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November 21, 2017

Timing Marriage from Navamsa Clues - Part II

Timing Marriage from Navamsa Clues - Part II

The Navamsa chart comes in handy in cases where two people are caught in an emotional involvement and which the parents have difficulty in accepting. At such times, the Navamsa can be examined to find out if the involvement will end in marriage or disappointment. Here again, it must be emphasized that what the Rasi chart does not indicate cannot be found simply on the basis of Navamsa positions. The Rasi, as is clearly known, is deemed to contain within itself a heap or multiplicity of details relating to all aspects of life, not excluding marriage. Therefore, even in the kind of cases where two people are in love, the Rasi chart is the first thing to scrutinize for the course the involvement will eventually take. But where the clues here are not clear or are contradictory on the basis of relevant factors, the Navamsa chart gives helpful hints.

The 5th house rules emotions and the 7th house, marriage. Therefore any connection between the 5th and 7th houses in Navamsa is more or less a clear indication the romantic friendship will lead to the altar. This relationship can be with reference to either to the Rasi Ascendant or the Moon-sign.

Reverting to Chart 1, the 5th lord from the Ascendant Leo is Jupiter while Saturn is the 7th lord. In Navamsa, the two planets are in mutual aspect. This relationship is repeated fa Second time if Chandra Lagna or the Moon-sign which is also Leo is considered. The marriage followed a courtship.

Chart 3: Male: Born April 24, 1976 at 11 h. 15m. at 13 N 05, 80 E 18 with a balance of 5 years 11 months of Rahu Dasa at birth.
chart 3

In Chart 3, marriage took place in March 2001 in Mercury Bhukti, Saturn Dasa. The Dasa and Bhukti lords are in Shashtashtaka positions in the Navamsa. The Bhukti lord Mercury is the ruler of the Navamsa Ascendant. This young man working in the U.S. for a software firm fell in love with a colleague and married her. Initially, the mother showed some resistance to the match but when the horoscopic indications were explained to her and it was pointed out their marriage was likely, she gave in. The 5th lord Venus and the 7th lord Jupiter are not directly related. But the 5th lord from the Moon, namely, Mercury and the 7th lord Sun are in mutual aspect in Navamsa showing the strong possibility of the involvement ending in marriage.

Chart 4: Born February 11, 1965 at 2h. 30m. at 28 N 36. 77 E 12 with a balance of 3 months 5 days of Moon Dasa at birth.
chart 4

In Chart 4 of a popular film star, a Muslim married to a Hindu, the 5th lord is Jupiter and the 7th lord is Saturn. Saturn aspects Jupiter in Navamsa. However, it must be clarified at this stage that simply because such a relationship obtains in the Navamsa chart, one cannot jump to the conclusion that a love-marriage is certain. But where the Rasi chart shows an emotional involvement, the Navamsa condition if fulfilled can be deemed to assure of its culmination in marriage. The absence of such a relationship between the 5th and 7th lords in Navamsa does not necessarily imply the converse or disappointment in love. And as Dr. Raman has always emphasized, no single factor or condition can over-rule what the chart read in its entirety shows.

Summing up, the Rasi is to be analysed first according to general principles of timing marriage. This would sometimes be fairly clear in terms of Dasa and Bhukti. But in some cases, where such Dasa and Bhukti pass without producing the anticipated event of marriage or where such periods do not seem to be sufficiently qualified to show marriage, the Navamsa chart is to be taken up. In such cases, the indications for marriage get strengthened in the Bhuktis of the following factors in the Navamsa.
a)The planet in Shashtashtaka (6-8) position with Dasa lord. 
b)The rising Navamsa lord
c)The setting Navamsa lord
d)Atmakaraka (Jaimini)
e)The planet in Karakamsa

Such an approach combining the Rasi and Navamsa indication judiciously gives a fairly accurate period for marriage especially in cases where it has been elusive.

Courtesy: Modern Astrology

November 15, 2017

Timing Marriage from Navamsa Clues - Part I

Timing Marriage from Navamsa Clues - Part I

The basic horoscope is a combination of two charts, the Rasi and the Navamsa. Though the Rasi by far is the more important of the two, the Navamsa enjoys a status that the remaining Shodasavargas or sub-divisional charts do not attract. The Rasi chart has all the Shodasavargas inbuilt into it, yet the Navamsa has always been given prominence by placing it beside the Rasi chart unlike the other sub-divisional charts. The logic of this tradition is difficult to gauge.

According to Parasara in the chapter Vargavivechanadhyaya (Brihat Parasara Hora. Chap VIII-3), नवांशे कलत्राणां ) Chelan' or the Navamsa is to be looked into for all matters related to the spouse. The 7th house is given prominence over all marital details in the Rasi chart. This house which is in direct opposition to the Ascendant is deemed to be complementary to the Ascendant (the most important point in the chart) and planets in the 7th or otherwise influencing the 7th are deemed to either add to or detract from the strength of the Ascendant and thereby of the entire chart itself. Since the 7th house gains so much importance in the making or marring of the basic chart, the Navamsa whose main signification or content equates with that of the 7th house finds a complementary place beside the Rasi chart.

The Navamsa chart can sometimes, in cases when marriage is elusive in the sense the Rasi chart does not help give a clear picture, be effectively used to time marriage. Once the Dasa has been determined on the basis of the Rasi chart, the Navamsa chart can be examined for identifying the Bhukti that is most likely to give marriage. It has been found in many cases that marriage is likely in:-
(a)The Bhukti whose lord is in Shashtashtaka with the Dasa lord in Navamsa
The Shashtashtaka position is found to show a dislodgement or displacement under general principles of predictive astrology ad such displacement can be of place or of status. Therefore in the present context if the Dasa and Bhukti lord are in Shashtashtaka in Rasi or Navamsa, it can bring about a change in status from being single to married.
(b)The Bhukti of the Navamsa Ascendant lord
Since the Navamsa is primarily concerned with marital matters, the rising Navamsa assumes importance in judgement of such details. The period of the lord of the rising Navamsa should therefore assume a prominent role in this context.
(c)The Bhukti of the lord of the setting or 7th Navamsa
Since the 7th- house rules marriage, planets associated with the 7th house in Navamsa may be deemed to have a say in marital matters. The 7th lord in the Navamsa or the ruler of the setting Navamsa becomes qualified to confer marriage.
(d)The Bhukti of the Atmakaraka
The Atmakaraka as defined by Jaimini as the planet with the maximum longitude in the sign of occupation is a factor that cannot be overlooked in interpretation. The sign of occupation by the Atmakaraka gets special status in Navamsa as Karakamsa and therefore, the period of such a planet may also be deemed to be significant for purposes of timing marriage.
(e) The Bhukti of a planet in Karakamsa
Karakamsa is an important factor in several ways. Sometimes, it is treated on par with the Ascendant and therefore, many of the rules of predictive astrology that apply to a chart with reference to the Rasi Ascendant as a focal point can also be applied equally effectively with reference to Karakamsa.

