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February 19, 2018

Barren Signs and Denial of Marriage - Part 2

Barren Signs and Denial of Marriage - Part 2

Continued from : Barren Signs and Denial of Marriage - Part 1
Role of Saturn
Saturn in the 7th house does not mean delay or denial. I have seen many horoscopes when Saturn in the 7th has hastened marriage. However, Saturn's aspect on the 7th, 7th lord Moon and Venus can cause delay or denial. In Chart 1, Saturn  not only occupies the Nakshatra whose lord is in a barren sign but he severely afflicts the Moon,Venus, Mars and Jupiter. In the case of females, if Saturn afflicts the Sun, Mars, Moon, Venus and the lord of the 7th and the above two examinations show dominance of barren signs and Saturn is placed in a Nakshatra whose lord is in a barren sign, then chances of getting married are remote. While examining a horoscope for marriage it is absolutely necessary to get an over all idea of the life span of the person, otherwise after predicting marriage the person may not live to marry at all.

Chart 2: Male: Born August 13, 1954 at 6h. 00m. at 18 N 58, 72 E 50. 

Chart 2

The native of Chart 2 came to see me in March 1986 about his marriage. I got the feeling that his life was short and so I advised him to wait till after May 1986. The young man die in May that year.

Factors Against Marriage
There is, yet another point I need to stress here. It is also necessary for an astrologer to locate serious deficiencies in the personality and certain severe handicaps and deformities which could make married life difficult or impossible. These are»impotency, imbecility or severe mental retardation and stark lunacy. No doubt in the first and last cases marriage is still possible, though it may not be a success, but in case the person is an idiot or imbecile marriage is just not possible. Let us, therefore, see how far it is possible to locate these major defects from the horoscope. In case of impotency, one has to be very careful before pronouncing verdict. 

The 17th degree of Gemini is very important in this context. If the Ascendant is in this degree or close to it and the positions detailed below are also present then there is every danger of impotency. Venus and Mercury in an angle in conjunction and Mars and Saturn both elevated above Venus tend to produce an eunuch or hermaphrodite. Venus and Saturn in the 4th house severely afflicted should also bring about the same results due to lack of proper sex channels. In a female horoscope if Mercury is the lord of the 7th house from the Moon and the Ascendant is in the Trimsamsa of Saturn and in addition to that, Saturn is with Mercury with no benefic aspect whatsoever on the 7th house, then there is danger of the woman getting married to a sexually impotent man. Also Saturn in the 7th in the Navamsa of Saturn in a similar position may also bring about the same results provided, Saturn as well as Mercury are both devoid of any aspect of benefics. If the factors denoting an eunuch are also supported by the factors showing denial of marriage, then such a person may not marry at all.

Venus in an angle from Saturn and Mars ascending after Venus and configurated with the Sun and Mercury shows some defect in private organs which could affect sex life adversely. The Sun, Moon and Venus in masculine signs and the Moon waning, then the male native is born with some serious injury in the private parts, especially if signs Aries, Leo, Scorpio, Capricorn or Aquarius are prominently involved. In such cases, females are likely to remain childless.

In the case of a man, the 7th and Venus are principle indicators of sexual life. If the sign Libra, the 7th house, 7th lord and Venus are all weak and debilitated and Venus is 1° away from the Sun, then the man is likely to be sexually ineffective. If lord of the 7th is with Venus in the 6th house or the Ascendant lord is aspected by Venus, the 6th lord as well as by Mercury  or severely afflicted Venus is in the 8th, then also one is likely to be impotent.

Mental Retardation
In case of mental retardation or idiocy there are certain degrees of the Zodiac which are very sensitive. These are 0° to 3° and 22° to 25° of common signs. If planets denoting mind development in a horoscope get severely afflicted in these degrees the chances of mental retardation would be very great. Chart 3 is of a female whose mind development is of a small child. She becomes very violent at times and during these spells, bangs her head on anything. As a result, she has suffered many injuries on her head so far. If has become a major problem for her parents. Now can such a girl develop sufficiently to marry at the appropriate age? Such factors have to be examined before any pronouncement on the question of marriage is made.

Chart 3: Female: Born December 22, 1983 at 9h. 35m at 28 N 39, 77 E 13. 
Chart 3

You will notice that both the lord of the 4th and Mercury, another planet showing mental development, are in the sensitive degrees given above and severely afflicted in Chart 3,_ Mercury is retrograde. Another planet showing the mind, namely, the Moon is also severely afflicted by Saturn. The lords of the 3rd, 4th and 5th are all afflicted. The Ascendant lord, though in exaltation, is hemmed between Mars on one side and Ketu on the other.

The aspect of Mars on the planets in the 12th house is apparently responsible for the violent spells she is getting. According to Western astrologers, influences conducive to idiocy are Mercury and the houses of Mercury, namely the 6th and 3rd houses, as well as signs Gemini and Virgo. When these are under severe affliction and when Mercury is unconnected with the Moon, severe mental retardation is possible. They also associate 28° of Capricorn on the Ascendant with idiocy. If this is the Sayana degree then chances are that 25° to 28° of Sayana and 5° to 8° of Nirayana could have something to do with idiocy when rising on the Ascendant. In Chart 3, incidentally Capricorn 7° is rising.

After having examined all these factors and making sure marriage will take place, one should then proceed to examine the success or otherwise of the marriage.

Courtesy: Modern Astrology(Chandrakant S. Kothare)

February 14, 2018

Barren Signs and Denial of Marriage - Part 1

Barren Signs and Denial of Marriage-part 1

I would like to define marriage as the socio-religious sanction accorded to a man and a woman to give expression to the natural instinct of propagation and with a view to start a family in accordance with the mores and cultural values of the community to which one belongs and for its welfare and prosperity. This paper attempts to examine each aspect of this definition astrologically and work out practical norms to explain and predict the extent to which this definition finds expression in a given horoscope.

The basic components of this definition are that marriage:-
(a) Has to be a social ceremony;
(b) Should have religious sanction; and
(c) Should be accepted by both families and the community.

Marriage involving religious sanction, the 9th house is clearly important. Two people coming together are denoted by the Ascendant or the 1st house and the 7th (partner). People at large are also denoted by the 7th house and to that extent it is very important.

Marriage is aimed at enabling the couple set up a family and hence the 4th house becomes important. The family unit builds up an ambiance of relations and hence, the 2nd house enters the picture. This unit gets into an environment of relations and neighbours and hence, the 3rd house. Finally, the ceremony changes the status of the two people involved and as such, the 10th house becomes relevant. Besides, the 11th house, the house of aspirations and friendship, is very closely connected with marriage. It thus becomes evident that almost the entire horoscope has to be studied.

The left out houses denote the negative factors that would mark the marriage and these are the 6th, 8th and 12th houses. The only remaining house, namely, the 5th is really of paramount importance because, besides denoting the expression of libido, it also denotes the very purpose of the marriage, that is propagation. The important point that I want to drive home is that while examining the question of marriage we should study the entire horoscope and not merely the 7th house. This paper, therefore, attempts to crystallize in precise terms the answers to the most common questions an astrologer faces while examining the subject of marriage.

The first and the most important point an astrologer should examine is whether the native will marry at all and this is no easy task. Let us therefore, first examine this question.

