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June 28, 2017

The Secrets of Medical Astrology - Diabetes

The Secrets of Medical Astrology - Diabetes

Medical astrology is a very interesting subject and you will be amazed when you see the results while practicing it. The zodiac wheel is compared with the body of Kaal Purusha or Cosmic man. Different signs represent different parts of our body

Aries :Head
Taurus: face
Gemini:neck and shoulders
Cancer: Chest, Breast
Leo: Upper abdomen
Virgo:Lower Abdomen
Libra:Pelvic area
Scorpio: External Genitals, Hips
Sagittarius: Thigh
Capricorn: Knees, Hands
Aquarius: Legs, Ankles
Pisces: Feet, Toe

Each Nakshatra is compared to Lord Vishnu's body parts. They are ,
Ashwini: Both Knees
Bharni: Head
Krittika: Waist
Rohini: Below knees 
Mrigshira: eyes
Ardra: Hair 
Punarvasu: Fingers
Pushya: Mouth
Ashlesha: Nails 
Magha: Nose
Purva Phalguni: Private Parts 
Uttar Phalguni: Private parts
Hasta: Hands
Chitra: Forehead
Swati: teeth 
Vishakha: Upper limbs
Anusha: Heart
Jyeshta: Tongue 
Mool: Feet
Purva Ashada: Thighs
Uttar Ashada: Thighs 
Shravana: Ears
Dhanishta: Back
Shatabhishak : Knees and calves
Purva Bhadra: Ankles 
Uttar Bhadra: Ankles 
Revati: Armpits 

Kaal Purush is further divided into Drekkan. The table given below will describe how the houses in each drekkens affect the body parts.
Table 1

Table 2

How to find the chances of Diabetes in From One’s chart ?
Diabetes is a disorder connected with our metabolism. Metabolism is the process of breaking the nutrients and proteins in required rate. These proteins and nutrients are arranged and distributed so that the body can function properly. 

Frequent urination, increased thirst, hunger, fatigue and blurred vision can be the symptoms of diabetes, but not always. Diabetes is a long term disease, mainly caused by the lack of insulin. Pancreas is indicated by Jupiter in astrology. Jupiter is the natural significator of the 5th house too.

So, any negative impact on the Jupiter and 5th house shows the chances of getting diabetes.  You have to check the full chart as, just looking at the one factor may not be sufficient. If there is a positive aspect on the Jupiter, then the impact of diabetes can be controlled easily. If the 5th house has any beneficial placement, then that also is a positive signal.  If you find out in the early stages, Diabetes is curable. It is controllable even at the later stage. There are so many herbal remedies available. 

If you are a diabetic, then your diet should have a lot of sugar free food items. Brown rice, brown bread, legumes and raw fruits will be ideal, of you are diabetic. 

Which are the most probable combinations for Diabetes
•    Jupiter debilitated or placed in dursthana houses. They are 6-8-12.
•    Saturn of Rahu aspect on Jupiter
•    Combust Jupiter
•    Jupiter in Rahu/Ketu axis
•    Venus in 6th to Jupiter and Jupiter in 12th
•    5th lord conjuncting dursthana lords
•    Jupiter retrograde
•    Mars afflicting Venus 

There are other combinations which show the chances of diabetes, but these are the easiest ways to find the chances of diabetes. There are many ayurvedic remedies available and ayurveda will be the best option to cure diabetes. 

Courtesy: JayaShree (Consultant Astrologer - Vedic & Western)

June 22, 2017

Samaagama - Part I

Samaagama - Part I

Samaagama is a celestial event related to the Moon. Generally, the term is used to represent the conjunction of planets with the Moon. Unlike the other types of planetary conjunctions such as Asthangata (combustion) or Graha Yuddha (planetary war) in which the planets are required to be posited within their 'orbs of influence' for the events to take place, in Samaagama it is enough even if the planet arrives at some specific distance from the Moon for establishing contact and activating results. This special feature of the Moon is used in the Dasa and Transit systems for timing events in life.

Moon — Pivot of Predictive Astrology
In Vedic astrology, the influence of the Moon is accorded utmost importance. The natal position of the Moon along with the Ascendant is taken as the basis not only for delineating the nature of results signified by a planet but also for determining the time of their fructification. The conventional method of checking as to whether one's Janma Lagna (Ascendant) or Janma Rasi (Moon-sign) is stronger and then delineating the results based on the stronger of the two, the most widely used Vimshottari Dasa system (and many other Dasa systems such as Ashtottari, Kalachakra, Yogini etc) and the transit system of timing events are based on the disposition of the planets with reference to the natal Moon.

What could be the unique influence of natal But, unfortunately, the answers to these Moon to qualify for such special treatment? In what way is the Moon basically related to the method of arriving at the Dasa and transit results? How are the actual results decoded etc. questions are not discussed in any of the classical texts of Vedic astrology, although the lists of results are given in almost all classical works. In this series of articles, based on my research during the last 1 1/2 decades and the information culled from various sources, an effort is made to explain the logical basis and the reasons for assigning such special status to the Moon besides providing clues to the method of decoding the actual results in Dasa and Transit systems.

According to Uttara Kalamrita (Khanda V, Slokas 25 to 29), the significations of the Moon include the disposition of mind, heart, woman, good or bad, sleep, happiness, anything watery, travel, well, tank, mother, impartiality, consumption, salt, ability, belly, beauty, nourishment, pleasure, splendor, quickness of thought, fame, mendicant, middle world, life, middle age, eating, going to distant countries, royal insignia, good blood, vital energy etc. These significations (selected out of a lengthy list) bear a unique relationship with the physical existence of human life on Earth.

★The Moon, as the Universal Mother, plays a vital role in the process of procreation and nourishment of all living beings on Earth. Brihat Jataka (Chap. 4, Sloka 1) avers that Mars and Moon are the cause for the monthly menses in a woman and when the Moon is in Anupachaya Rasi, the menses for conception occurs. According to Hora Makaranda (Chap. Sloka 4), if the Sun, Moon,Venus and Mars are in their own Navamsa in Upachaya houses (3, 6, 10, 11) from the natal Moon of a man or woman or if Jupiter be in the Ascendant, 5th or 9th house, pregnancy is predicted. The Moon representing the female principle (Prakruti as Mother) and Mars representing the male principle (Purusha as father), their union paves the way for procreation. It is a commonly known biological fact that in the seminal fluid, the sperm is engulfed in a liquid medium which facilitates the actual fertilization of the ovum. Even the ovum contains a protective sheath within which matter is present in liquid form and only in this liquid is the foetus formed after fertilization which ultimately grows into the child. Thus, the Moon happens to be one of the two most important planets ruling the physical manifestation of the soul of man from its very beginning in any particular birth.