Chart 1: Male: Born August 20, 1944 at 7h. 11m. (1ST) at 18 N 59, 72 E 60 with a balance of 12 years 1 month 15 days of Venus Dasa at birth.

The 7th house in Chart 1 is aspected by the Ascendant lord Sun, Vargottama benefic Jupiter, 12th lord Moon and Kalatrakaraka Venus which does not seem to show a late marriage. Additionally, 7th lord Saturn is in the 11th house and this is no delaying factor. Let us examine this chart applying the rules generally followed in predicting marriage and then move on to an examination of the Navamsa chart.

Rule 1: The Dasa of the planet in the 7th or aspecting the 7th or owning the 7th house becomes a strong contender in conferring marriage.
The 7th house being vacant, the Sun, Jupiter, Moon and Venus as aspecting the 7th house and Saturn as 7th lord become qualified to be the Dasa lord for marriage.
Venus Dasa ended at 12 years, Sun Dasa ended at 18 years, Moon Dasa at 28 years, Jupiter Dasa was to start in 1997, Saturn Dasa was to start in 2013 and Mercury Dasa in 2032.
Venus Dasa gets over in childhood. Saturn and Mercury are too late to show marriage. And we must remember the chart is not one that can be classified as coming under delayed marriage. Moon Dasa between 18 to 28 years appears to be the most appropriate.

Rule II A: Find out the stronger of the:-
(a)Lord of Rasi occupied by the 7th lord or the sign-dispositor of the 7th lord.
The 7th lord Saturn being in Gemini, such planet is Mercury in Chart 1.
(b)Lord of Navamsa occupied by 7th lord or the Navamsa sign-dispositor of 7th lord.
The 7lh lord Saturn being in Aquarius Navamsa, it is Saturn again.
The stronger of the two becomes eligible for timing marriage. Between Saturn and Mercury, Saturn who is already qualified as 7th lord becomes better bet. Also to be noted is the relative deficiency in strength of Mercury being in a junctional or cuspal degree.

Rule II B: The period of (a) Venus or (b) Moon
Therefore, Mercury, Saturn [Rule 11(a) and (b)] and Venus and Moon [Rule IIB, (a) and (b)] can be Dasa lords conferring marriage. Of these, Mercury and Saturn and Venus get eliminated by reason of their occurrence at too old an age or too young an age. The Moon is thef only qualified planet left to confer marriage.

Rule III: The sign-dispositor of the 2nd lord, of the planet joining the 7th lord as also the 9th and 10th lords.
The 2nd lord Mercury is in own sign and the 7th lord Saturn has no association. The 9th and 10th lords are Mars and Venus respectively. Of these, Mercury and Venus have been eliminated. Only Mars remains as contender. The Dasas now available for giving marriage are of the Moon (18 to 28 years) and of Mars ( 28 to 35 years). Since the chart shows early marriage, the Moon Dasa may be deemed more qualified in this context.

The Bhukti can be of any one of these planets.
Rule 1: Venus, Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Saturn.
Rule II: Mercury. Saturn, Venus, Moon.
Rule III: Mercury, Venus and Mars.
That is. the Bhuktis of Moon, Mars, Jupiter. Saturn. Mercury, Venus and the Sun are contenders now in Moon Dasa.

Marriage took place in March 1968 in Saturn Bhukti of Moon Dasa. The Moon favorably placed aspects the 7th house. Saturn is the 7th lord. In Navamsa we find the Dasa lord Moon and and Bhukti lord Saturn are in Shashtashtaka or 6-8 positions which brought in a change in status from bachelorhood to married man. Additionally, we may note the Bhukti lord Saturn is the Navamsa 7th lord placed in the 7th in Aquarius further supporting the Bhukti in conferring marriage. Taking Jupiter's transit as important, his movement through Leo assumes significance since the sign holds the Ascendant, Janma Rasi, Dasa lord Moon and Kalatrakaraka Venus as well as natal Jupiter in Rasi.

Reverting to the Navamsa, the Dasa lord Moon in Virgo has Saturn and Ketu in Shashtashtaka positions from him. Between the two, Saturn as Rasi 7th lord becomes more qualified to show marriage. The Bhukti lord Saturn as the Navamsa 7th lord as well scores over Ketu. Now transpose the transits on to the Navamsa chart. Transit wise, the Nodal axis is across the Navamsa Moon who also happens to be Dasa lord. Saturn in transit is in Pisces aspecting Dasa lord Moon in Navamsa, while transit Jupiter is on Navamsa Ascendant influencing the Navamsa 7th house and lord as well as Bhukti lord Saturn. Almost all the conditions apply very well to this case.

Chart 2: Female: Born June 22, 1954 at 9h. 20m. at 28 N 40, 77 E 13 with a balance of 4 years 11 months 5 days of Rahu Dasa at birth.

In Chart 2, marriage took place on January 28, 1980 in Mercury Bhukti of Saturn Dasa. The Dasa and Bhukti lord are in Shashtashtaka or 6-8 positions in the Navamsa. The Bhukti lord Mercury is also the 7th lord in Navamsa. He is the Atmakaraka as well.

Transit Saturn was in Virgo in the Navamsa 7th house which also happens to be the 7th sign from the Navamsa Moon. Transit Jupiter in Leo aspected Navamsa Ascendant lord Jupiter apart from being in the 7th from natal Moon. The transit Nodal axis in Aquarius-Leo cut across the Navamsa Ascendant lord Jupiter.

It is important to always bear in mind that astrology is not merely predicting. It is more a counseling tool that can effectively employed to handle tense and unpalatable situations, especially within the family. The increasing opportunities for interaction and meeting between young people with the rigid taboos of the greater part of the last century against intermingling of members of the opposite sex loosening has led to young people being drawn into emotional involvements. In a country as diverse as ours, such involvement brings the questions of caste, creed and community igniting, many a time, tensions between parents and the youngsters. In such circumstances, an astrological approach in the situation can not only help diffuse the conflict but also help in making the decision. Confirmatory clues can indicate the parents can do little to wean away their children from the involvement. And that acceptance would be the best solution.

Courtesy: Modern Astrology                                                                                    to be continued

November 11, 2017

Transit Forecast - Based on the Rasi of Moon

Transit Forecast - Based on the Rasi of Moon

Besides the results, which pointed out in the horoscope of each and every one, the planetary transits are also affecting their life, time by time. That is called Transit Forecast. Especially, the changes in the planetary positions of Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu may cause the direct and clear changes. Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu had very rare transit changes since two months. Jupiter transits for almost one year, Saturn in two and a half, Rahu and Ketu for one and a half years in the same zodiac sign. Let us check how that changes affect you..