Classification of Signs
Firstly examine the distribution of planets in signs classified as fruitful or otherwise. The 12 signs of the Zodiac can be classified as:-

Fruitful - Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces
Semi-fruitful - Taurus, Libra and Aquarius.
Semi-barren - Aries, Sagittarius and Capricorn.
Barren - Gemini, Leo and Virgo.

In the preliminary analysis take into account all the planets including the shadowy planets Rahu, Ketu and Mandi. If the majority of planets are in fruitful and semi-fruitful signs, then the chances of marriage are more. If two-thirds of the factors are so placed, it is almost certain marriage will take place. If the converse factors are stronger, then marriage is not possible.

Relevant Planets
After this preliminary examination, we have to examine certain planets more carefully now. They are the Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, lords" of the Ascendant, planets in the Ascendant, lords of Nakshatras in which the Ascendant, the Ascendant lord and those occupying the Ascendant are situated in. Similarly, examine the 7th house, the planets therein and the mid-point of the 7th house.
Chart 1

The 7th lord Saturn is in the 7th in Aquarius in Chart 1. The mid-point of the 7th is obviously 20° 16' Aquarius. The sign Leo is barren, the lord of the Ascendant Sun is in Virgo, barren again. The Ascendant degree and its mid-point fall in Poorvaphalguni ruled by Venus who is in Leo, a barren sign. Venus is also in the same Nakshatra whose lord again is Venus himself placed in Leo, a barren sign. The Nakshatra of the mid-point of the 7th and that occupied by the 7th lord Saturn is the same Satabhisha, whose lord Rahu is in Sagittarius, which is a semi-barren sign. But Saturn and the 7th mid-point are in Aquarius which is a semi-fruitful sign.

Mars and Jupiter are in Scorpio in a fruitful sign. Jupiter is in Visakha whose lord is Jupiter himself placed in a fruitful sign. Mars is in Jyeshta whose lord Mercury is in Libra, a semi- fruitful sign. The Moon is in Aries, a barren sign. He is in Aswini ruled by Ketu, who in turn is in Gemini, a barren sign. Now count the score. You will find that barren and semi-barren signs dominate even after taking into account the position of the lord of the Nakshatra of the Sun, namely, Mars who is in Scorpio, a fruitful sign. This chart is of a male native who never married.

After you have made this two-fold examination you will have a fairly good idea whether one will marry or not. After that, if you find the dominance of barren and semi-barren signs in the first two examinations then check, in both male and female horoscopes, the position of the Ascendant lord, planets in the 7th, Venus and the luminaries. In the case of a female chart, particular attention should be paid to Mars as he indicates more about the marital position. In the case of men, check carefully on the position of the Moon and Venus. Saturn is the main planet indicating delay or denial and his position should be examined carefully.

Courtesy: Modern Astrology(Chandrakant S Kothare)                                          to be continued...

February 09, 2018

The Evil of Dustanas(Part II)

The Evil of Dustanas (Part II)

Continued from: Evil of Dustanas (part I)

According to a booklet by Sri Ganapati Muni of Sri Ramanashram, when Saturn, the worst malefic, owns a good house and bad house, his inherent malefic swabhava or nature inclines him to inflict the evil of his bad lordship, rather than give the good of his good lordship, unless he occupies, say Capricorn, the 5th for Virgo Ascendant, or Aquarius, the 9th for Gemini Ascendant, or becomes the lunar lord or Chandra Lagnadhipati. Similarly, Mars, as lord of the 6th (and the 11th) for Gemini or the 3rd and the 8th for Virgo may be in the 3rd or the 8th or the 12th. But I cannot and do not subscribe to the theory that Mars, lord of the 10th, may be in the 6th in Neecha. For I have known of a case of an Aquarian engineer-officer being dismissed as in his chart Venus (lord of the 9th) and Mars (lord of the 10th) were in the 6th in Cancer, and in the 12th from the lord of Ascendant, Saturn, strong in the 7th but a bit bad in Leo!!

Thus, theoretical knowledge, ample and rich experience and God-given intuition are needed to enable one to make correct predictions — frank but not false and flattering ones.

The lords of the 6th, the 8th and the 12th are responsible for all the ills and miseries of life. The 12th leads to over-eating and over enjoyment causing ailments and diseases denoted by the 6th house; and diseases in turn lead to death, which, in the words of Alfred Tennyson, "closes all". Similarly, the 12th lord causes expenditure leading to debts denoted by the 6th house, which may lead to disgrace and dishonor connoted by the 8th house and its lord. Kerala scholars and texts say that the 8th and the 8th lord are the worst of all - thatra athi kastostamah. For, if the 8th is vacant or occupied by a natural benefic and its lord is weak and the Ascendant and the lord of the Ascendant are stronger than the 8th lord even in cases where a strong 6th lord shows the existence of debts and enemies "out to cause the native trouble", the native escapes disgrace and dishonor.

An Assistant Public Prosecutor was born in Leo Ascendant with Jupiter in the 6th in debility, the Moon in the 10th in Taurus with Saturn and Venus. He was in deep trouble. And, a professional astrologer opined that Jupiter's aspect on the 10th and on the 10th lord would save him' But. I doubted, for, Jupiter lord of the 5th i the 5th being Moolatrikona) was rather weak in the 6th in debility, even though Saturn in Chandra Lagna might afford some Neechabanga. Kalkiasa in his Uttarakalamrita states,
Baalo vriddhe khago astha gascha vijitah pasyanna pasyatyasau Par- anihyevakhagaah ucche swayechauttamaah
meaning, that a planet in infancy or old age (Avastha  or in combustion (by the Sun) or defeated in planetary war is ineffective in its aspect for. It is as if the planet did not aspect. Only planets in their own houses or in exaltation are powerful and effective in their aspects.

I would add, the aspecting planets must also be well placed in a house other than the 6th or the 8th or the 12th and preferably in a Kendra or an Upachayastana (the 11th or to some extent at least the 3rd). Saturn, lord of the 6th and the 7th, a bad and baneful Maraka for Leo and a bitter enemy of the Sun, lord of the Ascendant , is in the 10th. Such a Saturn in the 10th makes even an American President's (Nixon) fate totter and hang in the balance, despite Venus, lord of the 10th in the 7th, and Saturn, lord of the 7th, (and the 6th) in the 10th. In this chart, the position is worsened by the bad exchange of planets between lord of the 10th Venus in the 12th and the lord of the 12th Moon in the 10th. Though, according to the evidence on record, the native could have been acquitted, yet, the disciplinary tribunal somehow found him guilty, and the Government simply accepted and acted on its findings. So, the poor man was dismissed, after several years of service!!. Such is the misfortune caused by the lord of the 10th in the 12th, the lord of the 12th in the 10th, the lord of the 6th in the 10th and the lord of the 5th in the 6th..

Another native[Rasi : Taurus - Ascendant; Leo - the Moon; Libra - S Jupiter; Capricorn - Venus and Mars; and Aries - Kent] was born to inherit substantial property and has a long life - he is over 73 years. See lord of Ascendant in the 9th and Mars, lord of the 12th , in exaltation in the 9th.
Jataka Parijatha says, 
Lagneth anthyagrihadhipo balayuthe swarthe chirayur sukhi 
meaning, that if the lord of the 12th is strong, the native has wealth, comforts and long life.

