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Punarphoo Yoga

Punarphoo Yoga

Punarphoo Yoga is formed by the conjunction of Saturn and Moon. Moon is the indicator of  mind, psyche, sensitivity, home, family, and mother. Saturn indicates discipline, redundancy, harshness, delay and order.

The moon is indicating sensitive things and Saturn is hard-line. So, when the Moon is in conjunction with Saturn, according to the degrees, Saturn will seize Moon’s quality and vice versa. Saturn generally means the harshest things and when Saturn seizes Moon’s quality, then the basic factors indicated by the Moon like mind, psyche, sensitivity, home, family and mother will be in trouble.

When you see this conjunction, you should do a detailed analysis of your life. What is the rate of satisfaction from your emotional life? Are you happy enough with the emotional security?

You may see that you have that lack of emotional satisfaction from your life. It can be from your parents, relatives or the emotional security that the surroundings provide you.

If you feel that you have lack of emotional nourishment from your immediate or distant surroundings, then there is no another remedy than fixing your mind. You have to become very choosy about your relationships. This combination generally shows the lack of love from the mother. It has a different notion as well.

This combination can guide to reach enlightenment. This yoga is seen in many spiritual leaders because at some point in time you will think that the love and concern from the world are just illusion and the greatest love can only be seen in union with almighty.

The universe will bring such events into your life when you have Punaraphoo yoga in your chart. May be your prime aim is to dedicate yourself to the service of the almighty.

Your Moon will be in a distracted mode, and this may give you excessive thinking pattern, which affects your psyche. All you have to do is focusing your mind on something which can give you peace and encouragement. If you are looking around for it, you may not find anything but you will realize that you are just chasing after the wind.

There so many ill effects are seen in many articles over the net. Ultimately, the Punaraphoo yoga means, the person will travel to spirituality. The person, who chooses  his path of spirituality, will get detached from the material world. His life can bring events which he lose his faith in the material aspects of life. Punaraphoo yoga is good for a career in philosophy, spirituality and teaching domain.  

Saturn And Medical Doctors

Saturn And Medical Doctors

Many years ago, I had done some deep research into the horoscopes of 50 doctors(including my own) and written an article in "The Astrological Magazine" under the same title. I had found that Saturn in the charts of doctors showed intimate contact with:-

i) Ascendant or the Ascendant lord; and /or
ii) 10th house or the 10th lord ; and /or
iii) Moon - in all most all the charts.

In some charts all combinations are present. In our quest for suitable boy for my daughter, I had tried some from an alliance with the following eligible doctors -some of whom are still not married - and which did not click. One can run one's eye over the following Charts and apply the above findings to them and judge for oneself.

This young surgeon (chart 1) worked in Oncology after passing his M.S. His mother is a well known Gynecologist running a nursing home. He married a doctor who has also, since post graduated in OBG. My advisor - astrologer did not like the Mercury (R) and Rahu combine in the 4th which is a feature or insanity. In fact this is a familial trait as we found out later.

Chart 1: Male : Born July 3, 1982 at 2h. 30 m at 13 N 04, 80 E 15
Chart 2: Male : Born August 14, 1978 at 23 h. 00m,at 18 N 58,72 E 51
chart 1

This highly qualified Laparoscopic surgeon (chart 2), son of a highly placed officer was keen on my daughter. However, she wanted to be nearer home, so the alliance was refused. Note Mercury lord of 10th from the Moon-sign with Saturn.

Chart 3: Male:Born October 20,1977 at 14 h.00 m at 18 N 58, 72 E 51
Chart 4: Male: Born November 23, 1978 at 19 h.00 m at 12 N 52 74 E 50
chart 2

This highly qualified surgeon (chart 3) and his family too were quite keen about pursuing our alliance. But, in view of the Ascendant lord Venus (also Kalatrakaraka) debilitated in the 5th with Rahu, two astrologers did not recommend it. Hence we could not proceed. See Saturn aspecting the 10th from the Moon, and also the Ascendant.

This handsome Orthopaedic surgeon (Chart 4) is still unmarried. Note Saturn in the 4th aspecting the Ascendant, the l0th house and with the Moon. They said that my daughter's horoscope did not match well. This is extremely tall and handsome paediatrician (Chart 5), whose Paediatrician father runs a prosperous nursing home, got a lot of marriage offers. Since my daughter had not done PG they politely refused our alliance. He later married a pretty Paediatrician. Note the 10th house loaded with planets. Saturn (R) is in the l0th from the Moon.

Chart 5: Male: Born April 24, 1981 at 12 h. 00 m at 15 N 29,73 E 49.
Chart 6: Born October 20, 1978 at 11 h. 00m. at 25 N 18, 55 E 18.
chart 3

My husband's school friend's son (Chart 6) with MD pharmacology working in a famous drug company has an impressive array of planets. However, because his mother felt that there is no "griha-maitri" between his Moon in Rohini and my daughter's Moon in Revati, we could not proceed - though two astrologers of ours highly recommended the match. Note Saturn aspecting the l0th lord Mercury and also the Moon and the 10th house from the Moon. This boy's father prospered greatly in the Middle East - he is an engineer.

This smart doctor(Chart 7) who runs a nursing home outside Mumbai was keen on our alliance. But since the doshas showed a great degree of imbalance my astrologer friend advised us against this match, though they were very keen. Note Saturn aspecting the Moon in the l0th and also the 10th house from the Moon.

Chart 7: Male: Born February 23, 1977 at 19 h. 00m. at 18 N 58.72 E 51.
Chart 8: Male: Born March 13, 1982 at 2h. 40 m.at 11 N 00, 76 E 56.
chart 4

Since this doctor (Chart 8) was a few months younger to my daughter, we could not proceed with the alliance. He is a Gynaecologist whose parents run a successful large nursing home. Note the powerful Dhana Yoga in the chart. Saturn is in the 10th house.