ARIES (Ashvini, Bharani, first 15 nazhika of Krittika)
The period, where Rahu transits in fourth and Ketu in tenth houses are coming. Jupiter transits from the sixth house to seventh. Saturn transits to ninth. The center position of Jupiter gives you much relief. But the positions of Rahu and Saturn are not much more favorable. You should take more care on the health of your mother in this period. Be very careful while driving. You must avoid late untimely travels. There is a chance for a change in residence. You may face objections from relatives. You must avoid unnecessary arguments. There may be police cases, court disputes during the unfavorable planetary position of Kuja. The ninth position of Saturn may negatively affect the mental peace. You will face obstacles in career also during this period. The blessings offered by the planetary position of Jupiter will reduce the depth of obstacles.

Will Saturn transit to Saggitarius bring changes in your life?
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TAURUS (last 45 nazhika of Krittika, Rohini, first half of Mrigashirsha):
This is a period where Rahu occupies the third house and Ketu, ninth. Jupiter is in ninth and Saturn in eighth. The planetary positions of Rahu and Jupiter are very favorable.
Saturn is Ashtama. But you will have good results. There is a chance for fame or job promotions, which you haven’t got yet. You may expect help from your relatives.
Though it is a favorable period, be careful in financial matters. It is better to seek advice from experts at the time of investments or speculative businesses. You must take care of your health and always consult a doctor on time. Though the professional side is great, please avoid unnecessary actions. During this period you will experience peace and prosperity at home.

GEMINI (second half of Mrigashirsha, Ardra, first 45 nazhika of Punarnava)
This is a period where Rahu transits in Second house, Ketu in eighth, Jupiter in fifth and Saturn in seventh. The planetary positions of Rahu, Ketu and Saturn are inauspicious. But Jupiter is favorable. The planetary position of Rahu in second house will cause obstructions in educational matters, especially for students. There may be worries at home. This period indicates a chance for unnecessary arguments.You will have some chances to lose valuable things, by theft. You may have small accidents or falls. Avoid untimely travels. You will have prosperity in career. You may get an opportunity to do experiments with new ideas. There is a chance for unnecessary travels and restlessness. You may face small obstacles and delay in all fields during this period. You will have some small bad after effects. Besides those effects the coming year will be a happy one.

CANCER (last 15 nazhika of Punarvasu, Pushya, Aslesha)
Rahu transiting in own house and Ketu in Seventh, Jupiter in forth and Saturn in sixth. Changes in the positions of Rahu and Ketu is not much favorable. Jupiter moves to the fourth house from the third. This will remove all past miseries. Saturn in the sixth house and it is favorable. Circumstances will be almost beneficial. But to achieve good results, you must work very hard in your field. Saturn will help you to make victory over opponents. Your financial position will improve. But expenses will also increase. The separation and conflicts with the relatives will cause mental agony. You may get luck in travels. It is not a favorable period for those, who needs a new job. So please keep it in mind and concentrate on your present job. This is not a bad time for speculations. You can make this period beneficial through prayers and visiting temples.

LEO (Magha, Purva phalguni, first 15 nazhika of Uttara Phalguni)
Rahu transiting in twelfth house, Ketu in sixth, Jupiter in third and Saturn in fifth. The planetary position of Ketu is favorable. But the position of Jupiter in third indicates lack of blessings. After September it won’t be a good period. Try to stay safe there for one year. Though there is a chance for staying abroad, you may face challenges in your field. This is not a right period for speculations. Giving guarantee and loan may cause loss and disgrace. Prayer and devotion are moist during this period. Please stay calm and act wisely whenever you face challenges. There may be changes in thoughts as per the position of Jupiter in the horoscope.

VIRGO (last 45 nazhika of Uttara Phalguni, Hasta, first half of Chitra)
This is the period where Rahu transiting in eleventh, Ketu in fifth, Saturn in forth houses. You will have many important and good situations in your life. You can reach higher positions in your profession. Confidence and efforts will give you good result.
This is the right time to invest money in profitable businesses. You may have opponents in both, professional and social fields. You will be anxious about your children’s education. You may have stomach related problems. Friendships from opposite sex may give you happiness. You may face struggles and difficulties in your life. There may be a lack of favorable things because of the powerlessness condition of Rahu, Ketu and Jupiter in  the horoscope.

LIBRA (last half of Chitra, Swati, 45 nazhika of Vishakha)
As per the positional changes, Rahu in tenth house, Ketu in forth, Jupiter in own house and Saturn transiting third house. Please take more attention and care during this period. Your financial position will improve than the previous period. But, in every health issue you must consult a doctor and use proper medicines. You may involve in arguments or may have different opinions with relatives.There will be a positional change in your field. There is a chance for a change in the department or a change in the case of reporting manager. There may be chances of getting insulted by opponents. You may be profited from vehicles. There is a chance to get money in unexpected ways. You may have prosperity in your profession and you may achieve many things, which you desired to achieve.
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SCORPIO (last 15 nazhika of Vishakha, Anuradha, Jyeshtha)
This is a period where Rahu transiting in the ninth house, Ketu in third, Jupiter in twelfth and Saturn in the second house, as per the positional changes. This period is not much favorable. Jupiter in twelfth house gives you lack of blessings and financial risk. You must have more care on financial matters during this period. You can live happily if you avoid the mentality to give guarantee, loan etc.Your father needs more care in this period. You can experience many obstacles in every field. But you can make victory over your opponents. You may have to struggle and face financial losses in your travels. You may be victimized by your relatives and nothing to wonder if you have been gone through the same situation before.You have to overcome unfavorable moments with proper attention and sense.

SAGITTARIUS (Mula, Purva Ashada, first 15 nazhika for Uttara Ashada)      
Rahu transiting in eighth house, Ketu in second, Jupiter in eleventh and Saturn in own house. During this period you may have both, positive and negative experiences. You must take treatments on time and use your medicines and follow instructions as directed. You may experience a delay in receiving your money. Your dialogues may create enemies. But, the planetary position of Jupiter in eleventh house will help you to fulfill your needs.Nothing to wonder if you get more profit than the expected.But there may be chances to loose your wealth if you fail to handle it properly. You will achieve higher positions because of your hard work. There are chances for promotion and increments. Your actions with caution and wisdom will help you to make the period beneficial. 

CAPRICON (last 45 nazhika of Uttara Ashada, Sravana, first half of Dhanishta)
As per the planetary movements, Rahu transits in seventh, Ketu in its own, Jupiter in tenth and Saturn in twelfth. During this period, you will have to experience more unfavorable and less favorable conditions. You may face bad experiences unexpectedly. You may face challenges in your field than past years. But still you can shine in leading front. There is a chance for small quarrel and misunderstandings with your wife. There is no wonder in the separation of love. You may get more responsibilities from different fields. All the acts without proper thinking may lead you to troubles. During this year , you have to do things wisely and as per your work, your benefits will rise up.  

