Leo Zodiac Sign – Vedic Astrology Aspects

Leo Zodiac Sign - Vedic Astrology Aspects

Leo Zodiac Sign

Leo Zodiac Sign or Simha, the fifth astrological sign in the zodiac, falls between 90°to 120 of zodiac circle and is represented by the Lion. The element of this sign is Fire. It is ruled by Sun, the most powerful center point of our solar system.

Natives born between periods July 23 – August 22 have Leo as sun sign as per western Sayan system.

An important aspect to be taken into consideration regarding “Sun sign” (The Western Astrology) and ‘Moon Sign (Vedic Astrology) is; the latter is important and more accurate than Sun Sign because Moon is described in ancient texts as Chandrama Manso Jaatah (चंद्रमा मनसो जातः); represents the mind and the emotions, whereas the Sun represents soul, which cannot be touched or predicted.

 What is a Zodiac Sign?

Like fire, Leos are warm, passionate, and dynamic. They delight in opportunities to let their charismatic, inclusive personality shine. Like the lion that represents them, Leos are also strong, brave, and ready to dominate everything they decide.

People born under the sign of Leo are natural-born leaders. They are dramatic, creative, self-confident, dominant, and extremely difficult to resist, able to achieve anything they want to in any area of life they commit to. There is a specific strength to a Leo and their “Master of the scene” status. Leos often have many friends as they are generous and loyal. Self-confident and attractive, this is a Sun sign capable of uniting different groups of people and leading them as one towards a shared cause, and their healthy sense of humor makes collaboration with other people even easier.

The element of Fire makes them fall in love with life, stay cheerful, and have a good time. They use their mind and determination to solve all problems and to overcome all difficulties, they will easily take initiative in resolving various complicated situations. The constant growth of ego; to satisfy their desires and wants, they can easily ask for and capture by force and cruelty, everything they need they easily and unconsciously neglect the needs of other people in their chase for personal gain.

Always speaking of bravery, they are fearless and impossible to challenge, hurt or destroy, always with their head held high, they walk with dignity and respect, never raising a voice, a hand, or a weapon, bravely walking through the area they rule.

This Fire sign is passionate and sincere. They show their feelings with ease and clarity. When in love, they are fun, loyal, respectful, and very generous towards their loved ones. They will take the role of a leader in any relationship, and strongly rely on their need for independence and initiative. They like a partner who is self-aware, reasonable, and on the same intellectual level as them. 

Regarding family matters, Leo Zodiac Sign natives have a strong feeling of responsibility. They want, and they like, and they constantly endeavor to keep their siblings and dependents safe under their shadow.

As far as career is concerned; Leo Zodiac Signs are highly energetic and tend to always be busy. They are ambitious, creative, and optimistic and once they dedicate to their work, they will do everything to complete it by all means. The best possible situation they can find themselves fit in is to be their own bosses or manage others with the least control from their superiors. Jobs that allow open expressions of artistic talent, such as acting and entertainment, are ideal for a Leo. 

Land, Transportation, and Wood related works would be most beneficial for Leo people. They have tremendous scope for success in these fields. Management, education, and politics are also good, as well as anything that puts them in a leadership position that naturally suits them are the best choices.

Leo Zodiac Signs love to be surrounded by modern and trendy things, and although money comes easy to them, they are extremely generous and could provide many friends with financial help, supporting them through bad times.

Areas where Cruelty, bravery, adventure, the command is not only required but are essential, such as military or Top-level Marketing are the best options of livelihood for a Leo native.

About Leo Zodiac Sign Female Natives (Sri Jatak)

They are affectionate, warm, and cheerful, who brings sunshine into people’s lives. Dignified, playful, ambitious, and loyal, they’re known for being exceptionally generous. On the negative side, they can be quite egotistical, demanding, intolerant, lazy, and rigid. Leo women are very warm-hearted and driven by the desire to be loved and admired, and as all people born under the Leo zodiac sign, love to be in the limelight. A woman born under the Sun sign of Leo will always need to stay in control of her own life. If her partner holds her as valued and queen-like as she is, there is infinite warmth, care, and attention in her heart to respond.

The element is Fire which is a fixed sign. 

Gemstone recommended will be Rubi to be fixed in Gold and Copper.

Best Gochar transits of Sun are 3, 6, 10, and 11 for Leo.

Lucky day is Sunday and lucky Numbers are 1, 3, 10, and 19.

Similarly, lucky Colors are Gold, Yellow, and Orange

The dates to be avoided are 3, 8, and 13 as per the Hindu calendar and Saturdays. They should avoid Moola Nakshatra for starting any new venture or any other important task.

Strengths of a Leo are, they are Creative, passionate, generous, warm-hearted, cheerful, and humorous.

Weaknesses of this sign are arrogant, stubborn, self-centered, lazy, and inflexible.

Constellation matchmaking for Leo Natives

Male  Female 
Magha, Purva Ashwini
Magha Purva, Uttara Bharani
Purva, Uttara Rohini
Magha Mrigashira
Magha, Purva, Uttara Ardra, Punarvasu
Uttara Pushya
Purva, Magha  Hasta, Moola
Magha, Purva, Uttara Uttarbhadrapada
Purva, Uttara

Magha, Purva, Uttara



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