Chaturvimsamsa / Siddamsa D24

Chaturvimsamsa / Siddamsa D24- FREE Vedic Astrology Lesson

Chaturvimsamsa / Siddamsa D24

Erection of Siddhamsa:

In odd signs from Leo and in even signs from Cancer commences the counting of Siddamsas and Skantha, Parashudara, Anala, Vishwakarma, Bhaga, Mithra, Maya, Antaka, Vrishdhwaja, Govinda, Madana, and Bhima repeated twice in each sign, are to be known the presiding Deities of odd signs Leo, etc. respectively and in even signs Cancer, etc. The presiding Deities are the same in reverse order (ie. beginning from Bhima) and repeated twice.

The Siddhamsa are 24 in a sign, the length of a Siddamsa being 1° – 15’. It commences from Leo in an odd sign and from the Cancer in an even sign.

Houses of Education:

The 4th house is also known as the house of learning. This house is the house of formal education. The significator of this house is Mercury. Moon is another significator for this house and represents the Mind. However, we can see that Moon is also the Lord of the 4th house of natural zodiac and represents Mana.

5th House is the house of knowledge and wisdom. The significator for this house is Jupiter. In the natural zodiac 5th house is ruled by the Sun – the storehouse of energy.

9th House is the house of Dharma and the significator are Jupiter and Sun. The Lord of the 9th house of the natural zodiac is Jupiter. This is also the house of higher learning and Guru.

Influence of various planets on the subjects of Education:

Jupiter: This planet represents the divine disciplines such as Sanskrit, Vedas, and Sastras, finance-related subjects, high-level strategy.

Mercury: Communication and negotiation skills, knowledge of the trade, and commerce.

Saturn: Saturn is a hard worker and signifies heavy labour or the studies related to agriculture, carpending, blacksmith, artisan, mechanic, handicrafts, factory, etc. Saturn signifies Ice manufacturing, refrigeration, and preservation.

Sun: Knowledge of Gita and Vedanta, inclination towards political science and related subjects.

Moon: Moon indicates, psychology, hotel management, catering, bakery, confectionery or dairy products, and also clothes. It shows studies related to agriculture or horticulture. Moon also indicates nursing, housekeeping, and social service.

Venus: Venus indicates, Knowledge of Sastras, knowledge of beauty products such as garments, perfumes, and various forms of arts, private sector, and management skills.

Mars: Mars indicates, engineering or such technical disciplines and logic.

Rahu: Indicates research and mathematics, drugs, minerals, manufacture, and trade.

Ketu: Indicates, knowledge of mathematics, statistics, astrology, spiritualism, etc.

Author: Bharathi R Ram

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