 How Jupiter transit in Libra changes personal life?
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AQUARIUS (last half of Dhanishta, Shatabhisha, first Purva Bhadrapada)
Rahu transiting in sixth, Ketu in twelfth, Jupiter in ninth and Saturn in Eleventh houses. 
This period gives you good results than previously. The opponents will fail and you can achieve victory over them. You will get some things, which you thought that you can’t ever get. You will have heights in the profession. There is no matter of wandering in such conditions of promotion or new job. Even though you may have small faults, there is nothing to fear. Your health condition, by which you suffered more, will be better in this period and it will give you peace. This period indicates a chance of getting inheritance.  It is better to invest money you get, wisely, for future.  

PISCES (last 15 nazhika of Purva Bhadrapada, Uttara Bhadrapada, Revati)
Rahu transiting in fifth, Ketu in eleventh, Jupiter in eighth and Saturn in tenth house. So it is not considered as a favorable period. It’s natural that students may have laziness and lack of interest during this period There is a chance for failure, if there is no concentration and hard work. If you have any health issues related to head, you must consult a doctor. In profession you may have weak and negative experiences. Prayers and more attention may help you to overcome those negative reactions, probably. Those, who is facing court disputes related to properties, may get relief. Guaranteeing, investing money in unfamiliar zones, etc. may give sufferings.

November 08, 2017

Clickastro Horoscope - Alexa Skill for Amazon Echo

Clickastro Horoscope - Alexa Skill for Amazon Echo
A smart speaker is a virtual assistance enabled device that can be connected to the net via WiFi or Bluetooth. It's a wireless speaker with voice detection ability. The device recognizes the user's speech to answer his queries or play the music which he asks. This newest innovation will soon be a necessity for homes and offices with which we can get any news or data in the midst of our works simply by talking to the virtual assistant.

The IT giants are soon to hit our market with their smart speakers - Apple HomePod, Google Home and Amazon Echo. These devices are enabled by their respective virtual assistants - Apple's Siri, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Out of these, Amazon Echo is expected to tap the Indian market first. Soon we will be having this device at our home and offices and will be talking to the Alexa. Other than the general data and entertainments, we can let this device provide information that requires special skills. Just like installing apps from Play Store or iStore, we can empower Alexa with special skills by logging into Amazon site and using the option 'Add skills'.

As the smart speakers are expected to reach our market soon, Astro-Vision has acted in advance to let the users hear astrology forecasts from their devices. Astro-Vision has already made its variety of astrology services available for Amazon Echo users. The users can add 'Clickastro Horoscope' skill by logging into the Amazon account and ask Alexa to hear their required astrology predictions. To see the ‘Add skill’ page, use this link https://goo.gl/Xgorg1

The free astrology service through Chatbots and smart speakers is a result of Astro-Vision's foreseeing and positive thinking. Astro-Vision guides millions of people worldwide through Vedic Astrology knowledge. The company endeavours to deliver positive astrology by making use of the newest solutions.

Horoscope Chatbot & Alexa Skill – The Latest Initiatives from Astro-Vision

The innovations in technology, the keys to human life's evolution, has indeed made our life faster & smarter. We are now living in the digital age where everything happens online. We work, we learn, we connect, we communicate, we collect & spread information and make all transactions online. Eventually, smart phones have become an integral part of our lives. The smart phone and its various applications provide the interface to meet our various requirements through online. This has made the businesses to have their applications and ensure their presence across various digital platforms. To survive in the fast-evolving world, everyone needs to feed the customers and satisfy their varying requirements through the proper exploitation of latest technologies. This is what makes Astro-Vision a cut above the competitors. The No.1 digital astrology service provider in India has made themselves accessible through the latest & smartest technical innovations Chatbots and Smart Speakers. Now, the variety of astrology reports and predictions can be known by simply chatting or speaking to a device.

Horoscope Bot - The First Vedic Astrology Chatbot

A Chatbot or virtual assistant is a software agent performing tasks for individuals. The use of virtual assistants and their capabilities are expanding rapidly. Generally, a virtual assistant with its artificial intelligence answers to the queries made by the users. The internet users might have already been familiar with Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana, Apple's Siri and Amazon Alexa. Now, various businesses and service providers are creating their own Chatbots or virtual assistants to be made available on various chat applications. Thus, the users can avail service or get information regarding it, simply by chatting on their favourite chat applications.

The first Vedic Astrology Chatbot named 'Horoscope Bot' is an innovation from Astro-Vision,
which is available on Facebook Messenger, Skype, Telegram and Kik (Clickastro Bot). This makes possible for the Vedic Astrology followers to avail various astrology predictions & reports through chats. The users just have to tap open the chat application and get daily predictions, weekly predictions, personality predictions and so on through friendly chatting. Like a friend, the Horoscope Bot will be among the contacts with whom the user can start chatting with a 'Hi' at any time he likes. Astro-Vision Horoscope Bot can be added to the contacts from the link https://goo.gl/5zBMYe or click the following links to add directly to your favourite platform.

Astro-Vision has also created a Chatbot for its online astrology portal clickastro.com. The visitors of clickastro.com can now get the assistance of the bot named Astro Guruji.

November 03, 2017

Understanding Retrograde Planets - Part II

Understanding Retrograde Planets - Part II

Mercury's retrogression strengthens the intellect.In Chart 1, Mercury is retrograde. But here it disrupted the native's academic pursuits. Mercury is the 5th lord influencing the native's thinking ability and decision-making. After the native's graduation, studies were disrupted for a 2-year period after which he resumed his education when Mercury became direct. His work into research was also affected due to retrograde Mercury even though the native was selected for Ph.D research in a premier institution. The native was running Rahu Dasa and Mercury Bhukti at that time.

Chart 1:Male:Born February 24, 1941, at 6h.00m at 10N55, 78 E 49
Chart 1

Whenever Mercury was retrograde worries, obstacles and delays were experienced by the native. During December 1958, the native's mother passed away after a brief illness and he himself suffered from typhoid fever when Mercury was retrograde in Scorpio. In June 1961, studies were discontinued when Mercury was retrograde in Gemini, the 5th house from the Ascendant. In October 1981, when Mercury was in retrogression in Virgo, the 8th house from the Ascendant, the native suffered a serious injury in the right eye resulting in impaired vision. In April 1988, the native's daughter fell sick when Saturn was retrograde in Sagittarius aspecting the 5th house from the Ascendant. In July 1992, the native's wife had to undergo surgery for cystic ovary when Mercury was retrograde in Cancer, the 6th house from the Ascendant and the 7th house from the Moon. In October 1994, Mercury's retrogression in Virgo brought the native financial loss. In May 2016, Mercury went retrograde in Aries, the 3rd house, when the native's daughter got bed-ridden. Mercury's retrogression is good for abstract knowledge and writing but it is not good for interaction with others.
Table 1

Chart 2: Female: Born January 20, 1972 at 12 h.30 m at 10 N 23, 78 E 49
Chart 2

Saturn is retrograde in Chart 2. In April 1988, during Saturn's retrogression, the native was hospitalized for 10 days without proper diagnosis. The sickness and treatment continued for about two years culminating in the native developing epilepsy. In January and February 1991, she was hospitalized twice for epilepsy. She suffered from sickness and also lost her grand-father. Jupiter was in retrogression in Cancer during this period. In 2002, when Mercury turned retrograde, she developed fits and was hospitalized again. In April 2008, Saturn was in Leo and the native was hospitalized for asthama and fever. Whenever, Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn and Mars went retrograde, the native fell ill and was hospitalized for sores, debridgement surgery and other medical conditions and the treatment is still being continued at home to this day incurring heavy expenditure.
Table 2

Saturn is retrograde in the natal horoscope and this led to discontinuation of education. The native suffered from ill-health and was hospitalized in the Dasas of Saturn and Mercury.

