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February 20, 2017

Importance of Venus in Astrology

Importance of Venus in Astrology

Venus, the teacher of Asuras, is the Son of sage Bhrigu, who is the author of Bhrigu Sutra, and Usha, the dawn. In astrology, Venus rules Taurus and Libra. Taurus is an earth sign and Libra is an air sign. In all ancient texts, Venus comes in different names, but all indicates love, luxuries, comforts, beauty happiness and marriage. According to Uttara Kalamrita written by Mahakavi Kalidasa, Venus means good clothes, marriage, pearls, enjoyment, possessing many women, speaking the truth, semen, dances, genital organs, strong in the afternoon, musical instruments, fine arts. 

Venus owns Bharani, Purva Phalguni,  and Purva Ashadha

In astrology, for both males and females, Venus indicates love and spouse. So, the condition of Venus will show how your love life going to be. It doesn’t mean that a well aspected and placed Venus indicates an "all is well" type of spouse, or if your Venus is badly placed, then your love life is totally waste. First, think that Venus means not the only spouse. Yes, it indicates spouse and love, but it indicates the matters like interest in arts or being in a deal making a process like that. 

Venus is debilitated in the sign of Virgo and exalted in the sign of Pisces. This planet in Pisces shows interest for charity, bed pleasures and charity. It is a surprising fact that Venus is exalted in the sign of Pisces, which is the sign of Jupiter, who is the teacher of Devas. In Virgo, Venus doesn’t like to stay for obvious reasons. Venus which deals with sensitive things may not like to be in the sign which deals with diseases, debts and burdens. It is as simple as it is. 

Wherever Venus is a present in your chart, you will have an unending passion for those things. According to the dignity of Venus, your passion can be constructive or destructive. Anything too much or too low is not considered as a great thing. For example, when Venus is in the 5th house, it may take you interest out from studies and put you more towards entertainment and fun. In the 9th house, Venus will give immense attraction for higher studies and philosophy. So, Venus in different houses and different signs can behave different ways. 

You should interpret a chart in a generic way, like Venus in 8th house is interest for extra affairs, instead, astrology interpretations should be more specific. 

Venus surely means what you are attracted towards in this life time. The type of attraction you have mattered. A retrograde Venus shows you have to be slow in taking decisions related to love and money. A debilitated Venus means you have to give your extra energy efforts to make your Venusian qualities stronger.  The best remedy for weak Venus is sponsoring a virgin. It can be a child, you can sponsor her for studies or nourishment. 

Venus goes in a retrograde mode once in every two years. The retrograde time period is not considered great for make new relationships.

February 15, 2017

The Dark Side of Venus II

The Dark Side of Venus II

Ordinarily, the situation of Venus in the Ascendant makes one fortunate but "If Venus combines with the lords of the 2nd, the 7th (Marakas) and the 6th and occupies the Ascendant, the native's moral character will be questionable'. Venus in the Ascendant associated with or aspected by malefics, makes the native hunt other women which can be punishable under law. If weak Venus is in the 2nd, the 4th, the 7th, the 8th or the 12th from the Ascendant or the Moon, the native will have more than one wife vide Charts 2, 3 and 4. If afflicted Venus is in the 5th, 7th or the 9th in conjunction with a weak Sun, the native may not marry or the spouse may be very licentious, he may have loose habits and may be fond of other people's wives. If Venus is in the 6th house with Saturn or Ketu, the native will have no sexual urge.
Chart 1

In Chart l, Venus is in Virgo in the 8th from the Ascendant. Not only he is debilitated but is also in conjunction with a malefic and is aspected by another malefic, and is thus much afflicted. The native married in his 36th year when he was having Venus Dasa and within one year he had to separate from his wife almost for good. He lost his job on account of quarrels with his superiors and also his properties in this Dasa finally leading a sickly and lonely life. The situation of Venus in the 7th house is very inauspicious as it makes the native extremely passionate and immoral; if such Venus is powerful the native will have more than one wife. He may also have bad habits like masturbation and sodomy, he may be fond of other woman and enjoy sexual pleasure always. Generally Venus in the 7th in Scorpio or afflicted Venus in the 7th indicates death of the life-partner.  If Venus is in the 7th in association with the Sun or the Moon, the native may not marry or may marry a widow or a barren woman and in association with Mercury the native may hunt after other women, Venus in conjunction with a malefic in the 7th in a common or Dwiswabhava Rasi like Gemini indicates more than one wife. 

In Chart 2, Venus is in the 7th from the Ascendant in Gemini in association with Mars. The native was highly sexed, immoral and wayward and often engaged in nefarious activities. He had more than one wife. According to Varahamihira, if Venus occupies anyone of the Vargas of Mars or Saturn and is in the 7th aspected by either one of them, the native becomes adulterous. A conjunction of Mars and Venus in the 7th house ordinarily makes one extremely passionate and adulterous. It indicates sexual connections with other people's wives. Chart 2 is an example for it.

If the Moon joins Venus and Mars in the 7th in the horoscope of a female, she becomes adulterous with her husband's connivance. If Saturn is associated with a weak or afflicted Venus in the 7th. the native may have adulterous tendencies or sexual relationship with widows, servile or aged women. If Venus is in the 7th in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces coinciding with Rikshasandhi (last Navamsa of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces) and Saturn is in the Ascendant or the 5th house, the native's wife will be barren. If Venus in the 7th house is influenced by Rahu or Ketu and another malefic, the native will have least respect for moral codes and is capable of seeking sexual gratification in most nefarious ways. Chart 2 is an example for this. If Venus is in the 6th- the 8th or the 12th from the Ascendant, combined with or aspected by a malefic the partner-in-life will not survive in spite of repeated marriages. 
Chart 2

In Chart 3, Venus is in the 12th from the Ascendant with two malefics and is aspected by Mars, another malefic. the native is extremely passionate and licentious and unhappy in love. He married in his 31st year, but his wife died within 6 years; he had his second marriage in his 38th year and his second wife also met with her death in his 47th year. Venus in the 8th house is generally considered auspicious but when weak or afflicted by malefics, denotes death due to rheumatism, tuberculosis or diabetes.

In Chart 4, Venus is in Taurus in the 8th from the Moon and is afflicted. Note the association of Mars with Venus and the situation of Saturn in its 10th house. In the Navamsa also, Venus is in Taurus itself associated with Mars and Ketu, and aspected by the Sun and Rahu. The native was lustful and he married twice. His first wife died and the second wife was sickly. His health was badly affected too much sexual indulgence; he had urinary and bladder troubles besides rheumatic trouble, tuberculosis and diabetes. He passed away in his 55th year.

Venus in the 9th house makes one fortunate but he will be selfish. If he is in association with Mars, the native will be cruel, insincere and averse to women. Venus in the 10th house is considered good. It may make one a lawyer or judge and popular, social and wealthy but it is not conducive to the growth of one's family. If the 10th, the 7th and the 4th are occupied by the Moon, Venus and malefics (in any order), the person may destroy his family. This is called Vamsacheda Yoga.
Chart 3

In Chart 5, Venus is in the 10th, Ketu in the 7th and Saturn in the 4th from the Moon. From the Ascendant, the 4th, the 7th and the 10th are occupied by Ketu, Venus and the Moon respectively. The native was a bar-at-law and a great lawyer and an influential man in his locality but remained a bachelor throughout till his death. Venus in the 12th house makes one licentious and low minded, fond of women, unprincipled and unhappy in respect of two love - affairs. Chart 3 above is an example. Brihat Jataka says:"If Venus occupies the 12th , joining the Navamsa of Saturn, the person becomes the son of a menial servant women".

