Marriage Timings and the Nature of Relationships

Marriage Timings and Nature of Relationships

Eager to know about your relationships?

Astrology is the most effective and informational branch of studies which can provide at least 90% of information regarding relationships and timing of marriage.

Astrology chart has 12 divisions and the houses which have 1st-degree connection with marriage are the 1st, 2nd, 5th, 7th and 11th house. Among these houses, the 1st and 7th is the most important houses. The 1st house is the reflection of who you are while the 7th house is directly opposite to the 1st house and it reflects the characteristics of the spouse.

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There are a lot of emotional statements in the world that every man has a woman. This is not true, especially these days a lot of same-sex marriages are happening. Not everyone in the world is destined to have a spouse. We can see a lot of celibates around us. For all, the relationships don’t work. If you are destined to be a single, then you should not see it as a curse. You should understand that you are much closer to the Moksha and you are not destined to carry a lot of Karmik load as married people carry. Your path is somewhat obstacle free and you are one step closer to the Moksha than those marrieds are.

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Most of the people out there are looking at astrology as a stream to help to get secret information about their lives and thus they can reap a lot of good things. Astrology is not a branch to make you rich or happier. It is a branch to enlighten you by helping you to know what your highest dharma what are the possible challenges blocking you to follow your highest dharma. Astrology is a spiritual science not a an occult science to block the adverse situations in your life.

Your spouse should be a person who adds value to your life and thus takes you towards the path of Moksha. The dasa and antardasa time period of your 7th lord or the planets sitting in the 7th house should be the ideal time period for you to find your spouse. Additionally, the dasa and antardasa time of the 5th, and 11th house lords and planet placed in these houses are seen to be the time which triggers marriage.

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The nature of the love you get can be seen primarily through the placement of Venus. If it is in a friendly sign, in direct mode, expected by good planets and in a good Nakshatra, then it is an indication of a kind of a secure relationship. As you know, no marriage is perfect, so no one can say what are the indication of an all is a good marriage. Every marriage is protected because one among the spouse is ready to sacrifice.

Aspects and conjunctions are also important. There is no point in taking a celebrity horoscope and telling his married life was a disaster and if you have same planetary alignment our marriage also will suffer. His and our karma and pitris are different.

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If you are a person whose marriage is delayed, let me tell you that there are many  favorable time period for marriages in one’s chart. If someone’s marriage is delayed, then that is a clear indication to him that he has to grow in some area that his compatibility grows well with his spouse. It can be financial, spiritual, behavioral or physical. Instead of getting discouraged that your marriage is getting delayed, try to do an internalization to know who you are and what you need to change. For those who feel that marriage is not your cup of tea, then you should start spiritual deeds and thus uplift the society may be your highest dharma is working for the well-being of the society.

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