★ The Moon, signifying water and other potable liquids, provides the required nourishment for growth and sustenance of life. Water is an essential requirement for all the flora and fauna on Earth. No plant ever grows without it and the yield of crops depends on the quantum of water it received. Any amount of reinforcements like manure etc., for increasing the yield would go waste if the supply of water is insufficient. Human life is mainly dependent on plants for food. As such, life without water is unthinkable as the daily needs of human beings cannot be fulfilled without water. In short, man would be dead without water and earth would become lifeless.

★ The Moon is the ruler of the vehicle (body) of every physical manifestation of all human beings, the Sun being the Soul (Atma) and Jupiter being the life-force (Jeeva). Consequent on impregnation, the physical body of the offspring is created and nursed fully inside the body of the mother until its delivery to the external world. As such, the Moon signifying the mother directly rules the physical body also.

 According to the Prenatal Epoch Theory by E.H.Bailey: "at or near the time of conception the Moon must be posited in natal Ascendant or descendant and the Ascendant at or near the time of conception must be the Janma Rasi or the 7th Rasi from it".

Sepharial, western astrologer, names the chart calculated for the time of conception based on prenatal epoch theory as 'The Lunar Horoscope' and says in his book 'The Influence of Sun in Horoscopes'.
"The Lunar Horoscope is therefore seen to hold definite astronomical relations to the horoscope of birth. It is referred to the point of time at which the Psychoplasm or astral eidolon forms a link with the physical basis of life or germ-cell."

He also contends that:
"the birth horoscope is that of heredity and environment. The lunar horoscope is that of tradition and inherent faculty. To the Lunar horoscope, therefore, we must refer for the potential of the unit of life".

These facts clearly prove the Moon's influence on human destiny and its solitary control over the domain of physical incarnation of any individual. The Moon, as the Karaka for the mind works as a Karmic agent. Mental tendencies are created and shaped by the Karmic imprints on the soul of the individual. In other words, the ability to comprehend the external world is shrouded by the Karmic veil as a result of which the mind tends to 'see what it wants to see or what its prejudice makes it see' depending on one's upbringing and exposure to various aspects of life in a particular incarnation. 

As claimed by the ancients Buddhi Karmaanusaarini, the mind works as per the dictates of our past Karma. Upanishadic lore is full of such allusions. It goes to the extent of saying that whatever is created or understood by the mind is only an illusion while the truth is far beyond the Body-Mind-Intellect frames of reference. However, in the physical frame of existence, all the major activities of the human body are directly related to the state of the mind and each and every activity of an individual can be controlled fully and effectively by the mind.

It is the experience of hundreds of Yogis of our country that the various exercises advocated in the Yoga Sastras are nothing but measures for effectively controlling the mind which ensures control over our activities. Moreover, the human perception of the physical world is through the Panchendriyas or the sensory organs. It is the mind that absorbs the inputs by the Panchendriyas and creates the effect of sensing (Mano-matram jagat; Mano-kalpitam jagat), means without the role of mind no sensing is possible. 

According to Bhagavatpada Sri Adi Sankaracharya " Mano Maatram Idam sarvam " - meaning , everything in this world is projected by the Mind and Mind alone (Sloka 28 of Sadachara). Thus, identifying all names and forms and understanding them through the intellect is facilitated by the mind only without which even if the Indriyas sense them, their comprehension would be impossible. Thus, the mind works as an agent of Karma, the latter being the primary cause for the very reincarnation of the soul of the individual. The Moon, as a Karmic agent, ensures that one reaps one's Karmic fruits by controlling not only one's perception of the world but also one's response to any stimulus from it.

Generally, Yogas such as Gajakesari, Sunapha, Anapha, Durdhura, Chandramangala, AdhiYoga caused by the Moon confer wealth and material comforts on the native and Sakata and Kemadruma Yogas which cause loss of wealth, abject poverty and miseries are also directly linked to the placements of planets from the Moon. Yogas like Amala, Vasumati, Pushkala, Kusuma, Indra, Garuda, Gola, Bhaskara, Marud, etc., are effective by the influence of Moon as well. 

★ The Moon is the ruler of the material facets of all the incarnations of the soul of a native. Generally, Yogas such as Gajakesari, Sunapha, Anapha, Durdhura, Chandramangala, Adhi Yoga etc., caused by the Moon confer wealth and material comforts on the native and Sakata and Kemadruma Yogas which cause loss of wealth, abject poverty and miseries are also directly linked to the placements of planets from the Moon. Yogas like Amala, Vasumati, Pushkala, Kusuma, Indra, Garuda, Gola, Bhaskara, Marud etc., are effective by the influence of Moon as well, apart from the Ascendant and other planetary influences. Here, it is relevant to point out that in the Hora chart used for delineation of the wealth of a native, only the Moon and Sun are taken as the lords governing wealth. Natural benefics when posited in the Moon's Hora and natural malefics when posited in the Sun's Hora confer good wealth on the native.

This discussion reveals that the Moon rules the destiny of man right from the moment of conception, governing not only one's very physical existence but also facilitating the fruition of one's Karmic influence in any particular birth. The Moon also plays a vital role in exercising the freewill of the discreet mind (within the ambit of Providence) to operate the Karmic influences while other planets create a conducive environment for reaping the Karmic fruits during one's lifetime. Thus, the Moon is the chief medium for unfolding of past Karma.

Importance of Moon
The physical proximity of the Moon to the earth has renders it the most influential planet for the earth. It is a scientifically proven fact that the Moon is responsible for the ebb and flow of tides. All life on earth has a direct correspondence with the different phases of the Moon. It is proves beyond doubt that the abnormal activity of lunatics in on the rise during days near about Poornima (New moon) and Amavasya (New moon). Eclipses involving the Moon have a far reaching impact on almost all global phenomena and affect the human being in every sphere of life causing changes in personal environment (such as health, financial gains/losses, afflictions to family life, etc), in mundane matters(such as variations in prices of commodities, changes in governments, wars between nations etc.,) affecting nature as a whole in causing natural calamities like cyclones, floods, devastating earthquakes etc. In other words, the Moon exercises a vicegerent control over the day to day affairs of not only human beings also the whole flora and fauna on the earth.

Courtesy: Modern Astrology (Dr Revathi Vee Kumar)                                         to be continued...

June 19, 2017

Interpreting Combustion Astrologically (Part - II)

Interpreting Combustion Astrologically(Part II)

Not Always Bad
According to Varahamira,
"If the Sun conjoins the Moon, the person will be skilled in machinery and masonry. " (Brihat Jataka XTV-1)
In his commentary to this verse Prof. B. S.Rao says:
The Sun and the Moon in conjunction produce men skilled in making, handling or dealing with all machinery and under this head we may bring in mechanics, engineers, chemists and other workmen.

According to Jataka Parijata,
"If a person is born in Amavasya, he will be credulous and devoted to the worship of the manes and the Gods"(IX-37)
"If the Sun is in conjunction with the Moon, the chart holder will be submissive to his wife and clever in every work he undertakes "(Ibid, VIII-1).