In the horoscope of a female, if Venus is between malefics or if Venus is associated with or aspected by malefics or if malefics are in the 4th and the 8th from Venus, the native is likely to become a widow early in life.

In Chart 6, both the Ascendant and Venus are aspected by Jupiter and as a result, the native had an early marriage, but she became a widow the very next month. Note the position of Venus between two malefics, the weak Moon and Ketu. Here Venus is also aspected by Mars, hi the horoscope of a male if Venus is between malefics or if Venus is not combined with or not aspected by benefics, the wife will be killed by fire, fall or ropes. It is certain that under the strong influence of natural malefics, Venus loses almost all his luster and good qualities and turns out to be malefic.

Courtesy: Modern Astrology (P Damodaran Nair)
Continued from: The Dark Side of Venus I

February 13, 2017

Importance of Mars in Astrology

Importance of Mars in Astrology

Normally when one hear about Mars, they will get a fear. Mars is presented in such a way that we get a feel wherever it is present, it will ruin all the features of that house. Manglik dosha is an example for this Martian fear.

In ancient texts, Mars is shown as the son of Earth and Vishnu. Different texts speak different stories. In all astrology branches, whether it is Vedic or Babylonian, Mars is considered as the planet of War and passion. Mars represents brother and co-born, aggressiveness, aggression, land, property, military people, engineers and surgeons, rulers, accidents, war, ambition, strength, and conflicts. Mars rule Aries and Scorpio. It is exalted in Capricorn and debilitated in Cancer. The Sun, the Moon and the Jupiter are his friends, whereas Mercury and Ketu are his enemies, Rahu and Saturn are neutral to Mars.

Since Mars is a form of intense energy, the house which Mars is placed shows struggles. You need to be very careful in the matters allotted to that house. Mars is named after the Roman God of war. Ancient astrology always describe Mars as a malefic planet, but a life without valor and vigor will be terrible. Mars symbolizes that valor and vigor which we need to fight against the odds of life. According to the placement of Mars we can understand whether our vigor and valor is directing us into the righteous or unrighteous way of life. 

It is very easy to understand how Mars is going to influence you. Mars, since it is a soldier planet, it likes to be in the front of your life, defending you and promoting you. So, Mars should place in a house where it had deal with others. If it is not in a house where it has to deal with others in a direct manner, then your Mars is going to be a bad boy in a double doze. 

For example, Mars is exalted in Capricorn, it is highly forceful if it is in 10th house too.  So, for Aries Ascendant, if Mars is in Capricorn, the Mars will be in the 10th house. The 10th house represents profession, career, promotion, power, fame, honor, status, karma in life, character, authority, government,  and bosses.  The placement for Mars in 10th house for Aries ascendant, doesn’t say that this will easily get everything mentioned in the 10th house. The meaning is that the person is highly ambitious and will do anything for the success. 

If Mars is in a neutral sign or in the sign of enemies, then the amount of will power can vary and you have to make necessary adjustments or realizations. Astrology is not used  to get what all you wanted in your life. Not everyone can’t be an allrounder in a cricket team. You may not get all the comforts you want in the life. You are destined for certain losses also. 

Why Mars is debilitated in the 4th house and in Cancer because this house is dealing with private matters. Soldier is to deal with outside world. So, Mars will be very much irritated in this house. If it is in Cancer sign, and in 4th house, such placement will happen only in case of an Aries Ascendant. 

February 08, 2017

Pairing Of Opposite Houses IV B

Pairing Of Opposite Houses IVB

Subtle Interlink
The Tattwas of opposite houses are not same. But, they are friendly in nature. That means, in principle, as a pair the opposite houses mutually support each other unless influenced otherwise. The actual effects depend on the influences on these houses. If a mutually benefic relationship is established between the opposite houses, then they work in unison and in the absence of it, they tend to create discord while a mixture of both benefic and malefic influences would cause results of a corresponding nature in their respective ruling periods. The 3rd and 9th houses are no exceptions to this principle.

For example, it may so happen that the native's younger co-borns and father together may either support or thwart the native in the realization of his luck depending on the nature of influences on the corresponding houses.

Chart 1: Male: Born January 13, 1985 at 5h. 50m. at 13 N, 77 E 35.
Chart 1

Jupiter, the lord of the Ascendant and the 4th house (house of education, possessions, happiness, etc) is debilitated in Chart 1. Mars (5th and 12th lord) and Venus (6th and 11th lord) are conjoined in the 3rd house and aspect the 9th house. The 2nd and 3rd lord Saturn also aspects the 9th house from the 12th. The 9th lord Sun is well-placed in the Ascendant in a friendly sign.

Here, both the 3rd and 9th houses are influenced by a combination of planets who are inimical to each other as also functional malefics without any relieving aspects. The simultaneous aspect of Mars and Saturn on the 9th afflicts it badly and the aspect of natural benefic Venus does not help because of his lordship as it creates an expectation of comfort, luxury and enjoyment in life which are not supported by the influence of both Mars and Saturn as well as the debilitation of Jupiter. As a result, the native tends to become unhappy with whatever offer he gets.

Mercury (7th and 10th lord) causes Budha Aditya Yoga along with 9th lord Sun in the Ascendant bestowing the native with intelligence and sharpness of mind. But, Mercury as Badhaka and ruling the 10th house creates adverse results by goading the native to expect too much in his profession. As a result, the native after completion of his education rejected whatever small offers he got as he hoped for a better one. But, he was not lucky enough as the 8th lord Moon is in the 10th and Mars aspects it from the 3rd house. Thus, in this horoscope, the native's effort and luck do not synchronize and hence, as Providence would have it, he would continue to be unhappy and dissatisfied in a few important areas of his life like education and profession.

Chart 2: Rahul Dravid: Born November 1,1973 at 10h.58m at 22 N 43, 75 E 51
Chart 2

The Ascendant in Chart 2 is Pisces of a cricket player. Retrograde Saturn (lord of the 11th and 12th houses) is in the 3rd in a friendly sign. Mars (2nd cum 9th lord), is in the 9th in his own house. There is a mutual aspect between Saturn and Mars. Both these planets are not influenced by any other planet by way of conjunction or aspect. The 5th lord Moon is in the Ascendant in a friendly sign.

Although Mars is a natural malefic, he works as a benefic not only as the lord of the 9th house, the highest Trikona, (2nd lordship is neutral) but also as he is a friend of the Ascendant lord Jupiter. The occupation of the 9th lord in own house and 5th lord in the Ascendant in a friendly sign ensures that the native's luck as well as Poorva Punya support him in this life. Saturn, the planet in 3rd house, signifying effort (shrama), sweat and toil connected with the 3rd and 11th houses signifying shoulders, has facilitated the native in acquiring excellent skills of using his arms effectively as a result of which his batting technique was considered to be very sound and strong and it has been amply demonstrated by him in many matches under very critical circumstances for which he was considered as a 'wall' against any bowler. As such, in this case it can be seen that the native's luck has supported his efforts. But, the rate of success when compared to his talent is relatively less due to the occupation of natural malefics in the 3-9 axis, especially Mars and Saturn, as their mutual aspects have reduced his luck partially.

Thus, by examining the 3rd and 9th houses as a pair, the nature of the interlink between effort and luck in a nativity can be clearly identified.

Courtesy: MODERN ASTROLOGY (Dr. Revathi Vee Kumar )

February 06, 2017

Pairing Of Opposite Houses - IV A

Pairing Of Opposite Houses -IV A
Destiny and Free-will
The third pair of opposite houses, the 3rd and the 9th deals primarily with the inter-link between a native's luck and the efforts put forth by him towards its fructification. In other words, this pair of houses indicates not only as to what is in store in this life for an individual owing to his Prarabdha (shown by the 9th house as Bhagya) but also the ways and means in which his luck unfolds through his efforts and actions (indicated by the 3rd house).