Ultimately my daughter did marry in June 2014, a tall gentle highly qualified engineer (IIT, Mumbai, MBA from IIM, Kolkata), nephew of my medical college classmate, and is happily settled in Delhi.

However, searching for a suitable boy for her provided me with opportunities to learn some more astrology by probing into quite a few charts (we were careful because, besides Ashtama Sani she also had Venus Dasa Sandhi at the same time) which I have had the pleasure of sharing with readers of Modern Astrology. 

Astrology is a vast ocean, like medicine. If we can learn a fairly good portion of it, we can help people in trouble who turn to us for advice, after of course, cautioning them that only 75% predictions may come true. And of course, sincere prayers to Almighty God can always control the malefic planets.

Courtesy: Modern Astrology 


Guru Chandal Yoga And Its Effects

Guru Chandal Yoga(Dosha) And Its Effects

Guru Chandal yoga or dosha is another popular dosha seen in the billions of charts. It is a very simple dosha to understand.

Guru means Jupiter and Chandal means an outcast person, who is seen mainly in the graveyards. In astrology, the chandal status is given to Rahu, the demon of the zodiac. So when Jupiter is in conjunction with Rahu, then Guru Chandal dosha is formed.

Let’s study what this dosha actually means. Jupiter is the teacher of the Devas. He is Guru Brihaspathi. Jupiter, which is considered as the most beneficial planet among the 9 planets and is known as the ultimate form of spirituality and Godliness. Since it means purity, it doesn’t like to get associated with Rahu, who is a demon. Rahu is called as a Chandal here, chandal resides among corpses. So these are two opposite forces. Jupiter is the lord of Pisces and Sagittarius. In the natural zodiac wheel, it owns the 9th house and the 12th house. Now, let’s look at these houses. Both the houses are dealing with spirituality, moksha, and relationship with God.

When Jupiter and Rahu are together, then the person may find it difficult to abide by the divine laws of obedience, reverence, and submission. He will naturally be a rebel and his rebellious nature will make him get setbacks. His rebellious nature will be his identity wherever he goes. He may like to question others, and it will be difficult for him to mingle with others easily. He may feel difficulty in respecting others.

Rahu is known as the demon in astrology and it means rebellion and aggression. When you see Jupiter and Rahu together in your chart, then please check the degrees. How close they are? We can assume that, if they are closer, then the rate of rebellion will be more.

Guru Chandal dosha was considered as very inauspicious in the earlier days, but we should count all doshas in the present day context. This is the time for the rebels. When we look at the world, in general, we can see traditionalists are lagging behind and the world truly belongs to the rebels. Rebels are getting acknowledged. Rebels are noticed for their ideas and findings. The world is asking for change.

This dosha will have a different impact, according to the house which it occurs. You have to check in which house your Guru Chandal Yoga exists. Then you see whether you are challenging the traditional practices regarding that house? For example, the 7th house is the house of marriage. When Guru Chandal yoga occurs in the 7th house, then the person may like to break the traditional kind of marriage. He may even go for living relationship or marriage against the family traditions. At the same time, the other features of the 7th house like business and professional relationships will not be a heavy task. The 7th house is the house of open enemies, so this person will take a new strange way to conquer his enemies, which will be a heavy blow to them.

So, to conclude Guru Chandal yoga means that you have that natural rebel in you. This rebellious may have the power to cause disruptions in your relationships. Especially with the Guru figures in your life.  

Reflective Nodes And Their Results

Reflective Nodes And Their Results

Maharishi Parasara describes the basic effects of Nodes in the 34th chapter, sloka 16, of Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra. There the Rishi states that Rahu and Ketu predominantly reflects effects as due to their conjunction with a sign lord as due to the house or sign they occupy.

This is because they are Chaya grahas or shadowy planets. By definitions, a shadow reflects the reality of another, although it is not perfect duplication. And a shadow still have its own existance, even though it mimics another. This reflective nature of the Nodes , besides being outlines by Parasara is corroborated in the puranic histories. As the narration goes on the demigods retired to the assembly hall of Indra to partake of the nectar of immortality. This was done after churning the Mandara mountain wherefrom the nectar came. At that time, the Daitya Rahu disguised himself as one of the demigods and had a sip of nectar. He was discovered by Sun and the Moon who reported this to Vishnu. And Vishnu severed Rahu's head by which act the axis was born.

What we are interested in is the fact that being in the assembly hall of the Gods, Rahu became like one of them. In other words he reflected his surroundings . In predictive astrology also, Rahu reflects the influence of his sign lord,his planetary association and any aspects that he may receive.

But Rahu also has his own results to pass on independent of his above cited verse of Parasara because the Rishi simply states that Rahu has a "predominantly" or mostly reflective nature. The Rishi does not state that Rahu is an absolute chameleon or an absolutely transparent medium.

The conundrum has to do with how much of which. In other words, various causative factors complicate interpretation. The question becomes, which is the most causative?

Chart 1:Born August 4,1956 at 6h.31m.DST in Washington, D.C(38 N 54, 77 W 01)
Chart  1

Chart I illustrates the very irnportant point that Rahu will reflect the results of his sign-lord in preference to the results of planetary associations or aspects. As soon as the Saturn Dasa began, the native's education was interrupted prematurely.This only makes sense because Saturn as a planet of darkness and as a bad lord aspects theVidyakaraka and Gnanakaraka, Jupiter and Mercury respectively.

However, in Mars Bhukti of Saturn Dasa, the native went back to school as a full-time college student. This is understandable because Yogakaraka Mars aspects the lord of the 4th and the 4th itself, the 4th being the house of formal education. What is even more interesting is the fact that the native spent the entire Rahu Bhukti in a business school with elite accreditation while maintaining a very nice grade point average.