Chart 3: Male: Born May 24, 1940 at 10h.00m. at 11 N 56, 79 E 29
chart 3
Though no planet is retrograde in Chart 3, they can affect the native's health when they assume retrograde motion in transit. The native was in good health but when Jupiter's retrogression started in February 2017, he developed serious symptoms of ill-health and was admitted to hospital. In March 2017, Jupiter and Venus turned retrograde. In April at the time of his death, Jupiter, Saturn and Venus were all retrograde. In spite of the best efforts he did not recover and he passed away recently. Venus is the 6th lord from the Moon-sign and turned retrograde in transit in the 4th house.
 Table 3
Death took place during Saturn Dasa, Saturn Bhukti and Saturn Antara. Saturn is the 7th and 8th lord from the Ascendant and the 2nd and the 3rd lord from the Moon-sign. Saturn is a powerful Maraka from both the Ascendant and the Moon-sign.

Natal Venus is the 6th lord from the Moon and the 11th lord from the Ascendant. Hence Venus becomes Rogastanidipati and Badhakadhipati. The Moon-sign was occupied by retrograde Saturn in transit and the 3rd house from the Ascendant was occupied by retrograde Jupiter in transit. 

Re in retrograde means to go back. Retrogression turns one's attention to the past. It is a 'grace period' for one to complete the task on hand. The overall effects of the planet in retrogression may be renewing the work already on hand or taking up a fresh a job left half way, change in relationships, indecision, confused mind, sharpening of the mind and intelligence unknown to others, resolution of old problems. me* commitments, bringing discipline in routines miseries and failures, lack of energy and ill-health. The effects of retrograde planets must be faced courageously and steps are to be taken for precautions against the ill-effects before the retrogression slab and the anticipated events occur. 

Courtesy:  Modern Astrology(N.Kunjammal)

October 31, 2017

Understanding Retrograde Planets - Part I

Understanding Retrograde Planets - Part I

Retrogression Defined
According to Bhavarta Ratnakara, the planet which is in the 2nd from the Sun becomes the fast moving planet. The planet which is in the 3rd from the Sun gets normal motion. The planet which is in the 4th from the Sun becomes a slow moving one. Planets in the 5th and the 6th from the Sun are retrograde. Planets in the 7th and the 8th from the Sun become retrograde. The motion becomes curved if the position of the planet is the 9th and 10th from the Sun. The motion is with abnormal speed when the planet is in the 11th and the 12th from the Sun.

Apparent Phenomenon
The Sun and Moon are always in direct motion while Rahu and Ketu are always in backward motion. The other planets Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Saturn too have retrograde motion. In view of the difference in the speeds of planets during retrogression a planet appears to be moving backwards entirely due to our Earth-based view. The apparent stopping is known as being 'stationary' and the apparent backward motion is 'retrograde' motion. It is only apparent backward motion since no planet actually moves backwards except the Nodes.

Mercury goes into retrogression 4 times a year, more frequent than other planets. This retrogression disrupts the thinking mind, communications, the ability to come to an agreement with others, decision-making etc. It is best not to make important decisions at the time of Mercury's retrogression.

Venus and Mars 
Venus retrogrades every 18 months which reveals weak links in a relationship. When Venus retrogrades the usual sense of what is beautiful, pleasant and attractive is suspended. Venus' retrograde motion lasts for 42 days. During retrogression of Mars (every 2 years for about 2 months) what one desires to do is prevented and one's ability to express one's will gets thwarted. Actions are delayed and pressures build up. Sometimes great accomplishments may also be there. One has to find out what keeps them from effective action. There may be overactive temper, impatience in any activity and lack of awareness. During this period, perseverance is required and it is not easy to work with others.

Saturn's retrogression teaches discipline. It is the least pleasant experience. The native becomes less flexible and less adaptable and suffers when the external situation requires change. It teaches us responsibility and about claiming our authority. Saturn in the 10th in retrogression makes the native suffer reversals at some stage in life. Retrograde Saturn becomes highly malefic. Saturn's retrogression lasts 140 days and is stationary for 5 days before and after retrogression.

Uttarakalamitra, Chapter 2, says that when a planet is conjoined with Mars it results in some women frequently going against their own desires, the subconsciousness seeking an excuse for the failure. If a planet is conjoined with a retrograde planet, its strength increases. The influence of a benefic is weakened when retrograde. When malefics turn retrograde their malefic nature increases. Some believe that there is no difference and that retrograde planets neither lose strength nor are they harmful.

This is not good for one's finance, progeny, fate, reputation and married life. The working environment will not be congenial but at the same time there is no bar in getting good results. Retrograde planets do not deny whatever results they have to give in their Bhukti or Antara periods. It contributes to frustrating delays whenever a planet is retrograde in transit. It does not deny favorable results when in direct motion.

Courtesy:  Modern Astrology(N.Kunjammal)                                            
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October 24, 2017

Marriage Timings and the Nature of Relationships

Marriage Timings and the Nature of Relationships

Eager to know about your relationships?
Astrology is the most effective and informational branch of studies which can provide at least 90% of information regarding relationships and timing of marriage.

Astrology chart has 12 divisions and the houses which have 1st-degree connection with marriage are the 1st, 2nd, 5th, 7th and 11th house. Among these houses, the 1st and 7th is the most important houses. The 1st house is the reflection of who you are while the 7th house is directly opposite to the 1st house and it reflects the characteristics of the spouse.

There are a lot of emotional statements in the world that every man has a woman. This is not true, especially these days a lot of same-sex marriages are happening. Not everyone in the world is destined to have a spouse. We can see a lot of celibates around us. For all, the relationships don’t work. If you are destined to be a single, then you should not see it as a curse. You should understand that you are much closer to the Moksha and you are not destined to carry a lot of Karmik load as married people carry. Your path is somewhat obstacle free and you are one step closer to the Moksha than those marrieds are. 

Most of the people out there are looking at astrology as a stream to help to get secret information about their lives and thus they can reap a lot of good things. Astrology is not a branch to make you rich or happier. It is a branch to enlighten you by helping you to know what your highest dharma what are the possible challenges blocking you to follow your highest dharma. Astrology is a spiritual science not a an occult science to block the adverse situations in your life. 