Third House for Effort
The 3rd house signifies human effort through the arms, their strength (Parakrama), intelligence and creativity, skill and aptitude for doing any work and the nature of work courage, younger brothers and sisters, short journeys, longevity, written communication, done, etc. The 3rd house also indicates the manner in which a person uses his arms i.e., whether in the proper way and for the right purpose or otherwise. The 3rd house is also the significator of sexual prowess and conjugal pleasures.

The 3rd house signifies human effort through the arms, their strength(Parakrama), courage, younger brothers and sisters, short journeys, longevity, written communication, intelligence and creativity, skill and aptitude for doing any work and the nature of work done, etc. The third house also indicates the manner in which a person uses his arms i.e.whether in the proper way and for the right  purpose or otherwise. The 3rd house is also the significator of sexual prowess and conjugal pleasures.

The 3rd house of the Zodiac is Gemini, an airy sign. It is symbolised by the duality of twins and is ruled by Mercury signifying intelligence and worldly knowledge. Thus, Gemini connotes the imaginative material world (maya loka) visualized by the mind (airy) and the phenomenal existence of dualities in Nature. As such, the sign also signifies worldly knowledge as perceived by one's intelligence and the means of using that knowledge in achieving material success. In a particular nativity, the 3rd house imbibes these basic attributes as well. Therefore, it can be deduced from the 3rd house of a horoscope as to whether a native would try boldly to change his fate or if he tends to accept meekly what is pre-destined.

The fact that the 3rd house is an Upachaya house implies that the actual nature of the activities of a native, whether they are oriented towards progress or not, can be known by assessing the influences on the 3rd house. The 3rd house, being the 11th from 5th, indicates gains from knowledge. In other words, whether a native would put his knowledge to gainful use or not can be clearly inferred from the 3rd house. It often indicates the manner in which a person utilizes the strength, energy and knowledge possessed by him.

Role of Ninth House
The significations of the 9th house include one's virtue, Providential luck, pilgrimages and visits to holy places, penance, reverence to elders and the like, conduct, purity of mind, divine worship, long distance travel, religious observances and celebrations, paternal wealth, father, Dharma and faith, Guru, mentor, teacher etc.

The 9th house of the Zodiac is Sagittarius, a fiery sign, ruled by Jupiter. It is also a dual sign. The fiery nature of Dhanus, with the Divine Grace of Jupiter working as a catalyst for change, paves the way for the transformation of the native in the direction of his destiny (Bhagya). It enables one to enjoy Providential luck by activating the 'hunter' in one and prods one to seek and fight for all that is destined for one in this life. The duality of the sign provides the much needed dexterity to achieve one's purpose.

These characteristics of Sagittarius are also imbibed by the 9th house in a horoscope which actually manifests as the native's personal approach to life in general. As a result, the Dharma (path) adopted by any individual is always guided by a staunch belief in his own philosophy of life, the roots of which can only be traced to his Prarabdha.

In fact, a native may be said to learn the first principles of his ideology (Dharma) from his father and then only from his Guru and others. Also, the 9th house signifies the native's amenability or otherwise to disciplines such as Japa and other religious observances which work towards the conditioning of his unconscious mind on which the imprints of his past lives are etched. Thus, the 9th house reflects not only the luck of the native as borne out from his Prarabdha but also his principles and ideals in life together with a clue as to what extent he will practice them practically so as to either support or thwart the fruition of his luck or Bhagya.

Third and Ninth House Subtle Link Conditions 
  • If the 9th lord or the 9th house and 3rd lord/3rdhouse are mutually supportive without any other malefic influence, then it means that the native's luck and effort generally go well with each other. Or his deeds and actions are oriented towards realising his Prarabdha in the predestined way which is generally good for achieving name, fame, recognition and honour. It also indicates that the behaviour of the native will be similar to that of his grand or great grand parents or the native will physically and/or mentally resemble or behave like them.
  • If the 9th lord is in his own house or otherwise strong, it indicates that the native has the blessings of his Pitrus and that their status and deeds were good as a result of which the native would get good opportunities in his present life and could cash in on them.
  • If the 3rd and the 9th houses or lords are mutually afflicting each other, it means that the native's ancestors lived in cruel ways and did bad deeds in their old age and refused to make amends for their bad deeds. Hence, their next generations are suffering. As the native is born in such a clan or family tree, he would also be destined to suffer with less or meagre comforts.
  • Benefic influences on the 3rd house without any influences on the 9th house indicate that the native would do right deeds or put in right efforts to improve his luck. A benefic in the 9th house without any adverse influence of the 3rd indicates that the native's luck is good and even though he does improper deeds at times, he would still remain comfortable. If both 3rd and 9th houses have benefic influences without any affliction, then the native would be very lucky in life and automatically gets good opportunities to enjoy his luck.
  • If both the 3rd and the 9th houses are occupied or influenced by malefic planets without any benefic influence, neither the native's luck is good nor would he try to change it .In other words, his efforts and deeds would make him reap his past Karmic fruits by enduring pain and suffering with multiple problems.
  • If the 3rd house is afflicted and the 9th house has benefic influences, the native would get Providential support for his negative deeds and also efforts.
  • If the 9th house is afflicted and the 3rd house has benefic influences, then the native will not be lucky enough; but, he would try to put in good efforts and perform good deeds due to his Poorva Janma Vasana (past life propensities) and pending Sanchita Karmas if the 5th house simultaneously has either no affliction or comes only under benefic influences. Otherwise, with all the best efforts success would always be eluding the native in almost all spheres of life.
  • If both benefic and malefic influences (mixed influences) are present in both the 3rd and the 9th houses, it indicates that the native is destined to have a troubled life due to his efforts being not in tune with his luck. But, when mixed influences are there in either the 3rd or the 9th house, it indicates problems and sufferings due to mismatch of effort with luck or vice-versa.
  • Especially if Rahu and Ketu are in 3-9 axis, it is good for thoughtfulness. The native becomes good in literature (Sahitya). If Rahu is in the 9th house, it indicates influence of Pitrus as a result of which the native imbibes unorthodox nature, abnormal courage etc., because of its impact on the 3rd house. Even if lords of these houses are not well placed, the native would do something special and get applause from others. If Rahu is in the 3rd and Ketu is in the 9th, it is of the 2nd grade and the native will be aspiring to do something special mentally and it will make him retract and slow down by inducing a philosophical approach in his thoughts such as being careful, not wanting to aspire for more, being Dharmic or religious, not being dogmatic or at the other end of the spectrum, it may embolden the native to try something unethically negative and make him indulge in unlawful activities as well

Courtesy: MODERN ASTROLOGY (Dr. Revathi Vee Kumar )
Continued from: Pairing Of Opposite Houses IIIB
                                                                                                                                  To be continued......

February 02, 2017

The Importance of Mercury in Astrology

The Importance of Mercury in Astrology

Mercury is a neutral planet like Saturn. It is known as the Prince in astrology. There is a wonderful story about the birth of this fast planet. Moon fell in love with Tara, who was the wife of Brihaspati, the teacher of Gods. Tara was so attracted by the rays of Moon and eloped with him. They both together had a child and that child is Budh or Mercury. Brihaspati got angry and cursed the child to be a neuter gender.

This neutrality is beautifully stated in astrology like this, Mercury is neither benefic or malefic. If it is associated with a benefic planet, then it will act as a benefic and with malefic, Mercury will be a malefic.