Rahu associates with Saturn, and where he to simply mimic Saturn's results, he would have stopped education as Saturn did in his Dasa and Bhukti. But instead of reflecting the results of Saturn, Rahu flat out and out reflected the results of his sign lord Mars. The two results are contradictory, and the fact that a nice level of educational achievements was maintained proves that Rahu favored the results of his sign-lord over the results of the planet with which he was associated. The reader may note that these results were reflected by Rahu even during Saturn Dasa, Saturn being poison for education in this case.

Chart 1 also shows that Rahu will give his own results even if they are contradictory to those of his sign-lord. Rahu brought about divorce and separation from this man's son. Debilitated Rahu in the 5th indicated this.While Mars as the 5th lord in the 9th does not. This shows that Rahu maintained his own results to give in terms of his house position.

Chart2: Born July 10, 1951 at 15 h .54 m.(DST) at Vancouver, Canada(49 N 15, 123 W 08)
Chart 2

Chart 2 shows that Rahu will reflect the indications of his sign-lord in preference to those of any aspects he receives. Throughout Rahu Dasa the native lived as a celibate monk. He abstained from association of women and truly exhibited a renunciative spirit. This is because Saturn associates with the moon in a pious sign in the house of renunciation. Rahu reflected this combination as he is placed in Aquarius, a Saturnine sign.

Had Rahu given preference to the aspect of Venus occupies the best Upachaya and the sign - lord of Venus occupies Gemini, a sign representing sexual union. The fact that Rahu reflected renunciation proves that his sign -lord was more influential than the aspect he received.

It cannot be argued that the chart suggests renunciation so overwhelmly that Venus by himself could not overturn this indication I say this because as soon as the native entered Jupiter Dasa he fell away from his vows and married. (Jupiter in Swakshetra in the 7th from the Moon brought this about). So his celibacy during the Rahu period was truly a tribute to Rahu's reflection of his sign - lord's results
over and above the influence of the Venusian  aspect  than anything else.

Chart 3: Born July 7, 1940 at 00h. 05 m. DST at Liverpool, UK (53 N 25, 3 W 00).
Chart 3

The horoscope of Ringo Starr (Chart 3) shows us that the Nodes have their own results to give in terms of sign and Nakshatra placement. Ringo had experienced a relatively obscure life until world-wide wealth and fame as the drummer of the Beatles were thrust upon him when the planetary period of Ketu began. It is true that Ringo's sign-lord Jupiter sits in the 2nd house nicely enough, but there is no suggestion of Ringo,s exalted status in the world. Were it merely for the Ascendant lord, the other combinations in the chart would not have manifested on a high level.

What gave strength. however, is that Ketu himself sits in a sign which is akin to being in his own sign (Swakshetra) in the Ascendant, the foundation of the horoscope. This was not a matter of any reflection or mimicry of results. Rather, it was Ketu's own influence that was responsible for such results.

Also notable was the fact that Ketu was so reflective of his Nakshatra perhaps more in terms of quality. Ketu sits in Revati whose symbol is specifically a drum for beating time.Need we see more? Consider the following comments on the specific nature of Ringo's style of drumming:

Paul McCartney: "Ringo is right down the center, never overplays." from an interwiew in Musician Magazine (Feb. 1988)

D. J. Fontana: "l was playing maracas or something behind him, just listening to him. I swear he never varied the tempo. He played that back beat and never got off it. Man, you couldn't have moved him with a crane. It was amazing. He played a hell of a back beat man, and that's where it's at." Interview  for The Big Beat by Max Weinberg)

What we have seen demonstrated in Chart l is that Rahu reflected the results of his sign lord in preference to the results of fellow planets in the same house and sign, in Chart 2 Rahu reflected the results of his sign lord in preference to the results of planets that aspect them, and in Chart 3, Ketu maintained the ability to give his own results in terms of sign and Nakshatra placement. 

The task of the astrologer is to properly blend these indications in their proper weight and proportion, and interpret the horoscope.

Courtesy:Modern Astrology (Dean Dominic De Lucia)


Significance of Shakat Yoga

Significance of Shakat Yoga

This yoga forms when the Moon & Jupiter are 6th, 8th or 12th position from each other. There are so many conditions for cancellation of this dosha, but when Moon & Jupiter are 6th, 8th or 12th position from each other  then there will be a slight interference of Shakat yoga, despite the possibilities of cancellation.

What is Shakat Yoga?

Shakat means vehicle. There will be bumps and pits on the road and such hindrances always make the journey tiresome and risky. Likewise, the journey of life may be with a lot of challenges in the presence of Shakat yoga. You may have to go through ups and downs emotionally, physically and financially when the presence of Shakat yoga.

You may have to go through ups and down emotionally, physically and financially. Why?

Look at the condition for this yoga. The Moon and Jupiter have to be in 6, 8th or 12th houses from each other. These houses 6, 8, and 12 are known as Dursthana houses or evil houses in astrology. The matters allotted to those houses are filled with burdens, struggles, and turbulence.

 Examples of some houses are the following, 

The 6th house : disputes, debts, opponents, competitors, weakness, sound financial position, loss through theft, fire, and cheating, misunderstandings, confrontation, litigation.

The 8th house : transformations, inheritance, insurances, tax, vulnerability, fear, accidents, obstructions, litigation, bankruptcy and struggles

The 12th house : expenses, expenditures for charity, exile, obstructions in life, separation from family, enlightenment, hospitalization, and losses.

So, either  Moon or Jupiter comes into these houses with the condition for Shakat yoga, and then there are difficulties in a regular manner. Moon and Jupiter are natural benefics and they struggle to deal with the evil things. It is better to have malefic in Dursthana houses.

Moon is mind, emotions, nourishment and security in astrology. Jupiter indicates luck. So, both the factors are in Dursthana houses and you get mental turbulence.

