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Importance of Varga Bala - II

There are detailed discussions in many other classics like Hora Makaranda, Brihat Jataka, Sarvartha Chintamani, Saravali, Jataka Parijata and Yavana Jataka in which the special effects produced by different planets in each of the Shadvargas are discussed individually and readers may refer to them also.

In addition to the above, the following points may be essentially kept in mind while assessing the Vargabala of planets.

  • A Uchcha-Vargottama planet occupying his exaltation sign both in Rasi and Navamsa charts is always auspicious and a Neecha-Vargottama planet occupying his debilitation sign both in Rasi and Navamsa charts is always inauspicious.
  • The occupation of the Moon in various signs in the Navamsa (D-9) chart and the aspects of planets on the Moon in it are capable of modifying the results expected in different areas of life-based on the natal chart. Hence, extra care needs to be taken before arriving at a final conclusion. (Chapter 32, Yavana Jataka by Shujidhvaja).
  • The relationships among planets (friendly, inimical and neutral) are different in Parasari, Jaimini and Tajika systems. As such, Vargabala would also differ based on the system adopted.
    This paper goes by the Parasari system.
  • The intensity of the adverse effects of any overriding blemishes prevalent in the birth chart like Shapas, Doshas, Badhas, etc., would reduce significantly if the afflicting planet is posited in more auspicious Vargas. On the contrary, the benefic effects of good Yogas would reduce if the planet concerned is occupying more inauspicious Vargas. Hence, all relevant influences in the natal chart are also to be carefully considered before coming to a final conclusion on the overall influence of the Vargabala of a planet.

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Chart 1: Mahatma Gandhi: Born October 2, 1869, at 7h.45m. at 21 N 38, 69 E 37.

Vargabala Chart 1

Chart 1 prima facie, without knowing as to whom it pertains to, is not impressive enough to represent such a renowned personality as Gandhiji. But, a detailed analysis of the placements of the planets in Shadvargas reveals the reasons for his greatness.

Table I : Shadvargas of Chart 1

As evident from Table I, 5 out of the 7 planets are favorable to the native occupying 3 or more auspicious divisions in the Shadvargas. Only Mars and Saturn are unfavorable with 1 and 2 inauspicious divisions respectively. The occupation of Venus and Mercury of the Ascendant with the aspect of Jupiter on them ensures benefic results from the Ascendant despite these planets owning Dustanas also because the adverse influences of the 3rd, 6th, 8th and 12th lordships of these planets are greatly reduced by their Shadvargabala. Also, the conventional Papakartari Yoga caused to the Ascendant gets weakened due to the Sun becoming an auspicious planet by virtue of his Vargabala. However, the occupation of Mars in the Ascendant which is inauspicious in Vargabala with 1 out of 6 benefic Vargas creates some afflictions by blocking the native from experiencing personally the material comforts due from the 3 benefics. As a result, despite affordability, he voluntarily chose an austere life avoiding physical and material comforts.

The most important reason which deprived the native of any material and physical comforts is the occupation of Ketu, the planet of Vairagya (renunciation) and Moksha (emancipation), in the 4th house and the aspect of Saturn who is an inauspicious planet with 4 out of 6 unfavorable Vargas despite being the Yogakaraka. These influences kindled and fostered the spirit of service and spirituality in him rather than promoting his material or bodily comforts (Sukha).


The following additional points may also be noted in Chart 1.