Mercury rules, communication, intellect, media, technology, siblings, studies and short trips. It owns Gemini and Virgo. In natural zodiac Mercury rules the 3rd and 6th houses.   Mercury and Sun creates a good yoga called Budh -Aditya , which indicates intellect. Since it is neutral planet, it is exalted in Virgo and debilitated in Brihaspati’s sign, Pisces. In western astrology, Mercury is known as the messenger of the Gods.

Since Mercury shows the intellect and studies, if in any chart when we see Mercury in a difficult mode, we can easily identify the person having difficulty in completing education satisfactorily.  Such people should really put extra effort in getting the desired results.

Mercury rules 3 nakshathras, they are Ashlesha, Jyeshta and Revti.  Mercury is friendly with Venus, Sun and Rahu. It is in enemy with Moon.

The 1st house
In the 1st house Mercury can show 2 things. One, you are an intellect and second, you have issues in focusing. Mercury rules communications, so the aspect and the sign which Mercury placed in will show whether you love to communicate or dislike it. In both cases, there will be some specialty with the communication. If placed well you will like to communicate about yourself. Since Mercury is a fast moving planet, you also like swift moves and you are curious.

The 2nd house
This house rules money, material possessions and self worth. You will be an expert in financial dealings. This house also deals with speech and family. So, your speech can be very logical too.

The 3rd house
The 3rd house is all about mental inclinations, communication, media and technology. You will have a natural tendency to write. You may even try your luck in the media.  You will find some good opportunities to express your ideas through communication.

The 4th house
This means you are like a historian of your own family. You may have interest in your ancestors and try to share this news to all. Your family atmosphere is very communicative.

The 5th house
This house is known for creative talents. You can be a good mimicry artist. You will like to study ancient texts. You may like to be express highly philosophical subjects too.

The 6th house
This is the natural house of Mercury. In this house, Mercury  can make you work with your hands. You are a person looking for perfectionism at work. You may even love pets.

The 7th house
In the 7th house, Mercury can make you a deal maker. You can even be a business man, who likes to bring everything in your stride.

The 8th house
This house deals with research. Mercury in the house obviously shows that person would be researcher depending on the aspects and conjunctions.

The 9th house
 This house shows spirituality and higher studies. You can be a linguist with unending passion for divine subjects. Role in the media is also seen.

The 10th house
You can be in a communication based job. It can be even in the IT, or media. You can have more than one income gaining method as well.

The 11th house
Mercury in this house will make you always hopeful You will like sharing your ideas with your friends.

The 12th house
In the 12th house, Mercury will do a solo march. It may not allow you to share your ideas with others but in reality., you will be a power-house of ideas.

January 30, 2017

Importance of Bhava

Importance of Bhava

The importance of Bhava has been stressed upon since ancient times and astrologers in earlier times used the Bhava chart with good results in both mundane and horary astrology. But in present times, the Bhava chart is ignored and people go by the Rasi and other divisional charts. Astrological principles say the Bhava chart is always to be studied with the Rasi chart, aspects are always to be seen in the Rasi chart, Papakartari to any house must also be seen from the Bhava and not from the Rasi chart alone. Raja Yogas are based on planets in relation to Bhava charts or Rasi charts, so they must be seen accordingly. The conjunction is always to be seen from the Rasi chart but sometimes two or more planets in the same Bhava but holding different Rasis may be said to be in Bhava association. It means the planets are in one Bhava but the Bhava has two Rasis merged together. Lordships are to be taken from the Bhava charts because it has been seen people born in higher latitudes have their lordship changed in the Bhava chart and this cannot be ignored as it is an astronomical fact.

I have used the Bhava Chart as per Sripati Paddhati which is the same as per the Bhava-Sadhana chapter of Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra. The Surya Siddhanta also endorses this method according to what Varahamihira says in his Pancha-Sidhantika.

I would like to stress that the Rasi chart is bound to give appreciable results irrespective of the change in planetary positions in the Bhava chart. Therefore, it is a subject of research on how we should merge the results of planets that have moved in the Bhava chart from their respective positions in the Rasi chart. There have been cases of Pancha Mahapurusha Yoga found in the Rasi chart but the planets move from Kendra positions to the adjacent Bhavas thus nullifying or weakening the Yoga. So is the case with Neechabhanga, where the planet causing Neechabhanga would be in a Kendra but sometimes found to have moved away in the Bhava chart thus the depriving a planet of the cancellation benefit. The potential of Raja Yogas must also be seen in the Bhava chart.

Chart 1: Virender Sehwag: Born October 20, 1978 at 2h 45m. at 28 N 40, 77 E 13.
Chart 1

Criketer Virendra Sehwag (Chart 1) has 4 planets, including the 10th lord and none of them being combust, in the 3rd Bhava, which according to some classics is a Sanyasa Yoga. The picture becomes clear in the Bhava chart where Venus goes into the 4th Bhava thus canceling this Sanyasa Yoga. But there are other factors which lead him to detachment as Saturn in the Ascendant aspecting the Ascendant lord Moon and the Moon-sign lord Venus. Saturn Dasa will bring detachment though its foundation would be laid in Jupiter Dasa itself.

The shifting of Venus to the 4th Bhava has strengthened the Neechabhanga of the Sun making the Yoga more powerful. Rahu Dasa gave the results of the Neechabhanga Raja Yoga Sun as Rahu is in the Sun's Nakshatra. The Dasa of Jupiter would not give fruitful results as he is in the 12th Bhava and may see the end of the Sehwag era soon. The Yogas for detachment are strong in this horoscope.

Chart 2: Amitabh Bachan: Born October 11, 1942 at 16h. 01m. at 25 N 27, 81 E 51.
Chart 2

In the case of film actor Amitabh Bachan (Chart 2), the 5th and 7th lord in the 9th Bhava and the Moon and Mercury also in the 9th Bhava shows that his father was prominent in he literary field and to some extent he himself has this ability of writing poems. The 9th Bhava has to be prominent for such activities. The picture becomes clear in the Bhava chart while from the Rasi chart, the combination shows ill- luck and early death of the father.

Chart 3: Judicial Magistrate: Born February 14, 1977 at 2h. 35m. at 26 N 13, 78 E 10.
Chart 3

Chart 3 is of a judicial magistrate who qualified through examinations for the post. The 10th lord Sun is in the 4th in his debilitation sign in Navamsa. The 6th lord Mars aspects the 10th with his 8th house aspect. In Bhava, the lordships have changed. Virgo rises on the 10th cusp which rules courts, litigation etc. The 10th lord Mercury conjuncts exalted 6th lord Mars aspected by Saturn. In Navamsa, Mercury joins a Martian sign aspected by Jupiter. The native's selection came in Sun-Venus periods. In Bhava, the Sun becomes the lord of the 9th (judiciary) and Venus forms a Malavaya Yoga in the 4th Bhava. The Malavaya Yoga has indeed strengthened the chart. She got married to a judge. Take the 7th Bhava as the Ascendant of her husband. Exalted 6th lord Venus is in the 10th and 10th lord Jupiter in 12th (Aries) aspected by 9th lord Saturn (combinations for judiciary).

Considering the Rasi chart alone or only the Bhava chart may not yield complete results. A planet gives results of both Rasi and Bhava positions and a good astrologer must be able to judge precisely. 

Courtesy: Modern Astrology (Birjesh Singh)

January 26, 2017

The Dark Side of Venus - I

The Dark Side of  Venus - I

Venus and Purusharthas
Venus is a natural benefic who represents gentle and refined attributes in man. He can readily be classed next to natural benefic Jupiter. Of the four ends of human existence, viz.,Dharma (righteousness), Artha (attainment of riches), Kama (Love) and Moksha (Final Emancipation), Venus controls the third, viz., Kama. He represents lust (passion), wife, love affairs, sexual pleasures, family bliss, amiability, dress, music, dancing, authorship, poetical faculty, law, vitality, vehicles, jewellery etc. Pleasures and luxuries, arts and crafts, feelings and emotions are all under his control. He has dominion over the ovaries, eyes, generative system, semen and phlegm and over diseases like diabetes, syphilis and gonorrhea. He is Rajasic in nature (imperious disposition).