Especially these houses denote financial losses, mental struggles and physical distress. So, throughout your life, you may have events which triggers financial losses. For all struggles are a daily stuff, but for those who with Shakat yoga the journey of life always can bring unpleasant opportunities mainly related to fianc├ęs.

The Moon being your own mind, you yourself may act against luck since Jupiter is luck. You yourself have created enmity with you. So, you can show a tendency to mishandle your finances. You may not find happiness in humbling yourself. You may move with over confidence and stubbornness and whoever relies on them may never get righteous counseling. Those who do not get the right advice, they may fall in life.

You may continue disobeying the signals and will find it difficult to think in a third person's perspective. This may affect your visions and it may block the prudence. Mainly you yourself become your enemy. The only way out is practicing obedience. If you find this combination in your chart, then you should realize this is a signal from the universe to bring more humility in you. If you see this in a child’s chart, teach him the importance of savings from early childhood.

Pairing of Opposite Houses - 1

Pairing Of Opposite Houses - I

The 12 houses
The 12 houses in a horoscope signify all the areas of life of an individual. Starting from the Ascendant, which functions as the focal point, the significations of the 12 houses flow in a natural order according as the life of a person begins and unfolds stage by stage with the passage of time starting from birth. No house is more important and none is less important than any other. Grading or drawing up a priority list would be improper, if not fallacious. Depending upon the native’s individual perceptions certain areas of life signified by certain houses may seem to be more important than others which may not be universally applicable.

A proper understanding of the roles of houses and an effective use of their significations is essential for better accuracy in prediction. Although the role of planets and signs in the fructification of events in one’s life cannot be undermined, the houses function as the rudimentary canvas on which the pictures of life are painted by the planets and signs which are driven latently by the invisible Karmic force.

The use of opposite houses in prediction is the subject matter of this paper.

Interlinks Between Houses
It is an irrefutable fact that all the houses in a horoscope are interconnected with one other. Moreso, that some houses are more intimately interconnected while simultaneously being less connected to other houses. Based on such interlinks only, the 12 houses have been classified as Kendras, Trikonas, Dustanas, Upachayas, Panaparas, Apoklimas, Marakus, Badhakas, etc

 The 3rd, 6th, 8th and 12th houses have been called Dustanas (3rd house is excluded by some) for primary reason that they negate the influences of either a Kendra or a Trikona by being the 12th house from a Kendra or a Trikona. That is they cause losses to a Kendra or Trikona by signifying certain adverse areas of one's life such as enemies, disease, disturbances, expenditure, losses, etc.

The houses included in each of these groupings signify a common pattern of results. For example, the 3rd, 6th, 8th and 12th houses have been called Dustanas (3rd house is excluded by some) for the primary reason that they negate the influences of either a Kendra or a Trikona by being the 12th house from a Kendra or a Trikona. That is, they cause losses to a Kendra or Trikona by signifying certain adverse areas of one’s life such as enemies, disease, disturbances, expenditure, losses etc. Although these four houses are grouped together due to the common and adverse nature of their significations, the influence of each house is exclusive as their individual significations happen to be different. Similar is the case with other groupings as well.

However, it is pertinent to note that even among the houses falling in a particular group some houses are more closely related to one another than others. Let us take the Dustanas again. They generally signify certain unpleasant areas of one’s life. But, even out of these four Dustanas, the 6th is more closely related to the 12th than the 8th or the 3rd. The cure from a serious disease may necessitate hospitalization which involves expenditure as well (12th house) and any redemption from debt (6th house) involves repayment (or expenditure) or loss without any consequential benefit while in most cases the adverse influence of enemies (6th house) would be directly responsible for unwanted expenses and financial losses in many ways.

The 3rd house signifying one’s effort and loss of happiness (12th from the 4th) and the 8th house signifying expenditure of luck or Prarabdha (12th from the 9th) indicate the longevity or the time span within which one’s Karmic debt is to be paid back through suffering or otherwise (8th and 8th from the 8th).

Looking at this link from the esoteric point of view, the 6th house signifies runa (Karmic debt) from which one has to get redeemed in this life so as to attain Moksha (freedom from the present birth) signified by the 12th house. The 3rd house signifying one’s effort and loss of happiness (12th from the 4th) and the 8th house signifying expenditure of luck or Prarabdha (12th from the 9th) indicate the longevity or the time span within which one’s Karmic debt is to be paid back through suffering or otherwise (8th and 8th from the 8th). Obviously, the interlink between 6th (runa or Karmic debt) and the 12th (Moksha or redemption of debt) is of prime importance while the effort or loss of happiness (3rd house) and the time factor or sufferings (8th house) are secondary in nature.

When all the houses in a horoscope are examined with an eye on such subtler links, it is seen that pairing opposite houses and analyzing them provides better insights into a nativity as the opposite houses have a special mutual impact on each other.

Opposite Signs
Everything in Nature exists in opposite pairs or duality — day and night, good and bad, Purusha and Prakriti, etc. Despite their opposite natures, they exhibit harmony and balance on the earth. The natal chart is no different. In the Zodiac, the signs in Samasaptaka or in opposite positions are of the same nature and gender as shown in Figure 1.
Figure 1
Aries opposes Libra and both are odd, male and movable signs. Taurus opposes Scorpio and both are even, feminine and fixed signs.

Gemini opposes Sagittarius and both are odd, male and dual signs. Cancer opposes Capricorn and both are even, male and movable signs.

Leo opposes Aquarius and both are odd, male and fixed signs. Virgo opposes Pisces and both are even, female and dual signs. It must also be noted that the Tattwa (element) ruled by the opposite signs are not the same but are friendly in nature. Each of these natures connotes a particular pattern of energy inherent in the sign. Similar natures undoubtedly exhibit similar energies.