  • The most striking feature of the chart is that 7 out of the 9 planets are in Kendras which resulted in creating an action-oriented personality who could not rest content seeing others’ sufferings. The occupation of auspicious Venus and the Moon (both having 4 out of 6 benefic Vargas) in their own houses made the native a strong-willed person capable of resisting all humiliation. This nature of the native was well supported by the fact that both the Trikonas are vacant and unafflicted by the influence of any planet as there is no aspect on both of them and their lords are placed fairly well in the chart in such a way that they establish favorable links with the lords of angular houses. As such, the angular houses were more active and the trines were relatively dormant in the chart so that all actions of the natives were rightly guided towards his providential goals.
  • Jupiter, the planet of Divine Grace, has 5 out of 6 benefic Vargas. Being the lord of the 3rd (efforts) and the 6th (service to others) houses, its aspect on the Ascendant as also the 3rd and 11th houses paved the way for the native for actively involving himself in public life sacrificing his personal comforts.
  • Another special feature is that the lord of Ascendant Venus (signifying status, honor, etc) and the lord of the 10th house Moon (signifying name and fame) become mutual Karakas in the chart with the Moon working as a special Karaka for the native. As such, these two planets establish a very special relationship through the Karmastana which has reflected in his unique contribution of spearheading the freedom struggle and marching successfully in limelight. Thus, although apparently, not many material Yogas are present in Chart 1 for granting physical comfort, the Vargabalas of 5 out of 7 planets have provided the intrinsic strength that was required for making him one of the greatest personalities of all times.

Chart 2: Male: Born May 5. 1958 at 10h. 48m. at 12 N 58, 79 E 11.

Vargabala Chart 2

Chart 2 is of a native who is literally struggling to eke out a living and make both ends meet. His life is full of problems in almost all areas. The chart appears to be good at first sight with two planets (Sun and Venus) in their exaltation signs, lord of the Ascendant Moon in a Trikona (in debilitation sign but with cancellation) and the 9th lord (Jupiter) occupying a Kendra (4th house). But, the reasons for his struggle can be easily understood with the help of the Vargabala of planets.

As evident from Table II, only 2 out of 7 planets are favorable to the native occupying 4 auspicious divisions in the Shadvargas (only Sun and Venus) and others are unfavorable. Saturn is the most inauspicious one with zero auspicious Vargas.

Table 2 : Shadvargas of Chart 2

The Ascendant is Cancer and its lord Moon is Neecha-Vargottama occupying his debilitation sign both in Rasi and Navamsa. Despite his placement in the 5th house in a friend’s house and with the cancellation of debilitation in the Rasi chart, he is afflicting the native’s 5th house. Although the native is generally healthy due to the other benefic influences of the Moon (especially, as Ascendant lord in the 5th), his occupation of the 5th house has made the native childless as this adverse influence is intensified by the placement of the 5th lord in the 8th house with Papakartari Yoga to the 5th house.

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The 10th lord Mars is basically unfavorable with only 1 out of 6 auspicious Vargas. He is in the 8th house which weakens the 10th house. The Sun is a favorable planet with 4 out of 6 auspicious Vargas and his placement in the 10th house in his exaltation sign supports the native despite the affliction caused by the conjunction of Ketu with him. As a result, the native who is engaged in the printing agency business is managing to get more orders from the government departments than from private customers, although they are not enough to meet his requirements in earning.

The retrograde aspect of the 6th and 9th lord Jupiter on the inauspicious Mars who is aspecting the 2nd house afflicts the native’s family relationships despite the exaltation of the 2nd lord Sun in the 10th house as Mars also becomes the sign-dispositor of the Sun. The aspect of the most unfavorable 7th lord Saturn on Mars has made the native’s wife quarrelsome.

As regards the financial prospects of the native, the 2nd and 11th houses are vacant. The 2nd house is aspected by inauspicious Mars and the 11th house is aspected by both the Moon (Ascendant lord) and Mars (5th and 10th lord) which are unfavorable to the native. As a result, they do not permit the native to get whatever money he needs. In addition, retrograde Jupiter (6th and 9th lord) is in the 4th house and aspects the 8th, 10th and 12th houses. Jupiter also being an unfavorable planet for the native, his influence on these houses create unwanted and unforeseen expenses and makes the native spend by taking frequent hand loans for the purpose of health (1 st and 6th), comfort and possessions (4th), religious poojas and pilgrimages (9th).

These examples show the Vargabala of planets in the Shadvargas throws extra light on the influences of planets in a horoscope and is very useful in arriving at correct conclusions in prediction. Of course, while assessing its influence one necessarily needs to take all other basic factors of horoscope analysis into consideration before arriving at a final conclusion.

To be continued…

Courtesy: Modern Astrology (Dr Revathi Vee Kumar)

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