Both these learned authors seem to concur in their view that a person who has the Sun- Moon conjunction would be skillful in his work. Therefore, the combustion of the Moon cannot be considered a blemish. On the other hand, the Yoga of the Sun with the Moon, which inter alia may include the phenomenon of combustion of the Moon, would produce a child who would have reverence for pitris (manes) and towards God, both laudable traits. In southern parts of India people prefer to buy jewelry on the New Moon day rather than the succeeding day, Prathama, since the latter is considered an evil- producing day whereas Amavasya is considered good, mainly because people take the blessings of their ancestors by offering oblations in the form of Pitru Tarpana.

An inauspicious Yoga by name Rekha Yoga is produced when three planets are either depressed or obscured by the Sun's rays (Jataka Parijata VI-32). A person born under Rekha Yoga has neither knowledge nor wealth; he is penurious, hostile, lustful and wrathful. His mind is always distressed, he is disagreeable, having no beauty or grace; he lives on alms; he is filthy and quarrelsome; he is full of envy and rage; he reviles Gods and Brahmins and he in turn is reviled by his wife, children and his whole family.

My humble observation on Rekha Yoga is that it is not just that three planets should be debilitated or combust but also the 5th house denoting Poorvapunya must be considered before one can judge whether the above effects will come to pass. Further I wish to add, combust planets increase the probability of the occurence of Rekha Yoga and therefore one needs to examine the role of combust planets in the formation of such adverse Yogas.

Chart 1: Jacques Chirac: Born November 29, 1932 at 12h.00m. at Paris, with a balance of 4 years 4 months 9 days of Ketu Dasa at birth.
chart 1

Jacques Chirac (Chart 1), Former President of France, has combust Mercury in the 11th in conjunction with the Sun, which generates a Budha Aditya Yoga. It is worth noting that Mercury is also retrograde. Further a planet who is simultaneously combust as well as retrograde cannot be called as a weak planet by dismissing the benefits of retrogression. The Uttarakalamrtam view applies here elevating Mercury to the status of an exalted planet. Needless to say, Mercury as 9th lord did not deny royal fortune to Chirac in spite of his combustion.

Chart 2: Charlie Chaplin: Born April 16, 1889 at 20h. 00m. at London with a balance of 3 years 11 months 12 days of Rahu Dasa at birth.
Chart 2

In Chart 2 of noted British actor Charlie Chaplin, both Mars and Mercury are combust. The Dasa of Mercury operated between 1928 and 1945. A combust planet in the 6th is more a boon than a bane. Further, Mercury causes a partial Vipareeta Raja Yoga. In Mercury Dasa, Charlie Chaplin scaled dizzy heights in his career starring in such hits as City Lights (1931), Modern Times (1936) and The Great Dictator (1940).

Chart 3: Deepak Chopra: Born October 22, 1946 at 15h.45m. at New Delhi with a balance of 1 year 11 months 13 days of Sun Dasa at birth.
Chart 3

Noted physician and New Age author Deepak Chopra (Chart 3) has a combusted Jupiter in the 9th. The Dasa of Jupiter operate from 1983 to 1999 and in this period Chopra acquired world-wide name and fame through his books. The Way of the Wizard, Return of the Rishi, Ageless Body Timeless Mind and The Seven Spiritual laws of Success were some of the best sellers he authored in this period. Needless to say, combust Jupiter did not affect his career growth. On the other hand, he climbed greater heights in Jupiter Dasa.

Interpreting Combust Planets
(a)If the lord of the sign where combustion takes place is in his own, exalted or friend's sign, the bad effects of combustion get mitigated.
(b)A person becomes issueless if the 5th lord is combust and is conjunct a malefic.In such cases though combustion can eventually lead to denial of progeny.remedial measures as prescribed in the Dhanna Saslras mitigate the evil effects of such planets and confer the boon of progeny.A fatalistic approach should be shunned in such cases.The benefit of the doubt should be given to Purushakara (free-will) rather than Daiva (destiny)
(c)A planet in exaltation gives good results even when in combustion.
(d)Venus and Saturn do not lose their strength when they are combust (Uttarakalamrita 4.15)
(e)When a combust planet is aspected by a Yogakaraka, the former is bestowed with the power of gifting a Raja Yoga.
(j) A combust planet exalted in Navamsa would confer good results in the latter half of his Dasa period.
(g) The lords of the 6th, 8th and 12th are inauspicious planets by virtue of ownership of Dustanas. Needless to say, they promote the beneficial effects of a chart not by their strength but by their weakness. Giving strength to them tantamounts to giving the key to a house to a thief or a knife to a murderer. The less empowered they are to do evil, the better it is for the native. When the lords of 6th, 8th or 12th are combust, there is nothing to mourn; on the other hand, there is every reason to rejoice. The 6th house denotes the enemy. If the lord of the 6th is combust or if a combust planet occupies the 6th, the one who has to worry is not the native but his foe. Yogas like Hamsa, Vimala and Sarala operate on this dictum by mitigating the impact of evil lordship.

Muhurtha Matters
Auspicious events such as marriage, upanayana, ear piercing , tonsure are to be avoided when Jupiter or Venus is combust while in transit. However, there are exceptions to this rule:
a) The evil effect of Jupiter's combustion is overcome by Venus in the ascendant.
b) The evil effect of Venus in combustion is overcome by Jupiter in the Ascendant and malefics in the 3rd, 6th or 11th.

Though textbooks on astrology uniformly state that combustion is evil, it is important to study the overall influence of a planet before it is classified as a malefic. To brand a planet as malefic merely on the basis of combustion would be to do injustice to astrology and one runs the grave risk of coming to erroneous conclusions. A balanced and judicious interpretation of a combust planet is needed without just dismissing it outright as evil. 

Courtesy: Modern Astrology(Dr. E.S. Neelakantan Ph.D)
Continued from: Interpreting Combustion Astrologically- Part1

June 14, 2017

The power of Moola-Trikona

The power of Moola-Trikona

An astrological chart has 12 divisions and these divisions are called houses. These houses are classified into five. They are;

(1) Kendra (Cardinal) Houses - 1, 4, 7, 10 Houses
(2) Trikon (Trine) Houses - 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 11, 12 Houses
(3) Panaphar (Fixed) Houses - 2, 5, 8, 11 Houses
(4) Upachaya Houses-3,6,11 and 10
(5) Apoklima Houses- 3,6,9 and 12

Moola - Trikon is basically a zone in a sign. It is a specific zone in the degrees of a sign, where a planet feels great and give the best results.  They are;

Sun’s own sign is Leo and from 4 degrees to 20 degrees is the Mool - Trikon degrees for Sun. After 20 degrees Sun will not be in the Mool - Trikon zone.

Moon’s Mool - Trikon sign is Taurus. In Taurus Moon is exalted too. From 4 degrees to 20 degrees of Taurus is the Mool - Trikon zone for Moon. 

Mars gets Moola - Trikona house as Aries and Mool - Trikon zone is 0 degrees to 12 degrees. 