The rationale is that the 12th house indicates Moksha or hell; and, for reaching either (gradually) one must perform ample good or bad Karma (or deeds)" and that is possible, only when one lives long.rBut, this long-lived one is an oversexed man, due to close conjunction of Venus and Mars in a house of Saturn. So he was so prodigal due to wayward habits that he was prevailed upon to settle all his properties in favour of his wife for life, to be taken after her by her four daughters, as their only son died very young. (Mark Mercury lord of the 5th and Jupiter in the 8th with a combust Saturn). The son-in-law took a release, deed from her, purporting to efface herself and surrender her life interest to her daughters if the daughters maintained her and was paid cash of Rs. 10,000/-. As the cash did come to her, there was a decree giving a life interest to her and her husband (the native) who sued, as plaintiffs, to be enjoyed without any powers of encumbrance or alienation, to be taken equally and absolutely, by the four daughters, after the lifetime of both the plaintiffs. But the native of the horoscope sold two shops and another item of property to pay his old concubine, with the result, that, naturally, the daughters are now about to take action against him to prevent alienation to speculative transferees in order to safeguard their own interests and for contempt of court.

The horoscope is a typical case of the evil of Trikas and Trika-lords. For, Venus in the 9th is much more the lord of the 6th (as Libra is his Moolatrikona) than the lord of the Ascendant. In fact while Mars for Aries and Venus for Libra are deemed generally good, Mars for Scorpio Ascendant and Venus for Taurus are not so good, as the 6th lordship would dominate, unless the Ascendant lord is with a Yogakaraka or the lord of the 2nd and the 5th or the lord of the 9th. Similarly, Mars lord of the 7th and the 12th is more the lord of the 12th as Aries is the Moolatrikona house of Mars. And, in addition to two Trika lords of the 6th and the 12th in the 9th, the lords of the 4th, the 5th (and the 2nd) and the 9th and the 10th and the 11th are in the 8th house, the worst house. So, the native, despite being saved, invites trouble, dispossession and dishonor! For, Phaladeepika says that the 8th lord if strong, is responsible for Swayamritha avarthaparampara, that is, a vicious circle of self-created troubles.

Courtesy: Modern Astrology (R.Ramaswamy)

February 05, 2018

Effects of weak Mercury on your Life

Effects of weak Mercury on your life

Mercury is the fastest planet and a small planet too. This is the planet which goes into a maximum retrogression during a year. Mercury represents intellect, logical analysis, studies, friends, relatives, siblings, short trips, pet animals, speech, mathematics, salesmanship, brokerage, journalism, banking, skin, astrology and writers.

This planet is neither male nor female. It is known as a neutral planet. This planet is known as the son of Moon and Tara.  He is the love child of Moon and the wife of Brihaspati, Tara. Maybe that illegitimate status makes him a neutral guy. 

Mercury almost remains closer to the Sun, so it remains in a combust mode, more than any planets do. The chances of combustion are greater for Mercury than any other planets. The combustion and retrogression and its fast-moving nature always make Mercury in a complex mode. 

If we need to have a happy life, we should have a good intellect and capacity for logical analysis. When Mercury is weak, then it may bring a kind of unsure part regarding logical analysis. Despite the yugas, life was always a struggle even to the kings and queens.  All the factors, which contribute to a good living, come from calculated moves, so Mercury is the planet which indicates your power to make those crucial moves in everyday life. 

According to ancient texts, Mercury will be in a combust mode within 10 degrees of the Sun. Mercury, when it is closer with Sun, there can be a confusion regarding decision making. Your intellect is actually getting heated and you may go clueless and that can lead you to a wrong decision.

Retrogression also is showing such confusion in decision making. Mercury is debilitated in Pisces. There are scientists with Mercury in a bad mode. Weak Mercury can bring the wrong kind of decisions and lack of understanding which can put life in a progressive way.

 Mercury’s conjunction with any other planet should be analysed carefully. It is very hard to interpret the results of Mercury’s conjunction, retrogression and debilitation. Breaks in studies are also shown by weak mercury. Speech and hearing issues can be seen through Mercury’s wrong placement. 

If you see Mercury in a compromising situation in your child’s chart, then you should not force the child to study. Instead be a friend to the child and try to understand his struggles. If you identify this at the earliest, then it will be easy for you to manage the life of the child. 

Mercury indicates siblings and relatives, so please encourage the child to keep a healthy relationship with all. If the child is showing a sense of detachment, then don’t force the child to be with the people he doesn't like. He may not be destined to be with a group of relatives. No one can keep a relation by forcefulness.Put the child into some counselling sessions to improve his wisdom and IQ.


February 01, 2018

Importance of Venus in relationships

Importance of Venus in relationships

Venus is known as the most luscious  planet in the sky. Indeed, even the Moon is remaining behind Venus when we discuss love and satisfaction from it. Venus is known as the master of Asuras, so there is a great deal of learning factor related with Venus. Venus is primarily observed to figure the status of solidarity in the connections,  luxuries, riches, sustenance, ensembles, gems, arousing joys, expressions, music, and excellence .

You should know that the strong and weak Venus is not great. A strong affinity for lust, relationships and marital pleasures are bad when a life is without love, money and pleasures. There should be a Venus which is in a balanced placement for a good and satisfied life.

An exalted Venus in the 5th doesn’t always offer a love marriage or a happy marital life. Generally Venus in the 5th house is seen as an indication for love marriage, but there are case studies which don’t support this fact. Basically, the placement of any planet should be studied in a personal level. If we do general predictions, then it may confuse people. 

Venus, is the owner of 2 signs, they are Taurus and Libra. Taurus mainly indicates finances and Libra is the house of legal contracts including marital relationship. When Venus is in zero degree of Pisces and goes up to 27 degree it is known as the Exaltation zone of Venus. Generally Venus in Pisces despite the degrees is seen as in exaltation.

A planet becomes weak in few situations
  • Combustion mode
  • With enemies
  • In Retrogression
  • In debilitated mode
  • In the sign of enemies

According to Vedic astrology, When any planet is closer with Sun, then the planet will get heated and loses all its qualities. When Venus is close with the Sun, it will lose its charm. So, whatever Venus represents will get a set back here. This is a signal for a loveless marriage. The ego of both of the partners will overpower the marriage and marriage will become a source of desperation. 

With enemies
The Sun and Moon are the enemies of Venus. We already learned what happens when Venus is closer with the Sun. Moon means emotions and Moon waxes and wanes. Venus represents relationships and when Venus is with Moon, then the person can be over dependant on others. When others withdraw from this person, he may go weak. This is the indication of a person whose sensitivity and sensibility is running in a negative way. So, the status of their relationships can be moon like waxing and waning easily.

In Retrogression
Retrograde Venus is actually very problematic. I have seen this in many charts. This also means a life without love. Spouse and money will be there, but the opportunity for flawless entertainment will be absent. 

In debilitated mode
A debilitated Venus also can be like retrograde Venus. Everything like spouse and money will be present, but there will obstacles in enjoying them. Venus is debilitated in Virgo.

In the sign of enemies
There are only 2 enemies for Venus. They are Sun and Moon. Sun’s sign is Leo and Moon’s sign is Cancer. Both make Venus weak. In the sign of Sun Venus will be over confident and there will be a lot of unwanted desire for love and money and in Moon’s sign Venus becomes too soft that he can’t tolerate any negative situations.

