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Notes on the Seventh House - Modern Astrology

Seventh House

The 7th house indicates, apart from marriage, wife and marital happiness, as is usually understood, also partnership and business. The 1st house shows the birthplace and the 7th house is farthest from it. According to Parasara if the 1st lord is in the 7th house, birth is far away from home. The 7th house also rules roads, lower abdomen, sexual diseases, losing one’s way and according to Sathyacharya, it also shows a change of residence and foreign tour.

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The 7th house being opposite the Ascendant deals with the three most important aspects of one’s life — one’s spouse, marriage and death. Besides this, it signifies the various aspects related to these significations.

Spouse: The life partner is revealed from the 7th house. It is the house of partnership and marriage is the most important partnership in one’s life.

Marriage: The 7th house tells what kind of marriage one will have and when it will take place. Malefics may even rule out chances of marriage.

Partnership: Besides marriage, which is a lifelong partnership, the 7th house also deals with other partnerships. They may be like a person’s work or business.

Accidents: Since the 7th house is opposite the first house, any calamity to life can be seen from it. It may take the form of accidents, when Mars is involved or a vehicular accident if Venus and Mars are both involved.

Satputra: The best thing that the 7th house discloses is the blessing one can have in the guise of good progeny or Satputra Benefics in the 7th house promise the fulfillment of the wish which each person has close to his heart, that is – to have Satputra.

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Foreign Travel: Travel to foreign lands is seen from the 7th house. It may be for a short period or a long one and this depends on the houses that are involved. The 3rd house denotes short journeys while the 9th house promises a long journey.

Residence Abroad: The 7th house being the 4th from the 4th house can show one settling abroad.

Sookshma Karmasthana: The 7th house is the 10th from the 10th house: therefore it tells about the nature of one’s work.

Sexual Parts: The 7th house rules the sexual parts of Kala Purusha. Therefore any affliction to the 7th house indicates problems in the sexual organs.

Passions: One’s passions are directly linked to the sexual part of the body. Therefore the 7th house also reveals the passions that a person entertains. Whether they are perverted or not can be seen from the 7th house. Malefic influences and those of Venus with Mars give perverted urges.

Conjugal Bliss: Happiness in marriage is revealed from the 7th house as this is the house from which marriage is ascertained. Malefic influences denote a lack of happiness between the married partners. Conjugal happiness is obtained from the fulfillment of physical pleasures. For this, the 12th house should have some connection with the 7th house.

Marital Harmony: There is more to marriage than just the physical aspect. It is the marriage of the mind too. If the two partners cannot achieve harmony in their thinking then there can never be any happier. As far as Ascendant Bhava is concerned whatever one sees for the Ascendant Bhava gets set in the 7th house and for that purpose, the 7th house is not considered good.

For a male, the Karaka for the 7th house or spouse is Venus and for the female, it is Jupiter. The 7th lord in different houses gives varying results. This also depends on the planet involved and the aspects it gets. On the whole, the results are mainly related to marriage and partnership.

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The position of the 7th lord is very important and has to be carefully examined to check if it is influenced by both malefics and benefics for matters related to foreign residence, travel, public appearance, public success, partnership deeds, business associates and also regarding spouse and death. The 7th lord in a Kendra is considered good and will give undisturbed results. The 7th lord being the ruler of a Kendra and placed in another Kendra can give good results.

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