Study of Divisional Charts

The importance of divisional charts has been increased than ever during these days. More and more astrologers are researching the possibilities of the divisional charts. Even if, it is a complicated subject they give amazing information about our lives. As a practicing astrologer, what have seen is reading divisional chart helps you to pinpoint the issues and events of the native’s life. It adds more value to the Rasi and Navamsa chart. 

The main problem while reading the divisional chart is lack of accurate birth timing. Divisional chart changes fast, so its lagna and other planetary positions also will change if the birth time is not accurate. As my teacher said, he had only found one accurate birth timing because the native’s father was a doctor who was present in the labour room during the delivery. According to my experience, we will get a lot of insights from the sign placements too.

These are the divisional charts used in the Parashara system of astrology. The Rasi chart is the main chart and we have to connect everything in divisional chart with the main chart. 

Suppose, the Jupiter is in Mool Trikona in main chart and in Dasamsa chart, it is debilitated. Dasamsa or D-10 chart is the chart for career. When you see debilitated Jupiter in Dasamsa, you should understand that at workplace people will fear him and he may be a bad boss.
In D-10 chart, we should see how your 10th house is placed. The condition of the 10th lord will be very important. In any chart and every chart the Kendra houses are the crucial ones. If the Kendra houses are with good planets, then the condition of career will be good. The analysis of Rashi chart will give you the inputs about the career and D-10 will show how your career will be progressing. If the Kendra houses are good, then there will be benefit from career.  At the same time, what are the benefic planets that vary according to each lagna. So for full analysis of career we have to check from the lagna, the Sun and the Moon and the 10th house of the lagna. The Sun and the Moon in main chart, navamsa and D-10 reveals a lot of secrets about your career.
Other divisional charts should be examined like this. If you don’t have your accurate time of birth, follow the signs. Study the chart from the Sun sign and the Moon sign. And count and analyse the 10th house from the Sun and the Moon.

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