January 27, 2018

Judging Marriage Prospects-II

Judging Marriage Prospects-II

Chart 1 is the horoscope of a former chief minister of a South Indian state. She entered politics and gained power via films denoted by Venus exalted in the 10th. The location of Jupiter in Sagittarius in the 7th, Budha-Aditya Yoga in the 9th, Rahu in the 11th and Saturn, lord of the 9th in 2nd, Mars with the Moon in the 3rd aspecting the 9th and 10th houses, has made the horoscope very powerful. Jupiter powerfully aspects the Moon, Mars, Rahu and the Ascendant conferring name, fame, wealth and status. However, the self-same Jupiter in the 7th (sthanahani karoti Jiva) and location of Ketu in the 5th (denial of progeny) have deprived her of marriage.

Chart 1: Female: Born February 24, 1948 at 15h.00m at 12N18, 76 E39
Chart2: Female:Born July 1, 1961 at 17h:00m at 51N32, 0W05.
Chart 1&2

When Venus is in the 7th as Karaka, he spoils married life due to excessive indulgence and infidelity after an early marriage. The affliction of Venus by Mars, Saturn and Rahu causes extra-marital relations. Sometimes even the benefic aspect of Jupiter fails to curb the tendency. 

The horoscope (Chart 2) of Princess Diana is the best example. Venus, lord of the 7th is in the 7th, in own sign Taurus. His aspect on the Ascendant blessed her with an exuberant and charming personality. Lords of the 4th and 5th houses, Saturn and Jupiter respectively, posited in the 3rd aspect the 9th, the house of luck, and lifted her from, the commoner status to royalty. Aspect of M&rs on the Moon and Ascendant made her very firm and independent. Venus in the 7th resulted in early marriage on 29-7-1981 at the age of 20 (the year of Venus). Mars and Rahu are in a Kendra from Venus and afflict the Moon. This made her indulge in extra-marital affairs, break her marriage with the future king of U.K. and decide to marry an Egyptian of a different faith. The aspect of Neecha and afflicted Jupiter on the 7th, with Venus there, was ineffective to contain the tendency. The cruel fate, however, ended her life in a car accident during Saturn Dasa - Rahu Bhukti at the age of 36 years (the year of Saturn) on 31/9/1997.

In keeping with his inherent nature, Saturn delays marriage when posited in the 1st, 5th, 6th, 7th or 10th house, either from the Ascendant or Moon-Sign from where he affects the 7th house. Saturn in the 7th gives an aged or unromantic spouse. If such Saturn is further afflicted, then it even denies marriage. Saturn us a friend of Venus, but their connection points to a questionable private life. Saturn and the Sun in opposition in the horoscope delay and if afflicted, even deny marriage.

The conjunction of Saturn and Mercury in the 7th leads to unhappy marriage and affects progeny as both are important planets. According to Puranic legends, the Moon, the disciple of Deva Guru Jupiter, had developed illicit relations with Guru's wife, which led to the birth of Mercury.
क्षीणे शशन्के यदि पापयुत्ते दारस्थिते त्वन्यकलत्रगाभी |
लग्ने सपापे यदि दरनाथे जातः परस्त्रीपुरतः  कुमार्गो ||
If weak Moon is located in the 7th with Saturn or other Malefic, the native is adulterous.

Chart 3:Male:Born March 2, 1959 at 11h.30m at 26 N 51, 80 E 56
Chart 4: Female: Born September 28, 1929 at 23h.00m at 18N58, 72E51
Chart 3&4

Saturn, lord of the 8th, is in the 7th with the Moon in Chart 3. The Moon has just come out of debilitation. Mars, malefic for Gemini Ascendant, aspects the 7th houes Saturn-Moon combination. The native loved some other man's wife. He did not marry but lived with her with the knowledge of her husband. The 7th lord Jupiter is Badhaka with Kendradhipati Dosha, in the company of 12th lord Venus. Hence Jupiter's aspect on the 7th house did not interfere wifh fhis illegal alliance.

When Saturn and Mars are posited in the 7th, or aspect the 7th, or the 7th lord, either there is no marriage or the spouse dies early. The conjunction of Saturn and Rahu afflicting the 7th or Karaka Venus create severe problems in marriage.

Chart 4 belongs to world renowned Indian singer. The lord of the 7th Mars is in the 6th with Ketu and Saturn occupies the 8th, thereby bringing the 7th under a Papakartari Yoga. Though Mars in the 6th has left no rival to challenge her professional supremacy and Saturn in the 8th in Jupiter's sign ensures long life, destiny has denied her the blessings of married life. Jupiter's aspect on the 7th from the Ascendant, being lord of the 8th and 11th and himself posited in an inimical sign, did not help. From the Moon-sign, the 7th lord Saturn goes to the 6th, without any benefic aspect pointing to the same effect.

As stated earlier, the 7th relates to spouse and the 2nd (8th from the 7th) indicates his/her longevity. When there are malefic planets in the 7th and 2nd houses and their dispositors are weak, the native loses his wife and marries again. If there are malefic planets in the Ascendant, the 2nd or the 7th and the lord of the 7th is weak by being eclipsed or being in his sign of debilitation, the native may have to marry thrice.

Chart 5: Male: Born May 27, 1967 at 14h. 45m. at 26 N 51, 80 E 56.
The native of Chart 5 got married for the first time is December 1994. He separated from his wife in April 1995 and the divorce was granted in November 1997. He married again in May 1999 and a daughter was born in January 2000. With the aspect of the 7th lord Jupiter, exalted in the 11th, on the 7th house he got married for the second time. However, due to location of the 6th lord Saturn in the 7th, Rahu in the 8th and the 8th lord Mars in the Ascendant from where he aspects the 7th and 8th houses, the married life remains unhappy.

Seventh lord in different houses
Subject to the strength and aspects received by the 7th lord, the results are as follows.
First house - When the 7th lord is a benefic ans friendly to the Ascendant lord , the spouse comes from a known family, is helpful to the native and they live happily. If the lords of the 7th and the Ascendant itself close to each other the native marries early. 
दारेश्वरे सन्निहिते विलग्ने नाथस्य बाल्ये परिणीतमाहु։ ||
But if the 7th lord is a natural malefic and weak, a first spouse dies, the native marries again and the spouse survives.
Second house -The native marries into a wealthy family and becomes prosperous after marriage. If afflicted, the native faces financial crunch, loses the spouse and marries again.

Third house-The spouse is a source of strength to the native. If afflicted, the spouse attracted towards native's younger brother.

Fourth house-The spouse is good natured and helpful to the native who becomes prosperous. If afflicted the natives remains unhappy.

Fifth house - The spouse is cultured and religious and they have many children. If afflicted , the spouse will be cruel and obstinate.

Sixth house -Spouse is sickly. The native has to spend a lot on spouse and incurs debt, may fall sick due to excessive indulgence.

Seventh house -The native marries early and leads a happy life with a capable spouse. If the 7th lord is malefic and afflicted, there may be affairs outside of the marriage.

Eighth house -marriage is delayed. spouse is sickly and married life is unhappy , unless there is a strong benefic aspect on the 8th house and 8th lord.

Ninth house -The spouse brings luck to the native, whose fortune rises after marriage.

Tenth house -The spouse comes from  a good background and proves helpful in the natives profession or enterprise or of an independent nature.

Eleventh house -Married life is happy. Gains through spouse.

