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Transit Forecast
Besides the results, which pointed out in the horoscope of each and every one, the planetary transits are also affecting their life, time by time. That is called Transit Forecast. Especially, the changes in the planetary positions of Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu may cause the direct and clear changes. Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu had very rare transit changes since two months. Jupiter transits for almost one year, Saturn in two and a half, Rahu and Ketu for one and a half years in the same zodiac sign. Let us check how that changes affect you..
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ARIES (Ashvini, Bharani, first 15 nazhika of Krittika)
The period, where Rahu transits in fourth and Ketu in tenth houses are coming. Jupiter transits from the sixth house to seventh. Saturn transits to ninth. The center position of Jupiter gives you much relief. But the positions of Rahu and Saturn are not much more favorable. You should take more care on the health of your mother in this period. Be very careful while driving. You must avoid late untimely travels. There is a chance for a change in residence. You may face objections from relatives. You must avoid unnecessary arguments. There may be police cases, court disputes during the unfavorable planetary position of Kuja. The ninth position of Saturn may negatively affect the mental peace. You will face obstacles in career also during this period. The blessings offered by the planetary position of Jupiter will reduce the depth of obstacles.
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TAURUS (last 45 nazhika of Krittika, Rohini, first half of Mrigashirsha)
This is a period where Rahu occupies the third house and Ketu, ninth. Jupiter is in ninth and Saturn in eighth. The planetary positions of Rahu and Jupiter are very favorable.
Saturn is Ashtama. But you will have good results. There is a chance for fame or job promotions, which you haven’t got yet. You may expect help from your relatives. Though it is a favorable period, be careful in financial matters. It is better to seek advice from experts at the time of investments or speculative businesses. You must take care of your health and always consult a doctor on time. Though the professional side is great, please avoid unnecessary actions. During this period you will experience peace and prosperity at home.
GEMINI (second half of Mrigashirsha, Ardra, first 45 nazhika of Punarnava)
This is a period where Rahu transits in Second house, Ketu in eighth, Jupiter in fifth and Saturn in seventh. The planetary positions of Rahu, Ketu and Saturn are inauspicious. But Jupiter is favorable. The planetary position of Rahu in second house will cause obstructions in educational matters, especially for students. There may be worries at home. This period indicates a chance for unnecessary arguments.You will have some chances to lose valuable things, by theft. You may have small accidents or falls. Avoid untimely travels. You will have prosperity in career. You may get an opportunity to do experiments with new ideas. There is a chance for unnecessary travels and restlessness. You may face small obstacles and delay in all fields during this period. You will have some small bad after effects. Besides those effects the coming year will be a happy one.
CANCER (last 15 nazhika of Punarvasu, Pushya, Aslesha)
Rahu transiting in own house and Ketu in Seventh, Jupiter in forth and Saturn in sixth. Changes in the positions of Rahu and Ketu is not much favorable. Jupiter moves to the fourth house from the third. This will remove all past miseries. Saturn in the sixth house and it is favorable. Circumstances will be almost beneficial. But to achieve good results, you must work very hard in your field. Saturn will help you to make victory over opponents. Your financial position will improve. But expenses will also increase. The separation and conflicts with the relatives will cause mental agony. You may get luck in travels. It is not a favorable period for those, who needs a new job. So please keep it in mind and concentrate on your present job. This is not a bad time for speculations. You can make this period beneficial through prayers and visiting temples.
LEO (Magha, Purva phalguni, first 15 nazhika of Uttara Phalguni)
Rahu transiting in twelfth house, Ketu in sixth, Jupiter in third and Saturn in fifth. The planetary position of Ketu is favorable. But the position of Jupiter in third indicates lack of blessings. After September it won’t be a good period. Try to stay safe there for one year. Though there is a chance for staying abroad, you may face challenges in your field. This is not a right period for speculations. Giving guarantee and loan may cause loss and disgrace. Prayer and devotion are moist during this period. Please stay calm and act wisely whenever you face challenges. There may be changes in thoughts as per the position of Jupiter in the horoscope.
VIRGO (last 45 nazhika of Uttara Phalguni, Hasta, first half of Chitra)
This is the period where Rahu transiting in eleventh, Ketu in fifth, Saturn in forth houses. You will have many important and good situations in your life. You can reach higher positions in your profession. Confidence and efforts will give you good result.
