How to understand the Conjunctions?



Conjunctions are a very fascinating feature in astrology. They are not only beautiful and powerful but also they give different results in every chart. It is a very complicated subject and an astrologer has to spend a lot of time and energy in decoding the meaning of those conjunctions. Rahu and Ketu can never be in conjunction other than some divisional charts. These two planets always travel 7 houses apart. In certain divisional charts, they do come together. In the main birth chart or navamsa, they will never ever conjunct together.

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The Sun, Mercury and Venus will always be closer to each other. In astronomy also Mercury and Venus are orbiting closely with Sun. When the Sun is in 1st house, Mercury or Venus cannot be in the opposite house. When the Sun and Moon are conjunct, then the new moon occurs.

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As we know, planetary degrees are an important feature in the astrological calculation. The best way to understand conjunction is to find the degrees of the planet. When there are 2 or multiple planetary conjunctions, then the planet with the lowest degree will have the upper hand. Different conjunctions give different results. Multiple planetary conjunctions give multiple results within one house.

It will be easy of we study it through the help of a chart.

Planetary Chart

In this chart, you can see a loaded 9th house. There are 5 planets The Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, and Rahu is seen in the 9th house of luck, long-distance travel (journeys over 500 miles), foreigners, higher education, philosophy, media, publishing, religion, the law, adventure, and broad spaces.

Planetary Position Table

In this planetary chart, you can see Venus being in the lowest degree.

Venus - Planetary Positions

So, Venus will have an upper hand on this chart. For this person, Venus is in the 9th house of higher spirituality, higher studies, and divinity; this person will be keen about spreading the message of love and peace since Venus means to love and harmony. This person will use the higher wisdom to spread divine messages.

Planetary Positions Table

Venus is away from most of the planets, but it makes closer conjunction with Mercury. Mercury is the planet of communication and speech, so this person will also be communicating about the features of the 9th house, which is spirituality.

When the Sun is closely inconjunct with Venus within 6 degrees, the marriage life will suffer. Hear the Sun and Venus are together, but they both are more than 20 degrees apart, so no severe harm for marriage life, but still, Venus is under the rays of Hot Sun, so the marriage life can’t also be effective, but that surely no harm. It is compatibility with less beauty.

Jupiter is conjunct  Rahu, in closer degrees, and when Jupiter is close with Rahu it creates a Guru Chandal dosh, which was a fatal dosha in the ancient days, but these days it is seen as a yoga for a revolutionary, so we can see this person being a rebel, and since Rahu is having an upper hand with lesser degrees than Jupiter, and Rahu means online efforts, technology, and rebel nature, this person will be efficient in technical skills and working with technology. Jupiter is in a higher degree, so the Jupiterian influence like wisdom, obedience, and respect for elders will be less for this person.

So conjunctions have to be studied in such a way that, first we need to find the nature of the house, then the nature of planets, then sees which planet is in lowest degree and then you can say the nature of the planet with the lowest degree will be ruling this conjunction. Here these conjunctions are in the fire sign of Sagittarius, so this is the chart of an action-oriented person.

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