Twelfth house - The marriage is delayed, there is huge expenditure on the spouse. If afflicted , the spouse may die early or there may be separation

Courtesy: Modern Astrology (Sita Ram Singh)   
Continued from: Judging Marriage Prospects-I

January 23, 2018

Judging Marriage Prospects -1

Judging Marriage Prospects-1

A person enters Grihastha Ashrama, the householder's life, on getting married. It is an important stage of life and every eligible person has high expectations from marriage and the spouse. It is said that marriages are made in heaven; yet the Vedic science of astrology unfolds a clear picture of the married life and whether one's expectations are fulfilled or not. The elders in every family invariably have the horoscope of their marriageable child examined by an astrologer to ascertain about the marital prospects and then look for a suitable match with a complementary horoscope to ensure that married life is happy, healthy and prosperous. However, total marital bliss is a rare phenomenon.

By virtue of the inherent nature of Mars, the planet ;of vigor and passion, and of Venus, the planet of love and conjugal relationship, there is mutual attraction between members of the opposite sexes. The Moon representing the mind (Chandrama manso jatah) shows the inclination.  Jupiter blesses the pair with the bond of marriage and Saturn, the lord of 'time', solemnizes marriage at an appropriate time. As a restrictive planet, Saturn also inculcates faithfulness, controls amorous digressions and ensures a lasting bond. The astrological principles discussed in this paper mutatis mutandis apply to both men and women.

The factors to be examined are primarily the 7th house (marriage) and also the 2nd house (family and longevity of spouse, being 8th from 7th house), the 8th house (mangalya or marital happiness), the 4th house (general happiness, the 5th house (love and progeny), the 12th house (bed comforts), together with the Moon (mind) aid Venus, Kalatrakaraka or significator of marriage and conjugal bliss. In the case of girls Jupiter, the significator of the husband, is given prime importance. 
गुरुणा सहिते दृष्टे दारनाथे बलान्विते ∣
कारंके वा तथा भावे पत्नी व्रत परायणा ∣∣ (Sarwartha Chintamani VI-48)
The benefic association or aspect of Jupiter on the 7th house and the 7th lord or the Karaka indicates a virtuous and loyal spouse.

When the 7th and 8th houses, their lords, Venus and Moon are strong and associated with or aspected by benefics, the native's  married life is quite happy. Their debilitation, combustion or affliction by malefics — Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu — makes marriage unhappy.

The position of Mars in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th houses constitutes Mangalik Dosha or Kuja Dosha as from these locations Mars either aspects or occupies the houses concerned with marriage, thereby destroying marital happiness and, if afflicted endangers the life of the spouse. The marriage of a Kuja Dosha individual is invariably solemnized after matching the horoscopes with counter-balancing Dosha.
दारेशे शुभसंयुत्ते शुभखेचर वीक्षते ∣
शुभग्रहाणां मध्यस्थे सत्कलत्रादि भागभवेत् ∣∣ 
When the lord of the 7th house is with a benefic and also aspected by a benefic or if it is between benefics (Subhakartari Yoga), it indicates a good wife.The study of the Navamsa chart is another important tool for gleaning marriage prospects.
नीचांशे नीचसंयुक्ते
दारनाथ्  च कारके ∣
कुस्त्रीयुते भवेजातः
शुभ दृष्टि विवर्जिते ∣∣
If the 7th lord and Karaka Venus occupies inimical or debilitated Navamsa and is also devoid of benefic influences, then the native faces problems in marriage and gets a bad spouse.

If the Navamsa Ascendant lord is the Sun the spouse will be devoted but domineering; if the Moon, then beautiful and peace loving; if Mercury, then intelligent, beautiful and capable; if Mars, then the spouse will be of a cruel nature and of doubtful character; if Jupiter, then good - natured and religious; if Venus, beautiful, fond of luxuries and indulgent to the extent of going astray; if Saturn, of a cruel nature and unhelpful. If the Navamsa Ascendant lord is with Rahu or Ketu then the spouse is secretive, cruel and works against the native. If the Navamsa Ascendant lord is conjoined with malefic or receives their aspect, then the spouse is quarrelsome.
केन्द्राधिपत्य दोषस्तु बलवान गुरुशक्त्र यो ∶ (Laghu Parasari I-10)
Though Jupiter and Venus, the two most benefic planets, are highly praised for happiness in life, they suffer from Kendradhipati Dosha(blemish of owning Kendras, the 7th being one).

घुुन केन्द्र भगः शुक्त्र हित्वा पुत्र धनान्विताम् (Narada Samhita XXIX-106)
Except in the 7th, Venus in a Kendra blesses a native with sons and wealth. 

The exception of Venus in the 7th house is due to the dictum Karako Bhava Nasaya as he is a Karaka for the 7th house.
शुक्त्रे कलत्रे त्वति कामुकः स्यात् (Sarwartha Chintamani VI-2)
Venus in the 7th makes the native over-sexed.

Jupiter when in the 7th, being in his own or exaltation sign or in the Ascendant, delays marriage as the native considers marriage a burden or obstacle to achieving his goal. If he or she marries, then the spouse belongs to a good family, and is sincere to the native, but may be sickly or conceited thereby spoiling happiness. Experience shows that the 9th and 5th aspects of Jupiter are better than the 7th and augment the results of the aspected house. When Jupiter is in the 7th (10th from 10th) the native is talented and rises to eminence.

Planets in Seventh house
Sun - The wife comes from a higher status family, is proud and dominating
Mars - Gives a harsh and cruelk spouse. If afflicted, then even death of spouse.
Saturn -Makes the spouse morose and under-sexed. The marriage is delayed or with a widower or one with aged looks.
Rahu -The marriage is again late, the wife comes from a low family, is sickly and the native has relationship with low caste people.
Ketu- Indicates unhappy married life unless it is in Scorpio(exalted) due to illness or early death of spouse.
Strong and well aspected Mercury or the Moon indicates a youg, beautiful and intelligent wife
Venus-Indicates a handsome but over-indulgent spouse.
Jupiter-Gives a religious and capable spouse

Courtesy: Modern Astrology(Sita Ram Singh)                                                          to be continued

January 17, 2018

Is a Fifth House Mars Always Baneful ?( Part2)

Is a Fifth House Mars Always Baneful ?( Part2)

Mars in Own Trimsamsa
Chart 1: Male: Born May 31, 1946 at 2.05 at 12 N 50, 79 E 42 with a 5 years 7 months 19 days of Moon Dasa at birth.

Mars is in the 5th house Chart 1. According to the Sloka cited above, he gets children only through the second wife. According to the rule, it also causes the death of the wife or children. But Mars gets his own Trimsamsa. 
As per the Sloka,
   जायन्वितो बलवी भूषणसत्त्वयुक्त
स्तेजोग्यति साह्सायुतक्ष्च कुजे स्वभागे
Mars if in own Trimsamsa gives the native wife, strength, dynamism, personality and adventurous spirit.
Thus the death of wife is not hinted at. The first son died soon after birth but there were other children born later.

Chart 2: Male: Born July 11, 1939 at 21h.01m. at 8 N 44, 77 E 41 with a balance of 10 years of Jupiter Dasa at birth.
Chart 2

Mars is in his own Trinsamsa in Chart 2. Mars occupies the 5th. The lord of the house, though in his own house is combust. The crowding of planets in the 5th is not good. Mars in own Trimsamsa gives protection to wife. Powerful Ascendant lord in the 1st and a well fortified 4th house with Venus who owns the 5th from the Moon is powerful. Mars in the 5th has to be given his due. There was one abortion. Though the children were alive the native had to undergo agony in the case of one of the daughters.

