Capricorn Zodiac Sign – Vedic Astrology Aspects

Capricorn - Vedic Astrology

Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Capricorn or Makar is the tenth Zodiac sign and is positioned at 270 degrees to 300 degrees from the Zodiac. The element of this sign is Earth and is a movable sign. This sign is ruled or governed by Shani or Saturn.

Natives born between December 21st to January 20th have Capricorn as their Sun sign as per western astrology.

As per the Vedic system of astrology when the Moon transits through Capricorn, we call it Capricorn moon sign. In the Vedic system, we consider it for Gochar and the general predictive branch of Astrology.

What is a Zodiac Sign?

Since Saturn is the lord of Capricorn Zodiac Sign, the characteristics of Saturn are seen in the nature and life of Capricorn Natives. Being the slowest planet in the Zodiac, Shani makes the native gradual, slow, and steady in all his movements and work style. Capricorns are extremely hard workers and are very efficient in their field despite some self-drawn limits and restrictions. Every step of these people is well measured, controlled and firm. The commitment and dedication and sense of responsibility of Capricorn natives are simply remarkable and learnable. Before taking the first step, a Capricorn native knows how far he has to go, and how soon he has to reach, and this discipline makes him very sure of his success and fulfilling his commitments.

Any assignments undertaken by Capricorn people under the influence of its Lord Shani should be taken for granted as ‘well done’ because they are well understood and well planned before execution and have a practical and expert approach. A Capricorn native hates injustice and infidelity. They are prepared to cut their own throat for the sake of their trust, beliefs, and principals.
Their rigidness makes them even cruel sometimes.

A negative trait of a Capricorn native is being doubtful as it is in his blood like a virus. Once he has studied you and is satisfied by his parameters then his trust is also as strong as a rock in you.

The prospects of livelihood and career for a Capricorn is influenced by Saturn. These people are very successful in coal mining, deep forests, jails, espionage, gorilla fighting technics, microelectronics, teaching, ferrous metals trade or forging, metallurgy, melting, fabrication, etc.

Once a proper and perfect profession is selected and joined then nobody can stop a Capricorn reaching the apex leaving any or all competitions far behind. Besides above other fields where Capricorn people can prove themselves are Banking, Advisory positions, high-tech engineering technology, law and order, advocacy, etc.

Capricorn Zodiac Signs are practical, realistic and pragmatic dedicated to their goals, friendly, honest but selfish at times.

They stick to their acceptance as well as to their rejections to the limit of stubbornness. Nobody can change their decision and determination. It is hard for them to accommodate in a generic environment for their strict discipline and rigidity.

A Capricorn native is too very much attached to his family, offsprings, siblings, and parents. His family bonding and moral values for relationships are very high. The earth element gives them an affinity for being in frontline, a very typical trait of Capricorn is they pat a lot of hidden phobias in their mind but never expose them before anybody even their life partner or parents.

In general, the impression of Saturn is, that it is very harmful, and the cruel planet. Although it is indeed a natural malefic planet contrary to this, it is a planet that enforces discipline. It is the planet that makes you more responsible in every sense of the word with experience. The versatility of Capricorn helps natives in performing all tasks in the best possible ways. The awards paid by the sign lord Saturn for any successful assignment are much higher than any other planet.

Since the Saturn is in its debilitation in Aries, its transit in wrong houses create hardships and difficulties for Capricorn natives. They are advised to perform or follow remedial measures to please Saturn during the transit through other malefic houses. Avoid unnecessary discussions and debating during the transit of Saturn through 3rd, 6th, and 11th houses and go for any new work, new assignment, auspicious rituals, new relations, etc. Saturn shall be standing behind to support you. Following guidelines are also suggested for Capricorn natives to avoid new ventures, court dates, new dealings, property purchases, travelling, etc. Hindu calendar month Vaishakh should be avoided. Hindu calendar day Tuesday and dates or Tithis 4, 9, and 14 should be escaped. Rohini Nakshatra is suggested to be avoided.

Matchmaking and compatibility of Capricorn natives as per Vedic astrology. Matchmaking and compatibility of Capricorn natives as per Vedic astrology.

Male constellation Female constellation

Lord of the Capricorn the Saturn during its transit gives good results while it is in 3, 6, and 11th Bhava from Capricorn, and Saturdays are lucky for them.

A good quality Blue sapphire fixed in steel is suggested for Capricorn natives to bring good luck. A Garnet fixed in any ferrous metal can be used and should be worn on any Saturday as an alternative to Sapphire.

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