Mercury gets exalted in its own house Virgo. Its Moola - Trikona zone is also in Virgo from 16 to 20 degrees in Virgo itself.

Sagittarius is the Mool - Trikon sign of Jupiter and the first 10 degrees of  this sign is the Mool - Trikon zone.

Libra is the Moola - Trikona sign for Venus. Moola - Trikona zone is from 0 degrees to 15 degrees of Libra.

Saturn owns Aquarius and 0 degrees to 20 degrees is the the Mool - Trikon zone of Saturn.     

You must notice that all the planets except Moon have Mool - Trikon in own signs. Moon is exalted in Taurus, and it owns Cancer, but its Mool - Trikon zone is in Taurus.

How should we consider Mool - Trikon Planets?
When a planet is placed in its exaltation sign, it is expected to give good results. In Mool - Trikon, the planet will be far more effective because they are in their own sign(other than Moon). They may perform with more power than going into an exalted mode.

What is exaltation?
In certain signs , certain planets get a lot of power,. All the planets have to move into a different sign (Other than Mercury, Mercury is exalted in the own sign Virgo) different zone to get exalted.  In Moola - Trikona the added advantage is that the planet is in its own house. So,  the best placement of a planet will be its Moola - Trikona, then comes the exaltation. The 3rd best placement would be its own sign.  There can be exceptions when the planet is placed without good effects in Shadbala. Its, natural that we may choose exalted planet over a Moola - Trikona planet, but its always good to check how many planets are in their Mool - Trikon signs. The planets should be in the exact degrees. After or before that degrees, the planets will be considered as they are in own house. 

There are various arguments regarding the exaltation and Mool - Trikon of Rahu and ketu. They are not clearly proven so far.

June 13, 2017

Free Daily Horoscope App

Daily Horoscope App

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June 09, 2017

Interpreting Combustion Astrologically (Part - 1)

Interpreting Combustion Astrologically (Part 1)

The term combustion is used in both astrology as well as physics. In physics combustion is a property exhibited by fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum and in this process, they release energy. So it becomes a useful process as most of the energy requirements of the world are met through the property of combustion exhibited by fossil fuels. In astrology, the word combustion occurs as a diametrically opposite phenomenon, namely, the tendency of a planet to lose energy due to its proximity to the Sun. The combustion we learn in astrology is all about "Energy-depletion or the inability of a planet to release its energy and  vitality to a horoscope ", mainly due to its proximity to the Sun. This is in contrast to the principle of combustion in Physics which is all about energy- generation . In astrology, combustion is all about wastage of planetary properties that renders it worthless whereas in Physics, combustion is all about utilization of latent resources, which make it worthwhile. I propose to dwell at length on the rules, exceptions, nuances and paradoxes relating to combustion, which hopefully would set at rest any doubts, both scholars and laymen would have on this less discussed subject.

Defining Combustion
Combustion is an astronomical phenomenon where a planet is supposed to come close to Sun, say within certain degrees.
                                                                          Table 1
Table 1

The corollary of this phenomenon, which is what this dissertation is all about, is that a planet in combustion "loses its power to do good". Does it lose all its power? Can this statement be modified to say, "a certain percentage of its power"? Is the combust planet supposed to confer only inauspicious results? These are some of the crucial questions that will be addressed, in the course of this article. While textbooks have chosen to maintain a dignified silence in respect of combustion, scholars have maintained a view similar to our saying "All is not lost" while adopting a liberal approach. A third category of astrologers has chosen to adopt the view, which is similar to Buddha's middle path to Nirvana, while advocating the view that though, a combust planet is a "no-gooder" still it cannot be classified as a malefic. Which of these three conflicting views is correct?

Distance from Sun
A planet is supposed to be combust, according to Surya Siddhanta, when it is very close to the Sun, within a specified degree. A rider is also imposed stating that in retrogression Venus and Mercury are combust within a specified degree.

                                                  Table 2 : Combustion Orbit
Table 2

In the case of the Nodes, Rahu and Ketu, one might say, that the rules of combustion do not apply but I am prepared to travel the extra mile to say that when Rahu or Ketu is in close proximity to the Sun, it is the latter which gets eclipsed! So a combust Rahu weakens the Sun and not the other way round!

Western astrology gives an allowance of 8° 30' on either side of the Sun for a planet to become combust and in this process does not discriminate between the planets unlike in Vedic astrology'. According to Ptolemy, Father of Western Astrology, a combust planet tends to "impregnate" the Sun with its own qualities.

Mantreswara, in his Phaladeepika, puts forth the view that a combust planet is similar to one in debilitation as both are powerless (Chap. 20, Verse 30). Prof B. S. Rao in his path breaking commentary on Sarwartha Chintamani views the status of a planet in combustion, in debilitation and in an inimical house on similar lines. The principle of combustion is found to be applicable in the computation of longevity on quantitative lines found in textbooks on astrology. 50% of the quantum of years supplied by a planet is deducted for arriving at the longevity figure, while in combustion or debilitation, in Mantreswara's approach while a liberalized approach is adopted by the author of Jataka Parijata in exempting Venus and Saturn from mandatory deductions. Some scholars have made an attempt to question the discriminatory approach in exempting Venus and Saturn from these deductions when all planets come under the phenomenon of combustion uniformly.

Cancellation of Combustion
The Sun is debilitated in Libra. If he conjoins Venus or Saturn he would get relief through the formation of a Neechabhanga Raja Yoga when the debilitated Sun conjoins either an exalted Saturn or a well-placed Venus in the latter's own house in Libra. My humble view is that the exemption conferred upon Venus or Saturn bears a direct link to the Principle of Neechabhanga getting imported to combustion and resulting in Moudyabhanga or the concept of cancellation of combustion. If longevity is not affected merely because Saturn or Venus is combust, is there not a ground to infer that the Karakattwas of a combust planet are also not completely destroyed in this celestial phenomenon?

A new concept introduced by the author of Jataka Parijata is:
Planets which do not possess benefic aspect or other good influences prove to be inauspicious when they are debilitated, in inimical house, associated with malefics, combust, in junction points, have fewer points in Ashtakavarga or when they occupy the evil parts of a sign. (Chapter II, Sloka 34)

The correct interpretation of this verse would be a planet is deemed to be inauspicious if it:-
(a) Has some defect in the form of combustion or debilitation or any one of the negative features discussed in Verse 34 of Chapter II of Jataka Parijata.
(b) The aforesaid planet fails to obtain the aspect of a benefic.
The aspect of a benefic is curative in nature. One may even say it is preventive since it prevents the aforesaid weak planet from delivering bad results. In the absence of benefic aspect, the negative qualities of the planet are experienced by the native. Within the matrix of this doctrine there are certain exceptions.
(a)planet debilitated in both Rasi and in Navamsa gets the benefit of Vargottama and thereby is transformed into a benefic.
(b)A planet debilitated in Rasi but exalted in Navamsa acquires the status of an exalted planet (vide Jataka Parijata VI -36)
(c)A planet in debilitation is treated as an exalted planet while in retrogression. (Uttara Kalamrta II-6)
This verse incidentally gives rise to one of the factors causing Moudyabhanga (cancellation of combustion), namely, when a combust planet is aspected by a benefic, the evil attributable to combustion is removed.
Take for instance the Sun-Saturn conjunction in Aries. This is a perfect case of Neechabhanga Raja Yoga. A debilitated Saturn has its weakness covered up by an exalted Sun. In this case, if Saturn is also subject to combustion, then I would prefer to say it is not just Neechabhanga but also Moudyabhanga. In case this conjunction occurs in Libra, then one is faced with a piquant situation wherein a combust Saturn is aligned with a debilitated Sun.In this situation, I would go with the verdict that Moudyabhanga coexists with Neechabhanga in as much as a weak Sun is incapable of providing the required ammunition for combustion to immobilize a powerful Saturn.