Chart 3: Male: Born March 26, 1929 at 4h. 15m. at 8 N 31, 77 E 00 with a balance of 2 years 10 months 17 days of Moon Dasa at birth.
Chart 3

Mars is in the 5th in Chart 3. He gets the Trimsamsa of Jupiter and is exalted in Navamsa. The Karaka for children, Jupiter in Aries promotes childbirth. Mars is aspected by Saturn. The lord of the 5th is in the Ascendant. Saturn in Sagittarius helps the birth of good dnkken iBJ 16-25). After middle age, the son went astray and resorted to unlawful methods of business landing in trouble and practically absconded. The native used to consult me about the son's position. I used to console him saying that he was alive because he was away. The native spent the last days in mental agony caused by the son's erratic behaviour. When the native died, the son suddenly appeared, performed the last rites and left. The daughters looked after the native until his death. 

Chart 4:Male: Born October 20,1939 at 5h.05m with a balance of 4 years 1month 2 days of Sun Dasa at birth
Chart 4

Mars is exalted in the 5th in Chart 4. The 5th is aspected Saturn, its Jprd. The 5th house is occupied by a waxing Moon who is a benefic. Mars is in the Trimsamsa of Jupiter. The lord of the 5th from the Moon is powerful. Jupiter, the Karaka for children, is strong.
All these factors are good. All his children are alive and happy. Not even a modicum of Martian fury has touched him. Such instances are rare.

Chart 5:Male:Born July 26, 1919 at 10h.15m. with a balance of 5 years 11months 21 days of Jupiter Dasa at birth.
Chart 5
बहुप्रजं बन्धुहितं सदैव։ |
त्रिशल्लवे सोमसूतस्य  तिष्ट्न
कुजो विधत्ते  सुविदं प्रसूतौ || 
The 5th is aspected by the lord of the Ascendant.
Despite the several unfavourable combinations this may have helped him. The first baby was in the 'hit list' of Mars. Later on, long-lived children were born.
Chart 6: Male Born:June 20, 1931 at 5h. 10 m.at 8 N 31, 77 E 00 with a balance of 6 years 7 days of Ketu Dasa at birth.
Chart 6

The 5th is aspected Jupiter who is exalted in Chart 6. He has just entered the sign and perhaps not strong enough to exercise his grace completely. Mercury in the 7th for Scorpio Ascendant affects the wife vide कामे बृषस्थे बुधे vide Phaladeepika(10-3).

Venus in the 7th protects wife. The 5th from the Moon is also afflicted. the first son passed away. but Mars is in the Trimsamsa of Jupiter. Perhaps this sould save the other children

Courtesy: Modern Astrology(Dr.S.Madhavan)

January 11, 2018

Is a Fifth House Mars Always Baneful? (Part 1)

Is a Fifth House Mars Always Baneful?(Part 1)

Inauspicious Mangala
Why is Mars called Mangala?
The term Mangala takes its origin from the Sutras मङ्गेरलच् (Unadisutra 4163 in Ashtadhyayi) which means something which leads to comfort or is auspicious. It is applied to Mars by the Principle of Vipareethalakshana, an ironical statement in which an object with properties contrary to it is referred. In other words mangala with reference to Mars means one who does not do auspicious things. In Sanskrit, Rakshasa or a demon is also called Punyajana by the same principle because he does not do good acts.

Though this is true in general, Mars acts at times benevolently or at least reins himself from exercising his wrath and fiery. The ghastly way in which the Martian wrath manifests is frightening. In mundane astrology terrorism is generally controlled by him. In natal and horary astrology, he is an important indicator of unpleasant occurrences, though at times the mild manifestation of the results is a great solace.

Mars and Progeny
According to Saravali,
भौमः पञ्च्मभवने जातं
विनाशयति पुत्रम् |
टृष्टे गुरुणा प्रथम सितेन
न च सर्वसन्टृष्टः||
Mars is the 5th kills the new born instantaneously. When Jupiter aspects him he kills the first child. If Venus or other planets aspect Mars, this result is not redeemed.

This can be literally interpreted. If Mars is the lord of the 5th and occupies the 5th childbirth is likely and death is not be predicted. If he is exalted he may do it at times. If the Sun is in Virgo Ascendant and Mars is in the 5th, death of child is to be predicted (Brihat Jataka 21-1). When Mars as the lord of the Ascendant occupies the 5th , childbirth is to be predicted and it takes placed quickly if there is a benefit aspect vide.
अत्रोदाहरणं कुजे सुतगते
सिन्हे झषे वास्थिते |
पुत्राप्तीं शुभ्विक्षिते
झटिति तत्प्राप्ति वदन्त्युमाः ||
For Pisces'Ascendant there is a special combination. Mars in the 5th gives a child through the second wife.
सूर्ये नान्ययुते सुतर्क्ष्
सहिते चन्द्रस्य गेहे स्थिते |
भौमे व भृगुजेवि वा
सति सुतप्राप्तिं द्वितीयास्त्रीयं ||
Some others similarly say that it affects the child or wife. In fact, death of a child is possible when a combination causing danger to wife is given and vice versa.

With due deference to the ancient writers, we must note that these Slokas cannot be applied verbatim. When the death of child is mentioned, we find from practical observation that one of the following is likely:

(i)Death of a child
(ii)Child/children show recalcitrance and cause displeasure by their wayward behaviour.
(iii)Children stay away from parents and go to the extent of admitting the parents in old-age homes.
(iv)They damage the reputation of the parents causing them distress.

This has been illustrated by a few horoscopes given later.

Barrenness is classified into four categories namely काकवन्ध्या (Kakavandhya), कदलीवन्ध्या (Kadalivandhya), मृतवन्ध्या (Mritavandhya) and  स्त्रीवन्ध्या (Streevandhya).

Kakavandhya means a barren woman who is not capable of conception. Kadalivandhya is a woman with a single child. Mritavandya is one whose children do not live. Mritavandhyadosha is often caused by Mars.

According to Brihat Jataka
कोणोदये भृगुतनयेस्तचक्रसंधौ
वन्ध्यापति र्यदी न सुतर्क्षमिष्टक्त्म्  |
जायन्वितो बलवि भूषण सत्त्वयुक्त्
स्तेजो ग्यति साहसयुतश्रच कुजे स्वभागे ||
When Saturn is in the Ascendant and Venus is in the 7th in Chakra Sandhi (junction of Cancer-Leo, Scorpio-Sagittarius, Pisces-Aries), one becomes the husband of a barren woman if the 5th is not occupied by a benefic.

Here also Vandhya can be interpreted as coming under one of the four categories. Konodaya can mean one of the four signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces.

For Virgo Ascendant with Venus in the Pisces- Aries junction without any benefic in the 5th, this combination may be said to be present.

Remedial Measure
For Mritavandhya Dosha the remedy is to worship Lord Subramanya in some form. One can observe Skanda Shasti Vrata or read 36-37 Sargas of Balakanda of Srimad Ramayana which describe the birth of Lord Skanda. In one case I found a combination caused by Mars which resulted in Mritavandhya Dosha. I suggested as a remedy the reading of 36-37 of Sargas of the Ramayana for 41 days and it proved successful.