Your spouse should be a person who adds value to your life and thus takes you towards the path of Moksha. The dasa and antardasa time period of your 7th lord or the planets sitting in the 7th house should be the ideal time period for you to find your spouse. Additionally, the dasa and antardasa time of the 5th, and 11th house lords and planet placed in these houses are seen to be the time which triggers marriage.

The nature of the love you get can be seen primarily through the placement of Venus. If it is in a friendly sign, in direct mode, expected by good planets and in a good Nakshatra, then it is an indication of a kind of a secure relationship. As you know, no marriage is perfect, so no one can say what are the indication of an all is a good marriage. Every marriage is protected because one among the spouse is ready to sacrifice.

Aspects and conjunctions are also important. There is no point in taking a celebrity horoscope and telling his married life was a disaster and if you have same planetary alignment our marriage also will suffer. His and our karma and pitris are different. 

If you are a person whose marriage is delayed, let me tell you that there are many  favorable time period for marriages in one’s chart. If someone’s marriage is delayed, then that is a clear indication to him that he has to grow in some area that his compatibility grows well with his spouse. It can be financial, spiritual, behavioral or physical. Instead of getting discouraged that your marriage is getting delayed, try to do an internalization to know who you are and what you need to change. For those who feel that marriage is not your cup of tea, then you should start spiritual deeds and thus uplift the society may be your highest dharma is working for the well-being of the society.

Courtesy: JayaShree (Consultant Astrologer (Vedic & Western)

October 19, 2017

How Saturn transit to Sagittarius affect the houses in your Natal Chart ?

How Saturn transit to Sagittarius affect the houses in your Natal Chart ?

Saturn transit to Sagittarius :-
Saturn is the indicator of Karma and it is moving into the sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the 9th sign in the natural zodiac wheel. Sagittarius represents spirituality, adventure, father, preceptor, spiritual learning, spiritual inclinations, charity, luck, meditation, foreign travel, higher education, faith, philosophy, and law. The results of this transit will be an add up on the characteristics of the Sign of Sagittarius and the house which Saturn is transiting too.

Traditionally transits are calculated through Moon sign, but as astrology is getting a lot of updated, so you can check it through Ascendant as well. 

Below given is a very basic information about Saturn’s transit through the houses of your Natal Moon.

For Aries Moon, this transit is going to trigger your 9th house of spirituality, adventure, father, preceptor, spiritual learning, spiritual inclinations, charity, luck, meditation, foreign travel, higher education, faith, philosophy, and law. Saturn is asking you to follow a strict path of spirituality.Saturn is a strict planet and its transit may bring opportunities which tests your spirituality. All the matters of the 9th house will be under transformation in the coming days. 

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For Taurus, this transit is going to trigger the finance sector mainly.This planet is going to activate the 8th house of research, mystical sciences, occult, transformations, inheritance, insurances, and finances. During this transit, you should not invest in any wrong money deals or spend unwisely. This is a good time to learn a lot from your partners. 

For Gemini’s Saturn will move through the 7th house of spouse, business partners, fertility, passion, foreign travels, career, professional relationships, agreements and contracts. You must be very careful with partners in life as well as business. You will find some delay or issues in foreign travel or life in foreign lands. Please don’t do any unlawful deeds. Career also will need a lot of focus. 

Saturn will be moving through the 6th house of disputes, diseases, debts, enemies, opponents, competitors, colleagues, workspace, health, and emotional struggles. Saturn transit through the 6th house is good in a general perspective, but it always depends upon the placement of Saturn in the birth chart. 

For Leos, Saturn will be moving through the 5th house of romance, entertainment, fun, children, youth groups, creativity, self-promotion and speculative businesses. This transit will make you go an extra mile in interacting with children and youth groups. New investments should be done carefully. You will have a new perspective in all the matters related to the 5th house

During this transit, you will be busy in managing family matters. Saturn is moving through the 4th house of home, family, ancestors, parents and ancestral property. You will be taking up a lot of responsibilities at home. Real estate deals are also seen. Please be careful with real estate deals. Elderly females in the family will also need more help.You should be little slow while dealing with family matters. 

Saturn will trigger the 3rd house of short trips, short courses, training, siblings, media, technology, electronics, and writing. This house represents own efforts, so you will think about starting own ventures. You will have to go an extra mile in making your efforts fruitful. Matters related to the 3rd house will be highly transforming. Relationship with siblings and other relatives will be very important. 

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Saturn will move through the 2nd house of money, self-worth, family, speech and material assets. Throughout the transit, you will have a lot of focus in financial matters. You should be very careful with your finances. Career sector also will have some changes. 

Your personal life will have a lot of transformation. This transit will make you a mature person and this will be a learning phase for you. Career related changes are seen. Your health and vitality also will need a lot of focus. Your personal and professional relationship will be very important. Please don’t be aggressive with your team mates and colleagues 

Your emotional status, health and workplace is totally under transformation during this transit. You must be very careful with your work place, colleagues, finance, physical and emotional strength. You should not do anything which interrupts your peace and health. 

Your 11th house of friendships, collective projects, long-term associations, children, youth groups, hopes, wishes, and gains will be transforming. There will be visible changes in the existing friendships. You may try to join new groups too. At the same time, you have to be careful with your team mates. You will have to work hard in the long-term projects. 

Your 10th house of career, social status, bosses, authority, and ambitions will be in a full swing during this Saturn transit. You will get additional responsibilities at work. You will have to be very cautious about your behavior at work. Saturn is the indicator of Karma and when righteous moves are done then the results will be great.

October 13, 2017

The Saturn-Mercury clue in Skin Diseases

The Saturn-Mercury clue in Skin Diseases

Did you know that your skin is the largest organ of your body? It is, in terms of both weight between 6 and 9 pounds and surface area about 2 square yards! Your skin separates the inside of your body from the outside world. It protects you from bacteria and viruses and regulates your body temperature. 

What are the astrological factors that govern skin-related medical conditions?

Role of Saturn and Mercury
Saturn and Mercury account for almost all type - of skin diseases and disorders. Additionally the Ascendant (general mental and physical health), the 2nd house (face, pimples on face, facial scars), the 6th house sickness - acts as a trigger for disease), Saturn (natural significator of skin, age-reared problems, eczema, incurable diseases), the Moon (blood impurity, anaemia), the Venus (beauty of skin), the Mercury (stress in life, skin problems), the Mars (boils, rashes, allergies, measles), the Jupiter's influence on the 11th house or 11th lord or both (Jupiter ruling metabolism and toxicity) and a Mercury - Saturn link all come into play when examining a horoscope for skin ail-ments.
Saturn provides for the drying of the surface epidermis, the prevention of excessive blood flow and the slowing down of nerve signals (such as pain, pressure, vibration).