Now, let us examine the opposite houses of the natural Zodiac in the light of the Law of Magnetism which states that “like poles repel each other and unlike poles attract each other”. That means, similar magnetic energies are mutually repulsive while the opposites ones are mutually attracted to each other. As the opposite houses in the Zodiac possess the same qualities they naturally tend to create repulsive influences which would give rise to conflict. At the same time, because their elements are friendly, they would inherently work towards establishing a harmonious balance rather than ending up with discord, unless other predominant influences adversely affect and destabilize them.

Pairing Opposite Houses
The nature of opposite houses in a horoscope are same as that of the signs of the Zodiac. By the opposite house is meant the 7th house from any house. As such, in addition to their house significations they also possess the qualities pertaining to the signs falling in these houses. Therefore, the Samasaptaka Bhavas or houses do have a common area of interlink by being similar in their sign significations. But, the very fact that they are similar also means that they tend to create mutual challenges in respect of the significations of the concerned houses due to the intrinsic repulsion between the signs falling in the Bhavas. However, all the prevailing aspects related to Bhava analysis such as the significations of houses and their lords, their inter-relationship, planets posited in or aspecting the houses and their lords, the significations of the planets influencing the houses etc., would contribute to the final effects caused by the specific combinations in a particular chart.

We get 6 pairs of houses in a horoscope by grouping the opposite ones. They are the Ascendant-7th, 2nd-8th, 3rd-9th, 4th-10th, 5th-11th and 6th-12th. These pairs work in unison or in discord, as the case may be and mutually complementary each other while offering their results to the native. Hence, by examining these pairs together for their influences, we would be able to get a clear picture of both the supportive and detrimental influences in the fructification of the results of these houses. Usually, if mutually friendly planets are in Samasaptaka Bhavas, they facilitate each other’s results and would be favourable to the native while the inimical disposition of planets may thwart each other’s influences and have a tendency to cause inauspicious results. Therefore, when the 12 houses in a horoscope are analysed in pairs of opposite houses instead of individually, they yield more person-specific results in respect of the concerned houses due to their synthetic influence.

Now the question is why is importance given to the 7th house aspect alone ? Astronomically, when two planets are 1800 apart, they are capable of casting their full energies mutually on each other as they fall in a straight line and under such a condition no intervention would be caused by any other planet. Such an interlink being one to one, it is considered to be the strongest aspect and fully potent to yield results.  

Role of Opposite Houses
In order to understand the role of opposite houses in a chart, the concept of planetary aspects must be understood. According to Brihat Jataka, Chapter 2 Sloka 13, all planets aspect the 7th house from them and the planets posited therein, while Mars, Jupiter and Saturn possess additional special aspects on 4th and 8th, 5th and 9th and 3rd and 10th respectively. Now the question is why is importance given to the 7th house aspect alone? Astronomically, when two planets are 1800 apart, they are capable of casting their full energies mutually on each other as they fall in a straight line and under such a condition no intervention would be caused by any other planet. Such an interlink being one to one, it is considered to be the strongest aspect and fully potent to yield results.

However, it should be noted that the concept of ‘opposition’ is seen differently in Vedic astrology when compared to Western astrology. According to Vedic astrology, planets posited in Samasaptaka are expected to offer auspicious or inauspicious results depending on whether they are benefic or malefic. In deciding this, the functional nature of the planets is also taken into account essentially. Even while matching charts for marriage, if the Janma Rasis of both the boy and the girl are in Samasaptaka, it is said to give auspicious results such as happiness, wealth, children, affection and intimacy between the couple.

But in Western astrology, opposition is considered to be adverse in nature and is indicative of tension irrespective of whether the planets are benefic or malefic by nature or lordship. In the words of C.E.O. Carter, a pioneer in western astrology:

The opposition is a passive configuration. It tends to make the native an instrument in the hands of others, either conscious or unconscious. If the horoscope is of a generally passive type this condition may be easily accepted; but in the case of a vigorous individual the influence of the opposition may lead to constant friction and struggle…In some maps it denotes pliancy and opportunism”.

Thus, irrespective of the actual nature of results, it is significant to note that according to both Vedic and Western systems of astrology the opposite houses and planets posited therein are capable of influencing each other mutually. Here, the way of working of aspects is to be remembered. As the principle goes, the aspected planet goes into the control of the aspecting planet. As such, mutual aspects have mutually supportive or detrimental influences depending upon the relationship between the concerned planets. Even in the case of a single planet posited in a house its 7th house aspect is supposed to yield very significant results. That is why the planets and houses which are 1800 apart in a chart are very important in prediction. 

Paap Kartari Yoga

Significance of Paap Kartari Yoga

Paap Kartari Yoga in astrology seems to be a very important yoga. As the name indicates, Paap Kartari means, showing the negative things more. The condition for Paap Kartari Yoga is

              “Any planet or house has to be hemmed (surrounded) between negative or malefic planets” 
To have this yoga, you need to see the houses and planets. If any house has Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu on the left side and right side of that house, gives a Paap Kartari Yoga. These planets are natural malefic. The same condition applies with planets. If any planet has Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu on its right and left houses shows the existence of Paap Kartari Yoga.
Each house indicates something and each planet indicates something.

For eg : Suppose your 4th house is under Paap Kartari yoga. The 4th house indicates home, family, mother, upbringing, relatives, basic education, vehicles and conveyances, peace, nourishment, confidence, righteous conduct, luxuries, homeland, real estate, land, home, and security.

When you see 2 malefic planets in the houses left and the right to it means, this house is under Paap Kartari yoga. You may have to be very careful in managing the matters of the 4th house. Same in the case of planets. Each planet indicates so many things like relationships, status, and career, wealth so and so. So, when this planet is hemmed or house is hemmed, the matters allotted to that house are getting squeezed to bring the best out of it. You should differentiate between the interpretations.

