The Importance of Mercury in Astrology

Mercury is a neutral planet like Saturn. It is known as the Prince in astrology. There is a wonderful story about the birth of this fast planet. Moon fell in love with Tara, who was the wife of Brihaspati, the teacher of Gods. Tara was so attracted by the rays of Moon and eloped with him. They both together had a child and that child is Budh or Mercury. Brihaspati got angry and cursed the child to be a neuter gender.

This neutrality is beautifully stated in astrology like this, Mercury is neither benefic or malefic. If it is associated with a benefic planet, then it will act as a benefic and with malefic, Mercury will be a malefic.
Mercury rules, communication, intellect, media, technology, siblings, studies and short trips. It owns Gemini and Virgo. In natural zodiac Mercury rules the 3rd and 6th houses.   Mercury and Sun creates a good yoga called Budh -Aditya , which indicates intellect. Since it is neutral planet, it is exalted in Virgo and debilitated in Brihaspati’s sign, Pisces. In western astrology, Mercury is known as the messenger of the Gods.

Since Mercury shows the intellect and studies, if in any chart when we see Mercury in a difficult mode, we can easily identify the person having difficulty in completing education satisfactorily.  Such people should really put extra effort in getting the desired results.

Mercury rules 3 nakshathras, they are Ashlesha, Jyeshta and Revti.  Mercury is friendly with Venus, Sun and Rahu. It is in enemy with Moon.

The 1st house
In the 1st house Mercury can show 2 things. One, you are an intellect and second, you have issues in focusing. Mercury rules communications, so the aspect and the sign which Mercury placed it will show whether you love to communicate or dislike it. In both cases, there will be some specialty with the communication. If placed well you will like to communicate about yourself. Since Mercury is a fast moving planet, you also like swift moves and you are curious.
The 2nd house
This house rules money, material possessions and self worth. You will be an expert in financial dealings. This house also deals with speech and family. So, your speech can be very logical too.
The 3rd house
The 3rd house is all about mental inclinations, communication, media and technology. You will have a natural tendency to write. You may even try your luck in the media.  You will find some good opportunities to express your ideas through communication.
The 4th house
This means you are like a historian of your own family. You may have interest in your ancestors and try to share this news to all. Your family atmosphere is very communicative.
The 5th house
This house is known for creative talents. You can be a good mimicry artist. You will like to study ancient texts. You may like to be express highly philosophical subjects too.
The 6th house
This is the natural house of Mercury. In this house, Mercury can make you work with your hands. You are a person looking for perfectionism at work. You may even love pets.
The 7th house
In the 7th house, Mercury can make you a deal maker. You can even be a businessman, who likes to bring everything in your stride.
The 8th house
This house deals with research. Mercury in the house obviously shows that person would be researcher depending on the aspects and conjunctions.
The 9th house
This house shows spirituality and higher studies. You can be a linguist with an unending passion for divine subjects. Role in the media is also seen.
The 10th house
You can be in a communication-based job. It can be even in the IT, or media. You can have more than one income gaining method as well.
The 11th house
Mercury in this house will make you always hopeful You will like sharing your ideas with your friends.
The 12th house
In the 12th house, Mercury will do a solo march. It may not allow you to share your ideas with others but in reality., you will be a powerhouse of ideas.
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