Astrological Factors
The 6th house factors listed above need to be identified along with the Mercury - Saturn link. The Moon and Jupiter play a role in cases of weeping eczema and other blistering skin diseases-Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, is a long term skin disease. The most common symptom are dry and itchy skin, rashes on the face, aside like elbows, behind the knees and on the hands and feet. Currently, there is no single test to diagnose eczema, so doctors rely on information about the patient and his family.

The 6th lord Mercury in Chart 1 is involved in an exchange of signs with the lord of the (Ascendant physical body). The 8th lord Sun is in the Ascendant with the 5 th and 10th lord Venus or significator of beauty of skin, and Mecury, significator of skin problems. There is exchange of the 6th lord with the Ascendant cum 2nd lord Saturn (significator of skin). The relationship thus established is a clear indicator of some skin related problem which in this case is eczema.

Chart 1: Male : Born January 3, 1982 at 7h. 35m. at Patiala (30 N 42, 76 E 54)
Chart 1

Chart 2: Male: Born December 10, 1965 at 16h, 22m. at Caerleon, UK(51 N 37, 2 W 57)
Chart 2

Weeping Eczema: The Ascendant lord Mercury is in the 6th conjunct the 3rd lord and caught in the Rahu- Ketu axis in Chart 2. Saturn as the 8th lord aspects the Ascendant lord Mercury fulfilling the main condition of the Saturn-Mercury link, often the chief indication of skin problems. Venus is also in Saturn's sign and the Moon under the influence of the 6th lord. This is a case of weeping eczema due to involvement of Jupiter and. the Moon.

Vitiligo and leucoderma are two different terms but used for the same kind of skin disease.
Leucoderma known as white patches is due to the absence of melanin pigmentation in the skin.
However, vitiligo can be due to improper hygiene, unhealthy food combinations, regular intake of junk food, insecticide and pesticide treated green vegetables taken regularly, past history of jaundice or typhoid fever, harsh antibiotic use etc. An important cause of vitiligo could be sudden emotional trauma and stress.
Due to one reason or a combination of the reasons, toxins are formed inside the body which disturb the immune system which results in autoimmunity (a condition in which the immune system of the body destroys its own cells and tissues). This autoimmunity is the basic important reason for vitiligo according to both Ayurvedic as well as Allopathic systems of medicine.

Chart 3: Female : Born August 15, 2002 at 10h.12m. at Bedford, United Kingdom (52 N 06, 0 W 27)
Chart 3
Vitiligo: The 6th lord Saturn in Chart 3 aspects Mercury, the chief significator of skin diseases, while debilated and combust Mars aspects the Moon, Mercury here is the lord of the Ascendant or, physical body. In Navamsa. Saturn is conjunct Mercury and is placed in the 6th house. The child was found to suffer from vitiligo in 2004 in the Dasa of Jupiter (the planet of expansion) who is a malefic and Badhaka as he owns two Kendras and in the Bhukti of the Moon, the dispositor of Jupiter, Sun and Mars. The Moon is aspected by debilated Mars. Jupiter in the 11th is in expansion mode and therefore aggravates the spread of the disease during his Dasa and Bhukti.

Melanoma is a severe and potentially life- threatening skin cancer and its symptoms put briefly are
(i) Asymmetry: the shape of one half does not match the other; 
(ii) Border: the edges are ragged, blurred, or irregular; 
(iii) Color, the color is uneven and may include shades of black, brown, and tan; and 
(iv) Diameter, there is a change in size, usually an increase.

Chart 4: Male: Born February 22, 1982 at 19 h, 30 m at Mont-ford Bridge, United Kingdom (51 N 30,0 W 07)
Chart 4

Melanoma: The Ascendant lord is in exchange of signs with 6th lord Saturn, establishing a relationship and completing the basic requirement for skin disease by connecting Saturn and Mercury in Chart 4 which is a case of melanoma. Saturn establishes a link with Venus and the Moon . In most of the cases of cancer Saturn as significator of wasting and degenerative disease either aspects the Moon, Venus or both. In Navamsa Saturn and the Moon again share the same sign.

Psoriasis is a skin disease that causes scalling and swelling with patches of thick, red and silvery scales. These patches can itch or feel sore.
Apart from the usual astrological factors, Rahu and Ketu are also important for sudden onset of the disease.

Chart 5:Male:Born February 14, 1971 at 22 h.35 m.at Patiala (30 N 19, 76 E 24)
Chart 5
Psoriasis: The Ascendant lord Mercury is in the 5th aspected by the 6th lord from the 8th house in Chart 5. The Saturn-Mercury combination is responsible for the skin condition. Jupiter aspects the 11th house and is related to the 6th lord Saturn through the 8th and 3rd lord Mars. The lord of the 64th Navamsa and the 22nd Drekanna is Jupiter. Jupiter is in the Nakshatra of Saturn.

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States. The two most common types are basal cell cancer and squamous cell cancer which usually strike the head, face, neck, hands and arms.

Chart 6: Male : Born July 14, 1933 at 8h. 15m. at Montreal. Canada (45 N 30, 73 W 35)
Chart 6
Skin Cancer: Saturn as the 6th and 7th lord establishes a relationship with both the Moon and Venus, primarily for a cancer combination, in Chart 6. As regards the cancer striking the skin Saturn is in aspect with Mercury and Venus in the 12th house. The Ascendant lord Sun is aspected by malefic Rahu. In Navamsa Saturn is again aspecting Venus.

Courtesy : Modern Astrology (Jatinder Pal Singh Sandhu)

October 10, 2017

Parenting Tips Through Child's Astrology

Parenting Tips Through Child's Astrology

Children are seen through the 5th house in the astrology chart. Jupiter is the significator for children while the Sun indicates the father and the Moon indicates the mother. While researching about parenting, it is very important to look at the 2nd and 4th house of home and family too.

These are the signs rules the 5th house for each Lagna and its ruler

Aries: Leo: Sun
Taurus: Virgo: Mercury
Gemini: Libra; Venus 
Cancer: Scorpio: Mars 
Leo: Sagittarius: Jupiter
Virgo: Capricorn: Saturn
Libra: Aquarius: Saturn
Scorpio: Pisces: Jupiter
Sagittarius: Aries: Mars 
Capricorn: Taurus: Venus 
Aquarius: Gemini: Mercury
Pisces: Cancer: Moon

According to your lagna, the 5th sign and the planet which represents is the first clue for your children. The nature of the planet, the sign and the house which it is placed, and if you are an advance astrology lover, then you can go into the details of the nakshathra as well. When these planets are in a compromising placement, that surely indicates difficulty in a parent child relationship. 

In a child’s chart, when the lagna lord’s relationship with the Sun and Moon is compromised, then there will be relationship issues or struggles in the relationship.

As Astro-psychology is a growing stream these days, there is a lot of research going on to identify the characteristics of people through a mix of astrology and psychology. According to this stream people are supposed to have different temperaments. Temperament can show you what the personality traits are.