According to Jataka Parijata,
A planet may be even badly placed or in an inimical Amsa or debilitated; it will nevertheless prove to be beneficial when the Navamsa or Rasi occupied it is its own or exaltation sign or of a friendly planet no less when a benefic aspect it (XI- 9)

This verse highlights the dictum that the Navamsa plays an important role in predictive astrology. If combustion is seen from this angle, then even a combust planet could provide good results provided it is well placed in Rasi or Navamsa. Adding to the ambiguity, textbooks on astrology fail to distinguish between an exalted combust planet and a combust debilitated planet. The Sun-Jupiter conjunction in Cancer cannot be equated with the Sun-Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn. In the former case, both planets occupy a state of dignity. In the latter case, Sun occupies the house of his dire enemy Saturn, while Jupiter is debilitated. In that situation one cannot expect either of the planets to individually deliver positive results, let alone the prospects of this Yoga.

Can Mercury get Combust ?
The Budha-Aditya Yoga is extolled in ancient texts. Polite speech, fame, respect of the rulers, greatness, wealth, happiness and beauty all follow a person who has Budha Aditya Yoga in the natal chart. What if under the given circumstance, Mercury is combust? Some scholars opine that a combust Mercury cannot give rise to Budha Aditya Yoga. The sine quo non for occurrence of the Budha Aditya Yoga is a non-combust Mercury. A certain section of scholars holds the view that the word "Yoga" does not differentiate rapt conjunction from conjunction in the sense in which it is ordinarily understood. For a conjunction to take place all that is needed is for the two planets - Sun and Mercury - to occupy the same sign. Using this argument this school holds the view that combustion of Mercury is negated by occurrence of Budha-Aditya Yoga. In its view, Mercury can never suffer the blemish of combustion.

Yoga Bhanga Factor
Pravrajya or Sanyasa Yoga is generally considered an inauspicious Yoga wherein a person renounces his routine life to take up the life of a mendicant. While the quest for spiritual realization is a goal common to all of mankind, what renders Pravrajya Yoga inauspicious is the fact that the native is denied the happiness associated with family and belongings. In the process of reaching Moksha, Artha (wealth) and Kama (pleasure) are not just intermediary stages, but an essential part of the preparatory journey — without partaking the legitimate quota of mundane pleasures, the human birth is rendered infructuous. Self-realization is the ultimate quest of all mankind but nor without the allowances for wealth or pleasures. It is the deprivation of all forms of mundane happiness that makes Pravrajya, a not-so alluring prospect even for a spiritual aspirant.

You can look at Pravrajya Bhanga Yoga due to a combust planet from two angles. By denying access to mendicancy, it can effectively scuttle the prospects of asceticism. The fallout of this is that it makes a person a spiritual aspirant within the framework of a family thereby leading to krama mukti or salvation in a progressive way.When found in the chart of a householder (Grihasta), it makes him a detached witness to family life but does not permit him to shirk the duties attendant on the breadwinner of a family. Pravrajya Yoga can help identify a person who is best suited for heading Ashrams, hermitages or Mutts but in case one of the planets giving rise to this Yoga is combust, then the person merely has admiration for ascetism but does not become an ascetic himself. Not every fan of Sachin Tendulkar is a cricketer. Some have aptitude and training for playing the game while others have a passion for the sport though they may not have held a cricket bat in their hand all through their lives. This analogy would explain the dichotomy between Pravrajya Yoga and Pravrajyabhanga Yoga (I am using the term "Pravrajyabhanga Yoga" for want of better terminology).

Bhattotpala gives a clue to determining whether a planet is combust or not. Assuming that a planet occupies the 2nd house from the Sun does not mean it is not combust nor does the Yoga of a planet in conjunction with the Sun automatically make it combust. The mathematical degrees alone are the guiding principle to ascertain whether a planet is combust or not.

"In the examination of hundreds of horoscopes I have found the Yogas per se valid for what results are predicted .Combustion does its work independently of the Yogas of course one swallow does never make a summer - a thousand might. Our difficulty is that in the thousand not one is the same absolutely as another. Therefore, we ought to look for variations and figure out how and the why on scientific lines, not philosophic. The effect of combustion then is always felt and seen. But Yogas are not captives of the combustion principle. The founding fathers must at least be credited with the knowledge that certain planets in their Yoga formulations are vulnerable to combustion. We find no qualifying clauses in the stipulation of such Yogas. After a careful and close scrutiny of the relevant horoscopes I have come to the conclusion that conjunction with the Sun does not deprive a planet of his Yoga-forming powers. Its disadvantages would come to be expressed in other aspects of his functioning. (Y. Keshava Menon, The A.M., Sep. 1971, page 699)

Courtesy: Modern Astrology (Dr. E.S Neelakantan Ph.D)                                        
                                                                                                                                 To be continued...

June 06, 2017

Possibilities for Own Ventures from Your Chart

Possibilities for Own Ventures from Your Chart

As you know, your astrology chart has 12 houses and these houses indicates different areas. By analyzing the divisional chart you can see which area would be ideal for you to start a business. We all have different destinies and our capabilities are different. A lot of people want to do business, but many lose through halfway. 

As a practicing astrologer, I have seen so many people who lost everything through trying their luck in business.  We have to check the divisional charts to find which sector of business will suit one. There are various sectors, where we can start our own business.

According to astrology, we can easily find who can be a successful or moderately successful businessman. Saturn is the main planet to determine a good future in business. Jupiter, Venus and Mercury also show the chances for a business profession, but not much like Saturn.  Jupiter is the natural indicator for the 2nd house of wealth. Venus indicates money and business relations and Mercury indicates communications. 

The 2nd, 7th, 10th and 11th houses are the main houses for wealth. The 2nd house shows material possessions and money, the 7th house shows business relations, the 10th house shows career and social image. Finally, the 11th house means the house of gains, hopes, and wishes. Mainly the 2nd and the 11th houses should be positively placed and strong. 

