The Secrets of Medical Astrology – Diabetes

Medical astrology is a very interesting subject and you will be amazed when you see the results while practicing it. The zodiac wheel is compared with the body of Kaal Purusha or Cosmic man. Different signs represent different parts of our body

 Aries :Head
Taurus: face
Gemini:neck and shoulders
Cancer: Chest, Breast
Leo: Upper abdomen
Virgo:Lower Abdomen
Libra:Pelvic area
Scorpio: External Genitals, Hips
Sagittarius: Thigh
Capricorn: Knees, Hands
Aquarius: Legs, Ankles
Pisces: Feet, Toe
Each Nakshatra is compared to Lord Vishnu’s body parts. They are ,
Ashwini: Both Knees
Bharni: Head
Krittika: Waist
Rohini: Below knees
Mrigshira: eyes
Ardra: Hair
Punarvasu: Fingers
Pushya: Mouth
Ashlesha: Nails
Magha: Nose
Purva Phalguni: Private Parts
Uttar Phalguni: Private parts
Hasta: Hands
Chitra: Forehead
Swati: teeth
Vishakha: Upper limbs
Anusha: Heart
Jyeshta: Tongue
Mool: Feet
Purva Ashada: Thighs
Uttar Ashada: Thighs
Shravana: Ears
Dhanishta: Back
Shatabhishak : Knees and calves
Purva Bhadra: Ankles
Uttar Bhadra: Ankles
Revati: Armpits
Kaal Purush is further divided into Drekkan. The table given below will describe how the houses in each drekkens affect the body parts.
Table 1
Table 2
How to find the chances of Diabetes in From One’s chart?
Diabetes is a disorder connected with our metabolism. Metabolism is the process of breaking the nutrients and proteins in required rate. These proteins and nutrients are arranged and distributed so that the body can function properly.
Frequent urination, increased thirst, hunger, fatigue and blurred vision can be the symptoms of diabetes, but not always. Diabetes is a long-term disease, mainly caused by the lack of insulin. The pancreas is indicated by Jupiter in astrology. Jupiter is the natural significator of the 5th house too.
So, any negative impact on the Jupiter and 5th house show the chances of getting diabetes.  You have to check the full chart as just looking at the one factor may not be sufficient. If there is a positive aspect on the Jupiter, then the impact of diabetes can be controlled easily. If the 5th house has any beneficial placement, then that also is a positive signal.  If you find out in the early stages, Diabetes is curable. It is controllable even at the later stage. There are so many herbal remedies available.
If you are a diabetic, then your diet should have a lot of sugar-free food items. Brown rice, brown bread, legumes and raw fruits will be ideal, if you are diabetic.
Which are the most probable combinations of Diabetes
•    Jupiter debilitated or placed in dursthana houses. They are 6-8-12.
•    Saturn of Rahu aspect on Jupiter
•    Combust Jupiter
•    Jupiter in Rahu/Ketu axis
•    Venus in 6th to Jupiter and Jupiter in 12th
•    5th lord conjuncting dursthana lords
•    Jupiter retrograde
•    Mars afflicting Venus
There are other combinations which show the chances of diabetes, but these are the easiest ways to find the chances of diabetes. There are many ayurvedic remedies available and ayurveda will be the best option to cure diabetes.
Courtesy: JayaShree (Consultant Astrologer – Vedic & Western)

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