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Scorpio Zodiac Sign - Vedic Astrology

Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Scorpio Zodiac Sign or Vrishchik is the eighth astrological sign in the zodiac, falls between 180° to 210° of Zodiac circle, and is represented by the Scorpion. The Element of this sign is water. This is a fixed sign which is ruled by mighty planet Mars; the muscle of our solar system that governs Wars, commands, and military.

Natives born between October 22 and November 22 have Scorpio as their Sun sign as per the western Sayan system. An important aspect to be taken into consideration regarding “Sun sign” (The Western Astrology) and “Moon Sign” (Vedic Astrology) is; the latter is important and more accurate than Sun Sign because Moon as described in ancient texts as Moon Chandrama Manso Jaat (चंद्रमा मनसो जातः). The calm and quiet Moon represents the mind and the emotions, whereas the fierce Sun represents the soul, which cannot be touched or predicted.

What is a Zodiac Sign?

Intensity, stubbornness, exaggeration, and secretiveness are a few exposures of Scorpions. These people are often the most effective and efficient in the field they choose. They are interested in working for others instead of their ventures.

As far as career or business is concerned, they are very successful in Military forces like the army, particularly in the Navy. They may find good leaps in the trade of arms, ammunition, and weapons. Agriculture is also a promising line for Scorpios. Physical training, Physiology centers, gymnasiums, boxing, athletics are the sectors where Scorpio natives have omnipresence.

Scorpio zodiac sign is the most intense sign in the zodiac. Affection, anger, dedication, devotion, excitement, feeling, fervor, determination, and assertiveness are a few components of their character. Scorpio is considered as a very sensual sign. Scorpios are always in quest of truth and are born to lead.

Scorpions are focused on their aims and ambitions. When they want something, they just go for it. When they set their sight on something, they allow very few things to get in their way; they take charge themselves and hit the target at any cost. Scorpios are extremely brave and daring, they fearlessly go for any challenges in life.

One of the great virtues of Scorpio Zodiac Sign is its loyalty. They expect their counterpart to be the same way. The partner is treated with amazing loyalty, generosity, and kindness by the Scorpio, who follow their hearts against the mind. They are surprisingly dedicated, loyal, and faithful when it comes to their relationships. The Scorpios have high ambitions and a strong competitive characteristic to their personality making them strive for greatness.

Jealousy and mindset for revenge of a Scorpio native make him dangerous, because of the display of exaggeration of every emotion like Love, affection, and hatred. They have no control over the vengeance. In relationships, Scorpio Zodiac Signs get fiercely enraged if they smell unfaithfulness or betrayal and the reaction can be very unpredictable. They are a bit more possessive for their beloved.

Scorpio is the mysterious and secretive sign of the zodiac. Scorpios hardly ever reveal something about themselves to people to protect their feelings and due to their secretive character. One who has ever seen a Scorpio; can imagine this subject trying to hide under the rocks just like a Scorpion.

Scorpios always like to dominate and not to be dominated. They can’t change this way of life.

Mysterious Scorpio in Love could be a fully invested and powerful partner. When they love a person, it is with fierce intensity. In relationships, they are very sacrificing, proving their devotion, depth, and loyalty. Scorpions in love have emotional strength. They will always be honest with a partner. They have a really good heart, but they take some time to express it.

Scorpions are truly committed in their relationships and prefer the partner also to be committed. Scorpions need the one who can handle their deep emotions. Scorpions are very faithful to their families and strive to fulfill all their obligations and commitments. Everyone under this soothing shadow feels protected and safe. Scorpios are very loyal and devoted friends. Qualities that a Scorpio looks for in a friend is authenticity and honesty. Once a trusting bond is formed with a Scorpio, they treat their friends as family, sometimes they give them importance over blood relations too. A Scorpio can be a friend for life.

Scorpios fetch success with determination. Scorpio’s concentration level and determination are superb which guarantees the successful completion of their target all the time. They are gifted with an analytical and enquiring mind. Scorpios consider everything in life with an intense focus career and money. They are firm with their financial decisions. Scorpios are not risk-takers and are not very prone to spending on impulse. They always have an inner stint of money.

Since Mars is in its debilitation in Cancer, its transit in wrong houses creates hardships and difficulties for Scorpio natives. They are advised to avoid unnecessary discussions and debating during the transit of Moon through Scorpio. Following guidelines are also suggested for Scorpio natives to avoid new ventures, court dates, new dealings, property purchases, travelling, etc.

They should avoid the month of Ashwin; and the Tithis or dates are 1, 6 and11 as per the Hindu calendar. Favorable weekday would be Friday, and the Nakshatra to abstain is Revati.

Matchmaking and compatibility of Libra natives as per Vedic astrology.

Male Constellation Female Constellation
Vishakha, Anuradha, Jyeshtha Ashwini, Bharani, Krittika
Vishakha Anuradha, Jyeshtha Rohini, Mrigshira
Anuradha  Punarvasu
Anuradha, Jyeshtha Ashlesha
Vishakha, Anuradha, Jyeshtha Magha, Purva, Uttara
Vishakha, Jyeshtha Chitra,
Vishakha, Jyeshtha Swati
Anuradha Uttarashadha, Shrawan, Purva Bhadrapada
Anuradha Uttarabhadrapada, Revati

Gemstone recommendation:

Mars, the ruler SCORPIO Zodiac Sign during its transit in 3rd, 6th, and 11th Bhava from SCORPIO gives the best results to the native. To enhance these results, a good quality Coral fixed in Gold or copper, (preferably copper) is suggested for Scorpio natives to bring good luck.

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