Firstly, you should look at the 10th house. The 10th house is the house of career or social image. If the lord of this house is placed in the 3rd house, that means this person has a future in his own ventures. The 3rd house is the house of own efforts. This house is also known as Shourya Bhava or house of courage. 

The same condition applies to the placement of the 10th Lord in 5th house, as the 5th house is the house of creative ventures, self-promotion, own projects and group settings.  The 10th lord in 11th house also shows a good chance to have his own business. The 10th lord in the 1st house is a semi-condition for own business as the 1st house also means self-efforts.

These are the three main conditions for a business profession. There are other minor conditions like a 10th lord in 8th,  9th or 6th houses. There are other conditions like the 3rd lord in 11th house, 3rd lord in 10th house, 3rd lord in 7th house, 3rd lord in 3rd house, 3rd lord in the 5th house and the list will go on like this.

You can see the possibilities by the interchangeability of 10th, 3rd, 11th, 5th, 9th, 6th or 8th lord between each other to know the chances of having an own business.  Mercury is speech and Venus is money, so the combination of these two planets also show the chances for making money through speech. 

Saturn is the planet for hard work. When Saturn is in the 2nd, 3rd, 10th, 11th and 7th house, then there are good chances for being a businessman. 

June 03, 2017

Combinations for Wealth

Combinations for Wealth

Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha are the four pillars of one's life. The role of each pillar can be identified in the horoscope. Planetary combinations not only reveal the ethical and spiritual stature of a native but also one's material prosperity and income and its acquisition. Wealth is one of the important pillars of life today. It bestows on one many blessings. A person without money does not command respect and recognition in modern society. A stranger becomes a kinsman to a rich man but to a poor man even a kinsman becomes a stranger. Of the 12 Bhavas , the 2nd house (wealth), the 4th (vehicles, house, lands), the 9th (luck), the 11th (accumulation of wealth) and the 12th house (expenditure) deal with material prosperity.

Jupiter is the significator of wealth. Jupiter and the Moon in the 2nd, 9th or the 11th and the lords of these houses in exalted positions indicate more wealth. Money matters are largely judged from the 2nd house which is the triad of the 10th and the 6th house. The 10th house is concerned with profession, occupation and business and the 6th house is concerned with the sphere of activity in which money may be earned In addition, the 8th house deals with inherited property and legacies. The 12th and the 4th houses are the triads of the 8th house. This shows that finances cannot be judged from the 2nd house alone. Money may be earned through the influence of the first 10 houses — the 1st house and the 2nd house by one's own efforts, the 3rd through brothers, the 4th through education or mother, the 5th through speculation, cinema, music and children, the through business and partners, the 8th house through insurance and legacies, the 9th house through foreign assignments and the 10th house through one's own profession. The 12th house indicates expenditure. The benefits from the 1st house to the 10th house are added and the adverse effect of the 12th house is deducted from the total benefits. The net balance is shown by the 11th house. Hence the 2nd and the 11th houses are important deciding the financial position of the native. The 11th is the 10th from the 2nd in the Zodiac and the 2nd sign Taurus is ruled by Venus. The 10th and 11th signs are ruled by Saturn. Hence the 2nd and the 10th signs of the Zodiac also become the Karakas or significators for career. The 2nd and the 10th houses from the Ascendant have control over the occupation of the native.

The Ascendant is of great importance in judging the final position of the native and also the Dhana Yogas. The following must be taken into account in assessing finances:-
(i)Ascendant and its lord
(ii) The 2nd, 4th, 9th, 10th and 11th houses and their lords.
(iii) Moon and Mercury.
(iv) Jupiter and Venus.
(v) Running Dasa, Bhukti and Transits.

The lord of the Ascendant in a decent position is itself a great asset which sustains a person throughout his life. The Ascendant and its lord exercise a powerful influence in maintaining the status of the native in different spheres of his activities including finance. The five Mahapurusha Yogas and Raja Yogas also bless one with wealth.

More Yogas
It is impossible to list all the Yogas for riches in this paper but a few of them are mentioned here. There are other combinations also to show riches as follows:-
(i)Conjunction of the 10th and 11th lord.
(ii)The 9th lord in a Kendra or Trikona or exalted or in own house.
(iii)The 10th lord in the 10th or the 2nd or the 9th.
(iv)Powerful Mercury, Venus, Jupiter in the Ascendant or the 2nd house.
(v)The 2nd lord in a Kendra or a Trikona from the Ascendant lord.
(vi)The Ascendant and 2nd lords in exchange of signs
(vii)Lords of 2nd and 11th in the Ascendant.
(viii)Jupiter in Sagittarius or Jupiter and Mars in Aquarius.
(ix)The Moon as 7th lord in the 2nd house makes the native get back lost wealth. This is possible only for Capricorn Ascendants.
(x)Usually Bhavas are destroyed if they are occupied by their respective Karakas or significators. The exception to this rule is Jupiter, Karaka for finance, in the 2nd house.

Dr. B.V.Raman gives the following Dhana Yogas in his 300 Important Combinations.
(i)The Sun must occupy the 5th identical with its own sign and Jupiter.
(ii)The 5th from the Ascendant happens to be the sign of Venus and Venus and Saturn are situated in the 5th and 11th respectively.
(Hi) The Sun in the 5th identical with own sign and Jupiter and the Moon in the 11th and Saturn should occupy his own sign which should be the 5th from the Ascendant while Mercury and Mars should be in the 11th.
(iv)The Sun in Leo aspected or joined by Mars and Jupiter.
(v)The Moon in Cancer aspected by Mars and Jupiter.
(vi)Mars in Aries or Scorpio aspected by the Moon, Venus and Saturn.
(vii)Mercury in own sign aspected by Saturn and Venus.
(viii)Venus in own sign aspected by Saturn and Mercury.
(ix)Planets in the 2nd from the Moon give rise to Sunapha Yoga indicating self-acquired wealth.
(x)Vasi Yoga is caused if planets are in the 12th from the Sun which makes a person rich and wealthy.
(xi)Durdhura Yoga gives much wealth when there are planets on either side of the Moon.
(xii)Vasumathi Yoga is caused by benefics in the 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th either from the Ascendant or the Moon when the native commands plenty of wealth.
(xi'ii) Combination of trinal and angular lords gives rise to Raja Yoga.

Financial Success
Chart 1: Male: Born October 19, 1942 at 1h.38m. at 10 N 47, 79 E 39 (Ay: 22-10-4)
Chart 1

Chart 1 is a good example for financial success shown by the 9th lord Jupiter exalted and Vargottama in the Ascendant. Powerful Mercury is in the 9th from the Moon. The Ascendant lord Moon is aspected by benefic Jupiter causing Lakshmi Yoga and Gajakesari Yoga. The 2nd lord Sun is in a Kendra from the Moon. The sign-dispositor of the Ascendant lord in the 11th produces Pushkala Yoga. The 10th and the 11th lords Mars and Venus in the 3rd are both aspecting the 9th. There is a Conjunction of the 5th and 11th lord Mars and Venus is in the 9th from the Moon. In Navamsa, the Ascendant lord Mercury is associated with the 5th and 6th lord is Saturn in the 10th house aspected by Vargottama Mars.