It is necessary to point out that making predictions on childbirth with blinkers on against marital influence is not correct and leads to imperfect results. The position of the 5th Bhava, its lord, Kshetra Sphuta, Bija Sphuta and many other factors are required. Though it is difficult to isolate the marital influence from others which are invariably intertwined one point is to be noted. Use the favourable and unfavourable results attributed to Mars and then apply the following principle from Brihat Jataka.

(a)If the same planets give contrary results, the two cancel each other. If one of them is stronger it will be experienced.
(b)One planet does not cancel the results of another planet. Each will be experienced during the period of the planet concerned.

Courtesy: ModernAstrology(Dr.S.Madhavan)                                                         to be continued...

January 07, 2018

Impact of Weak Mars on your Life

Impact of Weak Mars on your Life

Mars is a very controversial planet in astrology. Mars is a fiery planet and denotes the resistance and vigor in astrology. Actually, any planet can be in have a bad effect when it is placed in a bad mode. Even if the truth is that mars should been feared more than Saturn.

The planet Mars denotes one's willpower, courage, energy, the strength of body and power in life. A person having good Mars will fulfil his success throughout the life. When the planet Mars is weak, these characteristics can be in a troubled more. The person having weak Mars should identify this and may have to be trained to use his energy properly.

Mars is debilitated in the Sign of Cancer. Cancer is a watery sign and Mars is a fiery planet. In the water sign, Mars will be very uncomfortable. If your Mars is debilitated, then you may have a restless behaviour. You may easily get angered or you may not be able to use your courage and vigor in a direct manner.The results can be weaker according to the degrees of debilitation. 

When Mars is in retrograde mode, then the person can identify his power and courage later in his life. It can be like some delayed milestones. Mars will be weak in enemy signs and when in conjunction with enemy planets. 

You should realize that Mars indicates a lot of mental activity. Willpower is actually a mental property. Even if our body is not that much strong since people win just because of their strong willpower. If your Mars is in a bad mode, you will become ambition-less and you should not think that you are a loser. 

The most important factor towards victory is identifying your strength and weaknesses and accepting them wholeheartedly. Along with willpower, your immunity, blood count, and bone health can also get affected. If you have anger issues, then you should realize that and try to control and progress in anger management.

The challenges in the birth chart are not for any specific period like Mahadasa. These challenges are actually a lifelong process and you will get many opportunities to control your life. When you get such opportunities, you should have to use effectively.

January 03, 2018

Astrological Diagnosis of Cancer

Astrological Diagnosis of Cancer

Cancer-causing Factors

CANCER as everyone knows, is another name of death. On the basis of our experience of the last 45 years, we maintain that cancer can be cured through proper diagnosis. In a number of cases, we were able to identify the possibility of cancer successfully, much earlier than its occurrence. The natives, who were suffering from cancer, were completely cured after taking recourse to proper preventive, remedial and corrective spiritual measures. Rahu and Ketu point to cancer. One is likely to suffer from cancer if Mars and Mercury, if afflicted, are in or own the 6th, 8th or 12th house. 

Generally, it is believed that cancer is a death inviting disease. However, astrological diagnosis if made much before its occurrence makes cure almost certain. Medical and remedial measures make this possible. 

The following planetary configurations give rise to cancer:-
1)The affliction of the 6th, 8th and/or 12th house, their lords and occupants.
2)The main significators of cancer are Rahu, Mars, Mercury and Saturn. Rahu is the poison of cancer, whereas Mars gives rise to tumor, cyst, boils, wounds, cuts, operation etc. Mercury multiplies the cells of cancer, if afflicted and Saturn makes it chronic and incurable.
3)Rahu, Mars, Mercury and Saturn are connected with the Dustanas and watery signs or aspect each other or the lords of Dustanas.
4)Gemini and Virgo have much to do with cancer, if these signs are occupied by Mars, Mercury or Saturn identical with Dustanas.
5)Jupiter also plays a vital role in causing as well as preventing cancer. If Jupiter is unafflicted and is placed in an angle or trine and is not aspected by malefic Mars or Mercury or if Jupiter aspects the Ascendant, the 9th or 5th house it will protect the native, if he is suffering from cancer. However, if Jupiter is in the 6th or the 8th or aspects these houses under affliction by Mars, Saturn, Rahu or Mercury, one is likely to suffer from incurable cancer.

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6)For all practical purposes, Rahu shows the malignancy of cancer and his position must be properly analyzed. The aspect of Rahu on the 5th, 7th and 9th should also be taken into consideration. The aspect or placement of Rahu in the 6th, 8th, 12th houses or its association with the lord of the 2nd and 7th houses gives rise to cancer.
7)Earthy and watery signs are more responsible for cancer as compared to airy and fiery signs. Scorpio and Virgo also have much to do with cancer.
8)Cancer is a sign which indicates cancer disease also. The planets placed in cancer sign or the position of its lord Moon must be analyzed thoroughly.
9)All the twelve signs of the Zodiac indicate various types of cancer.
10)All the 27 constellations of the Zodiac signify different types of cancer.
Mercury, both in his exalted or debilitated position, is equally prominent in causing cancer. Mercury multiplies the unsystematic growth of cancer cells. Jupiter signifies and helps in spreading fast cancer. Jupiter in Venus or Gemini is generally adverse. Jupiter rules growth. If Jupiter is well fortified and is in own or exalted sign or in a friendly sign without any affliction, the patient can be saved by treatment and remedial measures. Jupiter's occupation of the sign of energy, creates abnormal malignant growth. This point is to be particularly noted. Rahu and Ketu are the poison of cancer. Mars comes next to Rahu and Ketu. Saturn rules over the nervous systems and the affliction of Saturn may accelerate the onset of cancer. If these planetary combinations are not connected with Dustanas or Maraka houses, there is no fear of cancer. The disease becomes incurable and may even cause death, if the 8th house is not taken case of. The Navamsa and Nakshatra of each planet must also be taken into consideration.

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Cancer Sites and Configurations
Throat cancer: Hoarseness and pain in swallowing - the 3rd house and its lord are to be considered additionally.
Lung cancer - Excessive cough, mucoid, blood tinged or rust speckled sputum - 4th house, the Sun and Saturn afflicted lung cancer.
Excessive smoking, chewing betel leaves, betel nuts etc., are promoted by the Ascendant lord in the company of malefics and which habits may lead to lung affliction.
Colon and Rectum - Change in bowel habits, blood in stools and discomfort in bowel movement - Normally Mercury causes most anal diseases. Mercury afflicted in Scorpio along with Rahu and Mars-Mercury in Aries in Scorpio as the Ascendant lord.
Stomach cancer - Vague and non-specific decline in health and loss of appetite or distaste for food, especially meat - Jupiter and the lord of the 5th house, in addition to what is stated earlier.
Skin cancer - Appearance of a small lump or scaling area and enlargement or change in the appearance of a mole - Mercury's affliction in the Ascendant or the 12th house.
Breast Cancer - Irregularity in breast contour, lump, bloody nipple discharge, etc. This is more common in females (than in males), that too among those who are above 50. Menopause is normally a must at the time and women's menses should have ceased permanently - The 3rd and the 4th houses and- their lords.