When Weak and Afflicted
According to the scriptures, Venus is Sukracharya, the undisputed leader and preceptor of the demons (Asuras). If Venus has no strength at birth the native will have neither the sex urge nor affection towards anybody. He will not have the capacity for procreation or rather he will be impotent or imbecile. He will not appreciate art, music, literature and other fine arts. When powerful, well-placed and unafflicted in one's horoscope, Venus gives one a harmonious and balanced marital life. He will be cheerful, popular, sociable and happy. 

On the other hand, when weak, afflicted or ill- dignified, Venus turns out to be an outright malefic, causes a sense of frustration, disappointment in love affairs, domestic worries, loss of money and position, scandals, cutaneous eruptions, diabetes and venereal diseases.

Venus in quadrants (Kendras or angles) is welcome but ownership of quadrants Kendradhipati) or situation in unfavorable signs like Virgo or the 6th from the Ascendant or in unfavorable Nakshatras or Nakshatras of  malefics or association with malefics in one way or the other or is between malefics becomes afflicted or weak and changes his mild and gentle nature altogether to behave most cruelly. Similar is the case when malefics are posited in Chaturasra or the 4th and 8th houses from Venus. He is to some extent like the Moon who is a malefic when devoid of digital-power and like Mercury, who becomes a malefic directly when he comes into contact with other malefics. According to Dr. B.V. Raman: "In hundreds of horoscopes, it has been observed that Venus when afflicted has given rise to more than one legal wife'"?

With Malefics
Venus is an enemy of the Sun. Combustion (Moundhya) occurs when be is 10 degree behind the Sun.

Venus with the Sun • Makes one weak, afflicted and ill-dignified. Likely to have aversion to women (strivimukha) or be impotent, ill-luck in respect of one's marriage: separation from the life-partner in one way or the other.

Afflicted Venus with the Sun (Karaka for father) • Indicates early death of father unless the Sun is powerful or aspected by strong benefics.

Venus with the Moon • Almost alike in nature and like two beautiful ladies, they are jealous of each other; they are both sensual and they both yield to temptation and emotions.

Venus and Moon in the Ascendant • In the horoscope of a female, will make her jealous and fond of happiness- . If the Moon is not powerful, a conjunction of the Moon and Venus may indicate adultery and the marriage of the native is likely to be unhappy; a second marriage is also probable.

Afflicted Venus with the Moon (Karaka for mother) • Indicates early death of one's mother, unless the Moon is powerful or aspected by strong benefics.

Venus and Mars in the 7th aspected by Malefics • Since Venus is a Rajasic planet, he gets afflicted the moment he comes into contact with a Tamasic planet like Mars. Serious danger from dysentry. Mas rules the criminal and warring sensational feelings. In matrimonial matters it is a well known fact that Mars causes greater evil fan any other planet. If the influence of Mars on Venus is "patent, potent and unerring-, the native is sure to become too passionate  and adulterous : he may indulge in unnatural ways to gratify  his lust.

Venus and Mars Exchange Navamsas • Female native will be adulterous
A conjunction of Venus and Mars or their mutual aspect indicates discord in marital life. Of course, such a conjunction in the 2nd or the 7th from the Ascendant for girls born in Aries is said to do no harm. Yet it may be said that Mars mars the beauty of marriage. Mars in certain positions from Venus does away with the life of the spouse. This is called Kuja Dosha (Angaraka Dosha) which is particularly taken into consideration in marriage adaptability.

Venus and Saturn • Alpachakshus (one with small eyes). Venus and Saturn are friends but since Saturn is the "embodiment of idleness, which is the root cause of prostitution and libidinosity", the association of Venus with Saturn in any manner gives bad results, unless such Venus is powerfully influenced by benefics. Ordinarily when Venus and Saturn are in conjunction, the matrimonial life of the native becomes unhappy and passes through many a disappointment and an insatiate sexual life. All the lovable qualities of Venus are likely to be neutralized through Saturnine contact. Saturn strongly depresses the sociability, liveliness and loveliness of Venus and makes him cruel.
insincere and selfish. The native of such a horoscope in which Venus is strongly influenced by Saturn will avoid pleasure, amusement, company and music or appreciate serious sad music. If a weak or afflicted or ill-placed Saturn aspects or is in association with or is aspected by weak or afflicted or ill-placed Venus, the native will taste the bitter fruits of Kemadruma Yoga.

Sign Results
When Venus is in Aries or Scorpio, ruled by Mars, he gets afflicted and makes the native licentious, sorrowful, fickle, irreligious, easy-going, selfish and extravagant. According to Brihat Jataka, Venus in Aries and Scorpio makes the native fond of other people's women, lose money through their flattery and hater of his race. The affliction is greater when Venus is in Scorpio than in Aries. When Venus is in Scorpio, the native is likely to be "unjust, proud, disappointed in love and haughty". In the Dasa of Venus posited in Scorpio, the native may have disappointments, especially in respect of love affairs, miseries and troubles, serious risks, misunderstandings with relations, friends and superiors in office, loss of wealth and property, mental affliction and derangement.

Venus in Cancer ruled by the Moon, makes on a bigamist , mendicant and timid person with full sexual passion and sorrow through it. In the Dasa of Venus posited in cancer there may be "Paroxysms of grief and terror, destruction of property, discontent with relations , increase of enemies, loss of wealth, disturbances to good work and some mental ease in the end. When in Leo ruled by the Sun, Venus makes one wayward, passionate, conceited, licentious, subservient to women, premature in conclusions and haughty with superiors airs. In the dasa of Venus posited in Leo, the native may have mental disease and sorrow, troubles from fire, poison and hurt, aimless wandering, domestic worries, "stigma on self respect due to mean fellows and inclination to conceal true identity".

The most inauspicious sign for Venus is Virgo where he gets debilitated. If Venus is in the 5th house at 27 degree Virgo(extreme depression), the native becomes a beggar. According to Jataka Parijata:"If Venus be in his extreme depression, Raja yoga, if any, becomes futile". Such natives in whose horoscopes Venus is in Virgo, will indulge in very mean acts. Such a Venus makes one "petty minded licentious, unscrupulous, sensuous,unhappy, unsuccessful and loquacious". Aspected by malefics, Venus posited in Virgo,makes one a bachelor or remarry after separation form his first wife.In the Dasa of Venus posited in Virgo, one may have occasions to quarrel with one, spouse or suffer separation from the marital partner.

One is likely to mortgage all his properties and get trouble in the generative organ often leading to surgical operation. One may also have "symptoms of arthritis, troubles relating to nervous breakdown, mental unrest, separation from relatives and friends and much grief and sorrow"

Courtesy: Modern Astrology(P Damodaran Nair, M. A., B.L.,)

January 23, 2017

Importance Of Moon In Astrology

Importance Of Moon In Astrology

The Moon is the Queen in astrology and it signifies Mother, psyche, mind, emotions, comfort and peace. The moon is the owner of the 4th house in the natural zodiac too. No-one owns one sign just like the sun and that is Cancer. 

The Moon is debilitated in Scorpio and exalted in Taurus. The moon is the main planet which forms the majority of yogas in astrology. When the Moon is badly placed, it shows the burdens are going to be many. Badly placed Moon always show a sad mind.

The Moon is the fastest planet. In different houses, the Moon gives different results. The Moon goes through various nakshathras and the nakshathra which Moon stays at the time of birth will be our birth nakshathra. 