Moderate Finances
Chart 2: Male: Born February 24, 1941 at 6h.00m. at 10 N 55, 78 E 25 (Ay: 22-56-42)
chart 2

The 2nd house in Chart 2 is occupied by Ketu. No planets aspect the 2nd lord who is associated with Saturn. Mars and Rahu aspect the 2nd house. The 2nd lord from the Moon is Saturn. There is an exchange of signs between Jupiter and Mars. In other words, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Ketu and Rahu influence the 2nd house either in their major or sub-periods. Jupiter is capable of producing the effects of the 2nd house much more than the other planets since he occupies the Nakshatra of Venus who is a Yogakaraka for Aquarius Ascendant. Jupiter in the 3rd house is not favorable for finance. Even the Rahu - Ketu axis in the 2nd house does not help either, indicating weak financial results. The presence of Mercury and the Sun in the Ascendant does not assure financial security. The afflicted 2nd house indicates that the native may not accumulate a big fortune. The combination of the Sun and the 5th lord in the Ascendant would spell the difference between financially stable life and economically tight life.

While judging financial matters, a careful study of the 2nd house from all angles, planets in the 2nd and the aspects the 2nd house and the 2nd lord receive must be made. Jupiter and Venus, the natural significators of good fortune, must also be considered. The signs of the Zodiac have some influence over finance. The cardinal signs give money through fame and public recognition enterprise and adventure, fixed signs bring gain through government and common signs indicate wealth through service and ordinary means. The 2nd and 9th lords in the 11th with the Moon and Jupiter make one a millionaire.

Dhana Yogas
havartha Ratnakara gives the following combinations for wealth:-
(i)The lords of the 2nd and the nth from the Ascendant in the Ascendant.
(ii)The lords of the 1st, 2nd and 11th in their respective houses.
(Hi) Jupiter conjoined with the lord of the 2nd and Mercury.
(iv)The Ascendant lord and the 9th lord in strong positions.
(v)The lord of the 2nd in the 5th house and vice versa.
(vi)The lord of the 5th in the 5th and the lord of the 9th in the 9th.
(vii)The lords of the 2nd and the 5th combined with lords of the 5th and the 9th.

The following show riches, according to Laghu Parasari:-
(i) Jupiter in his own sign in the 9th with Venus or the lord of the 5th.
(ii) Mercury in the 5th in his own sign while Mars and the Moon occupy the nth.
(iii) Venus with Mercury in the 5th in a Venusian sign and Saturn in the 11th.
(iv)The Moon in the 5th in his own sign and Mars in the 11th.
(v) Mercury in the Ascendant in his own sign aspected by Jupiter and the Moon.
(vi)Saturn in the Ascendant in own sign aspected by Mercury associated with Venus.
(viii)The Sun in the Ascendant aspected by Mars and Jupiter.
(ix)The Pancha Mahapurusha Yogas Ruchaka, Bhadra, Hamsa, Malavya and Sasa.

Courtesy: Modern Astrology(N. Kunjammal)

May 31, 2017

Vargottama Planet

Vargottama Planet

When a planet is in the same sign in the birth chart and navamsa,then that planet is called Vargottama planet. It is coined from 2 words, Varga and Uttama. This is the best planet in the entire divisional chart.

There are other minor conditions which we can find Vargottama planets, but finding a planet in the same sign of D1 and D9 is the primary rule to find a Vargottama planet.

The idea is that the Vargottama planet will be very strong and it will help you with its own qualities. Or as a person, you will be displaying the qualities of your Vargottama planet. Your evident qualities will be the same qualities of your Vargottama planets.  Different planet indicates different qualities. So, the nature of the Vargottama planet will change according to the planets. 

Sun: The Sun indicates the soul, authority, will power, ego and self-esteem. So, if your Sun is Vargottama, then you will have a lot of will power. There will be a lot of intimations from your side. The Sun should not be in its debilitation sign Libra. Then the results can vary. 

Moon: The Moon indicates the emotions, pleasure, nourishment, motherly love and happiness. When the Moon is the Vargottama planet, the qualities indicated by the Moon will be more evident in you. The Moon should not be in Scorpio, which is the debilitation point for Moon. 

Mercury: The Mercury indicates communication, technology, media and intelligence. If your Mercury is well placed, then you will display a sharp intellect. Debilitation can be a problem and Mercury in Pisces generally means intellect is used for wrong deeds. 

Venus: The Venus indicates love, luxury, comfort, money, strength and relationships. The Venusian qualities will be bright, if Venus is well placed. Venus is debilitated in Virgo, then that sensuousness of Venus will be hidden or unavailable. 

Mars: The Mars indicates resistance, fighting spirit, valor, and vigor. Martian qualities are good when the Mars is Vargottama. If it is in cancer, then Martian qualities will need a lot of training to be under control. The wrong use of any skill can damage your social relations. 

Jupiter: The Jupiter indicates wisdom, higher knowledge, higher studies, spirituality.  Jupiterian qualities will be very much evident in your life. The Jupiter which is great benefic, and it should not be in the sign of Capricorn. 

Saturn: The Saturn indicates delay, obstacles and stability.  You may get a mind block when you find Saturn as your Vargottama. It is not to be feared, it just means you have stability and resistance to go through any bad event. 

Rahu: The Rahu indicates rebelliousness, aggression, passion  and mental disposition.

Ketu: The Ketu indicates isolation, detachment, spirituality.

You have to check whether your Vargottama planet is in a good placement in birth charts. If they are in 6th, 8th, and 12th houses, there can be variations in the results. These houses are known as negative houses or dustana houses. So, the qualities indicated by the planets can be at a different level and you have to really control that energy. 

This Vargottama planet has to be in good aspects also. In any chart P( placement), A(aspect), C( Conjunction) is a valid matter. It will be ideal if they are with their good associates. 

We have to check whether they are functional benefic or malefic as well. If the Vargottama planet is a functional malefic, then also variations in the results can come up.

May 26, 2017

Birth Time Rectification (Part B)

Birth Time Rectification (Part B)

The five Tattwas repeat themselves in a clear and definitive cyclic order, during each day, after every one and a half hour or 90 minutes. They have definite periods. They are uniform. However, their order of occurrence each day will be dependent on the weekday as follows:
Prithvi (Earth) Tattwa - 6 minutes
Jala (Water) Tattwa - 12 minutes
Thejo (Fire) Tattwa - 18 minutes
Vayu (Air) Tattwa - 24 minutes
Akash (Ether) Tattwa - 30 minutes
The total duration is 90 minutes or 1 1/2 hours.