Choleric (bad-tempered): Aries, Leo, Sagittarius 
Melancholy(feeling of sadness ): Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn 
Sanguine ( optimistic or positive): Gemini, Libra, Aquarius 
Phlegmatic (having an unemotional and stolidly calm disposition ): Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces 

Choleric: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius 
If your child’s Lagna is coming under a choleric sign, they are more self-reliant. You should note that these signs are fire and male signs ruled by male planets, Mars, Sun and Jupiter respectively.  A choleric child may not like restrictions. This child will like to move ahead on his own. It is always good to have self-reliant, but there should be some restrictions. The Fire element   should be controlled through mother’s love and father’s advice. Relationship with father can be seen through the placement of the Sun and relationship of mother can be seen through the placement of the Moon. Find whether the Sun and the Moon are in good place with the lagna and lagna lord. 

For, these signs their 4th house of mother and family is ruled by water signs and the 9th house of the father is ruled by fire signs also. So, naturally these children coming under fire element the relationship with the mother and father can be very transformative. When a fire element dominated child goes to his mother who is dominated by the water element naturally there can be a combustion. So, the mother will have to go an extra mile in keeping unity with this child.

Melancholy: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn 
These signs are earth signs, they are fixed sign so, the child will take time to transform. He may not like sudden changes in the existing system and they may like to go an extra mile in bringing perfection into their life. They may not be reflected or responsive like fire or air signs, they like to be themselves. This passion for perfection can bring a lot of critical analysis into their genes and parents may feel that the child is not respecting their efforts. These children may like to be their own and others can feel that they are introverts. Parents should understand that they all need to upgrade themselves as this is the time of digital natives. These children always like to update them if the lagna lords are in good placement. 

The 4th house of mother and family for these kids are ruled by fire signs and the 9th house of father is ruled by earth signs. The general nature of the compatibility between children and parents can be seen through the friendship rate between the lagna lord of child and lord of 4th and the 9th house. 

Sanguine: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius 
These are air signs and these signs represents happiness and sociable nature like air being free flowing. These kids are generally happy, fashionable and sociable, which is a very good character, but parents should be very alert in understanding them as their social circle can be very wide. Parents must be always being youngsters to meet reach the expectations of this child. An old-fashioned parent may not be a success in guiding your Sanguine child. 

The 4th house of mother and family Sanguine child is ruled by earth sign, which is a sign for introversion and critical analysis and desire for perfection. Relationship with mother can become complex for this child. Mother can be perfectionist, but the child is easy going and they don’t come within the control of the mother easily because the child is ruled by air element. The 9th house of father is air element itself, so they naturally are drawn towards their father. So, for them father is highly influential in their life. So, the father should take the lead. 

Phlegmatic: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces 
These are water signs and the kids will have a phlegmatic temperament. Cancer is shallow water, Scorpio is the deep waters and Pisces is the deepest. These kids may not like to get disturbed. They just want to flow as they are. There is one funda behind treating this child. 

The 4th house of mother and family for these kind of kids are ruled by air signs and the 9th house of father is ruled by Water signs. For  these kids, their relationship with the parents will be highly transformative. 

October 04, 2017

Combined Transit Effects of Rahu, Ketu, Jupiter and Saturn (2017-2018)

Combined Transit Effects of Rahu, Ketu, Jupiter and Saturn (2017-2018)

Medam (Aries):-The period, where Rahu transiting in fourth and Ketu transits in tenth house, is coming. Guru transits to seventh house from sixth in September. Saturn has ashtama. Though the own position of Jupiter will give you relief from the past, the planetary positions of Rahu and Saturn is not much favorable. During this period you should have to be careful about the physical disorders of your mother. You should take attention in using vehicles. Avoid the late travels. There is a chance to move your residence. There may be objections from relatives. Avoid unnecessary arguments. During the unfavorable position of Kuja, there may have some police cases and disputes. The ashtama rasi position of Saturn may affect the physical wellness unfavorably. This is a period where you have obstacles in the profession. The blessing by the planetary position of Jupiter will reduce the intensity of obstacles.
Idavam (Taurus)
This is the time where Rahu in third house and Ketu in ninth.  Jupiter is in ninth and Saturn in seventh. The planetary positions of Rahu and Jupiter is totally favorable. Though Saturn is the reason for Kandaka Sani, you will have good results. A chance for credits and promotion in job indicated. You can expect helps from relatives. Though it is a favorable period, you should have more attention in financial matters. It is better to take advices from experts when you place money for investments and speculations. You should have to take care of the health of your father. A chance for a detachment from teachers is also indicated. Though the career is fine, you should have to exclude your over reactions. During this period you have peace and prosperity in your home.      

Midhunam (Gemini
This is a period where Rahu transits in the second house, Ketu in eighth, Jupiter in fifth and Saturn in sixth houses. Though the planetary positions of Rahu and Ketu is worse, Jupiter and Saturn are beneficials. The position of Rahu in second house will cause obstacles in education, especially for students. There may have worries in family. There is a chance for unnecessary arguments. There may be some situations of theft of costly items. You may have small accidents or falls. You must avoid late time travels. There will be prosperity in career. You will have a chance to apply new ideas in your career. There will be such situation where opponents fails. There may have small problems. But the upcoming year is very good for you.

Karkidakam (Cancer)
Rahu transits in its birth house, Ketu in seventh, Jupiter in forth and Saturn in fifth house. The changes of Rahu and Ketu is not much favorable. Jupiter, which transits to forth house from third, will ends the troubles of previous periods. Circumstances will be almost beneficial. But to reap good results, you  should have to work hard. Saturn in fifth house will be the reason for mental pressure and concerns. Financial status will be fine. But expenses will rise. Separation and oppositions of relatives may cause mental worries. Obstacles and troubles are shown in travels. All, who wants new job should know that it is not a favorable period for that and should concentrate in current job. This is not a favorable period for speculations too.
Chingam (Leo)
Rahu and Ketu transists in Twelvth and Sixth Houses respectively. Jupiter in Third house and Saturn in fourth. Though the position of Ketu is favourable, the position of Jupiter in third house indicates lack of blessings. It is not good to shift the job after September 12. You must try to continue to stay in that job. Though there is a chance to live in foreign countries, you may face challenges in the profession. It is not a favorable period for speculations. Giving guarantees, debts etc may give losses and disgraces. It is a time for prayers and worship. At the time of problems, you should do things with control. There may be variations in the troubles, as per the position of Jupiter in Horoscope.

Kanni (Virgo)
This is a period where Rahu transiting in the eleventh house, Ketu in fifth and Saturn in the third. There will be some favorable moments in life. You can attain higher positions in your profession. Confidence and hard works give you good results. This is a favorable period to invest money in profitable places. You can defeat your opponents in social and professional fields. You will have the concern about your children’s education. Sometimes you may suffer from stomach ache. The relationships with opposite sex may give you happiness. You may feel some lack of favorable time as per the power of Rahu, Ketu and Jupiter in Horoscope.         

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