We can get a lot of inputs from the placement of Moon. The Moon should be in a good house, in a friendly sign with a great aspect. All the charts will not have great placement for Moon. The performance of Moon in your chart can be known from the varga charts also. 

1st House 
When Moon adorns your 1st house, you will, of course, be emotional and sensitive. There can be emotional fluctuations too. The first house deal with your personality and looks, so you can, of course, have the moon like face. Your appearance can be youthful too. 

2nd House
This is a difficult house and it is right opposite to another difficult house 8th. In this house, the Moon, which is a soft planet is forced to deal with serious matters like finance, money, self -worth, speech, and family. You may find it difficult to manage all the matters in this house if it is without a benefic aspect.  

3rd House 
This house holds the mental inclinations, communications, and siblings. The Moon may not be happy to deal with this busy house. You may feel that you have so much work pending to do and you are in a hurry. 

4th House 
If placed in a good sign Moons should perform well in this house. This is the natural house of Moon. It deals with house, family, mind, comfort and happiness.  If placed and aspected well, the Moon will do best in this house. It shows a lot of care from family. 

5th House 
This house deals with creativity, children, romance, and entertainment. The Moon is happy to display the talents. It will happily assist you to be in a romantic relation. You will get enough opportunity to enjoy your life. 

6th House 
This 6th house deals with all burdens. Debts, responsibilities, health and colleagues. These matters are not easy to be dealt with. Moon is an easy planet and it should not be happy to deal with these tough things. 

7th House 
The 7th house is of spouse, marriage, agreements and contracts. The Moon will find his way as a mediator. You may even like to get involved with customer relations. 

8th House 
This house is another tough house as it deals with a higher version of financial transactions, emotions, and in-laws. The Moon may not be happy as it is the debilitation point of the Moon. 

9th House 
This house is known as Bhagya sthana. It deals with higher studies, luck, spirituality, teachers and higher perspectives. This can make genuinely interested in spirituality. Your mother can be closer to you or you will get the blessings of your mother. 

10th House 
This house is the house of work. The Moon may show a job in hospital related industry. This will be a good placement for the moon, if placed in a good sign and good aspect. 

11th House 
This is the house of friendships, collective projects, and hopes. The Moon will try to bring great opportunities by bringing great friends. You will mostly depend and on your friends. 

12th House
This is the house of Moksha and spirituality. The Moon can make you very creative. At the same time, the Moon may not be happy to be here alone as well.

January 18, 2017

Importance Of Sun In Astrology

Importance Of Sun In Astrology

"cakranasah parinaham prthivya hiranyena manina sumbhamanah
na hinvanasastitirusta indram pari spaso adadhat suryena"
                                                        - RV_01.033.08.1{02}

This scripture speaks a lot about the Sun. This scripture says

“ By Sun, who shines like fire, is moving in a circular orbit, the Sun give all the comforts and keep Earth in place, through gravity”

The Sun, has a great role in the Vedic texts and the Sun is considered as the father in astrology. The Sun not only represents the father, but it also means ego, self-esteem, spirituality, pride and soul. That’s why the Sun is the natural Atma Karaka for all.

Atma Karaka means the significator of your soul. The matters of that house where the Sun is placed will show what in what your soul rejoices. If your Sun is in the 9th house of spirituality, higher studies, religion, teaching and publishing, then your career area will have a strong connection with the matters of the 9th house. 

The Sun is so glorious, whenever any planet gets closer to the Sun, then that planet will go in combust mode. This is not applicable for Rahu and Ketu. These are the only planets which can eclipse the Sun.

The Sun owns only one sign in the zodiac and that is Leo. He is exalted in Aries and debilitated in Libra. Other than in divisional charts the Sun will not aspect Mercury and Venus, because both these planets always orbit near the Sun. In Western astrology, Mercury and Venus can create a kind of aspect which is called Sextile or Trine. 

The Sun is the ultimate form of purity and wherever it stays, it will try to show the areas you need to change. 

The 1st House
The person with the Sun in 1st house displays immense ego. Despite the sign placement, the 1st house is where the Sun becomes powerful unless it is in Libra. The placement of the Sun in 1st house shows the person is very strong, has strong will power and a strong heart. These people don’t like to be treated badly and their ego can get easily hurt. 

The 2nd House
The 2nd house deals with self-worth and material possessions. When Sun is in the 2nd house of the natal chart, will give you the family property. There can be a tendency to spend more. This is the house of family also, so some sort of family business is also shown. The person may also get into government service. 

The 3rd House
This house deals with media, writing, siblings and self-efforts. There can be a relation with media.  If the Sun is in the 3rd house the person will have the courage and he will undertake his own business. 

The 4th House
When Sun is in the 4th house, it is in the bottom portion of your chart. The Sun doesn’t like to be in this house. Because the Sun loses its directional strength or Dik Bala. Since the Sun signifies ego, father, power and self-esteem, you may have emotional issues at home. First, the Sun is pulled down and loses its vigor. There can be an unhappy atmosphere at home, but it can get improved in the later years. 

The 5th House
This house deals with creativity, self - expression, children, and speculative businesses. When the Sun is in the 5th house the person will get interested in learning ancient texts and will have interest in creative jobs.

The 6th House
This house deals with work, colleagues, health and disputes. Sun in the 6th house make you victorious over your enemies. This will bring you to a position where you manage wealth. 

The 7th House
This is the house where Sun doesn’t like to stay. The natural ruler of 7th house is Libra and Libra is where the Sun is debilitated. Even if the sign is not Libra, the Sun doesn’t like to be here. 

The 8th House
This house deals with longevity, finances, sex and emotional issues. This will give you support from your in-laws. You will have emotional issues. This may affect your health if Sun is alone. 

The 9th House
If the Sun is in the 9th house of spirituality, higher studies, religion, teaching, and publishing, then your career area will have a strong connection with the matters of the 9th house. 

The 10th House
This house deals with career, social status, and elders. When the Sun is in the 10th house, it is the top portion of the chart.  So you will get good position in public service. 

The 11th House
This house deals with profits, gains, collective projects and hopes. The Sun in the 11th house will make you deal with finances in the government sector. You will get good opportunities to be with powerful associates. 

The 12th House
The 12th house is the most hidden places in your chart. It deals with isolation, seclusion, spirituality, and prayer. This is a good placement to know all the secrets of the universe. You may get an opportunity to go to a foreign land as well.

January 13, 2017

Shadbalas - Planetary Strength

Shadbalas  - Planetary Strength

Shad means six. Bala means strength. Hence Shadbala means six fold strength.

Why it is important?
Consider that you have a friend or relative who has no power. Will he be good for you? He is still your friend or relative. So it is very important to know who your favourable friends are and how strong they are.

If you have a Mahadasha and an Anthardasha the resultant effect will be the effect of the strong planet amongst the two.

The Bhava result will also be influenced by
1) The grahas in the Bhava
2) The grahas viewing the Bhava
3)The lordship of the Bhava
4)The significators or Karakas of the Bhava

Here also the strength of the planet will influence.

"Thath Sthana Dhik Kaala Nisarga  Cheshta
Dhrig Bhedhabhinnam Kadhayamya Sesham"
- (Manasaagari 21-18)

Sthana Bala -Positional Strength

"Socha Suhrud Swa Dhrugaana Navaamsyai
Sthanabalam Swa Grahopa Gathaischa"

This is the strength which a planet get as a result of occupying a particular sign in a horoscope. A planet gets its positional strength in its exaltation. Moola Thrikona, own house, friendly house, Swa Shadvargas etc. in debility the sthanabalam is zero.