This is the right time to invest money in profitable businesses. You may have opponents in both, professional and social fields. You will be anxious about your children’s education. You may have stomach related problems. Friendships from opposite sex may give you happiness. You may face struggles and difficulties in your life. There may be a lack of favorable things because of the powerlessness condition of Rahu, Ketu and Jupiter in  the horoscope.
LIBRA (last half of Chitra, Swati, 45 nazhika of Vishakha)
As per the positional changes, Rahu in tenth house, Ketu in forth, Jupiter in own house and Saturn transiting third house. Please take more attention and care during this period. Your financial position will improve than the previous period. But, in every health issue you must consult a doctor and use proper medicines. You may involve in arguments or may have different opinions with relatives.There will be a positional change in your field. There is a chance for a change in the department or a change in the case of reporting manager. There may be chances of getting insulted by opponents. You may be profited from vehicles. There is a chance to get money in unexpected ways. You may have prosperity in your profession and you may achieve many things, which you desired to achieve.
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SCORPIO (last 15 nazhika of Vishakha, Anuradha, Jyeshtha)
This is a period where Rahu transiting in the ninth house, Ketu in third, Jupiter in twelfth and Saturn in the second house, as per the positional changes. This period is not much favorable. Jupiter in twelfth house gives you lack of blessings and financial risk. You must have more care on financial matters during this period. You can live happily if you avoid the mentality to give guarantee, loan etc.Your father needs more care in this period. You can experience many obstacles in every field. But you can make victory over your opponents. You may have to struggle and face financial losses in your travels. You may be victimized by your relatives and nothing to wonder if you have been gone through the same situation before.You have to overcome unfavorable moments with proper attention and sense.
SAGITTARIUS (Mula, Purva Ashada, first 15 nazhika for Uttara Ashada)
Rahu transiting in eighth house, Ketu in second, Jupiter in eleventh and Saturn in own house. During this period you may have both, positive and negative experiences. You must take treatments on time and use your medicines and follow instructions as directed. You may experience a delay in receiving your money. Your dialogues may create enemies. But, the planetary position of Jupiter in eleventh house will help you to fulfill your needs.Nothing to wonder if you get more profit than the expected.But there may be chances to loose your wealth if you fail to handle it properly. You will achieve higher positions because of your hard work. There are chances for promotion and increments. Your actions with caution and wisdom will help you to make the period beneficial.
CAPRICON (last 45 nazhika of Uttara Ashada, Sravana, first half of Dhanishta)
As per the planetary movements, Rahu transits in seventh, Ketu in its own, Jupiter in tenth and Saturn in twelfth. During this period, you will have to experience more unfavorable and less favorable conditions. You may face bad experiences unexpectedly. You may face challenges in your field than past years. But still you can shine in leading front. There is a chance for small quarrel and misunderstandings with your wife. There is no wonder in the separation of love. You may get more responsibilities from different fields. All the acts without proper thinking may lead you to troubles. During this year , you have to do things wisely and as per your work, your benefits will rise up.
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AQUARIUS (last half of Dhanishta, Shatabhisha, first Purva Bhadrapada)
Rahu transiting in sixth, Ketu in twelfth, Jupiter in ninth and Saturn in Eleventh houses.
This period gives you good results than previously. The opponents will fail and you can achieve victory over them. You will get some things, which you thought that you can’t ever get. You will have heights in the profession. There is no matter of wandering in such conditions of promotion or new job. Even though you may have small faults, there is nothing to fear. Your health condition, by which you suffered more, will be better in this period and it will give you peace. This period indicates a chance of getting inheritance.  It is better to invest money you get, wisely, for future.
PISCES (last 15 nazhika of Purva Bhadrapada, Uttara Bhadrapada, Revati)
Rahu transiting in fifth, Ketu in eleventh, Jupiter in eighth and Saturn in tenth house. So it is not considered as a favorable period. It’s natural that students may have laziness and lack of interest during this period There is a chance for failure, if there is no concentration and hard work. If you have any health issues related to head, you must consult a doctor. In profession you may have weak and negative experiences. Prayers and more attention may help you to overcome those negative reactions, probably. Those, who is facing court disputes related to properties, may get relief. Guaranteeing, investing money in unfamiliar zones, etc. may give sufferings.

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