Cancer Zodiac Sign – Vedic Astrology Aspects

Cancer Zodiac Sign - Vedic Astrology Aspects

Cancer Zodiac Sign

Cancer Zodiac Sign or Kark is the fourth astrological sign in the zodiac. It falls between 90°to 120 of zodiac circle and is represented by the Crab. The element of this sign is Water. Water signs are emotional and intense, they are also extremely intuitive and compassionate. It is a movable sign and is ruled by Moon and this connection is strong, it has a direct impact on moods of the native which wax and wane as swiftly and powerfully.

Native-born between the periods June 21 to July 22 have Cancer as sun sign as per western Sayan system.

An important aspect to be taken into consideration regarding “Sun sign” (The Western Astrology) and ‘Moon Sign (Vedic Astrology) is; the latter is important and more accurate than Sun Sign because Moon is described in ancient texts as (Chandrama Manso Jaatah) (चंद्रमा मनसो जातः); It represents the mind and the emotions, whereas the Sun represents soul, which cannot be touched or predicted.

 What is a Zodiac Sign?

As the Constellation Pushya is one of two and a quarter constellation of this sign which is the most auspicious constellation; birth in this particular constellation is very beneficial and Rajyog karaka.

Kark Jatakas are awarded by following four combinations which are miraculously beneficial:

The Moon in Kark in the fifth house makes the native to the highest point in the field of education.

In the ninth House, this puts him/her at the Apex in Politics.

In the Eleventh House, success is written on a rock for any venture he/she undertakes.

Their strong faith in God, religion, Holy rituals, and devotion never let them lag in life. Particularly female Natives of this constellation make very successful and wealthy personalities in conducting mass level religious programs like Bhajans, Kirtans, and Parayan, etc.

Cancerians are known for their virtues like loyalty, emotional depth, and their parenting instincts. They have an almost supernatural sense of intuition – they can read the minds and thoughts of the opponent. Thus, messing with Cancer natives may be dangerous as they do not know to forget and forgive. This instinctive ability to sniff out secrets can also make them a tad over-sensitive.

No star sign is more loyal than Cancer, they would not hesitate to die for love and kill for hate. They are love blind. Cancerians like to live where they grew up, surrounded by their family, old pals, and relatives. If their feelings have hurt that wound will never heal. They’ll take the grudge to the grave and their warm-hearted nature can warp into a dark, and they can be cruel and revengeful. When the mood is on the up, Cancerians can be wonderful company and magical partners. Funny, passionate, insightful, adventurous, and indulgent, they know how to have a good time. They are not like this all the time because when that moon phase changes… another side of them may emerge. The side that demands payback for their loyalty. Cancerians are very fragile. They like the sympathy of others, often presenting themselves as mistreated or wounded, and will go to great lengths to ensure they are getting the attention/support/encouragement they truly believe they deserve.

Cancerians are innately creative and imaginative and love beautiful things. Looking good is important to them, as is making their home or every belonging as much decorated and garnished.

Some negative traits about them – Gossipy, cliquey, isolated, uncommunicative, hypersensitive, and overly competitive!

Favorite Things: Gourmet meals, intramural sports, hosting parties, working with kids, museums, and art galleries.

Business & Career:

Best business arenas for Cancer Zodiac Sign natives are: Fishery, Aquaculture, Pearls, Shipping, silver jewelry, or anything concerned with Sea are best for Cancer Natives and they may have great prospects in this area.

Security is Cancer’s number-one career goal, and they need a job where they feel safe and at home. As the ruler of the Zodiac’s fourth house of home, family, and hospitality, they will do well while working in hotels, restaurants, and childcare industries. Cancer natives bring that intuitive touch to everything, whether work in the arts or at a strict corporate job (both sectors where Cancers thrive). As a natural homebody, home-based work also appeals to them, besides Freelance writing, Corporate executive, childcare worker, editor, writer, gallery owner, art director, interior designer, women’s rights lawyer, urban planner, family therapist, bed and breakfast owner, computer systems analyst or programmer, home-based business owner, organizational strategist would be best career options.

Cancer is the sign associated with mother-child relationships, so these babies are strongly affected by “maternal energy.” Ruled by the ever-fluctuating moon, these kids can be moody and may cry a lot as infants.

Female Cancer natives:

They are tender, intuitive, loving and their sweetness does help them stand out from the crowd. They love being surrounded, protected, and made to feel safe at all times. The saying ‘appearances can be misleading’ has never been more accurate than when talking about a Cancer lady. There are lots more than just being cute, she also has a tougher side to her personality. 

Strength: Perseverance, imagination, creativity

Best Qualities: Generosity and sensibility

Weakness: Moody, hot-headed, immature

Gemstones recommended for Cancer natives would be:

Opal and Pearl (For good luck Wear Pearl fixed in silver on Monday)

Lucky Colors: White, pearl gray

Metal: Silver

Corresponding body parts: Stomach, breasts 

The dates to be avoided by Cancer natives are 2, 7, and 12 of the Lunar Calendar, and the day is Tuesday. Also, Nakshatra Anuradha should be avoided.

Cancer Zodiac Sign Compatibility:

Horoscope compatibility suggests Cancerians are best matched with Scorpio. This pair channel lots of positive energy and firework fly when they are together. Two Cancers are also a solid love match and will embark on an emotional and loving relationship. This coupling could form a devoted and affectionate duo.

The least compatible signs with Cancer Zodiac Sign are Aries and Libra.

Constellation Chart for matchmaking:

Male constellation Female constellation
Punarvasu, Pushya, Ashlesha Ashwini, Bharani, Krittika, Rohini, Uttara, Uttarashadha, Shravana


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