We all know that we get respect and power in our own house or positions. There will no bala in an enemies house. Positional strength is the most important. It is further divided into 5 items namely.
They are,

Ucha Bala
Saptha vargaja Bala
Ojayugma Bala
Kendra Bala
Drekkana Bala

This is obtained through the exaltation of planets.

"Neechonam Khacharam Bhaardhathikam Chakraa Dwishodhayath
Bhaageekruthya Thribhirbhaktham Labdha Uchabalam Bhaveth"

Deduct Neecha from Grahasphudam. Divide it by 3, you get Uchabal. The maximum is 60 shashtyamsa or 1 rupa.
Maharishi Parashara supported for mathematical calculation of different strength.

Saptha vargaja Bala
"Kshethram Chas Hora Drekkanam
Navamsa Dwadashaamshakam
Thrishamsham Cha Sapthaamsam"

The above 7 vargas or classifications are called Saptavargaja bala.
If a planet is in Moolathrikona, it gets 45 shashtyamsa, Swakshethra - 30 shashtyamsa and friendly house - 15 shashtyamsa .

Swagrahopagathaischa Varaha Acharya tells us that female planet get strength in female rasi, while male planet get strength in male signs.

Hence Venus and Moon get 15 shashtyamsa strength in female rasi and navamsa.

Kendradhi bala
The first, fourth, seventh and tenth signs are called Kendras.

"Kendraathaparam Panaparam
Parathascha Thadwatha Apokleemam"

Very important among positional strength. If in the centre, planet gets 60 value while in panaparam meaning 2, 5, 8 and 11, they get 30. In 3, 6, 9 and 12 they get only 15 points.

Ojayugma bala(sthana bala  -positional strength)

"Madhya Aadyanthaga
Shanda Marthya Vanitha Kheda
Balishta Kramaath"
- (Phaladeepika)

Mercury and Saturn the Shanda Graham, get strength in the Madhya Drekkana, Moon and Venus get strength in last Drekkana while others get strength in first Drekkana . Points is 15 only. A total of all the above Socha Suhrud Swa Drigaana Navamsair  is the sthana bala.

Digbala  -Directional strength
This is the directional strength.
"Digshu Budhangira Sau
Ravi Bhoumo Soorya Sutha
Sithasheetha Karau Cha"
- (Varaha Hora 2-19)

In lagna, the ascendant(East), Mercury and Jupiter are powerful. In 10th Bhava (North) Sun and Mars are powerful. In 7th Bhava (west) the Saturn is powerful. In 4th Bhava (south) Moon and Venus are powerful.

Sage Parashara has detailed mathematical calculation of Digbala. Deduct Balasoonya Dig Sthana sphudam from the graham and divide by 3.You get directional strength in points. Maximum is 60.

Cheshtabala- Motional strength
From Makara (Capricorn) upto Midhuna is Uttarayana (Sun's Northenly course). Sun and Moon are powerful in this period. Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn in retrogression or in conjunction with full Moon get Cheshta bala.

"Udagayane Ravi Seetha Mayookhau
Vakra Samagamaga Parishesha
Vipula Karaayudhi Chothara Samstha
Cheshtitha Veeryayutha Parikalpya"
- (Varaha Hora 2-20)

In order to find out Cheshtabala mathematically, we have to find a result namely Cheshta Kendra and divide it by 3.

Dina Rathri Bala
It means temporal strength. the Moon, Mars and Saturn are powerful during night. Sun, Jupiter and Venus are powerful in day. Mercury is powerful in day and night it is called Dina Rathri Bala

"Nishi Sashi Kuja Saura
Sarvadha Njo Ahni Chaadhye"
(Varaha Hora 2-21)

The maximum bala is 60 shashtyamsa. For Moon, in midnight bala will be 60, so is for Sun in midnoon.

"Bahula Sita Gathasyu
Kroora Soumya kramena"

It means for benefic planets, the end of Sukla Paksha is powerful. But for malefic end of Krishnapaksha is powerful.

Thribhag bala
"Dina Thryamsheshta Soumaarka Shaneenam"
- (Parashara)
If we divide day time into 3, Mercury is the lord of first part, Sun the lord of second part and Saturn is the lord of 3rd part. Similarly night time is given to Moon, Venus and Mars. Guru is always powerful. A maximum of 60 is given.

Abda bala, Masa bala, vara bala, and hora bala

There are Abdabala for the starting day of the year, similarly Masa bala for the month starting vara lord, Vara bala for the Vara lord and Horabala for Kaala Hora lord.

"Arka, Shukra Budhaschandra
Manda Jeeva Dharasudha"
- (Prasna Margam)

Hora bala is the maximum in Kalabala and is with 60 points

Naisargik Bala
This means natural strength. each planet is supposed to produce a particular measure of strength permanently irrespective of its position. Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars and Saturn are strong in order. Sun is the most powerful and Saturn the least.
The strength of planets are numerically calculated as follows.

Sun - 60
Moon - 51
Venus - 43
Jupiter - 34
Mercury - 26
Mars - 17
Saturn - 9

There will not be any change for this values in any horoscope.

Drig Bala
Drigbala is calculated as a result of the aspect to which each planet is subjected to by the other. The planet which is aspected is called Drishya Graham. The aspecting planet is called Dreshta Graham. The angle between the two is called Dhrushti Kendra.

The aspect of benefics give full Drigbala or strenghthen aspect of malefic take away the Drigbala.

"Poornam Pashyathi Bhanuja Thri Dashame
Cheth Pada Drishtye Itharah
Jeevo Dhee Navame Arthayaa Thadhithareh
Bhoumas Chathurtha Ashtame
Sarve Paadha Viheenayaa
Akila Drusha Pasyanthi
Sarve Asthabham
Vithaya vyaya vairino
Na Dha Drishu"

It means that all planets view their 7th position. Saturn views 3rd and 10th have .Other planets have a quarter aspect to 3rd and 10th. Guru have aspect to 5th and 9th . Other planets have half aspect to 5th and 9th, Mars have aspect to 4th and 8th . Other planets have 75% aspect to 4th and 8th.

Sage Parashara has found out total numerical value of all strengths. He has identified individual optimal strength also. Yavanacharya has instructed optimum strength of 360 points for each. Jyotish is knowledge mixed with sadhana. Then we can identify the strength without numerical support. Albert Einstein was having mercury in debility. Einstein was one among the best knowledgable person. Seeing the debility, we cannot tell, mercury is powerless. Hence knowledge as well as sadhana is required to assess the strength of planets.

Courtesy: S Unnikrishnan

January 09, 2017

Pairing Of Opposite Houses - IIIB

Pairing Of Opposite Houses -IIIB

Pairing in Prediction
The 2nd and 8th houses are generally called Marakastana (house of death) and Ayustana (house of longevity) respectively. The 8th house is a house of secrecy also. Longevity and mode of death, being the ultimate secrets of an individual's life, are aptly assigned to it. The 2nd house, being the one opposite the 8th house, is rightly named as the death-causing house. As such, the influence of planets in or on the 8th house (signifying longevity and mode of death) either accelerates or retards the speed of death signified by the 2nd house(Marakastana) depending on other attendant conditions. Conversely, the planets posited in 2nd house also directly influence longevity and Niryana (nature of exit from this world) of the native. The 8th house (being the 12th from the 9th) signifies loss of luck (Bhagya) for the native which could result in unexpected problems in life.

