal or his destiny itself is to suffer without proper recognition and stability in life.
The 6th house indicates one’s Rina, both Karmic and material. The 11th house (being 6th from the 6th) also indicates everything that is obtained in this life out of this Rina including diseases, loans, enmity etc., if the 1st, 6th and 11th houses are inter-connected. The 10th house (being the 12th from 11th) indicates the loss of such Rina or expending such Rina by the Karma (actions) performed in this birth if there is a simultaneous link to either the 5th or the 9th house. Alternatively, if no such link exists between the 10th house and Poorvapunyastana or Bhagyastana (5th or 9th house) one’s actions could be sowing the seed for future experiences in which case it becomes Agami Karma and creates fresh Rina. This is also the reason why a favourable link between the 6th, 10th and 11th houses along with Raja Yogas involving Trikonas is desirable for conferring a high level in one’s profession.
The 10th house of the Zodiac is Capricorn owned by Saturn who is also the Karma Karaka. Saturn as a Karmic planet is believed to be a pay-master who keeps an account of the past debts (Rina), sins and other deeds of both the native as well as that of his forefathers. Depending on his role in a particular chart, Saturn either provides or deprives the native of the energy that is needed to wipe out all the accumulated debts (Rina) or makes the native endure his sufferings born out of past Karma. As an earthy movable sign, Capricorn connotes the practical implications of Karmic actions and their impact in making the native restless and instigating him to seek success in many ways which results in lack of fixity of purpose in everything he does. These significations are also reflected in the 10th house.
Thus, the 10th house is of prime importance and is considered to be the strongest pillar of life being not only the focal point of all actions and the consequential quality of a person’s present life but also because it deals with their Karmic implication and paves way for further evolution of the soul of the individual.
Subtle Interlink
The inter-link between the 4th and 10th houses is so subtle that their roles are almost fused together. Generally, wealth and other comforts like acquiring one’s own vehicle, house etc., (4th) flourish very well by the background support of one’s professional position, power, authority and status (10th). The Suka (comfort level) of a person also depends directly on the Rajya (royalty or authority) possessed by him. Thus, the 4th house generally receives the effects generated by the 10th house.
But, in some areas, the significations of the the 4th house work as the basic source for generating the results of the 10th house. For example, consider the profession and education of a person. Generally, one wishes to adopt a profession which has a direct dependency on the type of academic education acquired by him mainly because he is equipped with the requisite knowledge for the purpose through such education. But, often we find that the jobs being performed by a vast majority of people are not related to their academic education at all. The reason is, unless the 4th house or the 4th lord establishes a connection with the 10th house or the 10th lord or vice versa, one would not be able to use his academic education directly in his profession. Similarly, unless a person has peace of mind in the house fostered by motherly care he cannot perform his work properly.
In many areas, both these houses work complementary to each other. For example, once one gets a good job, one’s focus shifts to acquiring material comforts using one’s position, power and authority. Only when material comforts are achieved he feels happy and satisfied. Most of the successful people claim that ‘sky is the limit’ for human achievements implying that there is no barrier practically. Even astrologically. the 10th house signifies the sky (zenith) up to which one can rise if well supported by one’s Karma (both past and present) while the 4th house is the abyss (nadir) to which one falls from the sky if severely affected by one’s Karma. Also, when a person falls from the heights of glory (10th), it is the mother who first feels more for the fall and wishes the very best for one besides providing all help possible, even if one is an unruly and sinful child (4th).
Not only that. Usually, many have some dissatisfaction or the other in life. Although the actual reason for it can be traced only by examining the afflictions to various houses in a chart, the adverse influences on either the 4th or the 10th house will provide a clue as to whether a person is basically happy or not when both these houses are studied together.
If the 4th and the 10th houses are analysed together as a pair, special insights can be obtained which otherwise are not possible.
Chart 1: Aishwarya Rai: Born November 1, 1973 at 4h.05m. at 12 N 52, 74 E 50.
Chart 1
Chart 1 is of a famous actress. The 4th house is occupied by Venus (2nd and 9th lord), the Moon (11th lord) and Rahu. The 4th lord (also the 7th lord) Jupiter is in the 5th house in debilitation. Retrograde Saturn (5th and 6th lord) and Ketu are in the 10th house. The 10th lord (also Ascendant lord) is in the 3rd house and is retrograde. The 8th and 3rd lord Mars who is also retrograde is in the 8th aspecting Mercury.
The occupation of the 10th house by two retrograde malefics afflicts the 10th house severely. The 10th lord is in a Dustana indicating loss of Sukha (12th from 4th) and is aspected by a retrograde malefic Mars who is also the 8th lord. All these adverse influences on the 10th house and its lord are not at all favourable and should have resulted in a totally unhappy professional career. But the conjunction of Venus and Moon in the 4th house creates a benefic interlink between the 2nd, 9th and 11th houses and the combined aspect of these planets on the 10th produces a Yoga in profession. Rahu in Sagittarius is said to give generally good results which helps in mitigating the adverse influences.
Also, Jupiter (4th cum 7th lord) is in the 5th house in debilitation and aspects the 9th and 11th houses creating a link between two Kendras and two Trikonas. Despite being both Badhaka and Maraka with strong Kendradhipati Dosha, Jupiter’s occupation of Neecha Rasi, in a Trikona and in ascending state (Aroha) reduces the adverse effects considerably and supports the 11th house to some extent for fulfillment of her desires, but not fully.
As the planetary influences in the 10th house are not wholly supportive, having chosen a career in films being a celebrity as Miss World 1994, Aishwarya has only a few good films to her credit. Her acting career is not  distinguished and the level of professional success is relatively less when compared with many other actresses
in Indian cinema. The influences from 4th house on the 10th house are more responsible for whatever success she has been able to get.
Chart 2: Ram Jethmalani: Born September 14, 1923 at 16h. 12m. at 25 N 23, 68 E 21.
Chart 2
Chart 2 is of Ram Jethmalani, the famous lawyer and politician. The Ascendant lord Saturn (also the 2nd lord) is with the 9th lord Mercury (also the 6th lord) in the highest Trikona (9th). This conjunction is a very benefic one because Mercury is in his exaltation sign and his friend Saturn joins him in Bhagyastana making the native generally very lucky.
The 4th house is vacant. Jupiter (3rd cum 12th lord) and the Moon (7th lord) are in the 10th house producing a strong Gajakesari Yoga while they aspect the 4th house jointly. There are no other aspects on the 4th house. The 4th cum 11th lord Mars aspects the 11th house and helps in fulfillment of desires with Badha (problems).
The benefic influences of Jupiter and the Moon on the 4th house from the 10th house has conferred the native a good education in law and ensured that be uses his education in his profession. The Yoga involving Jupiter has given him a very good reputation as a successful lawyer besides supporting him in getting elected as an MP in the Rajya Sabha.
Courtesy: Modern Astrology (Dr. Revathi Vee Kumar)

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