Rajju Dosham & Vedha Dosham

Rajju Dosham & Vedha Dosham

Rajju Dosham

The 27 stars are divided into three sections. In this, if the stars of man and woman come in the same section, then it is dosham and therefore, provides unfavourable results, especially Madhyamarajju. If other poruthams are present, then Pradhamarajju and Anthyarajju need not be considered inauspicious.

Pradhamarajju Madhyamarajju Anthyarajju
Aswini Bharani Krittika
Ardra Mrigashira Rohini
Punarvasu Pushya Ashlesha
Uttara phalguni Purva phalguni Makha
Hasta Chitra Swati
Jyeshta Anuradha Vishakha
Mula Purva ashada Uttara ashada
Sathabhisha Dhanista Shravana
Purva bhadrapada Uttara bhadrapada Revati
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Vedha Dosham

Marriage between stars that have mutual vedha dosham should be completely rejected. It is held that the presence of vedha dosham creates adverse results for both husband and wife and the entire family.

Aswini Jyeshta
Bharani Anuradha
Krittika Vishakha
Rohini Swati
Mrigashira Chitra, Dhanista
Ardra Shravana
Punarvasu Uttara ashada
Pushya Purva ashada
Ashlesha Mula
Makha Revati
Purva phalguni Uttara bhadrapada
Uttara phalguni Purva bhadrapada
Hasta Sathabhisha

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