At a subtler spiritual level, the 2nd house works as the vehicle for the creative force represented by the Ascendant and signifies the form of expression of the creative self in the material world through the medium of speech, family members, dietary habits, longing for wealth etc. The 8th house which is opposite (Samasaptaka) the 2nd works in unison with it (or sometimes against it depending on the influences in a particular chart) by generating the results primarily arising out of the influences of the 2nd house. The 8th house also signifies one's secret destiny in the physical plane which is actually shaped by the hidden effects of the 2nd house. If the 2nd house could be considered to be the manifestation of a modified physical self working as the mode of operation of the Ascendant, the 8th house would connote the subsistence of that new facet of self through mutually complementary influences. In other words, the 8th house also signifies self-committed mistakes, either knowingly or unknowingly.

For example, the significations of the 2nd house such as family, food etc., have a direct link to the longevity of the native, signified by the 8th house. The dietary habits of a person combined with the type and quality of the food or potable liquids one regularly consumes either enhance or affect his longevity because food is the primary source of supplying energy to the body, although strength and stamina can be developed by other means as well. The condition of one's finance also influences one's food habits. A generally affluent life-style or a good flow of finance supports rich qualitative food habits while paucity of funds would offer restraints and force the native to adopt economical measures and resort to lower standards of food habits which might indirectly affect health and longevity.

Also, it is pertinent to note that if a person frequently changes his food habits it results in frequent problems in his health which adversely affect his longevity causing a reduction in his life-span. It is seen in that the health of people who have been used to a particular pattern of life-style and habits in their younger years is affected badly and serious sufferings are caused in old age when they change their life-style and eating habits due to a change in their financial status. Usually, one who maintains restraint over his food habits even when he can afford more or one who maintains fairly good and stable dietary habits without resorting to such changes would succeed in shielding oneself from health problems.  At least it may help in preventing major health problems created by erratic food habits. But, most people fall prey to circumstances and automatically make changes in their lifestyles, either on their own volition or goaded by others.

The environment within one's family has a bearing on one's mental makeup. The very urge to live longer predominates in a favourable environment while in adverse conditions the native would many-a-time wish for getting his longevity terminated as early as possible. Such dejection caused by unhappy family  environment (2nd house) might push him to attempt suicide or wish for forced termination of his longevity (8th house).

Not only that, the environment within one's family has bearing on one's mental makeup. The very urge to live longer predominates in a favourable environment while in adverse conditions the native would many a time wish for getting his longevity terminated as early as possible. Such dejection caused by an unhappy family environment (2nd house) might push him to attempt suicide or wish for forced termination of his longevity (8th house).

The 2nd house rules wealth and the 8th house signifies unexpected money or wealth inherited from parents. Usually Rahu in the 2nd house is said to cause Akasmika Dhana Yoga (a product of Adhrishta) which augurs well for getting unexpected money or riches. A mutually favourable link between the 2nd and 8th houses would promote Dhana and wealth, usually from unexpected quarters or from a secret or hidden source especially when the link is fostered by natural benefics as Yoga forming planets in these houses. Even Rahu in the 8th could give unexpected money which would be by unfair means such as bribes, graft, kick-backs etc.

The honesty of a person in olden days was judged on the credibility of his speech. Vak (speech), signified by the 2nd house, was also given a lot of importance in judging a person's ethical standards. It was deemed to be an irreparable disgrace if one's credibility of speech was lost or if one was unable to maintain one's oral commitments. There were instances of people resorting to even suicide (8th house) due to such disgrace. The scriptures very clearly advocate ethics in all our actions concerned with our body (kaya), speech (vacha) and mind (manasa). But, with the changing times this has also been steadily eroding day by day and it is less often seen in the people of the present generation.

Another very important fact about the 2nd and 8th houses is that they are highly sensitive to Kuja Dosha and Sarpa or Naga Dosha. If Mars, Rahu or Ketu are in these two houses they show abnormally more potent Doshas causing significant inauspicious results in the Bhava related areas. If there is any affliction to both these houses and their lords along with the Ascendant and the 7th houses by other natural malefics in the chart, the Dosha gets further intensified and it causes some havoc in the life of the native by either depriving one of a partner, child etc., or causing an unexpected end to such relationships.

Thus, an analysis of the 2nd and 8th houses as a pair provides clear clues to unravel the providential secrets which prepare the native(at least mentally) towards expecting the normally unexpected results in such important areas of one's life as family, spouse, sorrow and miseries, wealth, riches and longevity.

Chart 1: Male: Born February 18, 1970 at 20h. 15m. at 13 N, 77 E 35.

The Ascendant in Chart 1 is Virgo. Badhaka Jupiter is in the 2nd in an inimical sign. Mars (3rd and 8th lord) is in Badhakastana and aspects the Ascendant, 2nd and 10th houses. Saturn as a natural malefic and as the 5th and 6th lord is in the 8th also in an inimical sign and aspects the 2nd, 5th  and 10th houses. thus both the 2nd , and 8th houses are occupied by inimical planets and there is mutually a neutral 2-8 axis between Jupiter and Saturn.

The native is a surgeon by profession and his wife is also a doctor. The adverse influence of Mars and Saturn on the 2nd and 8th housed has resulted in lack of good understanding between them. The native's wife is dissatisfied with him as she feels that he is not putting in the required effort?(3rd house ) for their growth. The basic bone of contention is that the native is interested more in a stable income through good employment (6th lord Saturn aspects 10th house) while his wife wants him to  practice independently. Also, the additional negative influence by Jupiter has ensured theta the native is not so comfortable with his other family members as well. He got separated from his mother and younger brothers immediately after his marriage bowing to the pressure from his wife though on talking terms with them.

The native's wife has suddenly stopped her private medical practice and joined a course to continue her studies, thus causing a strain in the financial position of the family in Venus Dasa Mars Bhukti from August 2014 because of the affliction from Mars to the 2nd house (finance) from the 7th house, the Badhakasthana, ruling the wife.

Although both the 2nd and 8th houses are afflicted individually, when considered as a pair the gravity of their afflictions gets mitigated due to the mutual neutral aspects between Saturn and Jupiter and this helps the native in remaining passive to his wife's provocation and managing the issues in family and finance without complicating them further avoiding any serious strains thereby.

The influence of inimical planets in both the 2nd and 8th houses deprives the native of getting any ancestral property or unexpected money which he cannot hope to get anytime in his life.

Chart 2: Male: Born May 23, 1984 at 15h. 40m. at 13 N, 77 E 35.

The Ascendant lord Mercury is in the 8th house in Chart 2. The 2nd house is occupied by 5th and 6th lord Saturn and 3rd and 8th lord Mars. Both planets are retrograde. The Ascendant lord Mercury in the 8th house (house of longevity) receives the aspect of retrograde Jupiter who is a Badhaka as well as Maraka. Mercury is also aspected by both Mars and Saturn from the 2nd house (Maraka stana). Thus, both the 2nd and 8th houses get heavily afflicted together with the Ascendant lord. The longevity of the native is severely affected therefore. Death occurred on 5-2-1999 in Jupiter Dasa Venus Bhukti.

In this case, the influences on both the 2nd and 8th houses have worked in unison, one complementing the other. Despite the powerful aspect of Jupiter (a first rate natural malefic) who is well posited in the chart in his Moolatrikona  Rasi and in a Kendra from the Ascendant, the native's longevity is curtailed because Jupiter himself happens to be both Badhaka and Maraka for the nativity. His aspect on the 8th house (longevity) and Mercury (Ascendant lord) has not provided any relief. Rather , he has been more harmful to the native. Even the aspect of Saturn(the significator for longevity) on the Ascendant lord and the house of longevity (8th) could not save the native from Alpayu or short life not only because of his own retrogression but also due to his malefic conjunction with retrograde Mars who rules both  the houses of longevity (3rd and 8th) in the chart.

Thus it could be seen that when we analyse the 2nd and 8th houses as a pair instead of individually we get deeper insights into the respective portfolios held by them.

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