Bladder, Kidney, Prostate - Blood urine (often smoky) and frequent or painful urination, involvement of watery signs i.e., Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces (there are of course various opinions on watery signs are), the Moon, Venus and the 8th lord. If one of the three Rasis is not involved or is not afflicted, then chances of occurrence of kidney cancer are remote.
Uterus - Spotting of blood between menstrual periods, during menopause or after menopause - Involvement of Scorpio, the weak Moon and Rahu related to the 5th or the 7th (here trinal Rahu is an exception).
Leukemia - Blood - Watery signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, Moon and Mars as Karaka or natural significator of cancer.
Liver - Also includes pancreas and gall-bladder as they are connected with functions of the liver - The 5th house and 5th lord and Leo sign on the 5th, 6th or 7th house and their lords. The Sun is Karaka here.

Possibility of Occurence
The following combinations indicate the possibility of cancer occurring. The strong role of the Nodal axis may also be noted in this regard.
1) The Ascendant lord in the 5th or 6th with many malefics with Saturn or Rahu or Ketu in Leo or Virgo and Karaka Sun afflicted - stomach cancer.
2) Saturn in the 5th with 6th lord aspected by Mars, the Ascendant lord and Sun also afflicted with affliction to Leo or Virgo.
3) Rahu or Ketu in the Ascendant with malefic 6th lord or in the 8th and 6th afflicted.
4) Sun in the Ascendant or as Navamsa lord and waning Moon, Mercury and Rahu in Leo.
5)The 6th house and the Ascendant or Ascendant lord afflicted by conjunction or aspect of Mars or Rahu or Ketu with affliction to the Sun or Leo or Virgo.
6) Mars in his own sign in the 5th and the Ascendant lord in the 6th.
7) Ketu in the 6th with the Ascendant lord and the Sun.
8) The Moon afflicted by three malefic planets (Saturn, Mars, Rahu or Ketu) in any house.
9) Mars and Saturn together in the 6th,7th, 8th or 12th from the Ascendant.
10)Mars in a. fixed sign in the 6th from the Ascendant. V
11)The Ascendant afflicted and Venus, Mercury and Saturn in the 4th from the Ascendant.
12)Conjunction of Venus, Jupiter and Ketu in any sign.
13)Conjunction of the Moon, Ketu and Mars or the Moon, Ketu and Saturn or the Moon, Rahu and Saturn.
Mars and Saturn are in the 4th and 14)aspected by the Sun and Rahu.
15)Mars joins 6th lord and is in the 1st, 6th, 7th or 10th from the Ascendant.
16)Evil relationship between Jupiter and Saturn.

Planets and the Site of Cancer
(a) Sun - Stomach and intestine, Heart, spleen, nerves inside the brains.
(b) Moon - Blood, breast, lungs, food pipes, uterus, ovaries, alimentary canal, sympathetic nerve system, lymph.
(c) Mars -Blood, bone marrow, vagina and uterus, genitals, left cerebrum, muscle, rectum.
(d) Mercury - Nose, nervous system, mouth, tongue, naval, ribs, Nerves, bronchial tubes, thyroid glands, right cerebrum, cerebral spinal system, sensory nerves, ears, sight, tongue, sense perception.
(e) Jupiter - Ears, liver, thigh, tongue, liver, renals, fibrin, fat deposits, arterial circulation, throat, kidney, thymus gland, venous circulation, gall bladder, vagus nerve, teeth, skin, joints, ligaments.
(f) Saturn - Legs, teeth, joints, hands bones and the region about there.
(g) Rahu - Skin, lips.
(h) Ketu - Teeth, bones
(j) Uranus - Eyes, pituitary glands.
(i) Neptune - Pineal gland, Spinal canal, nerve fibre, etc.

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Common Sites of Cancer
Stomach - The lord of the 6th house is usually in conjunction with a malefic or receives evil aspect from a malefic. Alternately, the 6th lord himself would be a malefic in the 12th and the 6th is tenanted by a malefic. The Sun is the planet mostly afflicted. The Rahu-Ketu axis is usually seen across in the Ascendant and the 7th house.
Colon and Rectum - The Sun, Mars and Ketu need to be studied carefully. The 6th and the 8th houses and correspondingly Virgo and Scorpio signs would feature in these cancers.
Bladder - This kind cancer occurs three times more frequently in men than in women. Cancer of the bladder makes itself known first by a change in bladder habits or by blood in the urine. Long before blood appears in urine, planetary positions in the horoscopes would give an indication of the imminent danger. The Sun, Mercury and Mars, sign Virgo, the 6th house and its lord need to be examined carefully. Usually the Sun and Mercury together with lord of the 6th house severely afflicted by Mars and Saturn and as usual in Rahu-Ketu axis.
Uterus - The 6th house and sign Virgo are connected with Mars and Venus .
Breast - Astrologically, the 4th and the 10th houses govern the breasts, the 4th right side and the 10th, the left. The Moon generally governs the breast while glands come under the jurisdiction of Mars. It means that if the 4th and the 10th houses, their lords, the Moon and Mars are all afflicted and to add to that if Rahu-Ketu axis is also afflicting these planetary positions then there is likelihood of breast cancer.
Blood - Leukemia is a cancer of the blood forming organs, principally bone marrow. The Moon and Mars, the 4th, the 8th and the 12th houses and their, lords are to be studied closely. If all these are afflicted then leukemia is a certainty. As stated earlier the Sun is the planet for all unrestrained growths and as such should have prime consideration in cancer cases.
Liver -The 5th house and lord of that house need to be afflicted.
Lungs - Jupiter and the Moon are the planets which require most careful consideration. Besides the 4th and the 6th houses and their lords, signs Gemini, Cancer, Virgo and Sagittarius are closely involved when lungs are considered. Most of the afflictions are in these signs. It is commonly seen that in cases of lung cancer common signs are in the 6th house and or watery signs in the 8th houses.

Vulnerable Degrees
There is still considerable scope to further narrow down the field of study and finally trace the exact degree of the Zodiac which activates the cancerous growth in certain parts of the human body. Carter is of the opinion that the 25th degree of Virgo-Pisces (Sayana system) is a common area of affliction as that degree seems to be connected with swollen conditions generally, tumors and growths.

The star Labrum is situated at 25° 35' corresponding to Nirayana 2° 5'. This is a star of the 4th grade and partakes qualities of Venus and Mercury. It is already seen that these planets are commonly afflicted in this disease. There is another star near about the above degree. It is of Zavijaya and is located at 26° 2' (corresponding to Nirayana 2° 32'). This faint yellowish star is predominantly of Mars-Mercury characteristics and is said to be involved in cases of diabetes, especially if planets are afflicted around this degree and are in the 6th from the Moon.

Karakas for Medical Conditions
Sun - Diseases of the head and eye, bile,T.B., epilepsy, heart disease, skin disease.
Moon - Diseases of the eyes, stomach, intestines, face and mind, mental disease, phlegm, cold, asthma, T.B.
Mars - Sores, ulcers, leprosy, epilepsy, diseases of blood and neck.
Mercury - Diseases of the liver, navel and surrounding area, brain disorders, skin diseases, coma, nervous disorders.
Jupiter - Diseases of ear, neck, nose and heart, asthma, phlegm, T.B., veneral disease.
Venus - Diseases of eye, veneral disease, piles, disease of genitals.
Saturn - Disease of leg, lameness, loss of consciousness, giddiness, insanity, rheumatism.
Rahu and Ketu - Diseases due to intake of poison, those caused by worms, bacteria and bacilli of the stomach, insanity, cancer, epilepsy, heart diseases.

Courtesy: Modern Astrology(T.Prakash Trivedi and Mridula Trivedi)

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