Each Tattwa from Prithvi onwards increases by 6 minutes in duration over the one preceding it. Jala and Vayu are negative and hence they represent the Female. The Sun and Mars, being fiery, rule Tejo Tattwa. Venus and the Moon rule the Jala Tattwa. Hence, the day begins with sunrise with that Tattwa governed by the ruler of the weekday. Thereafter, the Tattwas next in order, one by one, take over as shown in Table I. See Table A and Table B.

Table A has five main columns. The first column indicates the serial number of the entries. The second column has five sub-columns. They carry the time slots from 6 a.m. The first to five sub-columns contain 90 slots each.

They are the local times both a.m. and p.m. They are distributed as follows
(i) 06-00 a.m. to 10-30 a.m. 
(ii) 10-33 a.m. to 03-00 p.m. 
(iii) 03-03 p.m to 07-00 p.m. 
(iv) 07-03 p.m to 12-00 midnight 
(v) 12-03 a.m. to 04-30.a.m.

It can be seen that they cover periods only upto 04-30 a.m. of the next day.
If birth occurs after 04-30 a.m. and before next sunrise, subtract 9 hours and take the result for reference in the Table A. The columns from 3 to 5 contain in them - Fixed, Moveable and Common signs. They carry in them the Nakshatra group of three each. The same group repeats itself after 27 minutes. The first entry under Movable column is Krittika-Uttaraphalguni- Uttarashada. Under column Fixed, it is Mrigasira-Chitta-Dhanishta and under Common column, it is Punarvasu-Visakha- Poorvabhadrapada. 
Table A-1
Table A-2
Table A-3
Table B-1
Table B-2
Table B-3

Table B has the first column to denote the serial numbers and they are the same noted in the first column of Table A. The succeeding 7 columns are for the weekdays of birth from Sunday to Saturday. The sex of the child is given under each of these columns. M denotes Male and F, Female.

The letters within brackets given just after M or F denote the particular Tattwa ruling at that time of birth.

P stands for Prithvi Tattwa with a duration of 6 minutes, J stands for Jala Tattwa with a duration of 12 minutes, T stands for Tejo with a duration of 18 minutes, V stands for Vayu Tattwa with a duration of 24 minutes and a stands for Akasha Tattwa having a duration of 30 minutes.

While the Nakshatra-trio repeat themselves in the same order after 27 minutes, the sex and Tattwas do so after 90 minutes. The Tables have been constructed for an assumed time of sunrise of 6 a.m. local or mean. When the actual sunrise time differs from this, observe the following rules before referring to the Tables.

(i) If the sunrise time on any day is before 6 a.m. add the interval between that sunrise time and 6 a.m. to the local birth time, if it is after sunrise.
(ii) If the sunrise is after 6 a.m. subtract the interval - excess over 6 a.m. from the given local birth time, if it is after sunrise.
(iii) if the birth is before sunrise take the weekday of the previous day and the time of sunrise.
(iv) For the Hindu calendar, the weekday commences only after the sunrise. For example, take a case of a birth at 05-15 a.m. on February 4th, a Sunday, and the sunrise on that day is at 05-18 a.m. then the weekday of birth is to be taken as Saturday and not Sunday.
(v)The Tattwas commence the exact minute the previous one is completed.

For example, look for Tuesday. The Table shows M(t) as beginning from 06-03 a.m. and lasting till 06-21 a.m. However, it can be seen this 06-21 a.m. is noted as F(v). So it has to be taken as M(t) lasts till the 20th minute is over and the next F(v) commences just after 06-21 a.m.

For the rectification exercise to be taken up and the Tables to be consulted, the following four factors must have been ascertained beforehand.
(i)Ascendant and its Triplicities.
(ii)Nakshatra on the day of birth.
(iv)Time of Sunrise.
The theory can be understood better with the help of some actual cases given by Dr. Rao himself.

Jagdish Chandra Bose: DOB - 30-11-1858 • TOB - 04.12 pm., local time. • Lagna -Taurus • Nakshatra - Hasta • Weekday- Tuesday • Sunrise: 06.28.43.
Deducting 28' 43" from the recorded TOB 04.12, we get 03 43' 17"
From the Table we can see under Serial Number 18 against 03.54pm - all agree as explained earlier.
The Lagna tallies with Fixed; Nakshatra Hasta is one of the group - Rohini- Hasta- Sravana; weekday Tuesday. So the rectified time could be 03.54 p.m.
The required correction to the recorded TOB is + 10'43" (03.54 minus 03.43M7" = 10'.43")
Incorporating this to the given TOB we get 04.12 p.m. plus 10'43" = 04.22.43 p.m. or 04.23' p.m. under Akasha Tattwa.
Male: DOB - 17-06-1931 . TOB - 04.05 a.m. local time • Lagna -Taurus • Nakshatra - Aridra • Weekday- Tuesday: Sunrise: 05.32am. As the sunrise is at 05.32am., it is 28' earlier than 6 a.m.
So adding 28' to the recorded time of 04.05, we get 04.33 and this has to be referred to in the Tables.
However, as the birth is after 04.30 a.m. but before sunrise we have to deduct 09 hrs to get the time for the reference to the Tables.
So we get 04.33 am minus 09hrs = 07h.33m pm. {as we have Tables only till 04-30 a.m.)

Under Serial 2, we get for 07.36 fixed Lagna - Taurus- Aridra- Swati - Satabhisha - male - Tejo Tattwa.
So the correction needed is +3'.
The rectified time will then be 04.05 + 03" = 04.08am - Tejo Tattwa.

Mahatma Gandhi: DOB - 02-10-1869 • TOB -07.10 a.m. local time • Day - Saturday • Lagna -Libra: Nakshatra - Aslesha: Weekday- Saturday: Sunrise: 05.55.30.
Sunrise time difference 00.04.30.
So TOB has to taken as 07.10.00 + 00.04.30. = 07.14.30
For 07.25 under Serial Number 25, we see all the factors agreeing.
So the correction required is +30".
The rectified TOB will be 07.10.30 a.m. under Tejo Tattwa.

Male: DOB 14-11-1990. TOB 02.28.30 pm local time • Lagna -Pisces: Nakshatra - Chitta: Weekday- Wednesday: Sunrise: 06.03.54 local time.
Deducting 00-03.54 from 02.28.30 pm we get 02.24.36 p.m.
Table choices are : 02.03; 02.30 and 02.57
For 02.03, sex does not agree.
For 02.30 all the four tally.
02.57 is far off and hence rejected . .
Difference is + 05 '24"
Rectified TOB is 02.28.30 pm + 05'24" = 02.33'54"

In cases where the difference of the recorded time and time slot proved in the Table become abnormal, one has to be extremely judicious in deciding. However, as all the four ingredients - Nakshatra, Lagna, weekday and sex have to tally, this could be an infallible tool that can be relied upon.

If this humble attempt of the scribe enthuses budding young students of astrology to study the theory in depth and adopt or analyze it for some fruitful rectification efforts of the birth time, he would be happy his labour has not gone in vain.

Courtesy: Modern Astrology (V.S Kalyanaraman)
Continued from:Birth Time Rectification (Part A) 

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