Life is not easy for anyone. All are struggling and finding a way to survive. Nature works in the parameter “survival of the fittest”. Those who fail, they fail ultimately. The truth is that there is no one with failures. Even when we look at the great men in epics who seems to hold a very next place to the Lord, they also have failed at some point in their lives. If you are looking for zero struggles in your birth chart, that is not going to happen.

This yoga or any yoga or you say dosha, gives you an idea about which area can be burdensome for you. Nothing more than that. If you see any house or planet under Paap Kartari Yoga, do an analysis on how life is treating you, related to the matters of that house and the planet, you will see that yes, the situation is little concerning. Not to get deeply worried, instead, find  time to take some crucial decision about the current steps.

There is no point in repeating the same old strategies if you are getting the same old results. 

Suppose you see the 7th house under Paap Kartari yoga, it doesn’t have to be your marriage, but there are so many things which 7th house indicates. The underlying framework of the 7th house is relationships. How you see the relationships - professional or personal? You may have a particular pattern in receiving a relationship and administer the duties arising from it.  This pattern will be same in the personal and professional arena. Are you getting energized from the fruits of the relationships or are they harming you. If so, you can ask all those people coming to you to change their perspective, rather, it’s good for you to restructure your strategies.

This is the idea in dealing with all the negative yogas in your chart than going for remedies. At the same time, we are humans and we are here to go through struggles. Some pains are there to remain in our life. Our duty is to advance according to the time. so that we can reach the progress waiting for us at some junction of this life.

Sanyasa Yoga or Pravrajya Yoga

Sanyasa Yoga or Pravrajya Yoga

Sanyasa Yoga  is also known as Pravrajya Yoga, which is very much feared by people. 

What is Sanyasi yoga? Does this yoga really makes you a Sanyasi? Let’s think about the possibilities in being a Sanyasi and wandering throughout your life.

First and foremost condition
You should have four or more planets in one rashi and house to constitute a Sanyasa yoga. This planetary placement should be there in navamsa chart and Narayani BhavaChalit as well.  These three rules should be strictly noticed when you fear about Sanyasa Yoga. There are so many other conditions you can see in many articles, but the true essence of  Sanyasa yoga is the combination above mentioned.

Why this combination is said to have the strength to make anyone a Sanyasi?
Each house in an astrological chart represents some matters. Likewise, each planet is indicating something as well. So when multiple planets come in a particular house, these planets will try to exert more force on the matters in that house. The planet with a maximum degree will show you on what feature you are obsessed about. Suppose, you have Sun, Jupiter, Mars, Rahu and Moon in 11th house, identify which planet has the maximum degree and what does it indicates. Your life will go according to the indicators of that planet. The other planets will be on the race to show their significance, which can contradict the interest of the planet with maximum degrees.

Each planet is showing, different energies, on various levels and you are confused on what to receive or reject.  Pravrajya yoga actually, means the inner turmoil, for getting what you want. You are confused or you are not sure about  what you want. Too many planets indicate too many conflicts within. Each planet is trying to conquer your attention and you are standing in the middle of conflict. Finally, you take a decision to leave the thing which lead you to an inner turmoil and submit everything in the hands of God.

These inner conflicts will impact all the relationship of which you are the main part. Others may see you as a complicated person of course. Things may get more complicated when things take a different stride which you were never expected. You at one side and the entire world at the other side. You want to join them, but the universe is guiding you towards spirituality.

For a person who born with Pravrajya yoga or Sanyasa yoga, spirituality becomes an integral part of his life. It has to be there in his life in some or other format. When your mind is distracted you can only fix it on the grace of God. You can try all the remedies offered but, the truth is that your base of life is weak and you need to fix it back on the creator.  There is no other remedy than self-realization and Pravrajya yoga in your chart shows the best option to have a career or interest in the spiritual domain. 

Spirituality is a big business these days. All you need to do is to understand how the universe has programmed you and admitting it. Then accept whatever the world has given you. There is no other effective remedy than finding yourself through the guidelines of godliness. You may get a tendency to setback very often, but such situation will come to you again and again and you need to have the power to overcome it. The true power of resistance comes from God only. You may have to subside your ego and choose God above all. You may lack some patience and this can lead you to dejection.

Others also will get dejection, but they will have some support system than those with Pravrajya yoga. So, when you see four or more planets, don’t get worried. Check your lagna chart, navamsa chart and Narayani Bhava Chalit chart. If you see again these four planets together, then kindly do some slow down in your life? Think who you are and  why you are created. If you see this planetary combination in any one of this chart, then also do some self-realization studies. Pravrajya yoga doesn’t make sure that you will leave everything and become a Sanyasi, yes, there are so many Sanyasis without this yoga as well.


Significance Of Diwali

Significance of Diwali

Diwali is celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs, and Jains all over the world. For Hindus, this is the day when Lord Ram returned from exile after defeating Ravan. Sikhs celebrate this day as Bandi Chhor Divas or "Day of Liberation". During this day, their Sixth Guru, Guru Hargobind, got released from prison. For Jains, their Lord Mahavira got enlightenment on Diwali day. In Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Nepal, Myanmar, Mauritius and Fiji, it is a National Holiday.

Diwali is celebrated in October or November each year, and it is known as the harvest festival.

The day after Diwali is when the new financial year starts. Basically, this is a harvest festival and it is celebrated for many other reasons. In some regions, Diwali is celebrated as the marriage day of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi. In Bengal, it is celebrated as the day of Kali Ma.

The day of Diwali is celebrated as the day of victory over the demons of the darkness. So the houses are decorated with lamps. This festival is celebrated for nearly five days. It falls on the new moon night of the Hindu Lunisolar and in the  month of  Kartik in Vikram Samvat calendar.

Buddhists believe that Emperor Asoka converted to Buddhism around Diwali date. His coronation was also on a Diwali day.

These days are celebrated for many things like Dhanteras (in Northern and Western part of India), followed by Naraka Chaturdasi on the second day, Diwali on the third day, Diwali Padva  for wife–husband relationship on the fourth day, and the last day  with Bhai Dooj  for  sister–brother bond.

Dhanteras (Day 1)
This is the 1st day of this festival. During this day, the house is cleaned and decorated. It is said that Goddess Lakshmi will visit the houses. This is considered as a good day for shopping as well.

Naraka Chaturdasi (Day 2)
This day is also known as Choti Diwali. This day is seen as the day which Lord Krishna killed the demon Narakasura.

Lakshmi Puja (Day 3)
As the name shows this is the day for Goddess Lakshmi People do Poojas and worship Goddess Lakshmi.

Padwa, Balipratipada (Day 4)
This is the day for husband and wife. Gifts are exchanging  between husband and wife.

Bhai Duj, Bhaiya Dooji (Day 5)
This is dedicated to brothers and sisters. The rituals may not be almost like Rakshabandhan, but it has the same spirit.

Diwali is celebrated as the symbolic representation of winning good over bad, victory of light over darkness and knowledge over ignorance. On the day before Diwali, people clean, renovate and decorate their homes and offices. On the night of Diwali, people used to wear new dress and light up diyas inside and outside their homes, and participate in Lakshmi pooja. It is celebrated not only with lamps but also with crackers.  Electric lights, small oil lamps made of clay and flames are important for  Diwali  celebrations.

Various deities are worshiped during this festival. Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Ganesha, Lord Kubera are the most important deities.


Mars And Earth Science Professions

Mars and Earth Science Professions

MARS is known as Kshitija, meaning, son of the earth. People involved in professions that have anything to do with earth have a prominent influence of Mars in their horoscopes. This article intends to discuss the importance of Mars in professions related to earth science.

According to Wikipedia "Earth science or Geoscience" is an all-embracing term referring to the fields of science dealing with planet Earth. The formal discipline of Earth sciences may include the study of the atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere, and biosphere. Though oceanography, atmospheric sciences and planetary geology also come under the purview of earth science I would like to restrict the present discussion to professions directly related to earth or geology.

Geology itself is a vast science including many branches in its fold. The branch which studies the physical properties of earth including deep core, mantle and upper crust is called geophysics. Geophysics is commonly used to supplement the work of geologists in developing a comprehensive understanding of crustal geology, particularly in mineral and petroleum exploration. Geophysics includes seismology, the study of seismic waves of earth and exploration. Geophysics which employs various methods to study the physical properties of earth such as gravity, magnetism, electrical properties and so on. The applied aspects of geology include engineering geology, environmental geology, hydrogeology, mineral exploration, mining and ore geology, petroleum geology and so on.

Profession has to be predicted by studying the 2nd and 10th houses, both from Ascendant and from the Moon-sign. Besides these, the Ascendant and the Moon-sign represent the native and also have a major influence on profession. These houses their lords and their dispositors when connected to Mars by the way of occupation, conjunction, aspect or sign exchange may indicate a profession in earth sciences. Similarly the influence of Mars on the Ascendant, 10th and 2nd houses in the Dasamsa may also suggest a career related  to earth sciences. Further, Mars becoming the strongest planet in Shadbalas is also a factor to consider. It is better to use a tabular form to quantitatively measure the planetary influence on the above factors (See the table for chart 4). The majority of the factors leaning towards Martian influence can indicate a profession related to earth and earth science.

The influence of other planets besides Mars also needs to be considered in identifying the various branches of professions in earth sciences. The involvement of Mercury may indicate research while Jupiterian influence may point to a teaching career. The Sun's influence may indicate professions related with governmental organizations. The influence of Saturn may indicate professions where geology is applied in coal and mineral exploration, engineering projects and petroleum exploration and also professions where a lot of physical hardship has to be faced because of occupational conditions. The influence of the Moon may indicate connections with ground water exploration and hydrogeology. Likewise, that of Venus may indicate exploration of valuable minerals like gemstones and diamonds. The connection of the Sun may indicate study of cosmology and planetary geology. Mercury and Ketu exerting their influence may point to professions involving usage of drawings, modelling and mathematics. Saturn and Rahu indicate study of extinct fossils, fossil fuels and geochronology. The nature of signs involved has also to be studied minutely to derive any supportive information. The following cases are of earth science related professions.

Chart 1: Male :Born 28 Feb, 1928 at 08hr.00min at Nogales AZ, USA, (31 N 20, 110 W 56, zone:7h.W)
Chart 1
The 2nd house is Aries, a Martian sign aspected by Mars who is involves in sign exchange with Saturn, the 10th lord from the Moon-sign, in chart 1. It is to be noted that exchange between Mars and Saturn involves the signs Scorpio and Capricorn. The 10th lord from the Ascendant is Jupiter who occupies his own sign in the Ascendant. No other planetary influence can be found on the 10th house from the Ascendant. In the Dasamsa, Mars is the 10th lord from the Ascendant and occupies the 10th house in Scorpio aspecting the Ascendant.

The native is a miner and geologist. Inducted into the American Mining Hall of Fame he was also a recipient of many honorary degrees and awards. He began his career as a mining engineer and later took up uranium exploration and search for porphyry copper, finally becoming an independent consultant. He also authored numerous articles and industry-specific works. Note the strong influence of Scorpio both in the Rasi and Dasamsa which explains his profession related to mining and exploration.

Chart 2: Male: Born Sept 25, 1839 at 8h.00m. LMT at Baden, Germany(53 N 00, 9 E 04)
Chart 2
Saturn and Mars occupy the 2nd from Ascendant and aspect 2nd from the Moon in chart 2 . Mars is the 2nd lord from the Ascendant while Saturn happens to be the 10th lord from the Moon. The Ascendant is occupied by Jupiter who is in mutual aspect with the moon. In the Dasamsa, Jupiter and Rahu occupied by the Ascendant aspected by Mercury and Ketu. Saturn is in the 2nd in a Martian sign Scorpio aspected by Mars.

The native was a Palaeontologist and geologist who worked in the geological survey at Vienna and later, became professor of Mineralogy. Subsequently , he was made professor of Palaeontology and geology. He authored Handbook of Palaeontology which is considered the most comprehensive and authoritative work in the field. The dominant influence of Mars explains his profession related to the earth sciences. The sign Scorpio, and Saturn and Rahu connected his work with mineralogy and palaeontology while Jupiter and Mercury made him an author, professor and academician.

Chart 3: Male: Born March 22, 1785 at 2h. 00m. LMT at Dent, England (54 N 1634, 2 W 2707).
Chart 3
The 2nd house from the Ascendant in Chart 3 is occupied by 2nd lord Saturn, and Mars and Rahu. Mars aspects the 2nd and 10th houses from the Moon. Jupiter and the Sun aspect the 10th from the Ascendant while Mercury aspects the 2nd from the Moon. In the Dasamsa, Mars aspects the 10th while the Ascendant and 10th lords Jupiter and Mercury occupy a Martian sign Scorpio.

The native was a British geologist who was considered as one of the founders of moderneology. He proposed the Devonian and Cambrian periods of the geological timescale. Dominant martian influences coupled with the association of Saturn and Rahu with Mars explain the native's work in palaeontology on which basis he proposed the past geological periods. Note the influence of Jupiter and Sun on the 10th house.

Chart 4: Male: Born May 9, 1979 at 21h.27m. IST at Guntur,(80 E 27, 16 N 18. Time Zone 5h.30m.E)
Chart 4
The 10th lord Mercury in chart 4 joins Mars in a martian sign while the 2nd lord Saturn joins Rahu in Leo. from the Moon-sign, Mercury is the Ascendant and 10th lord joining Mars in Aries while the 2nd house is aspected by Mars, Mercury, Sun and Saturn. In Dasamsa, Mars and 10th lord while the 2nd house is aspected by Saturn.

The native holds a doctorate in geology in the field of structural geology and tectonics and is currently working as an executive in a hydrocarbon exploration and production company.

Planetary influences on profession
Planetary influences on profession2

Chart 5: Male: Born  December 31, 1992 at 7h.45m PST at Alameda CA, USA(37 N 45, 122 W 14 Time Zone at 8h. W).
Chart 5
Saturn and Rahu occupy the 10th from the Ascendant aspected by Mars who also aspects the Moon and occupies the 10th  from the Moon in chart 5. The Sun occupies the Ascendant in the Jupitarian sign while Jupiter aspects the 2nd and 10th from the Moon. the 10th lord  from the Ascendant, Mercury, occupies the 2nd from the Ascendant.In the Dasamsa, the 10th house, a Jupitarian sign, is aspected by Mars, Mercury, Venus and Saturn while the 10th lord Jupiter is in a Martian sign.

The native is a scientist, geologist, geophysicist and government consultant. After obtaining his Ph. D. he was on the faculty of the University of Nevada. He authored the book Faults and Earthquake Magnitude and also worked as a geology consultant for the U.S. government. Mars exerting predominant influence gave the native a profession connected with earth sciences while the influence of Jupiter and Mercury made him a teacher and author. The influence of the Sun on the Ascendant and the 2nd from the Moon-sign in Rasi made him a consultant to the government.

Chart 6: Male: Born Aug 24, 1916 at 9h.15m. EST at Detroit, Michigan (42 N 20, 83 W 03(Time Zone 5h.W)).
Chart 6
The Ascendant falls in a sign of Mercury occupied by Mars and Mercury and aspected by Saturn in Chart 6. The 10th from the Ascendant is occupied by Venus and the Moon while the 2nd is aspected by Jupiter. From the Moon-sign, the 10th lord Jupiter occupies a Martian sign aspected by Mars and Saturn while the 10th house itself receives the aspect of Mars and Mercury. The 2nd house from the Moon is occupied by Saturn and Ketu in watery Cancer. In the Dasamsa, the Ascendant lord Venus joins Mars while the 2nd house falls in a Martian sign occupied by Rahu.

The native is a geochemist and professor of geology. He applied experimental physical chemistry data and techniques to geology and geochemistry problems and co-authored book the Solutions, Minerals, and Equilibria that revolutionized aqueous geochemistry. Predominant Martian influences have given the native a career connected with earth sciences while the influence of watery signs and planets gave specialization in aqueous geochemistry. Mercury and Jupiter exerting their influence made the native an author and teacher.

Chart 7: Male: Born March 7, 1899 at 8h.30m.HET at Munchen, Germany (48 N 08, 11 E 34 (Time Zone 1h.E))
Chart 7
The Ascendant in Chart 7 falls in a Martian sign aspected by Jupiter while the Ascendant lord Mars joins Ketu in a Mercury-ruled sign aspected by Sarum. Rahu and the Moon. The 2nd lord Venus occupies the 10th aspected by Mars while the 10th lord Saturn is in a sign of Jupiter aspected by Mars. From the Moon-sign, Mars exerts his influence on the 10th, 1st and 2nd houses and also on the 2nd lord Saturn. In the Dasamsa. Mars joins Jupiter and aspects the Ascendant lord Sun and the 2nd from the Ascendant The 10th lord Venus and 2nd lord Mercury occupy a Martian sign Scorpio.
The native was a surveyor and cartographer. He worked as a high school teacher and also edited a number of mountain maps

Courtesy :  Modern Astrology (Dr. K. Guru Rajesh)

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